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Monday, September 27, 2010



Had 'em all the way, Harry!

Winning never gets old. Let's keep it going, Phillies!

Pat Gillick is a Genius. Clout is still a moron.


Amazing absolutely amazing

Rube is an IMBECILE!!! He traded away C__ L__ and wrecked our rotation!!!

Oh, wait...

"So if the Giants win out(they won't) and the Phils loose out(they won't) we'd each have 94 wins, who has the top seed? I think the season series is a deadheat 3-3. Anyone know?"

Greg S., the Phillies clinched the NL's best record today.

The second tiebreaker (given that the Giants and Phils would be 3-3 against one another), is intradivisional record. The Giants are currently 34-32 against their division. The Phillies are currently 41-26 against their division.

If the Phillies were to lose out from here, and the Giants win out, we'd be 41-31 in the division, and the Giants would be 40-32 in their division, thus we'd win the tiebreaker.

All said, the Phillies just captured the best record in the NL. Every game the rest of the season for them is meaningless.

Great post, JW!!

Saw Moyer's son out there for the mound celebration.

Love the fans chanting now.

Is that a photo of LA's traveling bag?

This team is the best.

Does Rube wear a rug?

Ryan Howard is wearing some huge skiing goggles.

Ruben Amaro=Ricky Ricardo

Raul = Unwashed-up™

How can anyone explain this? I believed Jayson !@#$# Stark when he said that the Braves were going to "run away with the division."

Note to self: Do not aspire to be "sportswriter"!!!!!!!!!! There's 100 of us on Beerleaguer!!!!!!!!!!!!1

KF: No but Wheels might

Thanks for posting that, Fatalotti--did you find confirmation of that somewhere online? I've been saying it all day but can't find it anywhere and everyone is saying they need another win.

Woo-hoo! Up here in Western NY (moved up last summer), running in the rain and listening to 1210. It's great to be a Phils fan and I still can't believe this is my team!

Those A-Holes turned the stadium lights out on our fans!

Fatalotti is correct according to baseball-reference: outlines all tiebreaking scenarios.

Congrats ladies and gents...

Let's hope to keep rolling once the playoffs start!

Rube's rug is better than Wheels'.

The Phils fans are getting the bums rush from the Nats ballpark. They've turned off the lights, but they still won't leave.

For the record, I'm still doubtful that intra-divisional record is the tie-breaker for 2 teams NOT in the same division. I believe it only applies when the tie is between 2 teams in the same division. It makes no sense to compare intra-divisional records between 2 teams in different divisions.

It's academic because we obviously aren't going to need any tie-breaker to win home-field advantage.

Kiko: It's official. It's been reported everywhere. Phils clinched best record tonight.

Wheels is really bad, he broke out the one that's attached to his hat for the postgame interviews....

Halladay, at 21-11, has had 2 no decisions all season... Roy left tied with Rockies in the 7th (phils lost in 10)and tied 0-0 after nine innings with the Reds (phils won in 11)

UC just won manager of the year, as far as I'm concerned. With all the injures (Utley, Howard, Happ, Moyer, Durbin, Madson, Lidge, Rollins, Polanco, Victorino, Ruiz, Schneider), the slumping offensive keep this team afloat and set them up for the second half surge.

He deserves a hell of a lot of credit.

Doc is a lock for Cy Young, and Dobbs for the Silver Slugger award....

Division race=over

BAP, I quote from

"Scenario #7: There is a two-way tie for highest winning percentage among Division winners and a tiebreaker is required to determine home field advantage in the Division Series.

If one of the Division winners tied for the highest winning percentage is from the same Division as the Wild Card:
The Division winner from the same Division as the Wild Card cannot play the Wild Card in the Division Series. The other Division winner tied for the highest winning percentage plays the Wild Card.

If neither Division winner tied for the highest winning percentage is from the same Division as the Wild Card:
A tiebreaker system will be used to determine which Division winner with the best record plays the Wild Card.

The first tiebreaker will be head-to-head competition between the two Clubs during the championship season. If the Clubs remain tied, then the tied Clubs with the higher winning percentage in intradivision games during the championship season. If the Clubs remain tied, then the tied Club with the higher winning percentage in intraleague games during the championship season. If the Clubs remain tied, then the tied Club with the higher winning percentage in the last half of intraleague games during the championship season. If the Clubs remain tied, then the tied Club with the higher winning percentage in the last half plus one of intraleague games during the championship season. This process will be followed game-by-game until the tie is broken."

Charlie stripped the award from Bud Black when he went to San Diego, swept the Padres out 4 games and started them on their downward spiral that they have only recently recovered from.

Meanwhile in Atlanta, 1-1 in top of the 8th. Hanson just left the game.



According to this pg, if the Phils and Giants had tied for the WC, the Phils would have won the tiebreaker and thus have hosted the game based on divisional record. I presume that the tiebreaker for hosting the play-in game is the same as the tiebreaker for top seeding?


now enjoying the euphoria of the clubhouse--


As I post, Franzke saying he's not 100% sure on tiebreakers...thinks the 2nd tiebreaker is NL record (ie non-interleague games) but is not totally sure. I'm confused as to why no one seems to know this. All right, I really am shutting up and enjoying this now.

Radio guys just reported a slightly different tie-breaker for best record. They said the record for all games in the league - that is excluding inter league play. The Giants would actually win that tie-breaker. Though they did say they were not sure either.

Doesn't matter. We'll get that win too.

Kiko Garcia, check the page about tie breakers.

It's clear, the second tiebreaker, after head to head record, is intraivisional records.

Greg S., we played more interleague games than the Giants, and we'd have the same amount of losses as the Giants in intraleague play, but less wins because we had less chances against the NL.

That tiebreaker wouldn't be fair.

OTOH, we both will have 72 games against intradivisional rivals. That's why it's used as a second tiebreaker.

So the Braves will be seeing our scrubs while SF and SD fight for their life. Should be an interesting weekend.

NL East --> Check

Home field advantage --> Check

Cy Young Award Winner --> Check

Productive day at the ballpark!


from wrap of the game:

"The Phillies clinched their fourth consecutive National League East championship Monday night with an 8-0 victory over the Nationals at Nationals Park. They also clinched the league's best record because they won their 94th game and win tiebreakers against the Padres and Giants. That means the Phillies will have the opportunity to play an eight-day NL Division Series beginning Oct. 6. That could be a huge advantage for the Phillies, who would have the opportunity to pitch Halladay, Cole Hamels and Roy Oswalt -- the Big Three -- on normal rest throughout the series."

For the record, we had 18 interleague games, the Giants only had 15 interleague games.

So, intraleague record can't be used.

To be sure, if the Phillies lose out from here, they'd be 94-68, and 84-60 in intraleague play. They'd be 3-3 against the Giants and 41-31 in intradivisional play.

If the Giants win out from here, they'd be 94-68, and they'd be 87-60 in intraleague play, 3-3 against the Phils, and 40-32 in intradivisional play.

Obviously the intraleague record can't settle things, because of the disparity of games played. But, teams always play equal amounts of games against intradivisional rivals, so that's why it's used as a second tiebreaker, behind head-to-head.

Ryan Madson tells us that next year if the Phils struggle at some point we should relax.

We can't relax here after 11 straight wins culminating a 14 game swing in the standings.

Ha, Brad Lidge doesn't know the tiebreaker rules.

What a loser!

Tell Ryan to relax when they're stinking it up. He's making the big bucks regardless. When the Phillies stink, it affects the fans a whole lot more than the players.

How'd I do? Mr. Demille, I'm ready for my close up.

Hey Daulton, Brad Lidge just pitched in three straight games LAST WEEK and saved three straight games.

What a wet blanket!

It's not that the wins got bigger, it's the fans that got smaller.

How can you not love Ryan Howard?

Great player, and a great ambassador to the game.

Its hard to be uncooler than Chris Wheeler...

But man Marshall Harris is doing his best to steal that title... geesh...

Fata, couldn't agree more.

Can't help but wonder how good this team might be if their

coach wasn't a moron,

their GM wasn't a moron,

their 1B wasn't an albatros,

their Ace wasn't arm weary,

their top relievers weren't overused and worn out,

their offense didn't only score runs when it doesn't count (causing them to be overrated),

their 3b wasn't hopelessly crippled,

and their LF wasn't washed up.

JW is right (on Twitter).

As fun as the last two weeks have been, the real Beerleaguers will take particular pleasure in the next 5 games.

If you aren't looking forward to analyzing who should hit cleanup tomorrow night, Mayberry or Gload, you're probably on the wrong blog.

Phlipper, could you imagine how good they'd be if Figeroa was still here, and Herndon wasn't.

Look out, we'd be 100-57 right now.


Dom, obviously.

***their 3b wasn't hopelessly crippled,***

and clearly not tall enough

Can we get Charlie a few at bats in the last five?

Oswalt should start in LF.

With home field advantage and H2O, we could end up winning every postseason series away from home. If they only lose 1 game per series.

Re-sign Marlon Anderson, Travis Lee, Ricky Ledee, and Doug Glanville to fill in for the last couple games.

