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Friday, October 08, 2010


Pitching (relief), defense and Phillies fans.

And lights. Lots of bright lights.

wow. Three years in row - error in CNB turn the tide! I'll take it. 16 years and first time in the playoffs Sweeney batting 1000. showing the 105 MPH pitcher who is the boss!

I will say this; yes the Reds handed us those two runs on the Rollins line drive, but Sweeney did get a hit after that, so we probably still get at least a run there.

I don't necessarily buy that Bruce lost it in the lights. His glove was on the ball.

Just looked at the replays on tivo in slow mo, and Utley might have had one of the strangest trips around the bases ever. While it sounded like he did at regular speed, I don't think he got hit by that pitch. He was almost definitely out at second because of he was going in with a takeout slide, and God only knows if he touched third. Three calls that probably went in his favor but none of them was definitive.. all on the way to scoring the tying run in the 7th inning of a playoff game. Weird.

and towels...lots of towels.

Ump thought Chase was HBP since it seemed the Reds were hitting every guy that went up there for a stretch.

He probably lost it in the towels off the bat and then couldn't track it thanks to the lights. The last thing he'd ever admit is that he lost it due to the crowd/towels.

Even on replay, it looked like the ball changed direction slightly on the Utley HBP.

Towels, lights and more towels.

My's full of towels!

So don't let anyone ever tell you that playoff experience, or lack thereof, counts for nothing.

I found it weird that three out of four Phillies batters were hit (if we are counting Chase) and the umps never once even glanced over to the Reds bench or Dusty baker. UC has got to at least ask what is going on, even if it wasn't done on purpose. Although I am not a fan of his, Bobby Cox, LaRussa, Joe Maddon and a few others would be pointing it out immediatley. I guarantee you if someone on the Phillies came high and tight to a Reds batter, it would have caused an ejection.

Can anyone explain this to me? It drives me crazy when UC says or does nothing.

In the Reds defense, they're simply not used to playing in front of large crowds of cheering fans. Its got to be unsettling.

.....and whistling

Good teams take advantage of mistakes like that. The Phils are a great team.

I assume Charlie was hoping they'd hit enough batters to give us the lead.

Well, on the HBPs, none of them were at all intentional. Though the Reds scouting report for the game was clearly "pitch them inside all game" It was BS on that level as the Reds pounded the inside of the plate all game and it largely worked (it would have worked if not for the HBP basically) against us...guess they read Fangraphs in Cincinnati.

The Reds also aren't all that used to playing good teams, what with their playing so many games against the Pirates, Cubs, Astros Brewers all the time.

Barkann's comments about Oswalt's "pitch selection" had the feel that he was itchin' for a controversy about Ruiz' game calling not being to Oswalt's liking.

If that's so, Charlie will take care of it. If it's not so, Barkann should just STFU. Once. Please

I hate the reds almost as much as I hate the phillies for being the latest team to lay down and blow it so that the phillies can get yet another express ticket to the world series without having to earn any tough series win, just because the team the play is either injured or just happy to be there (see 08 brewers,08 rays,09 rockies,dodgers last two years)

Oswalt simply didn't have it tonight...a rare off night for him. He was forced to throw a lot of fastballs to a team that hits fastballs. The Reds are a good fastball hitting team that was sitting fastball as it was. It was a perfect storm of crap.

****I hate the reds almost as much as I hate the phillies for being the latest team to lay down and blow it so that the phillies can get yet another express ticket to the world series without having to earn any tough series win, just because the team the play is either injured or just happy to be there (see 08 brewers,08 rays,09 rockies,dodgers last two years)****

Okay...none of those were good teams...keep telling yourself that.

Honestly, I don't really have a problem with the Reds pitchers hitting our guys. They're not doing it intentionally. What is Charlie supposed to say? Hey, you guys better start pitching better? It's the playoffs. The Phillies just need to take care of business and if they do have problems with it, wait till next year to resolve it.

Daily News headline tomorrow for all of my fellow Phillies and U2 fans: "City of Blinding Lights."

Looked to me like Uts got glanced on the wrist. Ball did seem to slightly change direction. But in any case, good teams find ways to win in the postseason, and inexperienced teams find ways to lose. Thats what happened tonight.

