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Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Shucks. I was really hoping Oswalt would get the call.

They're winning this game tonight. No doubt.


At this point, I'd settle for Ron Gant.

Btw, I particularly like the idea of B.F. getting a walk-off against C.L. in the W.S.

The Yankees are abusing CJ Wilson tonight.

Maybe our offense will wake up like the Yankees has tonight.

You can't count the Phillies out, and you can't (unfortunately) count the Yankees out.

I can see the Yankees/Rangers series going 7. The Rangers haven't played well at home in this postseason, and Colby Lewis may get the same treatment that Wilson is getting here tonight. Unless you're an elite level pitcher, you're probably not going to be able to beat the Yankees twice in less than a week.

Now Lee is elite level, so he can do it.


Now lets swap Sweeney for Howard. Maybe we can get some power that way.

(Only partially serious)

This isn't surprising in the least with Cholly. What is more interesting is if JRoll leads off.

After seeing Raul get around on Aroldis Chapman pretty well, I figured his bat speed was fine. But he is clearly feeling for the ball right now. I really like the way Ibanez plays the game. Even with this cold streak, he's overcome his offseason surgery to have a good enough season.

But Charlie has clearly made the right move. Don't have great hopes for the mothballed Benny Fran tonight. But Raul is clearly not getting it done. Sadly, there's no replacing Utley and Polanco, who are also clearly worn down/injured.

So, I applaud one of the two moves. Ben Fran is clearly the correct move right now. And I'd rather have seen Joe B tomorrow than tonight, if at all.

Charlie Manuel defers to overwhelming fan pressure, starts Francisco, saves season, job, planet.

1. Shane Victorino CF

2. Chase Utley 2B

3. Placido Polanco 3B

4. Ryan Howard 1B

5. Jayson Werth RF

6. Jimmy Rollins SS

7. Ben Francisco LF

8. Carlos Ruiz C

9. Joe Blanton P

I suppose it's alright to lay the blame on Raul. But there is not one single Phillie hitter who is even tepid right now. Howard may have a pretty good average, but the other team rejoices every time he gets a single. Or even a double. Because there is literally nobody to knock him in.

Vic has actually had a number of hard hit balls that are right at people. But even the reliable playoff hero Chooch is having poor at bats. Has anyone considered firing Greg Gross and bringing in someone with a proven track record? Like Milt Thompson?

clearly Joe Blanton needs to let some of his world series 1.000 OPS spill over into the NLCS...

Raul Ibanez is a gamer and has heart, but age creeps up on all of us. 2011 move Werth, to left field keep Shane in center and try Brown in right field. Give Werth the contract he deserves and move on. Otherwise WIN the 2010 World Series

3.5 WAR for $19.3M for Ibanez's first two years.

1.8 WAR for $16.0M for Burrell the last two years between TB/SF.

So yeah the Phils have made out alright on the first 2 years but the big debate on signing Ibanez was that guaranteed 3rd year at $12.2M.

I have a feeling the Phils are going to end up with around 4.5 WAR for $36M over 3 yrs for Ibanez which will turn out to be average/slightly below average for the monetary value.

MG - I am in favor for eating half of Ibanez' contract and sending him off to DH for an AL team next season. I'd do that and let Werth go to control payroll. I'd also move Blanton, even if that meant eating 2 mil of his contract for the next two seasons.

And I'd use that saved money to sign Cliffie.

But if my pipe dream does not come to pass, and if Raul ends up staying on for the final year, and he stays relatively healthy, I think he'll be fine value. If he only approaches his career norms while getting spot rest against tough lefties, his three year contract will have been a good one.

What would be everyone's thoughts on bringing Bonds in as a hitting coach next year? Gross is clearly not cutting it and we already cut ties with Milt. Howard's already worked with Bonds and raised his average this year (despite losing some power).

Is Bonds bringing his special vitamins to help out?

Let's be honest here, Howard had the worst year of his career overall.

Maybe we could combine the Phillies and Cardinals into one team and have both Bonds and McGwire lecture them on the dangers of steroid use.

Seriously. As far as I'm concerned Bonds ruined Howard. Seems to have followed some people's dumb advice and sacrificed power for more contact, which is a bad tradeoff.

NEPP: We're not allowed to talk about the fact that Howard had his worst season this year. We're all laboring under the illusion that he was fine this year because he hit more singles.

I'd love it if he retains his ability to suddenly hit LHP and finds his power again.

NEPP: So would the Phillies. I can't imagine they'll be happy with a .505 SLG for 25 million a year.

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Lets get the two wins and get back home to the Bank!

We only need 1 win to make it back...that's all I ask.

Get us to Philly and there's a shot.

Mad Bum's splits: .629 OPS vs. LH
.771 OPS vs. RH

Ben Fran is the right move.

So is Big Joe Blanton.

NEPP: "Howard had the worst year of his career overall."

The thing about NEPP, and a few others here, is that he never lets reality impact his opinion.

Howard 2010 OPS+: 128
Howard 2008 OPS+: 124

His defense this year was also superior to his defense in 2008.

Clout - If Roy Halladay isn't going to go on short rest, then why oh why did the Phillies give up Drabek, D'Arnaud and Taylor for him when they already had Lee?

Werth is gone after this year. And even though Taylor had a poor season, he is going to be a major league outfielder. And Drabek will be a good major league starter.

Cliff Lee is the best big game pitcher I've ever seen. And I go back to Gibson, Marichal and Koufax.

There were two rationales for trading Lee. He was going to be expensive and want a long term commitment. And he couldn't go on short rest in the playoffs.

I understand, but don't agree with, the economics. I think they could have enough savings to have signed Lee long term. But that's debatable. However, Doc is the ultimate throwback, innings eating horse of an ace.

Would Gibson or Koufax have gone on short rest? Mickey Lolich? You're darn right they would. And short rest for them was a lot shorter than today's short rest.

So what am I missing here?

If the Phils were down 3-1 then yes, have Doc pitch on short rest. Otherwise, I'd rather see a fully rested Doc pitch tomorrow.

and maybe if we didn't have oswalt and hamels, then roy would be throwing on short rest.

the fact is, we send out an ace six times in a seven-game series. we can afford (down only 2-1) to use blanton for one game, and then send out three consecutive #1-type starters on regular rest. it's a luxury, one that we didn't have last year.

we have to hit the damn ball, though. blanton can give us a chance to win if we do that.

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Phillies are giving me an ulcer. I saw this online the other day and laughed my butt off...

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