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Thursday, October 07, 2010



Doctober and Victober.


Its alot easier to pound the strikezone with a 4 run lead.

From the last thread:

Here's the Bruce Walk:

Kinda seems like Doc got screwed out of a Perfect Game by the Ump.




Senor Octubre?

Color me confused.

" screwed out of a Perfect Game by the Ump"

Where have I heard that before???

Victorino will go down in Phillies history as one of the greatest postseason players this team has ever seen. The guy was THE sparkplug in the 2008 playoffs, from his grand slam off CC, to his numerous great catches in the outfield in the Dodgers seris, to his 2 RBI single to open the scoring in game 2 of the NLCS (4 RBI that game), and his 2 run home run to tie up game 4 in the 8th inning of the NLCS.

He scored the game winning run in game 1 of the WS. Even though it may not mean much, his ability to get ouf of the way of Grant Balfour's wild pitch which advance Bruntlett to 2nd, and then allowed him to get to 3rd on an errant throw by Navarro. If Vic gets hit by that pitch, it's 1st and 2nd, and who knows how that inning unfolds. Nuanceful, but still.

Then, he knocks in the first two runs in game 5 of the World Series. He had 11 RBI that postseason in just 14 games.

In last year's playoffs, he wasn't quite as dynamic, but still had 9 RBI, and two 3 RBI games, and had 3 HRs.

Enough can't be said about how electric this guy is in the postseason. Glad he's in our fox hole.

Hope we get to celebrate No-No-vember.

those look like balls to me, NEPP; I think the walk was legit

I much enjoyed when Chooch hit a homerun to left field at Dodger Stadium last year in the playoffs. Mannywood? Try Choochywood!

****those look like balls to me, NEPP; I think the walk was legit****

Well the one ball was arguably a low strike...technically it was in the zone albeit in a part of the zone that is very often not called.

I think its Senor Octubre in the supporting roll of Doc Halladay in Victober....the movie about how the 2010 Phillies became WFC2.

ah, somehow I didn't notice the one green ball in the zone... but then, it was one of the first two balls; balls 3 & 4 were clearly out of the zone, which was more what I was thinking of.

This Phillies team is unlike any other I've ever seen. They have a bunch of players whose pulses seem to slow in pressure situations. The game actually seems to slow down for them just when it's ratcheting up for everyone else.

Vic is chief among them. Utley, Raul, JRoll, Chooch, Halladay (and before him, Lee), Oswalt, Hamels, Madson, Lidge. That's a lot of players who thrive on pressure. For anyone who was alive during the 70's, watching the Phillies trying to overcome a bad case of nerves every time they got to the playoffs, you know exactly how rare this combination is. Not until they got Pet Rose, who was another such pressure player, did they get over the hump.

This team and the Yankees are the two best pressure teams in baseball. Should be interesting from here on out.

Didn't read through the million posts on the game thread, but did anyone else notice the bombs off of Wood that didn't leave the bandbox?

Howard, Utley and Rollins hit balls that would have been out or at the very least off the wall most days. But each one of them died, a parachute in an outfielder's glove. I was wondering when Simpson was going to stop talking about the little league sized park, but SURPRISE, it never happened. Typical unbiased reporting from a Braves announcer.

Don't forget aksmith, that Howard still holds the record (along with ARod) for most consecutive postseason games with an RBI.

Also, "Get me to the plate boys!"

How lucky are we to be fans of THIS team?

Yeah, forgot Howard, who also shines under pressure. In fact, just remarked that he hit a moon shot that didn't get to the moon because of a hurricane yesterday.

Fatalotti, couldn't agree more with your post.

Clout hasn't chimed in today? Is he hung over from celebrating the no-no?


R: The box is the strike zone. The green squares are called balls. There is a green square in the box. That means a called ball was in the box. There was a swinging strike in the box and a swinging strike outside the box. That's three strikes.

I really hope the Phils win tomorrow. Otherwise, all the stories will be about how resilient the Reds are, how they did exactly what they needed to do at CBP, how Dusty kept the team loose after Game 1, and how much pressure is on Hamels for game 3.

for people who were at the game...wasn't it incredible that the skies didnt open up and cause a delay! from the 3rd - 5th inning it was dark skies all around and at times, i found myself looking up at the sky trying to judge the rainclouds instead of watching teh phils bat bc i was sooo worried about a delay.

I'd say that last night was a Vic-to-Roy.

