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Sunday, October 17, 2010


Prediction: McCarver says something to the effect that this is a really big game for the Phillies to win.

Game o' the year.

Dear Philadelphia Phillies,

Thank you in advance for winning tonight.



I am very excite!!

Tom Gordon still says Phillies in 6.

It's pretty simple really. If the Phillies hit, they'll win. If they don't, they'll lose.

It won't be all on Roy. The bats need to show up. No excuses. Champions know how to win when th etime comes.

They need to get an early lead, work the count, and take Rollins by the throat and threaten him so he doesn't swing at a first pitch and pop out.

Oswalt will pitch the game of his life and we will win handily.

I agree, it is pretty simple....hit and win, don't and lose.

All of the pressure is on the Phillies. The Giants have nothing to lose, as they snuck in the playoffs after SD faltered down the stretch. They have played very good ball since the break, added a few players that gave them some mojo, and honestly scared me enough that they were the team I didn't want to face in either the first or second round.

Karros putting it all on Vic's shoulders.

When is the actual first pitch?

For those who miss b_a_p's take on things:

This game feels like a loss.

Posted by: bay_area_phan | Saturday, May 29, 2010 at 09:11 PM

You may recall what happened that game.

George...Let me help too.

This game feels like a loss. This series feels like a sweep.

Season = over.

4-1 Phillies Win.

Write it down.

season does not = over, yet. hopefully the big red monster roars its head tonight.

Why is Karros dressed like the Joker tonight?

@Nepp - I'm writing it down.

come on little roy, do your job. Also, I hope Howard has a big game....I was at the eagles game today and i saw him and was very upset that he wasn't taking extra early BP

Dan Iassogna is going to toss UC just to get back at Bowa.

that was an ugly AB for fredi

Ohh man with Freddy and Jonathan, we are gonna hear double the 'san-CHEZ'

Oswalt is gonna kill baby seals tonight.

Free and easy, Roy, free and easy...

there will be very few hits tonight by san francisco. oswalt is ON.

it is one inning universale, no mushing.

Great AB by SHane

oh shane, what is going on, buddy?

How the hell does Vic take that pitch?

"Carlos nickname es chooch"

Love it!

This is the sanChHEZ I know

at-E-eye, Chase...

nice AB from Utley, and now Tim McCarver is going to explain the "slide step".....where would we be without tim?

run baby run

Nice one Chase with that stolen base.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr. Chase Utley!

Is it me or do all the Giants look like jerks?

While we got them in town: Joe Buck gets beat up by a hipster in a Fishtown bar after he tries to hit on his girl. McCarver gets stopped and held at the airport by TSA after buying a ground up lizard penis aphrodisiac in Chinatown.

Polly got a break on that ball - should have been called a strike, and that pitch had ridiculous movement.

that's what they need right there. cincinnati reds baseball.

blood in the water! Come on boys, make 'em PAY!!!

.267...same average as Michael Jack had for his career.


So now 2 Ks, comin' up.

Ryan looks hitterish.

Lets see how Sanchez does with the pressure.

My guess; wild pitch.

Bad luck there.

ryan howard, at worst, needs a fly ball here.

Wow...and Chooch was a 2B when we signed him.

Who gives a sh!t.

McCarver is obviously creaming his pants for Buster

Good eye by Howard

Loaded for we all know, Werth is golden with them juiced.

good AB by the big piece there, good AB! Ok J Werth only one out, bases your thing

This could be werth's biggest ab of his career

Hoping that Werth doesn't just gun for the slam.

Wasnt there a rumor about Mitch Williams doing some broadcasting?

I'm impressed he's fouling off pitches; wow, a walk! Good eye Howard.

I was hoping calling a K would help. Werth can hit into a DP however, now.

Not scoring here would really, really, really suck.

that was Werth's pitch..

Comforting that Rollins is on deck.

Mitch is only there pre-game, Mick.

Here comes a K or DP.

This is where it really fvcking sucks to have Rollins bat 6th.

That was a terrible 3rd strike.

Strike zone is a little bigger tonight

....Jayson man, come on

Werth is fvcking terrible with RISP.

ball or no ball that was a homerun pitch.

this could be chooch with the bases loaded

Crap he did K. And you know Jimmy will not be productive.

Thanks GBrett.

Jimmy not swinging on first pitch, thats odd.

Way to take a fastball middle in, Jimmy.

Maybe they could set up a tee for you?

Werth has swing the damn bat there. God damnit.

We dont score here, we dont deserve to win. Good teams come through here.

Good work Jimmy...good work.

I didnt think you had it in you.

STFU Bochy.

That was a strike.

Sanchez still has the no-no working.

Yay a walk and a run!

that was Jayson's strike repaid

hmm same location as the ball to Burrell last night

I see Cholly wisely gave them the "keep the bats on your shoulders with wild Sanchez on the mound" speech.

This Ump has an "interesting" zone.

Sanchez over 30 pitches.

Come on Raul-- Channel your gave player. claims the first pitch to Raul was a ball

1 run with the bases loaded. That's a fail.

No confidence with this offense.

welp, bases loaded w/ one score, barely, but a run is a run, hope it doesn't bite us in the ass

Not gave, fave as in favorite.

Too late a K of course. Only 1 run. Wasted opp.

Man, those bats are so cold I could chill a martini by just pouring it over them.

One stinking run out of that mess - they clearly knew Ibanez couldn't catch up to his fast ball.

Ill take one run and 35 pitches in the first inning.

**** hope it doesn't bite us in the ass****

Dont worry, it will.

I long for Ben Francisco. At least he can hit a fastball.

3 BB, 3 Ks


Most of them had good at-bats that inning except for Vic and Raul, Werth was screwed by a strike at his shoulders.

To preface- clearly you would've liked more than 1 run there.

I did like the approach by the Phillies hitters in that inning. Sanchez can get wild, and when he does he gets into a habit of leaving pitches up. The strikezone looks tight tonight again with stuff low not being called. The pitch to Werth was a strike though.

Come on Roy...settle in.

Interesting that we're playing San Francisco and BAP isn't around. My guess he's on some SF baseball blog, posting "This game feels like a loss" every time the Phillies do something good.

Good catch Shane!

NEPP: which dot on that chart is the third strike to Werth?

well, the ball is carrying now haha.....hit fly balls to the right side and they have a shot tonight....just do it

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