For all those fretting over Oswalt's bad start, list of aces who've had bad starts in the playoffs:

Greg Maddux
Randy Johnson
Kevin Brown
Curt Schilling
CC Sabathia
Cole Hamels
Tom Seaver
Bob Gibson
John Smoltz
Dwight Gooden

Well, you get the point...

Barkann will never stfu. 10 years since i moved away, i can still hear that blowhard like it was yesterday. Think I saw a shot of him in the booth during a late season game, and it all came back to me.

Only 3 Nl teams deserved to make the playoffs this year. Braves come up small, consistently. If they go to a two-woldcard format, it's silly. Pads didn't deserve it either.

If the Braves get shutout in back to back games, it will take some of the glimmer off Lincecum's gem last night, though not much. But, that coupled with a good offensive night tonigth (at lest early on) by the REds, will certify that Halladay had the more impressive postseason debut.

Totally not fretting about Oswalt. He was due for a bad start...he'll be fine in the NLCS (assuming we get there).

Weren't the Reds something like 30-51 against teams with better than a .500 record this year? I don't have the exact numbers off the top of my head, but it is pretty indicative of a team that can't compete with the elite.

Hanson's night is done after much for him being their best starter.

Wildcard. Iphone, sorry.

17-33, Chris in VT.

They were 54-32 against the bottom 11 teams in baseball, though.

So, they've got that going for them.

Mr. Mack - every manager, like the umpires, has the judgment to recognize when hit batsmen might be intentional, and when they're not. There's no point in getting all emotional about something if you pause to consider the circumstances. This Ondrusek is a young guy was making his first playoff appearance. If Manuel makes a big deal about that, frankly, he looks like an ass.

barkann was clearly excited at the prospect of a pitch selection controversy. but it was break time. and i think he was told to leave it alone during that break.

Roy threw a freaking no hitter. No certification needed. Lincecum was great, but we've seen great playoff starts before.

Halladay v Lincecum in NLCS would be thrilling.

No doubt, PalyChris, but many in the national media were questioning it. The Braves offense is throwing water on that fire.

Okay...none of those were good teams...keep telling yourself that.

I get the sarcasm but don't see where its deserved. The brewers have sucked for decades and needed sabathia to carry them into the playoffs. When he had one bad game, they were ****ed. The dodgers only got in the playoffs because of manny the first time, and the second because the nl west sucked. Once the division strengthened (i.e. this year when the giants and padres got good) they didn't stand a chance. Don't get me started on how much the rockies didn't belong there last year. The 08 rays were a young team that was lucky to get there and lucked out big time by facing injured al teams in the first two rounds. Let's not forget, this little window you guys have was all made possible by an epic chokejob on the part of the 07 mets. Face it, the Phils' success is 90% a result of being in the right place at the right time when other teams choke. Look at tonight's game. Utley fakes getting hit, ump blows the call when rolen throws him out at second, guy drops a routine fly ball that any of us could have caught, phils win. But its not like the win was gift-wrapped or anything.

Saw that double play coming a mile away.

Now that my pulse is ~100, I'm flippin' astonished by 2 things:

• Phillies small ball on demand -- good teams jump on mistakes by oafish opponents.
• Brad Lidge. How is he doing this with a 91 mph fastball?

Lidge is just a smart freaking pitcher right now.

BTW, how quickly did a smart, veteran team cut Aroldis Chapman down to size? I just wish Mr. Howard's looping swing caught a 102 mph heater. That ball would have traveled 900 feet. Hopefully, fair, and clear of any humans.

Please move Rollins down to 7 or 8 in the order. He doesn't deserve to be batting ahead of Ibanez and Ruiz.

"Face it, the Phils' success is 90% a result of being in the right place at the right time when other teams choke."

Other the Mets?

Funny how everyone seems to choke but the Phillies. Now why is that? Zionist conspiracy? Darren Daulton's psychic powers?

Anything but credit where credit's due, you sniveling whiner. We revel in your misery.

Guess i haven't really been reading national sites except for the homages to roy. Even out here in sfbay, talk radio, while drooling about giants and Lincecum (and Cain et al) still pretty sanely seems to acknowledge that the Halladay thing (and the Phils' rotation in general) is on another level.

The Dodgers were a 95 win team last year...they had the most wins in the NL. They were definitely more than just "riding Manny" to the playoffs.

The Rays in 08 were the best team in the AL. They went 97-65 that year. They led the AL East for most of the year and beat a very good Red Sox team in the ALCS. Their pitching staff had an ERA+ of 116 (better than us this year or that year for example)

The Phillies beat good team to win both years.

I vote for the Bronzed Dutchman.

The Giants with their pitching would, of course, be a more challenging opponent for the Phils in the next round, but it's hard not to take root for the Braves to self-destruct.

And I take it there is some unspoken agreement among national sports media types that the Party Line must be that Bobby Cox getting thrown out of games makes him the ultimate Players' Manager and not just a sniveling bastard who can't take it when a call goes against him ...

I thought Rolen was going to have a big series. He really looks like a shadow of himself, instead. If Bowa were around, he might say something to the effect that the cleanup hitter is "killing" the Reds right now.

I was pretty impressed with the game Arroyo pitched. I didn't think he'd fare well at all, but he showed some guts tonight. Which is loads more than I can say for the rest of his team.

Credit where credit's due? Okay, good job being in the right place at the right time when edinson volquez was throwing pus and couldn't get past the 2nd, good job getting a gift call when rolen threw utley out at 2nd to spark that rally, and good job getting to play against jay bruce, who apparently can't catch a fly ball. Also, I'm pretty sure utley faked getting hit by that pitch because he knew he couldn't touch chapman. Also, its funny fans who are talking crap about chapman, lets see he k'ed howard on 3 pitches, would've done the same to utley if he hadnt jeter'ed his way to first, got werth to hit a weak grounder that the ump bailed you guys out on, and got rollins to hit a routine fly ball that bruce couldn't handle. Also, what did i say about any of those other teams that wasnt true?

Arroyo did a great job of changing his arm slot to keep the hitters off-balance. The Dom Brown AB was a great example of that. He literally went from over the top to side arm to 3/4 slot to over the top in as many pitches.

He might not have much raw stuff but he's definitely got a big set of smoke and mirrors.

I met Bobby Cox once, and was shocked by how nice a man he is. Because all these years watching him in the dugout, he seems like such an insufferable, unpleasant, ugly old fart.

Watch the replay, dumbass. It glanced off Utley's wrist. Unless, of course, the ball changed direction magically.

Why am I bothering with a 15 year old basement troll?

Pitchers Phillies have beaten in the playoffs over the last 3 years.

Ubaldo Jimenez (136 ERA+ year we beat him)
Clayton Kershaw (143 ERA+ year we beat him)
Yovanni Gallardo (228 ERA+ year we beat him)
CC Sabathia (255 and 137 ERA+ years we beat him)
Derek Lowe (129 ERA+ year we beat him)
Scott Kazmir (127 ERA+ year we beat him)
James Shields (127 ERA+ year we beat him)
Chad Billingsley (133 ERA+ year we beat him)

Huston Street (154 ERA+ year we beat him)
George Sherrill (258 ERA+ year we beat him)
Jonathan Broxton (134 and 152 ERA+ years we beat him)

Teah.... they all sucked.

Pat The Bat is on. I really hope we get to welcome him back to CBP.

Of course, as I'm typing that he commits an error that leads to a Braves run...

At least the Braves won't be shutout again.

Every time I see Cox, he picks his nose on TV. Every single time.

When you freely admit to hate, phillyhater, do you not see how that sort of telegraphs an innate lack of objectivity? You have your mind made up. Fine. Go call up WFAN and get someone to agree with you.

I can't believe what happened to sweeneys ball. The 3rd moon on jupiter obviously was aligned the specific way to keep it in the ballpark. Luckily sweeney is so godly that it still was a baseknock

Think of how lonely a person must be to be on a chat board near midnight on a Friday with the sole aim of trying to annoy people. It's really heartrending.

I wonder how much sadness and alienation and misguided yearning for human contact, even of the negative kind, Omar Minaya has caused.

***Yovanni Gallardo (228 ERA+ year we beat him)***

Not to nitpick but the sample size on that was only 4 games. He did pitch really well in the NLDS though...we just beat him is all.

Some of the players and their OPS+ that the Phillies have beaten the last 3 years in the playoffs:

Manny Ramirez (221 and 153)
Matt Kemp (110 and 125)
Andre Ethier (132 and 132)
Prince Fielder (130)
Ryan Braun (130)
Troy Tulowitzki (134)
Todd Helton (130)
Brad Hawpe (128)
Carlos Gonzalez (1.515 OPS in the playoffs against Phillies)
Carlos Pena (129)
Evan Longoria (127)

Phillies really faced a bunch of slouches in the postseason the last couple years.

Lucky, lucky, lucky.

****I wonder how much sadness and alienation and misguided yearning for human contact, even of the negative kind, Omar Minaya has caused. ****

Hell, now that he's completely free, it might actually be Minaya.

Its not like he has anything better to do at this point.

True, NEPP. Didn't catch that. Weird year for him. He pitches twice in April, once in May, and once in September. And gets the game 1 start in the NLDS?

But, he did pitch well.


Roy Halladay, the Phils bullpen, Chooch's knee and Francisco's underpants may challenge your headline's assertion that for the second straight game the Phils didn't have to do much work to see a win materialize. Any playoff win is a good win. Today's is no less valuable than Wednesday's.

Look, maybe the rays did have a good record in 08 and the dodgers last year, and the reds this year, but what do all those teams have in common? The ability to put away the bad teams but to freeze and choke on a big stage. Those were overrated teams who were lucky to get there and who played with no consistent urgency or focus. Personally, i thought utley jeter'ed it, but if he didn't, he was the most relieved person in the world after a 22-year old kid in aroldis chapman had him shaking in his cleets with the first two pitches of that AB. Howard really did some damage against him too right

The Rays got so lucky that here they are back in the post season in 2010 with the same core players...crazy luck that.

Other than the 3 hits and the HBP, Chapman was electric.

****But, he did pitch well. ****

He went 7 and gave up 0 ER (3 R). His defense failed him in that game.

I don't know why NEPP and Fatalotti are using things like "facts" and "numbers" to try and convince everyone they weren't a fluke. I'm with phillyhater. The Phillies have been insanely lucky; they've clearly been the benefactors of a 4 year fluke.

I mean, almost every team that played against the Phillies in the postseason lost against them, and we all know that losing and choking are interchangeable words.

hater, if you're going to harp on the fact that the Phillies faced young, inexperienced teams in the postseason, you should also note how many young, inexperienced teams have also dominated in the postseason. The Phillies beat the teams that were in front of them, just like every other World Series and NL Pennant winner.

But, every time we throw facts at you, you keep backing off your original hard line stance that the Phillies were lucky, and keep deflecting. Your an irrational troll, and you have no idea what you're talking about.

And for the record, the Tampa Bay Rays in 2008, beat the defending World Series Champion Red Sox (who were 95-67 that year) and the New York Yankees for the division, and then went on to beat the Boston Red Sox, who had just beaten the 100 win Angels in the ALDS, in the ALCS.

And the Phillies spanked them in the WS.

But, I guess that Rays team must've sucked as well.

You, my friend, are a moron.

Get lost.

Matt Cain was good tonight, but he looks like he can be gotten by a good offense if he's pitching on the road in the playoffs.

Hell, we got to him in early September.

phillyhater, WTF does Ryan Howard striking out in ONE AB have to do with anything? do you think that really means anything? Have you ever heard of sample sizes, idiot?

Have some more beers and go drown your sorrows, you loser. And go spend the winter camped out in front of the ticket office at Shitifield, oops I meant Bailout Park, so you can get your season tickets to the Mets.

Oh, what's that? You don't have to camp out or sign up early to get season tickets?

What does that tell you, troll?

Actually, it's Skip Bayless.

What a pitch by Javier Lopez.

DLib, you're right. the Phillies have been licky for 4 straight years.

Do you think Charlie Manual will kiss a dollar bill for me for good luck the next time I buy a lottery ticket?

This morning I commented that I liked the Giants uniforms. I hate tonight's Giants uniforms. What are they supposed to be? They are dressed up like the Great Pumpkin for Halloween. The Braves look like crap, too.

Is Brooks Conrad the worst infielder in the history of baseball?

Talk about your precipitous drop in OPS+. Pablo Sandoval had a 144 OPS+ last year, and a 95 OPS+ this year.

I wonder which year was the fluke: this year or last year?

