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Saturday, October 16, 2010


It's time to shut up and beat these punks...I love how I have learned to hate the Giants in less than a week

Your Game 1 lineup: Flyin' Hawaiian, Polly, Utz, Piece, J-Dub, Young James, Raul, Chooch, Doc

Nice graphic, as usual. Let's hope Doc keeps up the Game One magic.

Kevin Millar on MLB say Giants are better at EVERY position and will take the Phils in 6. No sense even watching.

"Kevin Millar on MLB say Giants are better at EVERY position and will take the Phils in 6"

Does he even watch baseball?

Brian G, I would say the opposite. If you're thinking with your head, you pick Brown, but if you're thinking with your heart, you choose Dobbs.

my prediction for this series cue Mr. T "PAIN!"

Millar can jam those cowboy boots and hair filler where his "cowboy up" goes.

Love the playoff game thread graphics!

My prediction - Phils win game one 2-1 on an error late and clutch baserunning. Both starters go the distance.

Polly's elbow acts up in the cold weather. Valdez comes in to play 3rd. He bats in the 8th or 9th with the Phils down a run. Gload, Sweeney, BenFran, Brown sit helplessly on the bench.
If he becomes day-to-day, you can't replace him, or he would be ineligible for the WS.

Can someone cite the first reference of the use of the nickname "Chooch"

Totally non sequitur but it popped into my head this afternoon and is bothering the hell out of me.

Was it sometime in 2007 here on beerleaguer? I remember yelling out chooch @ CPB and people would look at me funny during the regular season in 2007.

I think it's in reference to his casanova ways. And chooch obviously refers to a woman's "va-ja-ja"

Anything that starts off with Kevin Millar says. Does not need to be listened to. (Also Rob Dibble)

I don't know any Panamanians but I guess it would be close to that kind of slang. I know El Pulpo called him that and he said it was like calling somebody "stinky". I had an uncle who used it in the Italian sense and he meant dummy.

Go Phils !!

Wow, did Elvis just steal 3 bases?

Did Nolan give his speed kills speech?

aksmith: You overestimate how easy it will be to insert Dobbs. If he replaces an injured Rollins or Polanco, then they can't play in the WS.

Chooch is derived from the 1964 disaster when Choo Choo stole home against the Phils

i think it started when we had a japanese 2nd baseman nicknamed gooch. and carlos became chooch because of the phonetic similarity.

I thought Chooch came from a teammate who thought Ruiz looked like a train when he ran the bases.

Color me unimpressed by the AL pitching so far.

I never thought Phil Hughes was a great pitcher

Phils Hughes had 7.45 run support per nine innings this season, over a run more than 2nd place(Sabathia). No wonder he won 18 games.

leadoff double against a pitcher who is getting hit around.

then a bunt from arguably your hottest hitter in Kinsler?!

Hughes is lucky to have got that bunt, otherwise he probably doesnt have an out yet.

This scenario looks familiar.

Vegas odds that Texas can hold onto THIS 5 run leaf...-105

What's this talk about a Polanco injury? Is this hypothetical cause it's scaring the poop out of me. Knock it off.

As Mike Francesca says, Phil Hughs > Cole Hamels. NOT!

thank goodness the phils didn't get this shadow-filled timeslot. last one we played i remember wheels saying in the 7th that in about 15 minutes the batters should have a better look at the ball.

While on the topic of the origins of "Chooch," where did this claw stuff come from? Anybody know? Game 5 of the ALDS was the first I saw it and it is now officially annoying.

So is Cano on the boli-boli too?

I live in SF proper. Been walking around with Phillies red on all day. Barely seeing any Giants orange anywhere. We got this guys, we got this.

i'll be convined we got it when we get it.

What time is first pitch expected tonight?

Nice AB by Kinsler to score the run.

Dukes - Mad Dog would be giving Francessa a fair amount of crap on Monday afternoon in years past . . .

