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Sunday, September 19, 2010


Can we have Hamels's psychologist talk to Werth about hitting with RISP too?

Seriously, thanks for the heads up about the article, JW. (Did you mean to link to it? The hyperlink isn't showing up for me.)


I don't know if Werth has time to see a sports psychologist. How is he going to squeeze that in between his couples counseling with Jenn Utley and the regular psychologist he sees about his beard separation anxiety?

There's the hyperlink now, thanks.

Also the most interesting thing to me about Ryno taking the team 30/100 record is that he took it from Klein and not Schmidt. Not knocking CK, he's a HOFer for a reason. But Michael Jack never even hit three consecutive 30/100 seasons. He did hit 30/100 twice in a row four separate times though.

Given that Schmidt is seen as fairly consistent with his power numbers despite semi-regular down years, it impresses upon me just how epic the first five full seasons of Howard's career have been.

Congratulations to Ryan Howard, very happy for him and what he's done for our team. Interesting story about how the psychologist helped Hamels, perhaps we should suggest him when our other players get in a slump.

Raul Ibanez since Labor Day (11 games):

452/511/810, 1.320 OPS

His OPS for the season is back up 793. He's had an OPS at or above 800 after just two games this season, the 4th game (.800) and the 113th game (.805). Of course, each time he reached that plateau, he went on about a 20 game slump... so here's hoping this particular hot streak runs right through October!

Howard's accomplishment is definitely historic. The notion that Schmidt didn't do it due to lack of "consistency" is a bit of a stretch. Not sure how many "down years" Schmidt had. He was a No. 3 hitter and didn't post gaudy RBI totals, as a rule. 1975 was sub-100RBI but, Schmidt was a young player then. 1978 was a down year for Schmidt. 1982 and his 87 RBI? Led the league in OBP and slugging. 2 off the pace in HR. 108 runs scored. Not a "down year" even though the RBIs weren't among the league leaders. Only 91 RBI in '81? Led teh league and won MVP. There was this little thing called a strike. Seems to me that topping 30HR 13 times in 14 years, in an era when 40 HR was like 50 is today, was pretty damn consistent.

Schmidt batted 3rd when Luzinski was on the team, plus he was Burrellesque in taking walks with men on base. That may be the reason he didn't hold the record for consecutive 30 and 100 seasons.

I was about to post the nice little piece from Salisbury, the best he's written in a while.

Also had fun reading a longer piece from Jonah Keri yesterday, may have been mentioned already. The long toss video made me feel like I was watching a video game.

Sorry Hugh, I guess I worded improperly. Your post is exactly the point I was trying to make.

Maybe if I had put down in quotations if would have been clearer. Schmidt's "down" years were anything but, and yet even he didn't accomplish what Ryno did with this particular record, let alone in his first five full seasons.

I never meant to besmirch Schimdtty. Huge fan of his, I grew up worshipping the guy. Those offensive stats with that glove, topped off with that mustache... pure, unadulterated, baseball pwnage.

"Oh, Going Pigeon? Won't see him no more."

Still not time to celebrate the NL East championship. The Braves have had their swoon, and despite lousy starting pitching, they still have a great bullpen:

* Billy Wagner: 7-2, 63.0 IP. 35 saves, 12.86 K/9, 0.83 WHIP, 1.43 ERA
* Jonny Venters 4-2, 75.2 IP, 9.87 K/9, 1.12 WHIP, 1.78 ERA
* Eric O'Flaherty 3-2, 42.2 IP, 7.38 K/9, 1.20 WHIP, 2.32 ERA
* Mike Dunn: 1-0, 14.1 IP, 11.3 K/9, 1.53 WHIP, 0.00 ERA
* Craig Kimbrel: 3-0, 13.1 IP, 17.55 K/9, 1.20 WHIP, 0.68 ERA

Kimbrel throws gas, and seems young and fearless. The Phillies must get to the Brave’s starters, because this bullpen is a beast.

One more thing – the Braves have owned the NL East for much of the year, and Bobby Cox is retiring. This is a proud squad, and I just bet they have not yet quit, just out of respect for Bobby Cox. Depsite the loss of Larry they still have Martn Prado (.311); Brian “clutch” McCann (20 HR, 74 RBIs) and Jason Heyward. Healed-up Heyward is also a beast, batting .287 with a .887 OPS. His OBP is now .402.

