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Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Time to bury the hatchet!

As awesome as this graphic is, it reminds me of how much I hate those white hats.

Also, I like how Charlie is yelling right at Cox, while Bobby is yelling off into the distance. Kind of like he is angry at something else and not focusing on the task at hand -- like blaming the ballpark for instance.

Knock 'em around tonight, Phils!

Charlie is yelling at Bobby and Bobby is yelling at his wife.

JW is hotter than the Phils right now. Minor leagues to west chester, awesome inside-info with comcast ratings, 16 yr old Dominican signings, and now a well over-due badass photshop job?!

im to JW as CJ is to the FO right now.

not to mention a bromance letter to bighead - he's streaking right along with the Phils. I place the start of JW's streak at the postage stamp sized KK pic a few weeks back.

Here's my own personal tribute to Mr. Cox:

——————/´ ¯/)
——--('(———- ¯~/'--')

B. Cox- "Come on Chip!" "Come on Kid".

F. Manual- "We are hittin' good, pitchin' good, fieldin' good and playin' good", Wheels".


The above link is to a Johnette Howard article titled:

"MLB's 'Big Two' have company: Philly"

RAJ quote:

"We just try to make sure they're calculated risks. After that? You just have to realize you are going to make mistakes in this job sometimes."

This passage probably explains Dave Cameron's antipathy toward the Phillies:

"You can watch your peers rush by in a thundering herd to embrace the latest "Moneyball" sabermetrics or algorithm of the moment and use some of that but also say, "If we're going to err on one side or the other, we're more scout-oriented."

"Stats continue to be important," he says, "but I think people are starting to drift back to real old-time scouting. Here, we believe in scouting heart and head and using our eyes and ears and baseball sense to analyze players. Maybe more than most."

according to the tweets... Looks like the Phillies are re-engineering the rotation... giving everyone extra rest:

Fri Blanton, Sat Kendrick, Sun Hamels Mon Halladay
giving everyone an extra day of a rest now...

this leaves H20 able to pitch normal rest for atlanta... series...

but the flood of tweets was very confusing...

That graphic looks like two old men fighting over Bingo in a nursing home.

"Stats continue to be important," he says, "but I think people are starting to drift back to real old-time scouting. Here, we believe in scouting heart and head and using our eyes and ears and baseball sense to analyze players. Maybe more than most."

Thanks for the quote, Awh. My question on this is, why is scouting at loggerheads with stats? To me, one should complement the shouldn't be one OR the other.

Maybe that's what Amaro is getting at, but that's not the way the quote reads (to me.)

Off-topic: For the stat-minded out there, I found a Baseball Prospectus article from last year discussing the improbability of Pedro Feliz walking four times in a single game. The author's (Seidman) approach is the same binomial model we were using last week when discussing Werth's RISP. He touches on both of the criticisms here, namely that given enough samples an improbable event is bound to occur, and that plate appearances aren't necessarily independent.

That said, it does seem like this approach can be a useful tool in gauging when a series of outcomes are likely due to luck or something else. I thought there was some interesting discussion going on here (would love to hear Buddy Ryan in 08's thoughts) aside from the histrionics, which I'll gladly take responsibility for and apologize for.

If the Phils and Reds wind up tied with the same record, I assume the Phils get home field advantage because of their 5-2 head to head advantage? Is that how it works? That means the Phils effectively 5.5 games ahead of the Reds going into tonight.

Heather, that's a question for RAJ to answer, not me.

I don't run the Phillies baseball operation (though it would be FUN to try). :)

I think what RAJ means is there may be a difference between what a highschool/college players stats are and what his scouted skills project to be.

Stats and scouting can be complimentary, but complimentary doesn't mean they always coincide. RAJ is making stating that when they differ, the Phils FO is more likely to side with their scouting.

Remove "making" in the last sentence.

Sure...scouting has its mistakes. For example, a few years ago, a certain prospect was able to have a batting practice session at CBP and he wowed the scouts there with his amazing raw talent. In the time since they've drafted him, he's struck out approximately 1,349,504 times and never gotten above Low A ball.

Not naming names of course.


Friday- Blanton
Saturday- Kendrick
Sunday- Hamels

at Nats-

Monday- Halladay
Tuesday- Oswalt
Wednesday- Blanton

at Braves-

Friday- Hamels (3 or 4 innings)
Saturday- Worley
Sunday- Oswalt (3 or 4 innings) or Kendrick

Denny, is that rotation official?

I think it's a great idea. Get Halladay some rest. If they can't maintain a 5 game lead over everyone with that rotation, I'd be surprised.

I think we would get homefield over the Reds if we tied, so effectively, they are back 5.5.

Also, we are 5 games ahead of the Giants and Padres in the loss column, and they play each other 3 times, so they are going to knock one another down.