I believe around the 4th inning Halladay called a time out and flew counter-clockwise around the earth, reversing the space-time continuum and then re-entering through a wormhole located over the South Philly refinery to return to the mound for the remainder of the game, and therefore delay the rain another 2 hours. In the meantime he also rescued Leslie Guidel from falling into a sinkhole that opened up on I-76...

****I'd say that last night was a Vic-to-Roy.****


Vic-to-Roy! Phlipper strikes again!

Spitz: If the Reds win tomorrow, then those stories would be correct. The Reds would have done what they needed to, which was split in Philly.

Wait, I thought we won the series yesterday? Incorrect?

Spitz: You nailed it with your post of 2:15.

As Todd Zolecki points out: "Teams that take a 1-0 lead in the ALDS and NLDS are a combined 43-17 (.717)."

Also, for the Reds to win the series, they'll need to beat H2O three times in the next four games. That means beating them each once or betting Oswalt twice and either Doc or Cole.

In games these three started since Roy O. arrived, the Phils are 25-9 (not including the final game of the sesaon)... and more than half of those losses were from Cole (6-5) who pitched great but was cursed by bad offense.

Since Roy O. arrived, the Phils lost 3 of 4 during the Astros series (Cole and Doc both started, Oswalt did not) and after they clinched home field vs. Mets and Nats (Cole and Oswalt both started and lost, KK lost the third, Doc won).

I want the Phils to win tomorrow because I want them to win. The stories are secondary, and besides, the Phils don't pay attention to the stories anyway.

I was there. The walk was definitely legit. The saddest part of the entire night was the fact that there were people in the park who had no idea what they were witnessing. I had a woman sitting in front of me in Section 133 who never so much as looked at the field much less the game. She was too busy yapping to her girlfriend sitting to her left. The saddest part of post season baseball (and opening day)is the onrush of "event" people who aren't baseball fans.

Another great thing about last night's game:

Halladay's wife and kids were there to see it.

Zolecki tweets:

"Halladay unwavering from routine: has turnded down Letterman, CNN, national FOX and CBS affiliates."

Love the focus on this team.

Joe: Dont forget the shlubs on their blackberrys and I-Phones for half of the game. I always root for the errant foul ball to knock it out of their hand and shatter it into a million pieces of shrapnel rather then plunk them in the head. They would be in far more distress if the phone broke anyway.

Spitz: Did he cancel on Rick Sanchez?

"Dont forget the shlubs on their blackberrys and I-Phones for half of the game."

Welcome to the 21st century.

True story:

I went to Game 3 of the World Series last year, sitting down the RF line, about ten rows up. A woman was sitting in front of me and was KNITTING during the entire game. She never looked up, never said a word, just knitted a scarf the entire 9 innings. The only times she was not knitting was during the National Anthem and God Bless America. Granted, the scarf was really nice, but come on!

I can see an argument for those who are talking to other people or on their phone. It disgusts me, but I can see some reasoning behind it. Some people are there for the "event", and just want to have fun and have fun with other people. Perhaps some even realize at some point during the game that they don't like baseball and would simply rather converse with other people. But to pack yarn and appropriately sized knitting needles to a baseball game admits that there is almost nowhere you'd rather be than at the World Series. She can't even use the "event" excuse, because she took no part in it whatsoever. It's not like she gave it a shot, decided she was bored and broke out the knitting needles. She didn't even give it a chance. Her husband/boyfriend must have been a bit pissed that he had to take her instead of one of his buddies.

I am still, to this day, dumbfounded.

Halladay was right to turn down all the talk show requests. Plenty of time for that after winning the WS. He owes it to himself and to the team to stay focused and in routine until then.

He pitched yesterday as though he'd been preparing his whole life for the postseason and wasn't about to give anyone a chance to ruin the moment for him. He was steely.

Until the end. Then that smile made the moment that much "funner."

Phillies pitching coach Rich Dubee told Danny Knobler of that "the only time I worry about Roy Halladay is if he was stuck in traffic."

RB: Judging from your story the woman's husband/boyfriend probably couldnt wait for her to complete the scarf so he could hang himself with it...

**** It's not like she gave it a shot, decided she was bored and broke out the knitting needles. She didn't even give it a chance. Her husband/boyfriend must have been a bit pissed that he had to take her instead of one of his buddies.****

I wonder if she was from VT. True story, I was out for Sunday Brunch last weekend and about 3 tables over from us there was this husband and wife and the wife literally knitted the entire time while waiting for their food to arrive...she also knitted while they were waiting to get seated. After she was done eating, she pulled the knitting right back out and waited for her husband to get the hint and stop eating.

