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Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Whew. Enough of this playoff stuff. Back to real Beerleaguer topics, please.

Is there a way to get Rizzotti on the playoff roster? We could use him instead of that bum Howard.


****He's worth tracking since he could factor into the outfield mix next season, especially if he can learn how to hit a curveball. ****

I heard he needs a live chicken for Jobu.

Speaking of perennial minor leaguers, what happened to our old buddy Chris Coste this year? Cut from the Mutts? And then hung out to dry?

Caught on with Washington then season-ending surgery. Released I think.

phlipper, agreed.

Something to consider regarding the game 1 matchup.

The Giants won game 1 of the NLDS by a score of 1-0 on an unearned run. That matchup was Lincecum vs. Lowe, and Lincecum had to throw a complete game shutout just to win the game. If Halladay is at his best again (and with all the rest and time to prepare for one team, I see no reason to think he won't be), If the Phillies can scratch a couple runs off Lincecum, they should be able to win.

I believe Coste had TJ yeah, his career is pretty much over.

Sarge wants to remind us that Tommy John had a lot to do with Tommy John surgery

"I believe Coste had TJ surgery..."

Did his throw back to the pitcher involve the dreaded inverted W?

Is it still too late to send Lidge to the AFL and bring in that dude so many BLers wanted to have as a replacement earlier in the year? Mathieson? Wasn't that his name?

I still can't believe that "moron," RAJ, didn't bring him in.

No doubt, JeffS, the Giants are different, and improved, over what they were for a significant part of the early season.

Still, I'd say that the current Phillies roster with a healthy lineup is "more improved," as compared to their lineup through much of their season that accumulated the bulk of their w/l record, than the Giants' current roster.

Hard to believe it's Tuesday and there's no game until Saturday. This down time kills the fans as much as the players. But the schedule for the NLCS only has two off days, and those days make sense with the two teams being on opposite coasts. I don't understand why so much dead space for the NLDS but not the NLCS.

We'd have won 200 games this year had we gone with Rizzotti, Galvis and Mathieson instead of bums like Howard, Rollins/Valdez, and Lidge.

Definition of slow news day: Biggest Phillies story today is that Dutch Daulton did "Post Game Live" over the weekend while wearing no pants. Maybe those manager press conferences arent so bad after all.....

*** I don't understand why so much dead space for the NLDS but not the NLCS.****

I worst, a Game 5 would have been Game 1 of the NLCS should be Thursday (sorry but you get back to back games if you go with it). It would have avoided us having to play games in November potentially. (of course, so would a 154 game season...)

NEPP, don't forget Figgy. With his veteran leadership those rooks would have won the east by the all-star break, and then moved the team to the central and won that too just because they could.

TV wants the series to start on Saturday. What tv wants, tv gets.

Joe C,
Dutch comes from the golden age of sports when they didn't have fancy technology to assist them. If he wanted to show his schlong to a ball girl he had to walk over and drop trou the old fashioned way.

RG: I believe Brett Favre also longs for those days. I also believe on Dutch's home planet wearing pants is a sign of weakness.

If I'm not mistaken, with Figgy, Galvis, Mathieson, and Rizottie - (not to mention an earlier call-up to replace that bum and "washed up" Ibanez) - the Phillies would have played so well they would have been the first team to ever generate "negative losses" this year.

A little known baseball rule is that a team that plays so far beyond the rest of the league's standard, they can accumulate "negative loses" which are counted as a deduction against any potential loses the following year.

And if RAJ wasn't such a "moron," and had panicked like so many BLers told him to, and traded value to get a back-up infielder before the ASB, the Phillies would even have gone into "double negative loses," each of which counts as a deduction of two loses the following year.

Guess we need to view our AFB guys as potential trade bait for next year's big deadline acquisition.

Just noticed the BL vote on the outcome of the Reds series. Second highest was Phils in three (including yours truly) at 35.67%. Not bad.

When will you all realize this is a Basketball City, and once Iverson dons that number 3 jersey in a couple weeks on the court with Aaron McKie and Raja Bell, Phillies will once again take back seat to the true Philly fave?

Iverson is still alive?

Cipper--McKie and Bell also play in Turkey?

is it also true that the Phils out-rated the Birds on Sunday night? That's pretty impressive given the legions that still believe that the football team has a legitimate shot at anything.

Alive and in Turkey!

haha I was bored and saw that the NBA still existed so i lised all the players i could remember from the last time I watched the sixers play... Thats all i could remember...

All I've heard recently on the Sixers is that they blew a 7 point lead in their last game with 15 seconds remaining. Imagine our options if the Phillies had not made the post-season?