Here’s hoping H2O brings all they have. Hard to imagine how McCann and Heyward might feast on our LOOGYs.

Kyle Kendrick, better than Hanson?

The Bastardo posters aren't going to like that sentiment.

No apology necessary - just a good excuse to rant about Schmidt's numbers. The point is the point - when you put up numbers that Schmidt never matched, you're really putting up some numbers. I hope he's pushing Schmidt's career homer mark, wearing a Phils uniform, in 2017.

Besides his place in the order, the other thing to keep in mind when comparing Schmidt and Howard is the different eras. Few players hit 30+ HRs in the 1970s and early '80s compared to the 1990s and 2000s.

Worth noting: Schmidt's OPS+ (which adjusts for eras and ballparks) during his peak years of 1974-86 was 154. Howard's is 140.

cut_fastball: And the Braves are 7 feet tall... and can consume the Phillies with fireballs from their eyes and bolts of lightning from their arse.

You can save the platitudes for a Braves blog... we know who the Braves are.

Pretty sure no one thinks Kyle Kendrick's season of 10-9 with a 4.78 ERA and 1.38 WHIP in 169 IP is better than Tommy Hanson's season of 10-11 with a 3.72 ERA and 1.20 WHIP in 184 IP.

Kendrick's season IS much better then Kenshin Kawakami's though....which is who he should be compared to.

Might be the difference between finishing 1st or 2nd in the division.

If you told me on April 1st, that Kendrick would win 10 games in 2010, I think 99% of us would have taken that.

Howard and Schmidt's place in the order is relevant when discussing their RBI totals because in the late 1970's Schmidt hit almost entirely right after Larry Bowa. In the late '00s, Howard has hit almost entirely right after Chase Utley.

Bowa career OBP: .300
Utley career OBP: 380

Howard and Schmidt's place in the order is relevant when discussing their RBI totals because in the late 1970's Schmidt hit almost entirely right after Larry Bowa. In the late '00s, Howard has hit almost entirely right after Chase Utley.

Bowa career OBP: .300
Utley career OBP: .380

Jack: They're also not as far apart as most people would expect, particularly the KK-haters on Beerleaguer.

KK has a 4.86 xFIP and Hanson has a 4.11 xFIP.

After KK's bad first month, he's started 24 games (plus 2 relief appearances) and posted a 4.32 ERA with a 1.34 WHIP in 145.2 IP.

But, yeah... he's pretty worthless and shouldn't be starting on a ML team... particularly with that horrid K/9.

CJ – Care to cite a "platitude" set forth in my post? I'm a Phillies fan. I don't do Braves blogs. What I've set forth is factual.

The Brave’s are still dangerous. We should remember that until the last out of the last meaningful game.

Well... I guess KK should actually be compared to some combination of Medlen, Kawakami and Minor. Together they've started 37 games... so it's not quite a fair comparison, but Kawakami (77 ERA+) and Minor (68 ERA+) have been pretty bad. Medlen, of course, was pretty good (108 ERA+), although his ERA+ has benefited from an even better ERA in 17 games as a reliever.

Kendrick, in his 29 starts (and 2 relief appearances) has an ERA+ of 86.

On the rare occasions when Kendrick does pitch well, I don't see why he has to be pulled after 6 innings, regardless of pitch count.

The Braves are who we thought they were ... they're who we thought they were ... Now if you want to crown 'em, then crown their A$$ ... But they are who we thought they were, and we can't let 'em off the hook.


We play to win the game ....

"fatti: I can't back this up with any figures, but it seems to me that Werth hasn't lost his pull power, it's just opposite field power that is down.

Can anyone back that up or refute it?"

I said the exact same thing and tried to get numbers to prove it, but really couldn't. His distribution of HRs to all fields are basically the same as they were in 2008-09.

This looks like a job for Sophist but I havent seen him post in awhile.

Werth hasn't lost any power at ll. His SLG is almost the same as last year (it's actually better right now), and he has 69 XBH this year compared to 63.

The difference is just in distribution between HRs and 2Bs. My guess is just that a bunch of home runs which just cleared the fence last year turned into balls that hit the top of the wall this year. I don't think Werth has lost any real power, he's just hit some balls at the top of the wall this year that cleared last year.

