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Monday, September 27, 2010


Sadly, Charlie will go with the veteran Dobbs over the rookie Brown.

I personally think it's a terrible move because, as bad as Brown has been, Dobbs has been worse, and Brown gives you some added speed as a pinch-runner.

But Charlie loves veterans. So Dobbs and his .190 it is.

There's no way "players manager" Charlie Manuel denies the lovable Sweeney a job on the playoff roster. None.

Unless Sweeney is unhealthy, which is always a concern at this point in his career.

The roster will contain 11 pitchers, and thus 6 bench players. They will be:


You'll notice a serious lack of speed and defense in that group. However you'll have TONS of veteran presence.

He's gonna bring Brown over Dobbs. I love DObbers, but someone looks ready for the competition, one looks ready to retire. Bodies give out, bat speed slows.

joe, you talkin about Dobbs or Ibanez? jk.

Jack: On Brown v. Dobbs, there's also this (which I mentioned in the last thread): Brown's OPS against right-handers is a respectable .740; Dobbs' is .607. Although Brown's overall numbers look terrible, it's mainly because he is 1 for 13 against left-handed pitching. But his post-season job description would not include batting against left-handed pitching.

OP - from the other thread; don't call your bookie, how could you even consider placing with Skybet? Next thing you know, they're a multinational conglomerate, change their name to SkyNet, and your dodging Schwarzenegger through the streets of futuristic LA.

/rant over, just want the rain to stop in DC!

Dobbs is ineligible for the Playoffs since he was not on the Active Roster or disabled list on 8/31/10.

The last time it came down to a "Dobbs or Brown" decision (i.e. who stays on the team when Vic came back), let's not foget that Dobbs came up a bit short there and he had to clear waivers (Brown would have been an outright option to AAA). Dobbs, while not as inept - frankly it would be impossible to sustain - hasn't exactly been a world beater since September call ups, either.

Not arguing Cholly's loyalty to veterans, but I'm not 100% convinced that it's entirely his decision.

Now, there's the little matter of the "out" with Brown's "injury," that's in play this time, too. So, who really knows?

We need Sweeney's DH prowess.

“Rule 40 – Players Eligible for Post-Season

Players Eligible - Players who are on the 25-man roster, the major league Disabled, Suspend, Military, or the Bereavement Lists within a given organization on August 31 are eligible to be on that team's playoff roster. Other players are generally not eligible to be on the playoff roster. However, if a player in the organization is on the Disabled List on August 31 and still on the Disabled List at the end of the regular season, that player may be replaced on the playoff roster by any player that was in the organization as of August 31. For example, any player on the 15-day or 60-day DL on both August 31 and the end of the season may be replaced by a minor leaguer who may not have been on the major league roster as of August 31. That replacing player does not have to be a pitcher if he is replacing a pitcher, nor does a position player have to be replaced a position player. Once the playoffs start, if a player becomes disabled he can be replaced by any player from the 40-man roster, even during the series in which the player was injured. However, under those circumstances a pitcher must be replaced with a pitcher and a position player with a position player. Additionally, the replaced player may not be activated for the remainder of the playoffs.

Hopefully they get the game in tonight. I'm sitting in my office in downtown DC and don't see any rain out my window.

Love to see the Phillies clinch tonight, even though I'll have to sit through the horrible MASN announcers...

bap: Good point. Somehow I doubt Charlie sees it like that, though.

"Not arguing Cholly's loyalty to veterans, but I'm not 100% convinced that it's entirely his decision."

Agreed. He isn't the only person involved with the roster.

The Phils will need only 10 pitchers in the post-season.
Your pitcher are...
H2O plus Kentucky Joe
Jose C

And that leaves room for 6 bench guys...
Ben Fran
Dom Brown

That is your postseason roster folks.
Looks like a winner to me!

according to the weather channel website, there is a 100% chance that it is going to rain in washington between 9 and midnight. i have no idea how they can be 100 % sure of something like that, but i kind of think we're not going to see a game tonight. which is fine with me since it means an extra day of rest for halladay.

"The last time it came down to a "Dobbs or Brown" decision . . . let's not foget that Dobbs came up a bit short there"

Very true. And, if the Phillies were wiling to go with just one backup infielder at the time, they might be willing to do it again. In a sense, it's not really as big a risk as people make it out to be. The odds of 2 infielders getting injured are infinitesimally small. A more plausible scenario is that 1 infielder could get injured after Valdez has already batted. But how likely is that, when you consider that the Phillies have 4 or 5 pinch hitters who are better than Valdez and who would almost certainly be used before him? Besides, insofar as there's risk, it's a risk we've taken all year long at both 2nd base and SS. Dobbs only eliminates that risk at 3rd base.

I will consult with my old school Latinos (family members) and come up with a list for you. I have an uncle who has protested at the hall before proclaiming Minnie Minosa was robbed. As a guy who played in several decades (plus All-star Negro league ball) I agree he deserves some sort acknowledgment as does the one Japanese pitcher the Giants pitcher from the 1960's (they let him go back to Japan because of his posting fee).

As for bad networks, I will have to see how TBS/TNT does with the playoffs on FIOS. I had comcast before and I literally called the network and comcast because their feed sucked so bad it ruined the experience. I seem to remember BL'ers writing similar comments on this forum.

If they do manage to get the game in, there's a 100% chance that it will feel like a loss.

Lets play the "Freak Injury Game".
Next Monday player:
1. Baez
2. Herndon
3. Brown
a. Hurt his back washing his car.
b. Bruise his thumb carving a pumpkin.
c. Sprain his ankle playing catch with the neighborhood kids.

Anyone else torn between seeing this game and watching The Event? I thought it was good, at least, Blair Underwood is a passable Commander in Chief.


Dobbs will and should be the choice. Brown's fielding is terrible you can't relie on it. As with his hitting,he can't hit good enough to play in that type of game set. He can't PH. as for running he is not that fast, not any faster than Mayberry, Rollins, Worth or Shane V. Brown is a better minor leaguer.All his numbers came in the minors, the game changes in the majors, he just can't handle the majors.He needs more time. He is a better minor league player. Mayberry over Brown

We do not at all times get our hopes and dreams, and we never generally get our very own way.
But do not quit hope, since you could make a variation a person scenario and just one man or woman at a time.

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