He had the same expression on his face that I'd imagine death row inmates have.

NEPP, was she attractive at least?

NEPP: Your story might be worse. How obnoxious is that?

Believe that there were three teams who've lost in the NLDS after winning game 1 of the series.

1999 Astros (vs Braves)
2000 Giants (vs Mets)
2003 Giants (vs Marlins)

27 times the game 1 winner won the series.

No, she was quite homely, probably late 40s/early 50s...the husband looked dead inside.

On another note though, the Brunch was really good as always. If you're ever in Jeffersonville, VT, check out 158 Main...nice little hole in the wall restaurant. The Crabcakes Benedict is excellent.

So a team that's shown no ability over the entire year to beat winning teams and was just no-hit in the first game of the postseason is going to find a way to rebound against Oswalt and Hamels and take 3 of 4 from the best team with the best 3 man rotation in baseball?

Not bloody likely.

If Doc's the surgeon, Vic is the anesthesiologist!

Rangers up 1-0.

Rangers in 3...count on it.

The Rays will be dismantled this winter (their owner already "promised" their fan that he'd be drastically cutting payroll)and maybe win 70 games next year when they finish last in the AL East.

If any team can rebound and win a series it would be the Rays. Don't count them out.

Wait, Big Game James isn't coming through? Shocking!

Beerleaguer could probably dedicate an entire thread to the subject of non - fan stupidity/behavior during the off - season. There is too much going on now. I suspect it would be hilarious. There does seem to be much more of this nonsense than there was when I was younger.

Joe---That's because there's more fans there than when you were younger

Cowley, disagree. The Rays have some of the worst pitching of all the teams in the playoffs. Playoff baseball is different than regular season, lets beat up on the O's and Royals, baseball. Thank god for H20.

What was Maddon thinking by pitching James 5+ ERA Shields in a critical Game 2?

People who get bored at a baseball game have something wrong with them.

Do the Fighting Buck Showalters win the AL East next year, as well?

The Rays handled the Red Sox and Yanks pretty well down the stretch when it mattered, enough to take the AL East.

Unless it directly impedes on your ability to watch and enjoy the game, why do you even care?


I went to post season games at the Vet with 67,000 people there and saw less of this nonsense than I do with 46K at CBP. We are even starting to get "fans" who think this is "normal" and will automatically happen each year.

I think someone knitting in front of me would detract from the game.

NEPP-he should have asked her to knit him a beer

From last thread:


"Here's the Bruce Walk:

Kinda seems like Doc got screwed out of a Perfect Game by the Ump."

Yup, there was one called ball in the zone. I have to admit that I didn't see it as being that obviously a strike at the time. In any event, don't tell Cabrera about this. :)

In his defense, James Shield has given up run and 2 hits through the first three innings. That equates to 2 runs and 4 hits over 6 innings, and 3 runs and 6 hits over 9 innings.

You folks have some mighty high expectations for pitchers now that Doc's thrown his no-no.

James Shields has done his job thus far. And frankly, David Price had a bad game yesterday, but it's not like the offense did him any favors yesterday.


Because I think about people who would have truly appreciated what was going on at CBP who couldn't get in because these nitwits had to be "seen" That's why I care.

I'll be honest and state that I simply dont like Shields as a result of all the praise that was piled on him for his WS performance against us. He didn't even make it out of the 6th inning. He walked 2 and gave up 7 hits in 5.2 was a miracle we didn't score against him and win Game 2.

NEPP: The woman knitting in front of me was kind of a blessing in disguise. Every time there was a reason to stand up, she stayed seated, giving me a clear shot at the field.

Joe, your first mistake is to assume that people who don't "appreciate" the game the same way you do, should have their rights revoked to appreciate the game in their own way.

That woman who was knitting...unless RBill was watching her every movement for the entire game (in which case, who has the problem?), it's quite plausible that she looked up for various portions of the game. It's also plausible that she enjoys being at baseball games, enjoys knitting, and really enjoys doing the two concurrently.

This is the USA, and as long as someone is not directly interfering with your right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, then they are free, and completely justified, in doing whatever they'd like.

I heard she was knitting socks for cancer patients.

Now how do you all feel?

Maybe she was knitting her husband a glove to catch a foul ball?

Maybe she was knitting a hanky for Cabrera to cry into.

On the other side of the diamond, CJ Wilson is pitching a nice game thus far.

