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Friday, October 08, 2010


Let's go Phillies

I'm kinda hoping Roy gets through 3 innings or so without a hit just to see how much those Reds hitters tighten up. I think Roy is going to do well tonight... and I think the bats are going to do even better.

No need to watch the radar tonight. Beautiful weather. Let's hope the game is equally beautiful...

Game 2 last year was Pedro? As I recall, there was a decent amount of confidence with him (nothing approaching with Oswalt) but the excitement leading to Pedro in the post-season was the big story.

Game 2 is crucial. What a lineup. Hope Phils mash Arroyo big time.

Nice sentiments CJ. Reds will get anxious after a few more no-no innings. Let's go O!

Is that Tom Hanks in that Phillies uniform?

There's no crying in baseball. There's no crying in baseball!

I predict a 3-run 1st for the Phils offense.

After poopin' off the other day Cabrera is gonna cop it today like never before in his life.

Still at work (on the left coast) is almost impossible to concentrate right now.

How about poppin' off.

Arroyo doesn't stand a chance in this game.

I think the Reds come out firing and get to the loosey-goosey Phils early.

Yeaaaaah... that's what I think...

After the game, check out the post-game thread. Topic: Oswalt vs Cain, who is better?

Here we goooooooooooooooo

They ought to pass a rule that, if your pitcher throws a no-hitter in a playoff series, it counts as 2 wins.

There's no crying in baseball.

They don't write movies like that much anymore. Grew up with Babaloo Mandel, who wrote that movie with Lowell Ganz.

If you liked A League of Their Own, make sure you rent Night Shift. Their first movie and it made a star of Michael Keaton. A bit dated now, but still very funny.

Surely enough, Laynce Nix, who's 9-17 with 2 home runs, 6 XBH and a 1.732 OPS against Oswalt, is in the lineup. Batting fifth.

CJ - I was thinking the same thing. Nothing like pressing to make an underdog really fall apart.

And Tray - Nix is whiffing three times tonight.


This feels like a loss.

For the team wearing the red caps.

Stripes - You were right the first time. Total poop.

Laynce Nix is a total piker. Gotta love Dusty Baker putting his chips on the small sample size.

Small sample size, but what's the downside, losing Gomes's bat? Nix has been a slightly better hitter this season.

This feels like a loss.

I just don't feel ready for the game unless I say that. It's like singing the Star Spangled Banner.

I like the post season explanations BAP

In last year's NLDS, Hamels started game 2, and lost.

Pedro started game 2 of the NLCS, pitched 7 shutout innings, but Chan Ho Park and JA Happ coughed up the lead late. The Phillies only scored 1 run in that game, and lost 2-1.

All rise please for the singing of the Reverse Jinxled Beerleaguer.

Okay, Oz. Throw some strikes.

By the way, the following pitcher's have pitched playoff games for the Phillies in the last few years:

Cliff Lee
Roy Halladay
Cole Hamels
Pedro Martinez
Roy Oswalt
Jamie Moyer


Kyle Kendrick



Can't leave them out over the plate like that Oswalt.

Too late to predict another shut-out for H20?

12-38 lifetime off of Oswalt, but never a home run until now.

That weak infield pop up is clearly the umpire's fault.

I had a feeling something like that would happen.

Our offense needs to show up tonight.

On a happy note, I'll have someone to watch with tonight, as my mother-in-law (who does not have cable) is coming over.

You all have fun on the game thread. I'll be fretting or celebrating, alternately, and/or as the case may be, here at home with her.

One more note: Arroyo v. Roy O. Cute, that. Hard to tell who's who when listening on the radio.

Go Phillies!

In 2008, Brett Myers gave up a run in the top of the first in game 2 of the NLDS.

You all remember how that game ended, right?

Still early.

Elizabeth, it's a biggie, I'm comin to see ya.

Ouch. Where was that?

Thanks Votto.

No big deal. Oswalt was a little shaky early on, but he started making good pitches once Votto came to the plate.

