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Saturday, October 23, 2010


Let Em Have it!!!!!!

Nice! The straw that stirs the drink. Really feeling a big game from Jimmy tonight. Has anyone seen the Giants lineup? Is Fat Panda playing?

Pat the Rat

Thanks Jim.

The home plate ump is an important component of this game. With Roy's control and Sanchez's wildness, a tight zone works for us right?

Yea, but we haven't seen a consistent umpire yet this series, but you are right a tight zone would be great for us...or not if Sanchez is that wild a tight zone won't matter and give oswalt a few extra inches

All of them. For real.

Eating the same supper and snacks. Wearing the same clothes. Sitting in the same place. Drinking the same kind of beer (3 of them). Just called the same friends I called before last game. Not superstitious or anything.

JRoll in the leadoff spot? Okay he is playing a 'hunch.'

Playing Ibanez in LF vs. a guy who he doesn't have a hit against in his career (0-9 with 3 BBs), struggled with mightily in Game 2, and has struggled with all LHP for all the entire year.

This is playing a 'hunch' and doing something stupid because it is the way you usually do things. Playing Ibanez is the latter. I would bet 10k tonight he has an Ofer vs. Sanchez. Just hope he is a bit patient and coaxes a BB in his likely 3 PAs vs. Sanchez.

Ditto on Utley/Howard back-to-back in the lineup late because it almost guarantees Lopez faces them and makes Bochy have to make one less real decision.

phlipper or Iceman will find some way to defend the lineup even though it will basically be "Cholly knows what he is doing' and "That's the way the Phils have done it."


You do know that Ben Fran is 0 for against him as well?

I am going to be Debbie Downer on here. Oswalt is as unhittable as Game 2, Phils struggle to do much of anything against Sanchez, and their season ends 5-3 tonight.

Jim - Francisco is 0-8. That tempers things a bit. Still would go with Francisco for the slight defensive upgrade and the split numbres.

andy - see the end of the last thread.

lets put em in a body bag! Yeah!


And playing Ben and splitting lefties up would change your pick?

they have never seen Sanchez twice in a week like this, and pressure gets to the lucky Giants and we win 5-1


I was thinking 0 for 8, but I didn't want to say that because I wasn't 100% on that

totally agreed MG -- I actually don't mind UC's hunch putting jroll leadoff. However, not breaking up utley/howard and starting ibanez, just baffles me

There are big potential inning long black hole in this lineup. One of them had better step up and surprise. For some reason I think it will happen, but it has nothing to do with stats or logic.

Meant to say 2 potential black holes. Butterflies are getting to me. I think I need a dog. My parrots are more tense now than I am.

"Did Shakespeare ever write anything about taking a f*cking pitch or two? "

King Henry VI, Part i

TALBOT No, no, I am but shadow of myself:
You are deceived, my substance is not here;
For what you see is but the smallest part
And least proportion of humanity:
I tell you, madam, were the whole frame here,
It is of such a spacious lofty pitch,
Your roof were not sufficient to contain't.

ROLLINS I could not care how loft your pitch may be,
You throw thee near enough, I'll swing at thee.

MG- as I said in the last thread I am kind of confused by the lineup. Moving J-Roll to the lead-off spot is confusing but defensible, given how Vic has done little in the series. Ibanez starting over Ben Fran is confusing and probably stupid (I don't see Ben Fran doing much either, but Sanchez made Ibanez look foolish in Game 2). And not splitting up the lefties is just stupid.

The team usually either hits collectively or doesn't hit at all, so I don't see this lineup construction as something that will be the difference between a win and a loss. If the collective approach to Sanchez is to swing first and be impatient, it won't matter if Oswalt is leading off and Sweeney is hitting clean-up. They will lose.

But yeah, I'm not defending the lineup at all.

jeff, so you're telling us all that you own parrots?



I think you said it the best, the lineup construction, or playing ben fran or raul is not going to make the difference between winning or losing tonight

Conshy is practicing that clout-esque, text-based, raised eyebrow.


Not splitting up Utley and Howard is really indefensible at this point. If one or both of them is tearing it up, I get the hesitation to split them up. But Utley has had plenty of weak swings in this series and Howard's power hasn't been there, and isn't likely to return against a tough lefty.

Couple that with giving Bochy the luxury (again) of using Lopez for both of them without having to face a righty. Is there any good reason NOT to split them up? Anybody?


relax, game will be over before that spot, after Chase and Ryan are 4 for 6, with 2 hrs and 5 RBI's


remember Chase had his best game of series in the game Sanchez pitched

Every time the Giants post their line-up, my initial reaction is, really? This team is giving the Phillies problems in the NLCS?

...Let. Them. Have It. For Real! I don't care what Jimmy's BA is -- he's money!

I see Cliff Lee says he doesn't care who he has to beat in the WS. Right.