Rangers were just crushing Phil Hughes' pitches. Let's see what they do with Chamberlain.

In re: Prediction ability

Kevin Millar > the penguin that dived in first to show the others that there were no orcas anywhere close


Kevin Millar < the other penguins, who are still alive

It wasn't crushed, but Moreland did just fine right there.

How the !@#$ did the Yankees win 95 games? They and expecially their pitching, stinks. How did Tampa Bay lose to the Rangers? Tampa has good starting pitching and a few guys who were playing for contracts.

Where's bay_area_phan? Over to the dark side?

Think 7 runs will be enough for the Rangers tonight?

Is Millar saying that the Ginats are better than the Phils at every spot just another example of the manufactured controversy sports networks use to drum up ratings? Some jackass copy writer probably put those words on the teleprompter and that's the first time Millar ever saw them. Otherwise, the guy must have a serious deficiency in the oxygen supply to his head.

The Phils certainly can lose this series, but only an absolute ass would seriously talk as though it's a virtual certainty that the Phils won't advance to the WS.

Incidentally, a very selfish reason I have for hoping the Phils take the first three games is that maybe that will cause some Giants fans to start dumping tickets for game four. In that case, I might seriously consider getting tickets to game four and braving the ride up I-5 to catch a potential clincher for the Phils. Not that I'm counting on either a sweep or a 3-0 series lead.

Go Phillies!

I'm getting nervous. Can our BP beat their BP? (Prepping for possible extra innings.). Will we hit? Will we be rusty? I can imagine several scenarios, from sublime to woeful. But I think it will be a good game and think Doc will be terrific.

Off to watch at a playoff party. Have fun, BLers!!

Go Phillies!!!!

OPS+ by position Giants then Phils
2: 129 128
3: 138 128
4: 98 124
5: 95 95
6: 99 86
7: 132 112
8: 75 102
9: 81 145

The only two positions where players have had significantly higher numbers in 2010 are 1B and LF. Burrell might be way better than Ibanez. But Huff has had an outlier of a year and so has Howard. If you had to choose between Huff or Howard in a short series who would you take?

Howard 9 out of 10 times.

Okay. Sorry. I put Scheirholtz in the OF. Ross is a 118. But Werth stomps even that.

Do it Fightin's!!!

What makes Burrell "way better" than Ibanez?

Burrell had an OPS+ of 119 this year, not 132. And if you're just counting Burrell's time with Giants then maybe you should just count Ibanez's last 96 games... and then it's still pretty even (Ibanez was 294/358/480 in the last 96 games).

Apart from last year, when Ibanez was significantly better than Burrell... these two players have been fairly equal in the last 5 years. And Ibanez gets a slight edge on defense (very slight).

This series feels like a loss.

I'm washed out from a week of waiting.

They should drop polly in the order, he's clearly not the same becuase of that injury. Love to get Ruiz up there, but that will never happen.

Philidelphia...Best Fans In The World. We represent no matter what ---->

Go Phils!
I'm nervous but confident if it's possible to be both.

awh is at the Zen. It's not too electric here yet. But then again, maybe it's just me. I'm always nervous when they face Linceum.

The Rangers SHOULD be up 2-0 with Lee going in Game 3. They are the better team. I'd much rather play NY as the Rangers pitching is very underrated.

Maybe it's no consolation to those who are nervous that the Phils are facing Lincecum, but remember that the Giants are facing Halladay. That ain't no walk in the park for them.

We can hit Lincecum. He's young and still pitches for strikeouts instead of just outs. Take a bunch of pitches and make him work early and we'll get to him.

Patience will be huge for us tonight.

Come on boys! Let's do this!

What FOX show is the Philadelphia Boys Chorus on to get this gig?

During the anthem, I could see Howard praying "Just one fat pitch in my wheel house, please"

Things I am looking for tonight:

- To see if the Giants swing alot on the first pitch tonight early especially the first-time throw the order. I think its a definite and that they will continue it longer than the Reds did.