My prediction is that we clinch the best record in the NL during Oswalt's start against the Nationals.

Another thing to consider: the Reds might clinch their division soon, and I wonder if they'd look at the 4-5 game deficit for the best record in the NL, and concede it, and just start setting up for the postseason.

awh - great find. that's a personal affront to dave cameron. might as well throw objectivity out the window in favor of grudge holding. very professional.

willard - that was brilliant. you're an artist with the keyboard.

NEPP - name names. i think i'm missing who you're talking about.

Got notification from today that I am among those chosen to be able to purchase post-season tix starting tomorrow. Now, they just need to get to the postseason...

Only entered in the off chance that there will be a Phils/Pads matchup (and because the Dodgers didn't have a shot in hell).

That was a quick inning for Hanson. Hopefully that doesn't continue.

****NEPP - name names. i think i'm missing who you're talking about.****

Anthony Hewitt.

Tonights game plan: ground the second pitch to a Brave. Hanson expecting a 54 pitch shut-out.

Oswalt's changeup looks really good today.

Oswalt looks really good today.

Not good AB by Vic Polly Uts. All three swung at pitches they're really not good at handling.

Is Hanson unusually deceptive?

Doesn't appear to be IMHO.

love oswalt's change. hope we can touch hanson.

Andy, you have to let the plan develop. Next inning, 2nd pitch pop-ups, then second pitch fly balls, then 2nd pitch homeruns.

Braves OF: Rookie in right, Pitcher in center, Smurf in left.

andy, can you make THAT into a haiku?

All the sudden Nate McLouth can't help but make contact.

Strike out meat!

Oswalt plays really good defense.

Classy move by McCann to get out of Oswalt's way there.

"Is Hanson unusually deceptive?"

Not as deceptive as some pitchers -- like Bastardo, for instance.


Not official. But it has to be the course the team will take, whenever everything is clinched up.

I'd guess, they'd still want to throw Hamels and Oswalt for a few innings in Atlanta, just to keep them sharp and on a roll with their command. Halladay's final start likely comes in Washington.

I'd think Worley will get the nod as Saturday's starter, because Friday would likely be a "bullpen" game (because Cole will only go 3 or 4 innings tops) and you wouldn't want to go that route on both Friday and Saturday.

I think Madson and Lidge also will be shut down, as soon as things get clinched too. Both have had heavy workloads lately.

And Polly probably could be shutdown as well, to help that elbow.

The real question then becomes, does Rollins play next week. And if he doesn't, who takes his spot on the 1st round playoff roster. I will guess, he tries to at least play in 2 of the 3 games in Atlanta. If he doesn't, obviously he is done for the NLDS.

My thought, is every position player on the active roster, will get at least one start in Atlanta next weekend. I think Cholly will try and space them out though, for competitive reasons (Colorado, SD and SF will thank them for that). An example would be:

1. Victorino, CF
2. Dobbs, 3B
3. Francisco, LF
4. Utley, 2B
5. Rollins, SS
6. Sweeney, 1B
7. Brown, RF
8. Schneider, C
9. Pitcher

Anyone posting from the game tonight? How well-received was Cox's tribute?

Geez, Utley and Howard, combined, have only knocked in 2 more runs than Tulowitski.

Or Josh Outman.

Or Hideki Okajima.

willard - it has been slow, no? i don't get to chat during the game that often, but tonight seems slower than normal.

denny - good post. i agree w/ that strategy pretty much exactly.

As someone with good tickets to Saturday night's game, I wouldn't say I'm thrilled with the choice to move back Hamels in favor of Kendrick.

That said, as a Phils fan I'm glad to get Hamels rest, and I'll enjoy the tickets no matter what. But sure would've rather seen Cole than KK.

Very slow. I haven't seen Sophist around in awhile and clout's occasional comments that generate post after post have been minimal, as well.

As JW knows, nothing is quite the buzz kill to traffic (regular season) than a good winning streak.

Cliff Lee

Bobby Abreu

"Kyle Kendrick can't be a successful MLB starter."

Terrible throw by McCann.

Its clearly more than a coincidence that we traded Abreu and won 3 straight NL East titles.

well it's wing it wednesday, so maybe everyone's drinking. i'm assuming that wing it wednesday is pretty much everywhere...???

McCann makes me love Chooch all the more.

Winning is actively hurting this blog?

out drinking, of course.

If Cole Hamels wasn't so mentally weak, he'd have more wins this year.

Not familiar with wing it Wednesday.

Out here, it's Taco Tuesday (and every other day everyone pretends they're too health conscious to eat anything fried, but it's no coincidence that every In N Out Burger in the state has a 20 minute wait...).