I look forward to him settling in and going 7 innings today.

Reds still have a BABIP of .000.

Oswalt's HR/FB% is 100.

That's bound to regress.

Roy Halladay paid Roy O $75 to give that HR up so he could keep his fame.

Arroyo's making the biggest start of his career...for sure?

Has this guy never heard of the 2004 Boston Red Sox?

Werth >> Arroyo > Vic.
Total pot consumption previous to tonight's game.

Pretty frustrating to see them failing to work the count.

Arroyo has the best leg kick in the business.

Feels like a no hitter.

I can already tell this is going to be painful to watch.

YOu guys realize that only 11% of the game has been played, right?

It's the first inning. Calm down.

Jayson and Laynce Nix. Something tells me that Mr. and Mrs. Nix's favorite letter is "Y."


can't wait for the 5 pages of posting over that play.

If only Howard was 3B tall...

As long as they don't name their kid Byob.

Man, some lackluster play so far from the Phillies.

Roy needs to relax.

Oswalt looks terrible so far.

He needs to quit on the changeup tonight. It's only going to get him hurt.

Oswalt is reall puckered right now.

A rope necklace doesn't just scream "douchebag", it actually goes down to the county courthouse and fills out the paperwork to have you legally declared one.

Oswalt has no feel for his breaking pitches. This could be a long night.

Get Blanton up.


Utz with the yips again?


Quite a struggle so far, but the defense has killed him.

And put Valdez in at 2B.

Great game that Utley's having.

Phils got a case of the STANKS tonight.

I mean, I knew we were in trouble to begin with with Valdez out of the lineup but who knew he was so important?

Offense needs to step up and take over this game. Defense and pitching sure isn't getting it done so far.

wtf chase?

Fata - Not if they keep popping out on the second pitch.

Game is over. Can't let a guy score on 2 errors in the freaking postseason. Just pathetic.

So.. Now it looks like I have to avoid Beerleaguer for a week. The Utley, ahem, "debate" Should be riveting.

Oswalt looked back after fanning Arroyo - was he looking at Utley.

Roy will settle down. 1 ER, no more. I just hope we can score more than 2 tonight. And that there are no more grounders to 2nd.

I give the Phillies credit for doing a very quick, thorough, and comprehensive job of erasing the vast amount of good will they built up in game 1.

So, should we assume that Knoblauch's career is over at this point or is it just a fluke?

Nervous as all hell. You can't just give away runs. And nothing like giving the Reds confidence with errors.

Well, we need offense. Also, whoever says the words Chase and "Yxps" in the same sentence gets a whammy.

Rube should have blown up the team at midseason.

I wouldn't mind a couple HRs from our offense..its been a while since we've done that.


Chase did this in teh playoffs last year Game 2 of the NLCS. 2 Errors that game.

Men on but nobody in scoring position...perfect for Jayson.

Utley still without a hit this postseason....

The Phillies lost game 2 at home last year in the NLDS. IF they lose this game, it's not the end of the world.

Nice flyout, Jayson.

Why is Rollins batting 6th anyway?

Was an explanation ever given on that?

Arroyo has 16 pitches so far. This will not do.

So we're just gonna be popping up all night? Great.

Our first six all hit the ball with a look of disgust, like when my cat *just* misses the mouse's jugular. They think they have Aroyo figured out already, I think second time through will be fun to watch.

I'd kill someone if that's what it took for Ibanez to crush a HR here.

I'm oddly unconcerned. This all smells suspiciously like table setting for for late game heroics.

"This all smells suspiciously like table setting for for late game heroics."

Funny, I'm smelling something distinctly less piquant.

he has pitched abt 1/2 the # of pitches the RoyO has..

The Phillies donot look patient at the plate, and are trying to hit hr's everytime

I'm with you on that Lincoln, I have a feeling Utley's gonna make up for his errors

Meh, one hard hit ball does not equal "banging." Sorry, TBS announcer.

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