Mmmm turkey.

BLers are bored. It's all Commish Selig's fault.

What happened to all the columnists lamenting that the Phillies' window of opportunity was rapidly closing, that Howard and Utley are quickly aging and deteriorating, that the Braves were posing an immediate and formidable threat to the Phillies' division not only are we good but we could get gooder....

Not that this means anything, but ESPN has a poll up:

Which pitcher would you rather have in the NLCS?

Roy Halladay
Tim Lincecum

The results -- 79% to 21% in favor of Roy.

Wow, there's not a sentence in Sheridan's piece that isn't recycled from Sunday night.

Maybe someone could give us a report on how the simulated game today went.... ;)

It's gonna be a long few days.

Speaking of the Commish, it sounds to me like Pete Rose is inching closer to entering the Hall of Fame. He was interviewed on a local station last week and sounded the most contrite I had ever heard him when asked about Selig. He also recently participated in a baseball-related event in Cincinnati and was heaping praise on baseball for allowing him to do so. He sounded completed phony and contrived but perhaps the end is near for his banishment.

"And if RAJ wasn't such a "moron," and had panicked like so many BLers told him to, and traded value to get a back-up infielder before the ASB, the Phillies would even have gone into "double negative loses," each of which counts as a deduction of two loses the following year. "

You're trying to make it sound like a clear cut decision, and it wasn't. RAJ himself said he was close to blowing up the team. Does that make the part of RAJ that considered it moronic?

I'm glad he didn't. I'm sure HE'S glad he didn't. But you seem to be painting him as this beacon who believed 100% in the team when a lot of other people didn't, and that's simply not the case.

If that's not what you're trying to say, I apologize, but that's how it came across to me.

"haha I was bored and saw that the NBA still existed so i lised all the players i could remember from the last time I watched the sixers play... Thats all i could remember..."

Seriously, I don't know a single person who follows basketball closely. Friends, co-workers, family, no one.

I too, am suprised it seemingly turns a profit, and a very large one, too.

Guess a demographic exists for basketball that I am not a part of.

Over-under on how many times Wheels says "panda-bear" in the few innings we will get to hear him on radio?

"He sounded completed phony and contrived but perhaps the end is near for his banishment."

The only time I heard Pete Rose sound genuine was when he was talking about baseball, and not always then, either.

Who has the advantage tonight - the Rays or the Rangers?

And do the Rays have the better chance of beating the Yankees in the ALCS, or are the Rangers just as capable?

Heard an interview with Doug Mankiewitcz (sp?) a bit ago on MLB on XM. He spoke a lot about team leadership and intangible swagger, speculating that maybe the Twins don't have that while the Yankees have it in spades. It reminded me of the Phillies.

Lincecum dropping F-bombs on unsuspecting reporters like they are curveballs on opposing hitters:

After the clincher Monday, I was standing right next to Timmy as he was doing a live interview with Dave Flemming on KNBR. And I could see a gleam in his eye as he was asked to survey the scene.


"I don't now what the (fudge) to say I'm so (fudging) pumped up right now."

I know the post-game celebration is totally different from being on the mound, but this kid sounds really excitable. You wouldn't hear Halladay say anything like that. It's all business as usual for him. I really think the crowd can get in his head on Saturday.

We should compare pitchers based on their post-game interview skills.

That's a new one.

heather: I agree, which is why his tone was all the more telling, you can sense he wanted to haul off on the commisioner and baseball in general as he has for the past 20 years. Rose was a great ballplayer but never the sharpest knife in the drawer.

I follow basketball much more closely than baseball. As for Lincecum, his being so fudging pumped all the time is part of what makes him the pitcher he is. He might overthrow early but I wouldn't expect a crowd-induced mental meltdown.

The team with the advantage tonight is the one with Lee on the mound. Simple as that.

". But you seem to be painting him as this beacon who believed 100% in the team when a lot of other people didn't, and that's simply not the case."

You're reading a lot in my post that wasn't there, Heather.

What I'm saying is that all these decisions are pretty close one way or the other. The only way that RAJ would be a "moron" is if he had no reasonably valid rationale for the decisions he ultimately makes. Sometimes his decisions pan out, and sometimes they don't. But when people state that conclusively he was absolutely wrong for one move or another, they are generally just being ridiculous. Even the C____ L_____ - related moves had a rational explanation.

But some unmentioned folks have a tendency to call RAJ, or Charlie, a moron for the decisions they make - even though, as you, yourself point out, many of these decisions are not 100% one way or the other.

