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Saturday, September 18, 2010


Lakewood Blueclaws leading 4-2 in the seventh. If they win, they're the champs.

Braves lead Mess 3-2 in the seventh. If the Braves win, it will confirm that the Mess are awful.

A rookie pitcher for the Nats who has good stuff & who we've never seen before. KK on the mound against a team who has pounded him 3 times this year. This feels like a loss.

The Phils have never seen Zimmerman before? I thought they had faced him.

McLousy hits a homer in the top 9th.
4-2 Bravos.

Lakewood wins. Lakewood wins. LAAAAAKKKKEEEEWOOOODDDD WINS. (Sung to the tune of "Yankees Win", in other words, annoyingly.)

Kendrick vs. the Natinals in '10: 12.71 ERA, 2.471 WHIP, Opponent Slash Line .404BA / .475OBP / .654SLG / 1.129OPS ... The Phillies are going to lose tonight.

Kendrick is the 5th starter...I won't feel too bad if they drop this. But I wouldn't throw in the towel yet, even if kendrick is battered, I could see zimmerman getting battered worse.

The Phils have seen Zimmerman.

"The right-hander gave up five runs in five innings and didn’t get a decision in his only outing against the Phillies on May 17, 2009. Philadelphia won 8-6."

If these teams don't score at least 10 runs combined tonight, I would be really surprised. This has the makes of one of those Sept. games that ends with at least 9 or 10 pitchers being used by both teams despite playing just 9 innings.

Here we go....

i'm seeing a lot of david herndon innings in our future.

Nice start for Kendrick.

Why is this guy still pitching for us again?

I'll honestly be surprised if Kendrick makes it through the 3rd. This team just owns Kendrick, and he probably shouldn't have started against them.

I hope I'm wrong.

I see Kendrick is off to a blazing start. Time to get Worley warmed up.

Well, that was quick.

Seriously, though, they should have pulled him from the rotation a couple of weeks ago. Even Clout said they should be looking hard for an upgrade.

Worley pitched well enough in his start for me to at least give him a chance. The worst that can happen is we lose some 5th starter's games--but we're already doing that anyway.

Kendrick should have been removed from the rotation 2+ weeks ago. Worley couldn't possibly be this bad. Charlie needs to WAKE THE F*CK UP.

If KK gets a double play here, that will be impressive.

Tulowitzki has to be juicing. 14 HRs and 33 RBIs in the month of September, and it's only the 18th.

That's just ridiculous.

Good job KK.

Whatever Rich Dubee said during that conference at the mound, Kendrick ought to have the words tattooed onto the back of his hand.

Whatever Dubee said worked. Good job, KK.

It's quite possible that Worley could be worse. But at this point, so what?

Kendrick got out of the first by the skin of his teeth. I hope Worley isn't too rusty if he implodes soon.

Nice job by the leadoff hitter.

When Ryan Howard does this in September, he gets the MVP award. Tulo must be juicing though.

Honestly, he's playing his way into MVP discussion. If he could stay healthy, he'd be a top MVP candidate every single year. I honestly think he's the best SS in the game, when you look at offense and defense, and he should be in the conversation for top player in the game over the next few years, if he can just stay healthy.

Damn it!!

Dubee: "You know, that japan thing was pretty funny the first time, I don't think you'll be laughing the 2nd time. Pull your head out of your a## and pitch".

Probably went something like that.

Jack, Ryan Howard averages about 12 homerruns and 30 RBI in September over his career.

Tulo is on pace to for 23 homeruns and 55 RBI this month.

That'll get you on the All Star team every year if you do that over teh first 3 months of the season.

I'm sorry for being a little incredulous.

Fatalotti: Wait, you're actually serious about Tulo being on juice?

Anyway, my point is that he's pulling a Ryan Howard, the kind of September which makes everyone want Howard to win the MVP here every year. Tulo should probably get the same credit too especially considering he plays a very good defense SS in addition to his ridiculous offense carrying the Rockies towards a playoff berth.

Tulowitzki does have the crooked home-away splits that you invariably see with Rockies players. But even his away numbers are still plenty good. If the Rockies make the playoffs, he does deserve MVP consideration. As for whether he's the best shorstop in baseball . . . I don't even see how that is subject to debate.

Wow, if anything proves how bad Kendrick is right now it's that at bat by Zimmerman. He couldn't put the pitcher away 0-2. Just awful.

Jack, I'm just think the numbers are a little ridiculous.

From the comments on here, I amused the Phils were already down by at least 3 runs and that he was out of the game.

Instead he has let up 1 R through the first 2 IP.

MG, box score doesn't show how poorly he pitched in the first.

I hope Jayson Werth is in the middle of one his patented homerun streaks, where he hits like 6 in 5 games.

Good time to get hot. Big ups Werth!

Mr. Clutch himself, JAYSON WERTH!

Eh. Its easy with no one on base.

Fatalotti: I assume, then, that you'll question whether Werth is juicing?

What the box score does show is that KK got out of a potential disaster in the 1st.

Werth with the bases empty: 296 AB, .328 AVG, 17 HR

"Werth with the bases empty: 296 AB, .328 AVG, 17 HR"

I actually thought he was batting 1,000 wiht the bases empty.

So...6-4-3 or 5-4-3?


I never thought I'd type the following words, but I sure hope Valdez is ok.

Sunday Headline: Jimmy Rollins traded for future considerations, Amaro locks up Valdez with 5 year, $55 million deal

Funny Jack.

Valdez is the best damn 3rd SS in baseball.

Remember when Juan Castro blocked him?

"So...6-4-3 or 5-4-3?"

I'll get back to you on that.

Valdez has 13 doubles this year? Wow.

I wonder if we'll see Jimmy again in the regular season.

Valdez is batting .343 in Sept.

Interesting comment from Werth last night on the Post Game Show (radio). