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Wednesday, October 06, 2010


It begins...

Nice graphic...

I am in France, where Le Roi (Leroy)means "The King". I am hoping our "king" will do what he came to do, and that Polly will get well soon, too!

I will be back Friday- can hardly wait.

Go Phils!

Let's do this!

Awesome JW.

For people saying losing Game 1 hurts the Rays chances significantly, I would say this game is MUCH more important for Texas to win. Lee is their best starter, by far. The Rays have the pitching advantage with Shields (better than his ERA suggests) and Garza in games 2 and 3. The Rangers were in serious trouble if they lost this game. While its never good to go down 0-1, its more likely the Rays can overcome it than the Rangers.

Shields has been a HR machine this season...I doubt pitching against the Rangers will help that.

Cliff Lee - adding a few million to his kids inheritance so far today, 5 innings of shut out ball...

Lee is quickly giving himself a reputation as a big game pitcher...cha-ching!!!

prettiest. graphic. ever.

Looks like AL pitching broke Jorge Cantu

NEPP: True, but some of that is an inflated HR/FB percentage (which is considered out of a pitcher's control). Mostly his high ERA is due to a .354 BABIP.

His xFIP is 3.72. He's a fine pitcher, better than C.J. Wilson. Wilson walks over 4 batters per 9 innings, and the Rays draw the most walks of any team in baseball. Expect the Rays to score tomorrow.

Let's go, big game out of Wilson

Ryan Madson just wrenched his neck while trimming his nose hair. Amaro says he has already received treatments and should be available as long as he doesnt have to look the runner back to first.

Joe Blanton also sprained an ankle in the clubhouse when he fell out of his barcalounger reaching for his baked lays...stay calm people.....

That is a great graphic, JW!

I missed a lot in 3 hours! First, I saw that the Rangers were up 5-0. Surprising - not the 0, because Cliff Lee is one cool cucumber and a terrific pitcher - but I thought Price would do better. I know the Rangers can really hit the ball, but I'd heard this game touted as an exciting pitching matchup.

Then, the injury to Polly. Ouch. Well, this is the kind of season it's been. At least the team is used to dealing with injuries and the bench should be relatively good to go. I am disappointed, but at least we're losing a player who was already somewhat hampered by injury. And not a pitcher.

Is anyone else feeling the butterflies yet? I'm nervous about whether our offense will show up or not, and about the Reds offense. All it takes are a few HRs by the Reds, and nothing to show for our own guys' time at the plate...But as someone pointed out yesterday, it's the not knowing the outcome that makes it fun to watch the game! Only 1 1/2 hours to go!!

I've had the butterflies since about 1:37pm.

I'm guessing Price is done after 6 IP, 101 pitches, 5 ER.


Tampa Bay
Price: 145
Garza: 101
Davis: 97
Shields: 76

Lee: 130
Wilson: 129
Lewis: 116
Hunter: 116

Tamps Bay is losing the one matchup where they actually had the starting pitching edge, at least by which pitcher had the better season.

All of TB's pitchers are capable of tossing a gem and Price can easily bounce back for a Game 4 or 5...but this is definitely a big blow for them to see him hammered at home.

Pete Rose has the Phils in 4.

Utley on the DP relay throw:

'Faster than a speeding bullet?!'

have all 12 Rays' fans left the park yet?

Do they have those stupid cowbells agains this year?

What, no thundersticks in St. Pburg?

Thank the baseball gods.

I agree the cowbells are annoying, but considering we have "rally towels", I'm not exactly quick to pass judgment on the cheering conventions of other teams.

Those GD cowbells. I hope the Rangers sweep!

Ah, that's it--cowbells. Who has the thundersticks?

Both are dreadful.

Usually, the appearance of a game thread means its time to leave the office... sounds about right.

I liked the Giants orange towels.

**** agree the cowbells are annoying, but considering we have "rally towels", I'm not exactly quick to pass judgment on the cheering conventions of other teams.****

Rally towels aren't used to make noise...cowbells & thundersticks are used becasuse the home crowd doesnt know how to cheer properly and they need a gimmich instead.

any fan base whose most noted member is Dick Vitale would naturally use a noisemaker just as irritating as his voice...

NEPP: Yeah, I know. The noise-making instruments are worse, but the rally towels are still somewhat gimmicky.

Rally towels may actually reduce noise, as less people clap, although the yelling may increase in decibal level due to the visual stimulation.


Cliff Lee is likely going to give them 7 IP of 10+ strikeout, 0 BB, 0 run ball.

In a very indirect way, you're welcome, Texas.

Tomorrow's thread: Thundersticks vs. the Rally Monkey: A historical perspective

Seemingly every time the Rays threaten to score, Carlos Pena comes up & strikes out. He is just awful.

"awh - I have a feeling that if Halladay lets up more than 2 runs today this team loses.

Posted by: MG "

MG, I have been saying that for the last 2 days. Volquez can be excellent, and has shut down the Phils before.

That said, color me as not one who's too worried about Exxon in the lineup. He's been hitting well lately.

Besides, if this team has to rely on Wilson Valdez to get it done in this series, then the series is already over.

Pitching, pitching, pitching. Defense, defense, defense. Timely hitting.

Uh oh, we are the unanimous choice to beat the reds for the picks on That by itself almost makes me want the phils to lose, but of course it doesnt.

Cliff Lee supposedly had a bad first inning, where he gave up 3 singles, but no rusn, and still struck out the side. Over the next 5 innings, 7 Ks and 1 hit.

This guy is a stud when the lights are at their brightest.

I would like to root for the Rangers and Cliff Lee; if the Phillies don't take it all, I would be happy for Texas to--specifically Lee-- But I neither want to beat him nor esp. to get beat by him.

And I would still love to beat the Yankees.

C.L. will probably be a Yankee next year anyway; he'll have his share of PS oops.

Buck Martinez just said about the Polly absence and Jimmy playing hurt, "When you've got this kind of pitching, what does it matter?"

This Rangers v. Rays game really stinks. I'm only catching bits and pieces on the radio, but it is pretty awful. I hope the 5:07 game is just as awful (with the Phillies playing the part of the Rangers, of course).

No! Not PS oops! PS opps!

Buck doesn't feel the need to push the panic button.

Cliff's unborn and yet unthought of great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandchildren can now retire.

If Halladay gives up any runs, while Lee pitches a shutout, do we hear that we should have kept Lee instead of getting Halladay?

If Cliff Lee continues doing what he's doing, this will be his third postseason performance in which he's stuck out 10 or more, given up 0 ER and walked no batters. And this is only his SIXTH postseason start.

are you freakin' kidding me?

I just jinxed Cliff!

wow pena and baldelli are an absolute black hole in the middle of that lineup. what on earth was maddon thinking putting rocco there?

I'm not surprised about Pena. He has one of the longest, worst swings in baseball. And he got exposed in the 2008 WS big time.

This could be a worse issue than Placido's back - its pouring here in Harrisburg again, and headed your way.

Lee did his job. Let him take the rest of the day off, and give it to the bullpen. so Neftali Feliz can SLAM the door.

Doppler radar shows that that shower over H-Burg is slow moving and falling apart as it heads east. Even if it makes it to the bank will not be for another 3 hours.

Hey, Squonk in da house...

Just got back from work, and started reading the DN's playoff preview. I know it's their job to do this, hype big games like this, because this is what their readers want. But the DN's "Phillies-Reds Scouting Report" See:

The article says the series is about even. But that's not MY feeling. Any thoughts?

My view is that the Phils three starters are 30-4 (working off memory for that stat) against the Reds. I see a sweep. Maybe an ugly sweep, if the offense does it's work.

Hope so, Joe.

H20 are something like 23-7 in their last 30 games. And, of course, those Reds don't play too well against good teams.

Phils should take this series in no more than 4.

Plus all that traffic on the Turnpike near the Bensalem exit should slow it down further.....

Who else is stuck and not able to catch the game on TV (I'm on the left coast and still at work...), and what are you doing for the game?

I'm debating between the Phillies radio feed and that "Quad Mode" on At Bat. That, or maybe just find a stream on Just curious what anyone else is doing.

30% chance of rain showers throughout the late afternoon & evening. The radar is fairly clear. I'd guess -- guess, mind you -- that whatever rain there is, if any, will be suitable for playing through.

Does anyone know of any streaming audio broadcasts of the game? I'd like to listen on my smart phone while I'm walking the dog.

Yes, out of fear I went out and got a dog as soon as I heard of Polly's injury. A pit bull.

Serious question about the streaming broadcast.

Preacher: I'll be watching the game in HD on my giant flat screen TV & funneling the Phillies Radio Broadcast through an awesome sound system ... but I guess that doesn't help you much, huh?

Willard: I'm on the left coast, too. Going to read BL and watch MLB Gameday. Thought about buying the games on for $9.99 and watching them at work...

T-Mac just tweeted that Polanco is safe and secure in the clubhouse training room.

David Price - first start in the playoffs. Edinson Volquez - first start in playoffs. Just saying.

Price had actually appeared in the World Series before, though. Gave up a HR to Eric Bleepin' Bruntlett, but still ...

Of course, I guess you could add Roy Halladay - first start in the playoffs also.

I'm about to become a doctor (in a social science) and have extensive background in back pain (firsthand experience). I recommend Advil plus whatever his really expensive private physicians tell him to do.

I hope that helps. Go Phils

Will the first pitch ever get here?!?!?

Scott Eyre has a blog about his big family trip:

I think.

Cantu is getting used to AL pitching...he didn't strike out.

Polly since September 1st:

27 G, 125 PA, .261 .336 .315, .271 BAbip

Team record 21 - 6

Valdez since September 1st:

24 G, 79 PA, .313 .410 .403, .356 BAbip

Team record 18 - 6

Clearly, because all six losses occured when both players were on the field, neither one of them should step on the field in the postseason.

Has anyone been following this FanGraphs live chat? If the Phillies were to win another World Series would Dave Cameron's head explode? I'm not usually big on saying "Oh XXXX hates us!" but, man...

He said the Phillies would struggle to make the playoffs in the AL.

I know the playoffs have become routine around here but I'm still nervous/excited as hell. Will be attempting to make my drive home from work at 5 (20 minute commute) in about 7 minutes. Will probably have to speed through some red lights.

My wife is upset that she's supposed to record the game while I'm at work. Happy Days was scheduled for the same time. Boo hoo. I used to tell her that the Phillies making the postseason was a rare occurance. She's not buying that line anymore.

Those of you stuck at work - try this search:

"streaming baseball today wednesday october 6"

SLO, unfortunately, that $9.99 just gets you that whacky quad mode (and a TBS audio feed), but not the actual TBS video broadcast.

I may use that on the computer and stream the Phils radio feed.

Hey, at least no TBag, right? Right????

GTown, I envy you immensely....

Feliz proving once again that closers just can't pitch in non-save situations. He's certainly making it interesting.

Late to the game here, but, man, the loss of Polanco is huge. Nobody else on our team has displayed the mix of hitting intelligence and plate discipline that he's shown this year, and in the critical environment of the playoffs, where everything becomes magnified, he will be missed tremendously.

Cliffie was traded as part of handshake agreement in which he would knock out two AL teams by himself before gracefully losing to the Phils in the WS, in exchange for a $150 million contract in the off-season. Just look at the pieces ... it all makes sense!

Dave Murphy does not like Valdez-Halladay-Rollins-Victorino LH.

Foresees a loss v. Volquez. (I think even before loss of Polly.)

Phillies 3B batting 2008 NLDS: .231 .231 .308

Result: Phils won series

Phillies 3B batting 2008 NLCS: .154 .214 .154

Result: Phils won series

Phillies 3B batting 2009 NLDS: .214 .267 .286

Result: Phils won series

Phillies 3B batting 2009 NLCS: .118 .167 .412

Result: Phils won series.

Willard - no T-Bag is correct!! I will try to tune in Phillies radio broadcast and listen to Franzke & LA.

I am getting nervous. The fact that everyone is picking them has me believing the only place to go from here is down, that is if the bats don't show up. I'm praying they don't have a June flashback while making Volquez a Cy Young candidate.

This feels like a loss.

There. That makes me feel better.

The worst part of the Polly injury is we are just one step closer to the 4 most shuddering words in the English language:

"Now batting, Greg Dobbs."

Phlipper, MLB AtBat 2010 is available for most smart phones. It's not free, but it's well worth the 9.99-14.99 it's going to cost you.

Lake Fred, if you can't explain to your wife why recording a re-run over a live event doesn't make sense, be honest I think the problem is yours not hers. There's also the option of going out and buying her the Happy Days season in question on DVD. Not cheap, but much cheaper than a ticket to the game.

Thank you, bap!

I love H2O, but I retain a soft spot for Cliff Lee. Like a crush you never get over.

Moderately heavy rain cell just popped up in Chester County. Let's hope it doesn't head towards South Philly...

"Dave Murphy does not like Valdez-Halladay-Rollins..."

One thing for sure, not enough time to take a leak during that half inning.

The good news on Valdez is that he hit .400 with RISP the last 28 games he's played. That ain't bad coming from the 8 hole.

Lake Fred, is it the one where Fonzi jumps the shark?

Preacher: Staying home & watching is my consolation prize for never being able to afford the damn Postseason Ticket Option. My awesome TV was cheaper than a single season's worth of the same.

Willard - Even scarier is the announcement: "Dobbs remains in the game to play 3B."

This feels like postseason baseball.

I just saw recap of early in Rangers game, that the umps have already made a bad call that would have resulted in Lee walking in a run 1st inning.

BAP, thanks for the requisite negativity. I was beginning to get extremely concerned with the love fest for the Phils here. This whole being the favorite thing is tough.

So, I'll go ahead and post my regular prediction that this game comes down to Lidge crapping the bed/baking the poodle, and bringing BL back to its neurotic roots.

Its 8 am down here. I'm not going anywhere near work until this baby is over.

First lines in TBS's coverage were how post-season baseball is now a fall tradition in Philadelphia.

The rational part of brain is having trouble processing that, but the rest of me is grinning like a kid at the carnival.

Bloodstripes, I'm with you. It's 2:00 PM here in Los Angeles. Although I'm sitting in my office, my Outlook calendar is blocked and 0 work will get done in the next 3.5 hrs or so.

I already declined a meeting invite from my boss this afternoon. He's an Ohio State guy, too. What a douche...

Floating Utley!

Butterflies really fluttering now!

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