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Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Let the game begin! The nervousness already has.

clout: Looking at JUST home games, here are the games in which the Giants have allowed MORE THAN 3 runs:

3 of the last 5
8 of the last 22
12 of the last 30

This feels like a loss...


Go Cole!!!

I mean, COLE COLE COLE!!1!

The cleaning lady just came in my office and declared that she's a Yankee fan. I asked her who pitched for the Yankees last night. The reply was, "I didn't watch the game last night so I don't know."

I threw her out.

CJ: Thanx. Obviously I dreamed those stories about the Giants allowing 3 or fewer runs in 18 straight games.

Hoping Ibanez shows up today....only starter w/o a hit in this series (except Hamels).

Kutztown Fan:

Of a window right?

I wonder if the ump is going to accept the line up card Bochy is going to hand him. I bet he will tell him to go back and try again.

Just got a call from a bud who lives in SF - turns out Garagano and Macnow are doing a remote a block from his house. Problem is, it's at 7 AM local time, and in his hipster neighborhood, there's no one to talk trash with.

Is Aaron Rowand an upgrade from Andres Torres?

I realize Torres has been cold lately, but it seems to me that he's more likely to get on base, more likely to steal a base and the equal (likely better) to Rowand defensively.

The only thing Rowand is more likely to do than Torres is hit a HR and these days, probably not event that.

Also, for those who think Rollins is a terrible leadoff hitter, please observe Edgar Renteria.

clout: Are you talking about all games or home games? You specifically mentioned how many times had they allowed more than 3 runs at home. As I mentioned last thread, they had a 12 game stretch at home in which they allowed 3 or fewer runs. I'm not sure what you're problem is with the facts I've presented.

clout: Rowand is clearly a downgrade. I don't think it's close.

What's with the purple shirts?

Rex - unfortunately the window in my office doesn't open, plus it's made of unbreakable glass. So I had to settle for shoving her down the stairs.

The nervousness already has.

I'll say, Matt Gelb just wrote that a cop got thrown from his horse during the anthem and flyover!

The last time people were this overconfident was before Game 1. There was just no way we could lose.

I think we're more likely than not to win, but it's a pretty close game. Could go either way. This is nothing close to a lock.

I think purple is the color of steroids... and they're celebrating Barry Bonds today.

I may have that wrong...

I tried therapy, I tried meditation, I tried drink, and yet I still don't quite trust him.

I am hoping to be proved wrong.

Jack: Don't worry... they all know you're here to throw cold water on their confidence and excitement. It's Beerleaguer, after all... can't show any kind of confidence in your own team lest you be criticized.

Jack: I'm also puzzled why in the earlier thread everybody was saying Cain would give up 4 or 5 runs. That's why I asked the question about how often the Giants give up that many runs at home.

Again, were I to pick a winner, I'd pick the Phils.

But I'm not going to act like it will be an upset of monumental proportions if the Giants win.

I pick the Phillies to win, but I'm not looking for a 6-4 game. More like 3-2.

Bonds is in attendance, he has purchased an extra bleacher seat for his head.

Raul's favorite player was George Brett. Thats why he spent so much time in KC

clout: Perhaps it's because Cain has an ERA in excess of 6 against the Phils in his career.

Jack also predicted that the Yanks would get to Lee and knock him out by the 7th.

I think that Jack is pinch-hitting for BAP.

I'm predicting a good game for Polly.

Damn Utley usually gets hit there

Utley was trying to get hit there.

working the counts

Lets hope Cole gets those high and in strikes

OK, I'm getting out of the prediction business.

I predict Cole will be on the mound in the bottom of the inning...

Kutztown Fan: So you cleaned your own office?

I live in NYC. Do I watch the game at home or go to wogies and hope for a good crowd?

We got ump problem.s

Cole needs to settle in.

Man, that is one big outfield.

Not a bad AB from the leadoff spot for Renteria, Clout. At least he worked the count to full

Mick - I let her clean first. I alerted housekeeping to send a different cleaning person tomorrow. Too bad, too, because she was good. But standards must be upheld.

I'm going nuts at work, so I'll listen to the radio call on the way home. Let's go Phillies (clap, clap, clapclapclap)

If we're gonna score, we better do it early before those shadows make it over the infield.

Hamels can't locate his cutter yet. Might need to rely on the defense more than strikeouts today.

Spitz: That's about the ceiling for Renteria.

There's a good cutter.

Super impressed by COLE!!!! He is ON!

I honestly hope that Buster and Posey are both nicknames.

My kid actually took a nap this afternoon and I fell asleep too. I don't know if this feeling of nausea is from sleeping or from the shock of Joe Buck this early after waking up.

Cole got through the first...he should settle in now.

First pitch Ryan?

Take pitches and work the count damnit.

The bridge aint nothing, 11 men lost their lives listening to Joe Buck and Tim McCarver this series alone.