Guessing this was covered in the last thread, but did anybody see Prado leave the game after a chopper back to the mound? Appeared very serious-an oblique or groin. Still would like to see a weakened Braves team and not-ready-for-prime-time Padres make the playoffs. I'm not overly concerned, but nor am I really wild about facing the Giants, especially in a five game series.

"f you aren't looking forward to analyzing who should hit cleanup tomorrow night, Mayberry or Gload, you're probably on the wrong blog."

The answer is Sweeney! ;)

First shot at predicting tomorrow's lineup?

SS Jimmy Rollins
3B Greg Dobbs
CF Ben Francisco
1B Ryan Howard
LF John Mayberry
RF Dom Brown
C Brian Schneider
2B Wilson Valdez

I'm probably going overboard with the bench guys. My guess is more regulars than just Rollins and Howard will be in there, but it would also be fun to see Sweeney or Gload get the start at 1B and see an all-bench team (other than Rollins, who obviously needs the work).

The Nationals have to be sick of watching the Phillies celebrate NL division championships.

This is the third time in 4 years we've clinched playing the Nationals.

I like the caps this year.


You think PG and clout are separate entities?


I'd be surprised if Polly plays again this series, and maybe only plays 1.5 next series. He could use some rest...he's played for a while now without a day or two off.

Also, they'll start working on their plan to get Doc/Hamels/Oswalt lined up, while getting them rested, while keeping them sharp.

Not a job I'd want to be in charge of.

One day, quite suddenly after about 125 years, the Philadelphia Phillies woke up and realized, hey, you know, despite those 10,000 losses and all, we're in a pretty big city. Bigger than Boston, a lot bigger even. Might as well join the East Coast Elite. Better late than never.

A shirt commemoratin Halladay's exclamation that, "It's only gonna get funner!"

Folks, let us bow our heads and thank heaven above that we are not Mets fans. Amen.

I'm thinking they should give Doc some extra days, and only pitch him 4 inning games, use Roy on regular or close-to rest, and pitch him 5 inning games, and pitch Cole for 3 inning games, since you can tell early on what his mindset is going to be, and it's not the work that he needs at this point in the season. If he does, he cam pitch a couple bullpen sessions.

I am just really worried about the innings on Doc's arm, and the fact that we have him for years, yet. Not like he's a rental.

Note to self - examine schedule. It would be great to get Vance some more innings in the meantime. So impressed with his progress.

Gloria Swanson was great in that movie.

AMEN, kuvasz.

I think it's very cool that the team made a point of letting Halladay, Sweeney, and Schneider pop the corks.

Hell yea!!!!!

Great accomplishment winning 4 straight division titles, and now it is time to bring us another parade

Been a while since I posted -- just moved from Boston to Brooklyn. But been following the threads here.

Hey, who gets the Unsung Hero of the Year Award? Could be any number of people, ranging from the Truly Unsung (Wilson Valdez and, on a national level, Carlos Ruiz) to the Written-Off Too Early (Raul Ibanez and Jayson Werth and Brad Lidge and Ryan Madson and Cole Hamels and Joe Blanton) to the We'll Never Really Appreciate Their Talents (Ryan Howard and Ryan Howard and Ryan Howard) to the Off The Field Braintrust (Ruben Amaro and Charlie Manuel). Anyone of these fellows is deserving of the award. Then there's the guys who performed well throughout the year: Roy Halladay and Placido Polanco and to some extent Jose Contreras. And Roy Oswalt may have been the best player on the team for the last six weeks. Where do you start with these guys?

To go from a "Well, this might not be our year" mentality to having the Best Record in Baseball is tryl amazing. Go Phils.

Valdez would get the unsung award if I was choosing

Maybe we should ask McNabb about the tie-breaker rules.

Cheers Phils!!!!

Is this the earliest that we have clinched in our run of four division titles?
The extra time might be great re: rest, xtra swings and pitches for the subs, and getting everything lined up in the way Cholly wants it going into the playoffs. Gotta still keep the edge on for all the regulars somehow too. Def would be cool to win a few games with makeshift line-ups....add to the confidence.

This is a great team with everything lined up for the playoffs. Starting pitching, bullpen, good defense, hitting, bench, rest, home field advantage...It's going to be a fun ride. Can't wait to get it started.

...and experience

Favorite moment of celebration is Howard in a sleveless t-shirt, and huge ski goggles, I was dying everytime they showed him.

What Phils have never been in the playoffs before besides the rooks? Of course Halladay, Sweeney, and Schneider....and ? Valdez? Baez? Gload?

When Oswalt made the WS in 2005, the Astros were the WC team. He must be loving getting in on an easier ride.

It's a great night to be a Phillies fan and a BLer from the recent pre playoff era days. I celebrate in a Philles wasteland...Houston, TX!!