When Charlie lifts a starter or puts in a particular reliever, some folks act as if it is a 100% bad decision, or as if he isn't aware of the different upsides and downsides of going one way as opposed to the other.

Mid-season, there were many posts on here indicating that it was actually a clear-cut situation. Some said it was clear-cut that RAJ absolutely needed to bring in a backup infielder to improve the offense, or the season was lost. Some said he absolutely had to bring up Brown to replace Ibanez or the season was lost. Some said that absolutely the team's offense "stunk" bad that they could never recover, and that the team should be blown up.

All those posters, who said in absolute terms that RAJ should have gone in one of those directions, and was a "moron" if he didn't realize what they saw in their infinite wisdom, were, obviously, wrong, and were panicking/overreacting.

You wouldn't know anyone like that, would you Heather?

Basketball in Philly is similar to the state baseball was in back in the late 80s and most of the 90s, ownership effectively ripped the soul out of the teams with lousy decisions and people running the show that have no interest in the sport themselves (see Ed Snider). Bad contracts paid to bums, no consideration for the fans, etc. The Phillies were able to figure it out in time to save the sport and take over the city entirely, whereas the basketball team seems destined for a decade or more of doom and gloom.

I see p. Red's point, but I don't agree. Kids in their 20s are not bound by rules and limits we impose on ourselves as we get older. This makes them think outside the box and achieve things that older persons can't achieve. This applies in sports as well, because sports is very much a mind game as dependent on physical abilities. Lincecum may talk like an immature kid, but if that's what drives him to excellence then if I were a SF fan I wouldn't want him to start conforming.

NLCS Start Times (via Gelb):

Game 1: 7:57 p.m.
Game 2: 8:19 p.m.
Game 3: 4:19 p.m.
Game 4: 7:57 p.m.
Game 5: 7:57 p.m.

(Gotta love that 4:19 start on a Tuesday. Fox won't go ahead and pre-empt "Glee", now will they??)

Game 6: 3:57 p.m.
Game 7: 7:57 p.m.

There will be no game 6, as the Phils are not the Braves and Conrad will not be playing 2B.

Nicely put, Little Ollie.

I guess the Commish is starting to see that betting on one's own team is not as bad as sending photos of one's "bat" to female reporters that are not one's wife; although, back in the day, I heard Pete Rose stories in that vein that would make both Favre and PtB seem like choir boys in comparison.

"Boo? [Fudge] you."


Oh no, Chase Utley has a penchant for using the F word too. The crowd in SF is gonna get to him.

Wes: Good point. Utley will totally be rattled by the crowd because of his prediliction for cursing in public. This explains his dreadful performance on the road in the playoffs.

Adding another Wild Card round. Pointless or pointless?

OP, I am in favor only because this dead time is killing me and then there would be more games.

Ollie, great point. This break is too long. The Reds should be playing the Twins this week in a best of 3 to determine...nothing. They should do it for our amusement.

Phlipper: You took my comment and totally twisted it out of context and made it into a different subject entirely.

To summarize:

You said there were "morons" who wanted to blow up the team.

I said one of these "morons" who thought about blowing up the team was RAJ.

You then somehow made the leap that questioning Charlie Manuel, RAJ, and the FO in general was moronic.

Congratulations, sir! I think you have a bright future in politics or the legal system.

Seems as though there's more off days during the playoffs than there is the entire year. This is excitement?

phlipper: some posters are still claiming that the Phils offense stinks and is worse than the cobbled together lineup the Giants are throwing out there every game. Some things will never change.

"You said there were "morons" who wanted to blow up the team."

Really? Where did I say that, Heather?

Oh, right. I didn't.

What I said was that there were posters that called RAJ a moron because he didn't do what they thought absolutely must be done in order to save the season.

Turns out they were wrong.

Would you know anyone like that by any chance, Heather?

Actual baseball to discuss in 30 minutes. Thankfully.

I had the "Lincecum being excitable" thought also, but he has performed well already against the Braves. Although CBP should be far more intimidating than Turner Field (part empty for a playoff game, wassup widdat?).

Reading these comments reminds me of being in HS or college before an important test where everyone was standing around nervously in the hall beforehand speculating about how hard or easy the test might or might not be. And that's no knock at BLers. I read one scary comment about how Halladay might just not be totally up to par and the Phils get shut out by Lincecum and dig themselves a big hole. Uh oh, that COULD happen. Then I read about how there is no reason they won't come out and lay a beatdown on Lincecum like the one in the opening Rockies game last year, and that seems plausible too.

