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Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Fear the beard!

I really didn't feel that the strikezone was all that bad. Doc just missed his spots for most of the night.

A little tight perhaps but not brutal...definitely called low strikes (same as Carlson last night) Neither pitcher got off either side of the plate though.

One of the things that makes Halladay great is his ability to get out of jams even when he isn't on his A game. A true pro.

Yes...he never gives in. A true credit to his greatness.

Its nice to see him get these wins despite not being on his game considering all the games he didn't win earlier in the year when he was pitching great. Its all balanced out for him pretty much.

the pitch where chooch threw the ball to third was absolutely a strike... there were a few decidedly momentum strikes that kellogg took the hero stance on and did not call. nonetheless roy battled and showed the poise that makes him a 20 game winner

That is 6 straight starts with 3 ER or more for Doc.

Not bad, but not great either.

He is grinding out there now. Reminds me a little bit of Hamels from 2009. He still is finding a way to win though, which is all that really matters.

Just REALLY hope, that his last start of the 2010 regular season is this weekend against the Mutts. He needs to re-charge the batteries for the playoffs.

I just watched some replays, and forgot something crucial.

Halladay induced a key ground ball that would have gotten him out of an inning without giving up a run, but Rick Ankiel, who slid outside the basepath, got hit in the hand with the ball coming out of Valdez's hand.

If that double play gets turned, or is ruled a double play on the basis of Ankiel clearly going outside of the basepaths. Halladay's night doesn't look quite so un-Halladaysian anymore, as he likely goes 7, giving up 2 ER, or maybe goes into the 8th, as he would have had less pitches.

All in all, I thought Halladay was good tonight, and if he can get some time off in that last series against Atlanta, he should be fine going into the playoffs.

No matter what, though, he always gives the Phillies a chance to win.

They'll have the National League all locked up by the middle of the Nationals series.

Funny thing, despite missing most of April & May to injuries, Brad Lidge is 8th in the NL in Saves.

19 Saves since the break, just 6 before it.


Let's put this in perspective:

Roy threw 7 innings, giving up 3 runs. He didn't have his best stuff, it's true, but he's still doing well. Last year, the great Clifton Phifer Lee had these games:

6 IP, 9 H, 7 R, 7 ER, 6 K, 1 BB/HBP, 2 HR
3 IP, 9 H, 6 R, 6 ER, 3 K, 0 BB/HBP, 1 HR
5.2 IP, 7 H, 4 R, 3 ER, 6 K, 1 BB/HBP, 1 HR
7 IP, 10 H, 5R, 4 ER, 4 K, 0 BB/HBP, 0 HR

Halladay has not been so bad, in comparison, and he has a long history of success, unlike Lee (who wasn't that great before '08). I don't think it's time to press the panic button yet.

Doc was filth the first 3 innings. After the Phils long half inning at bat and he came out for the 4th he labored a bit. The 5 days rest was good for the first 3. Another 5 day break should make for 6 filthy ones next time and he'll be back on track. Here's hoping anyway.

Standards are sky high for Doc. Any other pitcher and we'd be saying he's on fire. He's a beast and as Fat said "No matter what, he always gives the Phillies a chance to win." Can't ask for more.

If the Phillies can take one more from the Braves tomorrow, the Padres would be able to tie up the WC tomorrow (they are currently winning, and would cut the lead to 1).

I wouldn't mind completely knocking the Braves right out of the postseason altogether.

We could get the Padres in the NLDS, and maybe the Reds could take the series from the Giants.

Call me crazy, but a path to the WS of the Padres and Reds would have me very excited about our prospects to get back to the WS.

Also, the strongest team in the AL as of this moment is the Twins, and I'd love to see a WS of Twins/Phillies.

When I was a kid, winning 20 games was quite an achievement, but usually each league had a handful of 20 game winners. Now, with the pitch count limits and designated by inning relievers, starters aren't involved in as many decisions, so instead of a handful of 20 game winners each year, in each league, we now get a handful of 20 game winners each decade.

My hat is off to Roy. His 20 wins is a great achievement. How many wins does he who shall not be named have this year? The answer is 12.


That's not entirely fair. He was on the Mariners for most of his season starts, so his w/l record can't be held against him (though he could hold it against us for not keeping him here)

Think the Phillies have been good after the AS break (currently 44-20).

The Twins are 45-18 since the AS Break.


Those are your two WS teams, in my opinion.

Fatalotti Bud Selig would have a sh!t fit if that were the WS. it would be a ratings 2008.

As they're lined up today, Hamels next start will be on Sunday, 9-26 & Halladay's will be on Monday 9-27. Oswalt will pitch the next day, then KK on 9-29. If, for some reason we haven't clinched everything by then, I guess you could take advantage of the 9-30 off day & finish with our Big 3. In the more likely event that we stick with our normal rotation, Hamels would be slated to start on 10-2 & Halladay on 10-3. The NLDS starts on 10-6. Game 2 is on 10-8; game 3 on 10-10.

