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Sunday, October 10, 2010


Remember, Braves replaced Billy Wagner on the NLDS roster. Which means he won't be able to play in the NLCS.

Wow, I would not let Brooks Conrad call me off. Gutsy play, Derek Lee.

The Braves just got lucky, the Giants would have swept the Braves if it wasn't for errors (game 2) and bad managing.

Lincecum looks like he is about to cry.

Does Bochy get ripped in SF for taking PtB too early like Charlie used to?

You mighta guessed I left the word 'out' out of the previous post.

His work schedule just got changed.

Today's Brave game not a sell out, nor tomorrow's yet, I read on twitter.

I agree with Jon. Sanchez, if left in, might well have pitched a game just as well as Lincecum's; he was well on his way. Even as is it was quite a start. It's pretty absurd that a team could lose two out of three games in spite of two of the best starts in postseason history. And the third start was just 6 and two thirds of scoreless ball.

The only thing that could be considered "lucky" for the Braves was Bochy taking Sanchez out. Otherwise, the Braves have earned these victories.

Callers to postgame show going nuts at bochy for pulling pat. Fp santangelo had to institute a decibel gong for angry callers.

Whoa. Not the closer after all.

Wow, what a huge spot for Mike Dunn.


It is a big stadium, capacity almost 50K. But I am almost certain CBP could sell that many tix.

Wow. Gutsy rally.

OMG!! Can't believe it!! Over-managing!!

The Giants scored a run without the ball going off Brooks Conrad's glove???

And they don't have PtB in the lineup. Smart.

A good throw would have made that interesting.

"Does Bochy get ripped in SF for taking PtB too early like Charlie used to?"

No. But the Bay Area fans and media are not generally as critical as the Philly fans & media. Of course, it's also worth noting that Burrell is not as good a hitter as he was in his Philly days, whereas his defense has gotten even worse. So pulling him for defense is a somewhat more defensible move than it was in Philly.

I guess it's fair to say that the Braves are missing Prado & Wagner.

Scratch "almost."

Lincecum dropping the f-bomb on TV. Replayed twice.

The Giants also have more 4th outfielders than they know what to do with. So the dropoff is not that great.

I was surprised Cox took out his new closer. It's hard to second-guess how the guy handles pitchers, given his track record with them, but they're not going far with bullpen disarray and faltering confidence at their back end.

PtB is probably the Giants best clutch hitter. If not, he's in the top 2 or 3, so he should be in the game right now.
Then again, I never agreed with that move when UC did it.

Paly, Cox always said that he would go with pen by committee. He was playing lefty lefty matchup.

Brooks Conrad should be taken out back and put down.

He is simply a useless athlete right now.

Conrad. Again. He's gotta be the most hated man in Atlanta.

And Brooks Conrad is on this team because...?

How the hell did this guy make it to the major leagues? I've never seen a worse fielder in my entire life. And I'm counting little league.

Wow, the giants just got scary. 2 runs scored with 2 outs. meltdown by the Braves. over-managing by cox.

I'm starting to feel sorry for Brooks Conrad. How many times can this guy screw up in the field?

Do they really have no better option than that guy? Wouldn't one of their backup OFs be better?

Wow, even I'm starting to feel sorry for Brooks Conrad.

"They say errors are made with the glove, but right now I think it's between Conrad's ears."

-the TBS color guy, just now.


The Braves must miss Wagner & Prado, I agree, BAP.

Conrad seriously needs to enroll in fielding clinic over the winter (even if it's through Little League).

Baseball is a cruel mistress...

Conrad is actively killing this team.

I know a Braves win would be better for the Phils, but I'm liking this implosion.

So glad that the Phillies have Valdez right now. Some teams have guys like Conrad as their backup infielder.

My guess is that Glaus starts at third tomorrow with Infante at 2nd. They just can't put that guy out there again.

Fatalotti: Truth is that Conrad is the backup of the backup. If Chipper and Prado are both healthy, Infante is backup number one and Conrad is backup number two.

Thx Spitz. Still seems strange to me, but he knows his guys I guess.

Chipper Jones on one leg is a better fielder than Conrad.

Also, someone needs to let Dick Stockton know how to pronounce the word "error" and also let him know that there is a word that is pronoucned "era", but it has a totally different meaning that the word "error".

Anyone else annoyed every time the TBS play by play guy says "aerh-wuh" instead of error?

This postseason has featured some truly atrocious defense already, probably the worst I can remember seeing in the playoffs, and we're only in the division series...

I noticed that as well, LH. What kind of accent is that?