"Is there any good reason NOT to split them up? Anybody?"

They wouldn't be able to duet on "Ebony and Ivory" from the Batter's Box/On-Deck Circle anymore?

No, I was telling you that I need to get a dog. When I was on the animal rescue kick, I lived in a rental house that didn't allow dogs.

Phils win 5-3. Get ready for tomorrow, Cole.

The only reason I can think of is the other change in the lineup that doing so would require. Other than that, barring the need for a 9th inning comeback. It wouldn't be a bad idea.

Has anyone ever thought that he likes to have equal lefty/righty options on the bench, knowing Ben Fran and Ibanez have the same exact BA .000 against Sanchez

Phils need to be very patient tonight, and force Sanchez to throw a lot of pitches. If the crowd is going nuts, and he gets wild, he'll be out before the 6th. 48% of Sanchez's starts this year didn't go at least 6 innings. We can work on the middle of the Giant's bullpen. We already have. This game comes down to Oswalt being good (7-8 IP, 2 ER or less), and the Phillies getting Sanchez out before the 6th and getting after the Giant's middle relief.


Like the 1st inning of game 2, he threw 35 pitches, and they went away from that approach....

Signing off to watch game....on last time

Let Them Have It!!!!!!!!!

Over/under on pitches Jimmy sees in the first: 2.5.


Like I said on twitter to another guy earlier, make it 1.5 and I am still taking under it is J-Roll

for anyone who missed the last tread Scott is at the game and unable to post his customary "brad's my guy" graphic. The link for it was posted earlier.

Over/under on Utley/Howard RBI total: .5

effe it curt, over

SO nervous!!

Season game 1 lineup, except Vic and Ibanez are flipped.

Runs they are a comin

Possibility that Cody Ross loses a liner in the lights in right field?

I don't know, but I hope it happens.

He like ah Reendy Juanson

Screw it, I'm going to Drinkers on Market! Go PHILS!

Well, if the Phillies want to be one of the great teams of all time, they have 2 nights to prove it.

Play Ball!

His fastball only hit 92....oh no!!!!

Does Joe Buck have any other way to start a game than by saying "A good start for [Team X]"?

There are other ways to start a game, Buck?

They look like they're right on top of him so far.

Oswalt looking like his inning the other night isn't affecting him so far. Good sign!

The fastballs got life on it tonight!

They say the wide strike zone might be good for Sanchez, and while that's true of all pitches, Sanchez doesn't walk guys because he misses a little bit here and there. When Sanchez misses, he really misses.

Oswalt seems "on". Score, boys, score.

Great job, Vice Roy.

"It's Saturday night! It's live! It's Philadelphia!"

--Joe Buck, Certified Tool

Game On!

Only Sarge could screw up the Phillies lineup.

I can think of a great way for Joe Buck to start a game- "Ladies and Gentlemen, something came up and I can't do play by play tonight. Enjoy the game."

Goes for the corner and misses.

I always loved the bat spin that Jimmy does between pitches.

Game plan on Sanchez: Take pitches.

Hit it hard. Keep that up, boys.

Well at least he worked a decent AB.

Good AB by Jimmy regardless of the outcome.

Hard hit grounders are better than pop-ups. Not a bad at bat. Saw 5 pitches, was on top of the first pitch and just fouled it back, and then a hard hit grounder.

"Car-loose" I lol'd.

Take Take Take!

Polly better take the next 2 pitches.

Carloose RooEEZ.

10 pitches, 3 strikes, 7 balls.

I like how this is going so far.

The opposition hit .204 off Sanchez.

.255 BAbip. He's not 6.6 H/9 good.

Sanchez is reliable. You know he'll be wild.

JUST a bit outside!

Just a bit low and outside!

Wild pitch? Who woulda thunk it?

Come on Chase, knock him in.

All will be forgiven.

Gotta cash in here early.

That was a 2-0 pitch and he didn't even stride into it.

He likes 2-1 pitches better.


The Man!


I love me some Chase Utley XBH's!!!!


Dammit , Utley! You su ...

I mean, WOOHOO!!!!!! :-D

Come on Howard, get off the RBI schneid...

All is forgiven, Chase!

If Uts and Ryno wake up, San Fran is in deep trouble.

Gotta fear Pat's arm on the shallow fly.

He's accurate if nothing else.

This is going well so far, eh?

I know Utley had to hold, but still, Utley would have gotten home if he's running all the way.

The Big Piece!

I'm feeling a 3 run bomb here. We might knock Sanchez out in the first inning if Werth does some damage here.

He's due against Sanchez.

Is the crowd chanting "Sanchez"?

I love how loud the crowd is. Even if San Fran wins, it will NOT be easy for them. I like our chances anyhow :)

Mota warming up in the bullpen already.

I thought it was out off the bat, but a run is a run.

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