- Watch Halladay mix in his cutter, changeup and curveball tonight. Huff and Posey are the only two hitters in this lineup who don't have that many holes. Halladay handles Huff though.

Overall this is a lineup that Halladay can definitely attack.

1. Ross and Torres are dead fastballs hitters and Halladay will chew them up with offspeed stuff all night.

2. Burrell is too but he also hits changeups pretty well. You go after him with a combo of curves and cutters.

3. Uribe is a guy who want to overpower with a combo of fastballs/cutters on his hands.

4. Sanchez gets chewed up by cutters & changeups.

5. Fontenot is a stiff.

- Just a question of how good Lincecum's changeup is tonight. If it is on, he will dominate this lineup.

- I call it a 3-1 Phils' win tonight with a late run off the Giants' bullpen and a Halladay-Madson-Lidge combo putting the clamps on the Giants.

Other things to look for:

- Phils to run early and often tonight. Baserunners are 27 for 30 against Lincecum this year and he doesn't have a good pickoff move. Combined that with Posey's mediocre arm and tendency to bobble balls at times.

- One of the managers tonight to make a 'WTF' pitching move tonight.

I'm confident that all the Phillies need to do is build a lead in basically any of the games. I don't see the Giants coming back against any of our starters and I don't see them scoring on our relievers.

As wonderful as watching the Phillies in the post-season is, I just can't stand Joe Buck and Tim McCarver anymore. I'd rather have the TBS guys.

Yanks down to their last out. Again, CC looks shot, and Hughes has nothing. Pray for the Yanks!

Already sick of Buck/McCarver.

Already much happier with the Fox camera work compared to TBS.

1st pitch strike...ho hum.

3 up, 3 down.

Is it me or is there not much movement on Roy's pitches tonight?

No hitter through 10!

Hard to tell much after 8 pitches.

Hey Mitch, Mitchie Mitchie Mitchie!!!

...Sem taims, whith a speeedie runnner ahwn ferst, you can jennnerate a rhun with a bahse hit tew raght...

Having a little fun with my truly horrible McCarver mimic... the hell did that get caught? That ball just hung up there.

Hit the little giant early

Taking pitches would be nice. 3 pitches=2 outs.

Did they boo Burrell?

Phils look hitterish.

2 of 3 Giants' hitters took the first-pitch. Curious to see if they continue to do that and are willing to hit behind in the count.

fox doesn't show the pitch speed?

Damnit...warning track power there.

So far it looks like we're trying to jump on a pitch early in the count. That's a good way to give Lincecum exactly what he wants.

Plenty of warning track power this post season. It used to be fun watching Burrell catch a ball out there. Its not funner now.

When you don't get to an ace early it can be a long game. This has 2-1 written all over it.

Which way is the wind blowing? Left to right and knocking the ball down a bit?

How many comments will we hear about Posey...clearly the greatest rookie on earth.

NEPP: I think you we get better pitches from Lincecum early in the count. All the reports are that the off speed stuff in the dirt is impossible with 2 strikes.

Maybe Hope...but Lincecum tends to throw a bunch of pitches if you let him. Giving him a bunch of 7 pitch innings won't help us either.

Hopefuly our Ace out-Aces their Ace.

Sit Down Rook!

Booing him? Good!

I don't like 7 pitch innings either. Some of those whacks have to fall in.

LA - Pitching and defense? Pitching - Absolutely. Defense - Not really. Neither one of these teams are very good defensively overall. Phils have the nod but both have a few weak fielders.

I'd love to see Pat strikeout looking on one of those stick his butt out pitches.

That'll work too!

Sit down Pat!

Pat the Bat. Hey, feller, can't hit what you can't see!

How was the movement on strike 2. 10 x superlative.


What is everyone worried about? This lineup sucks.

Phils' advance scouting. On the money so far. Got Burrell to chase the cutter so far.

2/9 there

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