They did it the right way with Roy pitching a complete game shutout to put an exclamation point on his Cy Young Award! Yaaay!!!

Gload was on 2006 White Sox, but wasn't on postseason roster, and Baez pitched for the Indians in 2001 playoffs, but you are right about the rest.

Hey thx Jim...
Just askin because I was home tonite with a friend over and I don't have cable so we couldn't watch the post-game celebrations. On radio, Sweeney said they let the three vets who had never been to the playoffs uncork the first bottles of champagne and he named himself, Halladay, and Schneider. Sure think Valdez after all his contributions and if he's never been in the playoffs should have been included in that list.

Fat: Ok, I guess you're right. That Baseball Reference page seems pretty clear-cut. Doesn't make a lot of sense to me but, then again, I don't know what tie-breaker WOULD make sense once you get past head-to-head record.


I was reading a few different places that they clinched it as well, it is sure complicated, I have to agree with you with that....


Good point about Valdez, I will look at him again, if he was on a team he didn't get in a game.

Next week, I'm going to be in Atlanta Mon-Fri unfortunately on a business trip. Will TBS have the Phils games down there? If not, how can I watch them?


All the games are on national tv in the playoffs, first round on TBS, so you will be able to see them wherever you are...

I miss Myers' jackass spraying of champagne directly into the eyes of Ruben and other players.

Not really.

Never a doubt!

"If you aren't looking forward to analyzing who should hit cleanup tomorrow night, Mayberry or Gload, you're probably on the wrong blog."

Dadgum right! This is a place that cares as much about RJ Swindle, Abe Nunez and Tony Bastardo, as we do Howard, Werth and Rollins.

I'll have some fun with this...

Here is my edu-ma-cated guess at Cholly (and Pete Mackanin's) lineup the next 2 nights in Washington and for the opener in Atlanta:

Tuesday (against Marquis):

SS Rollins
LF Francisco
2B Utley
1B Gload
CF Victorino
RF Brown
3B Dobbs
C Schneider
P Oswalt

-start Utley with Rollins, to help get in synch in the field, working together. Plus, Chaser will get Wednesday off.

-try and get 5 innings out of Roy O, to get him another win (since his final start on Sunday, won't be a long one).

Wednesday (against Detwiler):

SS Rollins
3B Polanco
1B Sweeney
RF Werth
LF Francisco
CF Mayberry
2B Valdez
C Hoover
P Worley

-Worley takes Blanton's spot. Blanton is pushed back to Friday.

-Hoover starts with Worley, because they have worked together several times in AAA.

Friday at Braves (likely against Minor):

CF Victorino
3B Polanco
2B Utley
1B Howard
RF Werth
SS Rollins
LF Ibanez
C Ruiz
P Blanton

-I think the Phils will play this game straight up. I think they do this, to at least play one game in the final 5, as a "normal" game. They give a "sneak preview" of how their lineup may look in the post-season (with Rollins hitting 6th). They also do it, for "competitive" reasons for the Wild Card chase. And they try and get Blanton another win and another confidence-building start, heading into the post-season. He likely won't start another game for close to 2 weeks (if the Phils advance).

On Saturday, Hamels goes 3 or 4 innings (for sharpness) with a mix of everyday guys and bench guys in the starting lineup. On Sunday, its Oswalt for 3 or 4 innings (again, for sharpness and to get lined up for the post-season) and a bomb squad lineup (ALL backups).

Other notes...

-Nats are likely to shut down Zimmerman for the rest of the year.

-Braves likely lost Prado tonight; possibly for a while.

-Phils likely to see Minor, Hanson and Hudson this weekend. If there is a tie, Lowe would start the tie-breaker game for ATL next week.

-TBS has to be fretting a NL playoff series, with San Diego, San Francisco and Cincinnati in them. SD and SF play boring, no offense baseball and Cincy has very little national "cache". These will be BIG ratings losers, for TBS. So, look for the Phils and Yanks (if they get homefield) to get great prime-time slots on the TV schedule. Look for games in SD or Cincy or ATL or Texas to be buried, in the dreaded 4:00 EST window a lot.

It's awesome cool that the Phils have become a primetime team for the playoffs. We used to be the 4 o'clock game.

"If you aren't looking forward to analyzing who should hit cleanup tomorrow night, Mayberry or Gload, you're probably on the wrong blog."

I have tickets to the Wednesday game here in DC, so who will play the rest of the series is not an issue of merely abstract importance to me. Especially since I have to choose between going to the game and Corporations class.

I would think the phillies may get mid afternoon at least on Wednesday....yankees will prob get night slot, and west coast team will play at 10

If they get afternoon on Wednesday, that's their second game I think and Hamels would be pitching. He def seems to like night baseball more than day games.

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