Unless something goes terribly wrong over the next 10 days, there's obviously no way Halladay makes that 10-3 start on the last day of the season. I do, however, worry about skipping these guys entirely. If H20 make their last starts on 9-26 through 9-28, that would mean that Halladay would pitch Game 1 of the NLDS on 8 days rest; Hamels & Oswalt would pitch Games 2 and 3 on 11 days rest.

8 days rest for Halladay is probably ok, considering how many innings he has logged this year. But 11 days rest is way too much for Hamels & Oswalt, especially considering how hot they are right now. I think you've got to get each of them some action in that final series of the season just to keep them sharp. I'd probably stick with Hamels on 10-2, which is his normal day, & I'd start Oswalt on 4 days rest in that 10-3 game. I'd probably take both out after about 5 innings or 75 pitches. But you can't let them enter the playoffs without having pitched in 11 days.

BAP, they're currently lined up in such a way that it would be

10/1: Hamels
10/2: Halladay
10/3: Oswalt

I say you throw each one out there for 4-5 innings, tops, on a strict pitch count, just to get their work in, and maybe Halladay only pitches 2 innings, just like a bullpen.

This is all assuming everything is locked up, and with a 5 game lead in the loss column over the Braves/Reds/Giants/Padres, I think they'll definitely have the NL wrapped up going into that last series.

If they win 5 of their next 7 (which would take them right up to the Braves series with a record of 96-63), you have to imagine that each of the Braves/Reds/Padres and Giants will have at least 67 losses by that point (they currently all have 66), and it will be all locked up.

Firt goal, beat Atlanta tomorrow. Then take both the Mets series and Nat'ls series. Then rest everyone for 3 days, end the season probably with a record of 97-65, and go into the postseason with everything set up for domination.

Beat writers are saying oswalt will get an extra day and kk will pitch Tuesday.

Fatalotti: I think your alignment is right if you assume that we'd take advantage of the 9-30 off-day and skip Blanton or Kendrick. I was assuming that we would NOT skip them because we'd be so comfortably in control of the division that there would be no need to.

Either way, I do think we need to get at least Hamels & Oswalt some work in that last series. On the other hand, if Halladay were to enter the NLDS on an extended 8-day rest, I think he could handle it. 8 days isn't 11 days &, with all the innings he has logged, & all the innings he'll be counted on to pitch in the post-season, he can probably use the rest more than additional work.

I look at the Twins' roster & am left scratching my head about why they've been so good. Even with Justin Morneau, who has been out for 2 months, their lineup is above average but hardly great. And when your best starting pitcher is Carl Pavano, that's not an imposing staff. They seem to be following the Padres' model of having an average starting rotation & a killer bullpen. Only difference is that the Twins do have a much better lineup than the Padres.

The AL looks like a total crapshoot to me. All 4 teams look pretty even. If I had to bet, I'd probably bet on one of the Eastern teams.

First and most important, the Phils are f**kin awesome!!
Second - absolutely amazed at the continued need on these game threads when the Fightins are doing so incredibly well for posters to keep taking shots at Cliff Lee. One wrote about Halladay winning a well-deserved 20th game for Cliff Lee to now stick it. Another in expressing his lack of concern for Halladay's perhaps not as sharp recent performances wrote sarcastically about "the great Clifton Phifer Lee" and then pulled out some tangential statistics. These kinda comments say more about the posters than contribute to the celebratory atmosphere around the Phillies and Halladay. Cliff Lee never did anything to hurt the Phillies except pitch his arm off and heart out and has never said anything negative about his experience here or the Phillies team. The only sin I can see that he committed was that he got traded away from the Phillies a month after his greatest achievement in baseball to date.
Congratulations Roy Halladay on 20 great victories...and Phils you make me proud to be one of your most loyal fans.

In the NLDS I understand the Phils would have the opportunity to go for a 9 day schedule over the 5 games which would keep H2O going on regular rest if needed. Is the NLCS setup the same way?

Interesting to note that in the last 7 games no starter has reached the 6th inning against the Phils.

Hang on.....7 day schedule

NLCS is 7 games over 10 days. Short rest or 4th starter. Got it. I'm cooked.

PDude, I don't mean to imply any disrespect for Lee (and he's had a damn good season this year). Despite a slight downturn since joining the Rangers, he is still one of the best pitchers in the game now, and I would have loved to have seen him stay here. I wasn't taking shots at him as much as cracking wise about how in the past five years we've become a team that can (but doesn't always) support its pitchers, unlike the M's, and now this is a place Curt Schilling would want to end up instead of be traded from. Where you heard sarcasm, I meant sincerity. Mostly I was just trying to maintain the happiness around here while others started freaking out about Halladay not being as good as he ought to be.

So back off a bit, please.