This game feels like a loss. Come check out my blog to find out why.

Oh wait. I don't have a blog.

"Come check out my blog to find out why" has BL meme written all over it.

cut_fb, I agree that the Braves are a really dangerous team, and though others may take them lightly, I sure don't.

I wrote on this board in ST that the division would be a dogfight this season, and that the Braves would be the chief competition. I was right on both counts.

Still, the Phillies are the better team - I've always maintained that - and should come out on top.

But you are correct in that the Braves are dangerous, and any slip against them might cost the Phils the divison.

But, it's the Phillies who are 3 games up. With 13 to play, even if a best case scenario unfolded for the Braves -

a 6 game sweep of the Phils -

if the Phillies won the other 7 games on the schedule, the Braves would still have to go 5 - 2 in the rest of their games to beat the Phillies.

I the Phillies win 2 of the 6 against the Braves, the Braves task becomes immeasurably harder.

The head-to-head games are a double-edged sword for the Braves(and to a lesser extent the Phillies). Basically, the Braves MUST win at least 4 of the 6 games against the Phillies in order to have any shot to win the division. If they split, and the Phillies go 3 - 4 in the other 7 games, then the Braves would have to go 6-1 in their 7 just to tie, and go 7-0 to take the division.

Not impossible, but very, very difficult.

That said, even today's game is almost a must win for the Braves, especially if the Phillies win. If the Braves are 4 games back going into the next threes games with the Phils, it puts them in a spot where they'd have to win 5 of the 6 to have any chance.

Stranger things have happened, but the Phillies are in the driver's seat and control their own destiny.

a general sports FYI: NFL Redzone is free today, i highly recommend.

I'm still waiting for the conspiracy theory about how the league changed/doctored balls this year to bring scoring down in light of recent PED revelations. And how this led to Jayson's fly balls being ten feet shorter.

Actually, I might give that a second thought.

OK, Mets up 2 - 0, but it's early.

david wright gives Dickey a two run lead

Should've kept my proverbial mouth shut.

2-1 Mets.

Judging by the lack of activity on this thread, I can only surmise that many supposed Phillies' fans have been watching teh eagles.

That first inning for Blanton!??!?

Well, this game feels like... a loss?

Generic comment expressing amazement at a 1-2-3 first from Blanton.

awh -- Nice to have someone talk me down off the ledge. I hadn't seen Wagner's stats for a while, and he's filthy. In 7.1 IP this month, he's got a 0.00 ERA with 5 saves, 13.5 K/9 and a 0.27 WHIP.

I sure hope the Phil's offense brings the lumber and prevents a save situaton for the Braves. I’m sure Wagner’s got a bunch of love left over for the Phils.

how werth got fooled by this guys stuff is embarassing. RISP has to be in his head, juat has to be after looking at the AB

jason, that hook Werth grounded to SS was a tough pitch, and could have been called a strike.

I don't know very many MLB hitter that could have done a lot with that.

It was a tough pitch.

Now, falling behind in the count and being forced to swing is another thing.

Blanton looking good.

No hitter from Blanton today? After all, we know he is a fourth inning specialist, and has thusfar avoided trouble.

Well, I take comfort in the fact that that was only the second-fastest jinx I've ever laid.

This feels like a loss, and ATL is threatening in the top of the 6th.

For some reason, I'm not getting the Phillies broadcast today, so I'm stuck listening to the Gnats feed. The absolute worst. TMac, Sarge and Wheels are the consummate professionals compared to these idiots.

I have complete confidence in the Mets to reach deep inside themselves and come up huge today. It's just what they do.

Could use one of Werth's patented solo shots here.

Good baserunning by Werth there.

This guy Maya has a good hook, and by all appearances he can throw it for strikes. Dropped a 2-0 hook in on Raul, but Raul gets a hit on the next pitch. Nice!


Off the schneid'

No Phils game in September against the Nats can feel like a loss. At least not until they actually lose.

Phils take the lead that inning and Jim Jackson infused it with all the excitement of a librarian's conference on the dewey decimal system.

Nice job, Ryno.

cut_fastball: you need to be talked off a ledge? Why? Have you been watching this team since Sept. 1?

Werth clutch as always.

the ol 2out RISP knock for JW!