If I wasn't so mentally weak I'd occasionally do more with my evenings than watch baseball games.

Willard, where do you live? Sounds like CA.

Madson should be the closer.

Who in the hell is Dillon Gee???? Geez, the Mets are just phoning it in now.

(previous 10 posts)

that just about sums it up.

willard - california sounds horrible. terrible, terrible place.

NEPP, you should try to draw clout out of the shadows.

Post about certain player's UZRs, but only use month long samples.

so i'm going up against oswalt in my fantasy championship.

he's pitching very very well.

Chris Coste.

9 up...

9 down...

Dillon Gee's a serious prospect, right? One whose first couple MLB starts were really solid?

Conshy Matt - only until you see the women

Roy Oswalt is living proof that you don't need to throw 95 MPH to have a dominant fast ball.

I'm convinced that clout has some sort of Google Alert set up for "NEPP UZR" posts.

That should get the job done.

Maybe we could bring mvptommyd back until the playoffs? He can spew all sorts of nonsense about Kyle Kendrick's impending wedding and late nights with Pat the Bat.

On second thought, nevermind.

Isn't Dillon Gee a porno star who appeared in last year's hit "Wednesday Wing does In and Out Burghers"?

@Conshy Matt: And that's why fantasy sports are spawned from the rancid, fetid seed of satan.

Nothing good can come from them, ever.

Yeah, the women and the weather help to offset the tofu and traffic, for sure.

And Beerleaguer/At Bat ensure that I don't miss a game (unless it's the communistic and unexplainable Saturday afternoon blackout - damn you Selig!)

In N Out Burger and El Pollo Loco are like the Roy Halladay & Roy Oswalt of fast food chains.

If nothing else, the Mets have some great names. Angel Pagan is my favorite, but Dillon Gee is pretty good too.

"In N Out Burger and El Pollo Loco are like the Roy Halladay & Roy Oswalt of fast food chains."

Both are sure-fire first ballot HoFer's. Still looking for a Hamels, though.

spitz - oh, that. forgot about that. great, great place.

Even the tofu is good in LA

Double No Hitter?

Best fast food in LA and the world is Wahoo's Fish Tacos. No questions asked.

Eh... I've been to LA repeatedly. If you're not into fake tans, fake breasts, and fake blondes (and I'm not) the women aren't that much better than anywhere else.

Only things that I really liked there was In & Out and the plethora of good fish tacos. You can get good mexican food in NYC, but finding a decent fish taco is an epic quest the likes of which you need a Fellowship to complete.

"Still looking for a Hamels, though."

Willard: L.A. has a Chick-Fil-A now...

Fat, thanks for that.

Dear God, I can't backtrack fast enough over my comment about even temporarily lifting the mvp moratorium. That's some good nonsensical drivel. I forgot how much dumber I was for reading that stuff.

Wow... while I was typing, both In N Out and fish tacos were mentioned. I guess I'm not alone in my opinions.

Both Hanson and Oswalt are going to pitch no-hitters tonight.

The Phillies will win, when Werth, leading off, strikes out, but the ball gets by McCann, and Werth gets to first base. He then steals, second, gets moved to third on a grounder, and scores on a groundball by Ruiz.

Best fast food in LA is still In N' Out, or any of the numerous Taco Stands that rhyme with -erto's

Valdez, poor throw?

Say it ain't so!

Spitz..I'm with you re: Wahoo's.

For all of Howard's defensive foibles this year, there are few better when it comes to digging balls out of the dirt. He has probably saved more runs with that skill than he has cost us with his errors.

I do love watching Oswalt work. Moreso than any pitcher on this team.

I would kill for an In N Out Burger...first thing we did when we went to CA on vacation was find one.

Literally, if In N Out asked me to off someone and promised to build on in VT, it'd be "taken care of".

Crap, now we have Wahoo (though I'm partial to Rubio's myself) and Chick fil A.

I'm going to lean with Wahoo/Rubio's as the Hamels, since Chick fil A is more of a southern presence (though I couldn't be happier about it's emergence in La-La Land).

If I had to compare, I'd go:

Halladay = In N Out (big draw, always a packed house)
Oswalt = El Pollo Loco (quietly chugs along/don't need hoopla)
Hamels = Wahoo/Rubio's (fish tacos, like Hamels, are a bit "soft" but still solid)

Ummmm, so we need some offense..... This is turning into a Bill Simmons column.

"numerous Taco Stands that rhyme with -erto's"

I was just about to say that San Diego has 2 Mexican fast food restaurants called Alberto's & Roberto's which both rock.

Howard's defensive woes are overstated. He's got a bad arm. His fielding of hits is average. But he's got a great glove on put outs, and he excels at stretching off the bag.

Rubio's is quite good as well.

NEPP, animal style, I presume?

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