NEPP - you must be kidding. He had a pitch to hit and he drove it. If all hitters adopted the BL "work the count" approach, they'd never score any runs.

Cole looks good. G's worked the count and still made him throw a lot. They might figure their hopes lie in getting him to throw a lot of pitches to get to our pen. (one thing their nonstarting starters--torres, uribe, sandoval--have in common is that they swing wildly at lots of first pitches.)

NEPP, he almost hit it 400 feet. I think he had a beat on it.

Gerald Dempsey Posey III

How weird was it to watch that understated national anthem from Ben Gibbard while fighter jets and fireworks went off, and fifty people held a giant American flag across the outfield? An odd choice for the anthem to begin with, and then all that extra patriotic stuff made for a really strange juxtaposition.

Ooh boy Howard almost got that one!

Just ignore me...I'm just anxious.

Let's hope that the inside pitch that Cain got in teh first inning that Cole didn't in the same inning, levels out as the game goes on.

Why not jump on him. It was a good swing

Guess the low strike is being called today at least.

Where the hell was this ump and his low strike zone back in game 1?

Huge zone for Cain so far.

Not liking the way this inning has looked.

Cain is pitching well early on. Cole will have to keep pace.

Huge zone for Cain is right.. let's hope Barrett stays consistent for both sides.

As long as its being called with the change-up too NEPP.

The Gremlin batting second this inning. Ugh. Don't let Burrell get on.

CJ: I always wonder about the predictive value of those stats vs. a certain team especially when the IP are quite low.

For example, Cain has started 5 games against the Phillies in 6 years. What is the predictive value of those 5 games, especially games he started 5 years ago?

Just hope Cole gets that. If he does ....were all good

This strike zone is the stuff no-hitters are made of. It's fair, but generous.

With these two offenses right now and this strike zone, I wouldn't be shocked to see twin no-nos go into the late innings.

Lots of curveballs early from Cole. That's the 4th so far I think.

Sit Down Pat!

I like seeing Cole at 94-95 mph.

Cutter inside?

Bad idea.

Yeah the curve is really sharp tonight. looks like chooch saw that and is calling for it more.

NEPP - Your feed must be a good second or two ahead of what I'm seeing.

"Babe Ross"

Seriously Fox?

They asked Kuiper this morning on the radio about Utley and Ryan's success against Cain and if that mattered in a situation like today's. I expected him to dismiss it as irrelevant. But he said "ownage is ownage" and thought Cain was facing a really perilous start and would have to be really careful.

First pitch from Cole to Ross was an inside cutter. They haven't learned.

Why Babe Ross when Cody Ruth works so much better

****NEPP - Your feed must be a good second or two ahead of what I'm seeing. ****

Are you watching in HD? The HD feed always seems like its ahead for me.

We're getting the low strike too...NEPP Like!

phlipper - 'you must be kidding. He had a pitch to hit and he drove it. If all hitters adopted the BL "work the count" approach, they'd never score any runs.'

The 93 team's mantra was to work the count every AB to get into the other teams BP, knowing that they would have mucho success there. Hard to knock that mentality. I have to agree with NEPP & BL guys on that one, although it doesn't call for it every AB, especially if a guy gets his pitch early on. I believe that it's the undisciplined AB that drive most guys here crazy.

Looks to me like Cole is actually NOT getting some of the generous strikes that Cain has been getting.

The predictive value of those 5 games is zero. I'm not sure why there's so much discussion of numbers vs. specific teams or in specific parks here.

Cain is getting off the plate against LHPs because he's a RHP. Cole isn't getting the same area because the Ump sets up differently is all.

Happens pretty much across baseball for every ump.

Great Thread Header Picture, Jason.

Wow! 12 up, 12 down. What a game!

Mr. Mack - I'm not questioning a general strategy of working the count - at all. The best offenses (Red Sox, Yankees) are well known for doing that.

What I'm questioning is a reflexive reaction that swinging at the first pitch is always a bad thing to do. At some level, if a player loses their aggressiveness, and becomes too focused on working the count, it has a negative effect. I always felt that was something that hampered Burrell to a certain degree.

LarryinLA: I think it has some value if you are talking about a guy who's faced a particular team a lot, say 120 IP. But for Cain, 5 starts in 6 years, it is meaningless IMHO.

Why are we taking 2 strikes into each at bat today?

Yeah Fat that first pitch top Ross looked juicy. Good thing he didn't swing. Hamels looking very good.

HD feed is about .75 second ahead of the non-HD feed here.

You gotta believe that Raul is gonna breakout at some point soon. Right?

Cain is getting an expanded zone left to right nd top to bottom. At least looks to be that way. Can anyone confirm?

Rauuuuuul looks washed up again.

Here you go Fat.

Its a big zone. High strikes and low strikes are getting called...and off the plate against LHPs for Cain.

Nobody no-hits us...NOBODY!

Chooch, breaking up the no-no. Lets see Cole get him over.

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