@Oliver -
Cool to read you weren't taking a pop at Lee!
I agree with you on Halladay....I think he'll be fine for the post season (He'll get his second wind with all our amped up fans waving their rally towels).
My real prob now is I don't know who to root for for the other playoff spots. Think I want San Diego to be the wild card and be our first round opponent. Don't really like the Giants or the Rox as our first round match up although I def really think we can beat anyone.

The Phils have absolutely destroyed San Diego since Petco has been built... and why shouldn't they? Our above average offense matches up well with their above average pitching, and our above average pitching matches up even better with their below average offense.

I've personally attended every game out here for the last 4 years, and it's either a Phils win in a pitcher's duel, or a Phils blowout.

Unfortunately, the Pads are falling apart now, and unless the Pads grab a nice winning streak and/or get some help from the other teams falling apart, there is at best a 15% chance of the Phils draw them in the NLDS... which sucks as one of my clients has been a season ticket holder since 1978, 7th row behind home.

I'm also with some of you that I am having nightmares if we face off against Minnesota.

Post All-Star, we're 3rd in team runs, Minnesota is 2nd. Pitching, we're 5th in team ERA, they're 2nd.

I also do not want to see San Francisco right now, who so far, has let in all of 28 runs this month, posting 6 shutouts. Granted, part of that is from having a favorable schedule consisting of the Cubs, Pads, Dbacks, and Dodgers, but I do not think that it would have all that much should they have had faced our schedule.

Doc certainly hasn't brought it the past handful of starts, but this is really the only spell like this this season for him. I'm sure that the extra rest days will catch up with him soon enough. And can you think of anyone who would will themselves towards superiority more than Halladay for his first round of playoffs?

"Fatalotti Bud Selig would have a sh!t fit if that were the WS. it would be a ratings 2008."

Minnesota wouldn't be a huge ratings draw, but the Phillies would bring viewers. Simply by virtue of them having been in the WS the past two years anyone who follows baseball at all recognizes the team and has formed some kind of opinion on them, positive or negative. The "ideal" ratings draw would be a re-match of NYY and Phila, but we'll see what happens. Gotta get to the big series first.

This is the rotation per a tweet from Gelb last night:

9/22 vs Braves Oswalt
9/24 vs Mets Blanton
9/25 vs Mets Hamels
9/26 vs Mets Halladay
9/27 @ Nats Kendrick
9/28 @ Nats Oswalt
9/29 @ Nats Blanton
10/1 @ Braves Hamels
10/2 @ Braves Halladay
10/3 @ Braves Oswalt

About the bottom of the 6th last night I started to get real tired real early.

I turned off my radio feed and went to bed. Not because I didn't care about how the game ended, but because with Doc on the mound, the offense in September mode, and Lidge back to form I had complete confidence in the win.

It's the first time this season I've been that unabashedly positive. Feels good.

Also... Franklyn Zavala automatically becomes my favorite prospect based on name alone. Shame we'll never get to hear Kalas wrap his voice around that.

Heard Werth's homerun on the radio last night. The crack of the bat was enormous!

this team is filthy right now

Good Morning!

Woohoo Roy Halladay!

Yep, Twins are scary this year. Much love for Jim Thome amongst my friends and neighbors. It's a little weird.

Have a great day.

Yeah, Halladay got the win. And yeah, he didn't get lit up. But he has looked decidedly human for a few weeks now. And Cole Hamels is pitching stone-cold lights out right now.

Am I crazy for starting to think we should open the playoffs with Hamels as our No. 1? After all, he's an NLCS and WS MVP. He's been there before and is familiar with the pressure. Halladay has never pitched in the postseason.

Tell me I'm crazy for even thinking this.


If I ever hear thatcar commecial again I may kick the TV through the wall.

How can you not love Jim Thome?

Doc will be fine.

Twins are 25 games over .500 against the AL Central. Doesn't seem like the toughest batch of teams ever.

Do you think the Twins success is due to playing a lot of games against the AL Central? Not much fire there. In fact, one could argue that there are only 5 good teams in the AL.

BP Postseason odds up to 99.93653, but now worse than the Reds again.

The Twins are a really good team but I think our starting 3 tips the balance.

What sucks for the Twins is they'll either get the Rays or the Yanks in the first round of the playoffs.

I think the Twins would beat the Rays without too much issue. The Rays pitching has been terrible outside of Price.

After Cole's start, Charlie was asked who his ace was. he replied that he "likes all three" which might have been a small way of saying, the game 1 starter will be whoever's pitching the best going into the playoffs.

If they get the top spot in the NL, they won't need to throw any of H2O on short rest in the first series (they would get the 8 day schedule), so it wouldn't be crazy to see Cole gets game 1, Doc game 2 and Oswalt game 3.

And with the way the rotation is lined up now, that's how it would happen.

Roy1 and Roy2 seem like the kind of guys who would be the first to clap Cole on the back if Cholly taps him for game 1. I think they'd be honestly happy for him and more concerned with winning the series then who got what game.

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