All season, friday night home games are orange nights. Crowd all in orange, team in orange. It's supposed to be a kind of fun, retro, party atmosphere. Doesn't translate so well to Friday night playoff games. But guess they can't change things up at this point.

****Is Brooks Conrad the worst infielder in the history of baseball?****

You'd think with the name Brooks he'd be a decent'd think wrong.

What's with this guy Sandoval? Wasn't he supposed to be the next best thing to sliced bread? He looks like the butter tub holding the spread for the bread! I don't like either of these teams. At least Cincy has some character.

Could you imagine if CC Sabathia was wearing one of those Orange Giants Uniforms?

How ridiculous would that look. I mean, Sandoval looks like a giant pumpkin but Sabathia would be James and the Giant Peachesque.

I kind of rather like the Giants. They are a throwback to the deadball era. Pitching, defense, small ball.

If they beat the Phillies in the NLCS, it wouldn't be the worst thing in the world for baseball if they won the WS.

Chapman's hardest FB was 100.9 mph. I wonder if he was simply gripping the ball too hard due to adrenaline/first playoff appearance?

That would explain the dropoff of 3-4 mph in velocity. He was definitely rested.

awh, I do think Charlie Manuel will do that.

Breaking News: I just read on Comcast that the Phillies are in serious negotiations with the slugger from Major League who used to sacrifice chickens. Ruben Amaro is in awe of his potential for additional luck in order to keep the fluke alive. Hopefully we can get him signed, maybe to replace Werth?

***Talk about your precipitous drop in OPS+. Pablo Sandoval had a 144 OPS+ last year, and a 95 OPS+ this year.****

He's basically eating himself out of a position and baseball and he's only 23. You're supposed to wait until your first big contract before you do that.

Brave's defense sucks, and they're nearly punchless. Heyward is no Willie Mays.

I'm still amazed the Braves ruled the NL East for so long. After the Phil's were swept by Houston, I thought the remainder of the 2010 season was a dress rehersal for the '11 season.

Heyward is a really good player but he's tired, half injured and trying to carry a team on his own at Age 20.

Its a bit to ask for him.

I think the Phils backup infielder (Valdez) trumps the Braves backup infielder (Conrad).

Be nice to see some power from the Phils again soon. They haven't even sniffed a long ball in either game so far.

Hopefully they are saving the big balls for future opponents.

That was the best I have seen Contreras look in a while. Romero even looked sharp.

The Reds looked and played like a team in the first 2 games, who haven't been there. You would think Rolen would at least play with some poise, but he has looked lost at the plate and his mental error tonight (throwing to 2nd on the Werth groundout), led to the Reds implosion.

The giants are very likeable, post-bonds. They've got this city buzzing like no team since the 1987 version. The karma is very 1999-ish Sixers, or 2008 Phils--just feels like they're going places. It's irrational, but the vibe around them worries me more than their staff.

Cholly should go into public speaking

Q. Dusty said he didn't think Utley was hit by that pitch. What did you see?

CHARLIE MANUEL: Yeah, he got hit. Yeah, he was hit, yeah. He got hit.

Q. How bad was he hit?


"For all those fretting over Oswalt's bad start, list of aces who've had bad starts in the playoffs:"

Whoa, long list. Remember when you said the only people who would pitch for us in this series would be Halladay, Oswalt, Hamels, Madson and Lidge? Like I said back then, having three aces is no guarantee whatsoever that every game you'll get an ace-like start.

Tray, I never said that, but you know, that doesn't matter to you.

It never does.

I love Brian Wilson. He reminds me of Maynard James Keenan for some reason.

I've watched the replay several times now...Utley was definitely hit. It was very slight but it definitely brushes off his wrist.

It was definitely not a Jeter moment.

The Giants pitching staff from top to bottom is ridiculous. If we meet in the playoffs, it will be a hell of a series. Thank God we have homefield.

Man, I haven't seen Rob Nen's name in a looong time.

Romero looked good. So too Contreras. It was silly when the commentator mentioned the Reds' BP advantage, with the pen having already begun its implosion and the Phils' pen having made it through jc and durbin unscathed.

Nobody mentions the pick-off among the Reds' not-ready-for-prime-time act. Imagine if that were Werth.

Spoke too soon -- McCann must be lurking somewhere.

I'd love to see this series go 5. It will only be to the Phillies advantage.

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