I think I just saw a unicorn! Nice job, Jayson!

LA: "The Mets stink."

Derrek Lee hits a Grand Slam. 6-2 Braves.

Derrick Lee GS with 2 out to make it 6-2 Braves.

Well that sucks.

"Play that tune in your bandbox" says Carpenter.

Good job by Kentucky/Tennessee until that pitch. Crap.


Nice job Joe. You're now officially having a worse day than Tyler Colvin.

We still have 4 innings to score . . . I like our chances.

Looks like KY Jelly Joe had some words for the Home Plate Ump on his way off the field.

The NATS broadcoast team has proclaimed that if the NATS played at home at CBP, Zimmerman would have 40 HR and Dunn would have 60 HR.

so yeah.

Blanton was obviously very pissed at the terrible umpiring behind the plate.

man, he just reamed out the ump walking towards the dugout.

Sticks and Stones might break his bones, but the Ump isn't the one who gave up the three-run shot.

I wasn't sure the Nats broadcast could get any worse since Dibble got canned, but alas it has.

Why does Cholly continue to pitch Joe past 100 pitches?

Get him out!!!

Ray Knight is ghastly.

I love how we have Dobbs PH in close games.

And things just got a little bit worse...

Victorino is going to get suspended for that.

So Cholly pulls KK maybe a bit prematurely from the game last night and he lets Blanton for the entire 6th inning even though Blanton has been an absolute disaster all year when it is the 6th/90 pitch count/3rd time through the order.

Not good managing.

What did Victorino do? Geez, I turn off the radio for a second and apparently I miss the good stuff.

Myers has thrown another 6 scoreless today, lowering his ERA to 2.77. In his last 5 starts, he has a 1.09 ERA.

Blanton should have been gone after the BB to Dunn. Nobody was up and warming though despite the fact that they should have been when the inning started.

i'll have to see the replay again, but it did not look like Vic swung at that pitch.

Vic was called out on appeal on a non swing. Threw down his helmet and yelled in the general direction of the ump who made the lousy call.

Cmon Baez. Actually earn paycheck here for a change.

"So Cholly pulls KK maybe a bit prematurely from the game last night and he lets Blanton for the entire 6th inning even though Blanton has been an absolute disaster all year when it is the 6th/90 pitch count/3rd time through the order.

Not good managing"

But Blanton is a "veteran" and KK is a "young guy".

I honestly believe that's what is going through UC's head.

Vic also made contact with the home plate umpire on his way to confront Angel Hernandez. Not good.

that why we love dependable danys...

Not looking so good.

"Vic was called out on appeal on a non swing. Threw down his helmet and yelled in the general direction of the ump who made the lousy call."

Well, we have two of the biggest joke umps for this series, to include Angel Hernandez and Balkin' Bob Davidson. The umps are evaulted, but the problem is, as LA says, it's an all pass system. These guys are jokes.

Charlie won't use Baez when the Phillies are up by 5-6 Runs, but he'll use the guy when the Phillies are down by 1 Run in the 7th? F*CKING INCOMPETENT.

i dont think shane gets suspended for the same reason ryan didnt get suspended. he didnt swing and it was a painfully obvious bad call

That was pretty fvcking stupid by Vic...the last thing we need is to lose him for the next series and be forced to play Francisco/Brown in RF in his place (assuming Werth moves to CF). Stupid stupid stupid.

I don't blame Vic at all. It was the call that was stupid.

"That was pretty fvcking stupid by Vic...the last thing we need is to lose him for the next series and be forced to play Francisco/Brown in RF in his place (assuming Werth moves to CF). Stupid stupid stupid"

Appealing should delay it until after the Braves series, right? That's why Nyjer Morgan didn't start his suspension until this series.

It's not good if he gets suspended, but maybe he won't have to serve until after the Braves series, even if the suspension is upheld.

It was a horrible call, but there's a time and place to go batshit crazy, and that wasn't the time and place.

Vic throwing a temper tantrum when he's teams fighting for the NL East? Charlie putting in Danys when the Phillies are down by one?

very not good indeed

Did I forget to mention it looks like Braves will get the W?

Stop blaming Shane. That was a BS call, and a BS ejection. No wonder he was mad.

It is highly unlikely that Vic gets suspended for that.

Bunt here?

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