3.1 IP, 1 H, 0 R, 4 SO


The Phils have gone something like 13-3 at home in the playoffs the last three years.

I'd say whatever the fans are doing (screaming, waiving rally towels, knitting sweaters) is working just fine.

you know we're confident when discussig knitting habits at the 2009 WS. What's next, the guy picking his nose in the Hall of Fame section at the Broxton comeback game?

The Rays have scored all of 1 run in their first 14 innings of the postseason this home.

I'd be ripping my hair out right now if I were a Rays fan.

More impressive for Wilson is the lack of walks. He gives up over 4 walks per 9 innings, and the Rays led the league in walks drawn this year.

If Wilson cut his walk rate in half, he'd be a #1/#2 starter.

Jack, sometimes the postseason brings out the best in pitchers.


I heard she was knitting socks for cancer patients.

Now how do you all feel?

Exactly the same.

"If Wilson cut his walk rate in half, he'd be a #1/#2 starter."

With a 129 ERA+ in a tough place to pitch, methinks he already is.

That woman who was knitting...unless RBill was watching her every movement for the entire game (in which case, who has the problem?), it's quite plausible that she looked up for various portions of the game. It's also plausible that she enjoys being at baseball games, enjoys knitting, and really enjoys doing the two concurrently.

You got me. I don't know if she ever looked up. All I can say with certainty is that she never stood up, never cheered and knitted an entire scarf in 3+ hours -- start to finish. I don't know how long it takes to knit a scarf, but I would think you'd have to be in the zone to do something like that in such a short amount of time.

Believe it or not, I'm not passing judgment on anyone's "fandom." People can enjoy the game anyway they choose. I think it's odd that you'd spend that kind of money to sit in traffic for hours, sit in the cold to knit while barely (if at all) watching a baseball game.

Seems odd, doesn't it?

ERA+, if I'm not mistaken, already takes where pitches into account, so the statement, "129 ERA+, in a tough place to pitch.." is redundant.

Still, Jack's right. Much like JA Happ, with a walk rate around 2, he'd be a hell of a pitcher.

someone should have vomitted on the knitter.

Fatalotti: You are correct. ERA+ accommodates the differences in stadiums and leagues.

That's an awfully quick hook for Shields. Maddon's confident enough to slot him as his No. 2 starter in the post-season, but not confident enough to leave him in after he allows 2 runs and a couple of base runners? Sort of surprising.

Hey, I'm somebody who goes on his smartphone at the games:

To read and post on BL.

Of course, if you don't want realtime update from the Zen then say so.

You're right RBill. It's very odd indeed.

The only requirement to get in to a baseball game, though, is to pay for a ticket. The only requirement to remain at a baseball game is to follow the rules of the stadium and not be a public nuisance.

She stayed well within the lines.

"The power of this performance has to have Cincinnati shaken to their core."

"Reds=Happy To be There."

Statements like this, as moronic as they are, still make me a little nervous.

Well, that pitching change worked out great.

The Tampa Bay Rays, the team with the best record in the AL and playing a must win Game 2 at home right now, just went from James Shields (2010 ERA: 5.18) to Chad Qualls (2010 ERA: 7.32). Yet most baseball fans continue to claim that the AL is vastly superior to the NL. Suuuure.

RIP 2010 Rays

Some think starting James Shields in game 2 was a bad move by Maddon.

Well, it appears he one upped that move by putting in Chad Qualls.

5-0, Rangers.

This series will be over shortly.

Spitz, even more amazing is that a lot of people consider Joe Maddon to be some kind of outside-the-box baseball genius.

Not really coming through today, huh?

ERA+ takes into account the cumulative toll that heat and humidity take on a starting pitcher over the course of a season?


Spitz: True, but keep in mind that the ERA+ takes into account the park he plays in. So it's a 129 ERA+. I didn't realize it was that good.

Very good, but not sure his peripheral numbers support that. Low BABIP (.271), and an exceedingly low HR/FB percentage (not exactly what you would expect pitching in Arlington in the summer).

If you expect those to regress, he'll have to cut the walks down to stay at a 3.50 or below ERA.

The pride of Hazelton, PA may be fielding a team of 18 year olds on opening day next year. Poor Maddon and his Rays

Wait, and Qualls is still in there after that Vlad single? This game is being managed like its game 73 of the regular season.

I meant that Hamilton single following the HR

Joe Maddon will announce after the game that Rocco Baldelli will be the starting pitcher for game 3. He's a genius like that, see!

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