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Friday, September 24, 2010


Yeah, Howard's been much better against LHP this year. The main reason his overall numbers are down is that he hasn't been destroying RHP like he normally has (compounded by the DL trip and the awful hitting upon returning).

(Anyone notice that his BB% is 20% for this month? Highest for any month of his career, I think; at least in the last few years. If he could carry some double-digit BB% into the rest of his career, it would really help him.)

Hey, new topic. Ooohhh... Squonk in da house...

I know most of you missed it, because you were sleeping around 2:00 AM, but not Squonk, the ever observant type.

But did anyone else catch's sports says in the early morning?

It read, "THE PHILS MAGIC NUMBER IS FU!" Sometime after the bosses showed up, it got changed to "THE PHILS MAGIC NUMBER IS FO' ".


Is it true Dave Cameron interviewed for GM job?

i wonder if Squonk64 is a loyal Going Pigeon reader.

fwiw, wilson valdez has a WAR of .5. also fwiw, i believe he's played well above replacement level.

IMHO, I think the Phils magic number is FU. Sweeping the Braves not only put them down a notch, it let the rest of the baseball world know who is in charge. Furthermore, I believe Fordham University.... LOL.

As an aside, does anyone else know that Rice used to be known as the Sam Houston Institute of Teachnology. Maybe we should create a thread for laughable acronyms.

Bay - probably for the Mariners gig. that's akin to JW interviewing to be Gillick's replacement.

Bay - saw you over at FG today on DC's post on San Fran's pitching. I haven't looked at the Phils #'s for the month of September but I have a hard time believing they've been much worse that SanFrans. but I could be wrong.

Usually JW's writing is excellent, but lets not jump on Wil-Val. Exxon is a much better nickname.

In other news, among qualified shortstops Derek Jeter has the least amount of errors. It feels great to live in 1998.

I cameo on some other blogs when I don't like the attitudes of the writers/posters.

Don't tell JW, though.

Jeter has terrible range. He has posted a few seasons of a -15ish UZR, and his career UZR is negative as well. Even clout would agree that he is over-rated out there.

Looks like FanGraphs is doing a series on playoff rotations - should be interesting.

Jeter maybe deserved 1 of his 4 GGs. Completely and utterly overrated in the field.

He's still a 1st ballot HoF though.

****Looks like FanGraphs is doing a series on playoff rotations - should be interesting.****

Cameron will likely criticize the Phillies for having Joe Blanton as their 4th option...afterall his season numbers are so mediocre. He'll ignore the fact that he's been very solid since the Break (3.68 ERA)

If they gave gold gloves for utility infielders Exxon would be a cinch to win.
As a SS, he won't even get consideration because he is second string.

CM: Pigeons, no. But Wikipedia, yes. I can inform you that today is Bisexual Celebration Day. My wife might be so proud, if she wasn't so sick. And that it is the vernal equinox in the southern hemisphere. Left to be explained, fall arrived here yesterday, so why a day late down under? Aren't those events dependant on one another, and mutually exclusive?

Blanton's 4.06 xFIP really took me by surprise when I saw it today. That is 1 run lower than his actual ERA, so there is something strange going on there (.338 BABIP +12% HR/FB).

Murphy has a good read on his blog today. Of the 19 potential playoff games the Phillies could be in, H20 could start 17 of them. Cha-Ching!

yeah, Blanton's pitched in some bad luck (but who knows how much that "luck" was caused by poor stamina/being left in games too long after coming off the DL)...

I think Tulo will be getting his 1st GG this year and he'll likely maintain a stranglehold on the position as long as he stays healthy. No way in hell Jimmy wins obviously. Tulo missed a good chunk too but he's coming on strong in the 2nd half and he's the best defender anyway.

I wonder if Vic wins his 3rd straight...wouldn't that be nuts?

BTW. I love coming onto this site because it makes me feel like I really DON'T live in the basement of the science building.

BS: what exactly is xFIP, and why should I care?

UC is planning to start Mr. Roll on Sunday per Gelb.

That should give Jimmy a full week to reinjure himself prior to the playoffs so Exxon get keep starting.

I honestly wouldn't care if Jimmy comes back or not...I think this team can win with Valdez at SS.

Still, if he came back and was actually healthy, that'd be nice too. He's a red-light player.

PEOPLE. Blanton is the fourth starter. Are we really arguing about how well the fourth starter performs? I know I have too much time on my hands, but seriously...

I still believe the Phils told the Braves this week that their magic number is FU.

Squonk64: Head over to fangraphs and take a look at their glossary. Not saying things like FIP and xFIP are the one stat to rule them all, but the difference is quite large.

Looks like Roy Halladay taught Blanton the cutter this year, as he hasn't thrown it since the beginning of his career. Surprisingly, he is having decent success with it. Kyle Kendrick? Not so much.

I think Blanton is one of the better 4th starters in the league. Granted he's not as good as the Giant's 4th starter but he's fairly solid. He hopefully still has his lucky hat from the 08 playoffs.

****Surprisingly, he is having decent success with it. Kyle Kendrick? Not so much.****

Of course KK is the only sinkerballer I know that doesnt really generate ground balls. He honestly doesn't even throw a good sinker. The whole point of the pitch is to induce a ton of groundballs and he simply doesnt.

Yo, new game thread.

Tulo's hot hitting to end the season will probably earn him the Gold Glove for the year. Seems absurd, but you rarely find guys win a GG who aren't also good offensively. For a while in the mid-00s, Adam Everett was the best defensive SS in the world, but never sniffed the conversation for Gold Glove, because voters only give it to guys who are good offensive players too.

Jimmy is probably a better defender, but he just didn't play enough games this year, and Tulo is pretty good anyway.

NEPP, I bet if you ask Giants fans, they'd rather have Fat Joe than Fat Paycheck Zito. I might too.

JasonTp - that was me talking about From the Boot's Chicken Cutlet Italiano. Glad you enjoyed. It's a once a week staple for me anymore. I just can't help myself, it's THAT good. and for dinner i love their garlic rolls.

can't wait to see FG's starting rotation piece.

OK. Enough about Kentucky Joe?

What you statheads miss is that Blanton always starts off slow. He was on the DL at the beginning of the season, so is start of season started in May instead of April. He also had two weeks of rehab assignments instead of a month and a half of spring training to get ready for the season. That means Blanton's traditional, early season slump would last about a month longer than normal.

And what did we get? Blanton had a Blantonesque slow start, that lasted about a month longer than usual. Since then, Blanton has been very Blantonesque, pitching into the 6th or 7th inning and allowing 3-4 runs per game.

That's third starter quality from a number four guy.

BS: I am old-school in that I believe watching a player perform is more important than what the numbers tell you. The last thing I want to do is go over to fangraphs and find even more worthless information that tells me what my eyes don't see. is mind-numbing enough for this old geezer.

BTW, did you know that that Sugarloaf Point Light, near Seal Rocks, New South Wales, is one of only two lighthouses in Australia with an external stairway? I learned that today. But why is it relevant when my eyes will never see SPL?

Same with Blanton. Kentucky Joe is who he is, and his number can be explained because Kentucky Jow is who he is.

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