I think it could be fun to see the Braves play the shift against Howard with Conrad.

I find Dick Stockton's pronunciation adorable.

Hah, Fatalotti, you beat me to it.

Fat - Chipper plays 3rd.

Yea, I'd much rather have Schierholtz up than PtB.

Stockton saying "San-CHEZ" is really annoying me, too.

Stockton, believe it or not, is a Philadelphian.

Conrad booed for failing to bunt and failing to field.

No mention made by announcers, just as they never mention when Phillies fans boo their players, right?

I wonder what Beerleaguer would sound like right now if this were a Giants-Phillies series & Brooks Conrad played for the Phillies.

Nothing was worse than McGarver pronoucning Chooch's name, Roo-is.

Also, the Giants winning this game was the best for the Phils. The Braves will not lose 2 in a row at home, and Lincecum will be forced to pitch game 5 at home. The Giants will probably win that one,a nd Lincecum won't be able to pitch until probably game 3 of the NLCS.

If Stockton's from Philadelphia, he probably went a high school classmate of Ben Franklin.

Yeah, that pitch wasn't a strike.

Fatalotti: Not so sure about that. I think this completely deflates Atlanta.

That pitch to Heyward was definitely a ball.

Via Wikipedia, Stockton's career seems to have really only taken off in his late 60's. Good on him, I say.

BAP, Valdez is a first ballot Hall of Famer compared to Conrad, and he still gets bashed, so yea, it would be ugly.

Someone snapped a cell phone pic of Cole at a bar today watching football, they just showed on MLB Network. He declined the free beers that came his way. Cute pic, and I'm glad he's relaxed. Can't imagine Roy H anywhere but the ballpark on gameday, but that's him.

Well, time for more important matters - the Phillies. Hopefully Cole will be the beast we've seen down the stretch.

Nothing should've deflated a team more than losing 19-8 at home to fall to 0-3 in a series, but the 04 Red Sox came all the way back to win the series in 7 games.

I think the Braves will play well tomorrow, and I'd take the veteran Lowe on 3 days rest (who, again, knows a thing or two about being down in a series) over the rookie Bumgarner.

I feel bad for Conrad even though I'm glad it happened. He just shouldn't be out there. In that respect, it's not his fault. It's just that we all expect major leaguers to he able to field their position.

It's shocking to see one this bad.

Dick Stockton is originally from Philly so I'm not sure where he's getting that pronunciation. Error in Philly is often shortened to one syllable and becomes a homophone with "air".

Wilson is even creepier looking than AJ Burnett.

The strikezone just got huge.

Giants grab the 3rd game.

The Giants' bullpen looks like the House of David team bullpen.

And Eric Hinske is looking like a refrigerator with a bat.

MVP for the Giants today is Brooks Conrad.

Now Phils really need to win so we don't get mismatches against Lincecum if Giants win tomorrow.

How fortunate are we to have Wilson Valdez. Conrad is the Dr. Strangeglove of the 21st century.

What do you mean Spitz?

If Halladay pitches tomorrow, he'll be able to pitch game 1 of the NLCS on normal rest.

" Truth is that Conrad is the backup of the backup. If Chipper and Prado are both healthy, Infante is backup number one and Conrad is backup number two.

Posted by: Dukes | Sunday, October 10, 2010 at 07:49 PM"

Truth is that Wilson Valdez is also the backup of the backup.

See how lucky we were?

If I'm a Braves fan, the fact that Conrad was even among the options of backup IF, would infuriate me.

I didn't realize that Fatalotti. Thanks for the info!

Cabrera IS playing after all.

No problem Spitz. I'd still like to not have to use Halladay tomorrow. Let him go into the NLCS with PLENTY of rest.

Halladay had 8 days of rest before his no-hitter, so we should be looking perfect game with 9 days of rest.

Ugh, warning track power.

Chase's poweroutage continues.

Where has all the power gone?

To be fair, he DID hit that nearly 400 feet. Just the wrong part of the field.

I hope Howard gets a hold of one here.

Opposite field Howard.

Nice AB, Ryno.

Lack of power just helped that fall in for a hit.

Jayson Werth has some crazy numbers in clinching games.

philwynk: good point. however, instead of calling it luck, let's call it good work by the phillies brass.

Cueto will hit a few Phils before the night is out.

Glad Cabrera started. I love this Reds defense.

There's that vaunted Reds defense again.

Nice throw, Cabrera. Was that the umpire's fault?

First pitch Jimmy! Nice work.

Why the f**k is manuel stickin with rollins?????

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