Who knows? I can think of numerous fearful or optimistic scenarios, and bounce back and forth between them in a matter of minutes.

We should have 4 guys dress up as the guys from Dazed & Confused and stand out on Ashburn Alley during Lincecum's warmup pitches with big paddles.

I think it would be pretty funny actually.

According to David Murphy, Blanton pitched a simulated game today against Oswalt. His interpretation of that is that Blanton will be starting in the NLCS.

Also, apparently Oswalt's last 3 starts in AT&T Park have been good starts; "at least 7 IP and fewer than 4 runs", so he thinks they will flip Oswalt and Hamels in the rotation.

And, Roy Halladay is, as of today, the unofficial, official game 1 starter.

Manuel is still tight-lipped, why I don't know.

The whole TBS pregame crew just picked AGAINST Cliff Lee.

What are they f#@kin' nuts?

Thanks, Scott. I love the bouncing Cliff Lee head! :D

Of course Blanton should start. Unless we're down 3-0 or 2-1 going into Game 4, there is no reason Blanton shouldnt start.

NEPP, I agree, but it's not official until it's official. Just echoing David Murphy's notes.

I like Lee's chances, myself, but I think the feeling is that the proverbial momentum is on the Rays' side, they're playing at home, and Price will surely pitch better this time. But like I said, I don't see why Lee will fail. - I've also heard it surmised that C.J. Wilson relieves him if need be, not Naphtali Feliz, but that remains to be seen.

I dont see Price crapping the bed twice in 1 series. He should come out throwing tonight.

The big advantage that Lee has over Price is that he just simply pitches more innings. He averaged 1 more IP/start than did Price. Lee had 7 CG, Price had 2.

Even if Price and Lee match each other inning for inning, it's likely that Lee will just log more innings.

Hence, I don't know why people picked against Lee, but we shall see. I hope the Rangers shut up those cowbells early and often.

That's because Lee has extraordinary control...and Price simply does not.

Not off to the best start.

Here at Beerleaguer we don't believe in momentum, so I'll pick Lee and the Rangers. Better offense, and just a better pitcher. Their stats are pretty close - except for the part where Lee walked just 18 batters this year and Price walked 79. Big difference there. And the part where Lee goes more innings per start.

Momentum is only as good as your next day's starting pitcher, or so the adage goes.

Lots of high-stress pitches here early.

Price has only thrown 10 pitches. I feel like he's been out there for 20 minutes already.

I know, right? This is the longest 3rd of an inning ever.

That stat just said that Hamilton's OPS in day games is .019, with 6 HRs.

Must be a typo.

Dont you love hearing things like that?

"Chase Utley is the only LHB to ever hit a HR off of David Price"

Too awesome.

Honestly though, David Price could end up winning 300 games and go into the HoF and he'll always be "the guy that Bruntlett took deep in the World Series" to me.


How the hell did the 1B miss that???

Oh boy, that was so stupid by Price and Pena.

How the hell did Pena NOT see that???

He was halfway to home before Pena even threw the ball to Price. $10 says that Pena forgot how many outs there were.

Rangers give Cliff Lee a 1 run lead in the 1st inning.

My gut tells me that there's no way in hell that Lee lets the Rays take the lead back in this game. I'm predicting the Rangers vs the Yankees this weekend.

That could be the run that ends the Rays season, if Lee is on his game.

That was a terrible mistake that you simply can't afford to make in an elimination game.

The key to getting to Lee is to get him early...if they dont score in the 1st 2 innings, its likely over.

thats good base running by andrus, makes tampa look just stupid

Why are they bunting here with their 2 hole hitter?

Maddon is too "smart" for his own good.

Well, that was bad luck AND why you dont freaking bunt there.

Giving Lee a free out...that's a smart play.

Tampa Bay just got so lucky. Almost an easy DP.

So if Lee throws balls in the first innings, he's dealing with "nerves".

I fail to see the logic. I guess every pitcher who's ever had command issues in the first inning was dealing with nerves as well?

Lee is the coolest and calmest customer in the world on the mound.

Toothy McFrenchguy hit into a double play? How could that happen?

I'm shocked he made contact to be honest.

Yeah, the shift is the reason Howard bats .270 instead of .310.

There's more than the shift responsible for a .196 AVG for Pena.

Great base running by Andrus, looks like Utleyesque savvy with some extra burners.

Have only really seen him in AS game and these playoffs so it's a small sample size, but Ian Kinsler looks to be a helluva player.

Nothing like a 2-0 infield pop-up. You really shouldn't make Cliff Lee' job easier than it already is.

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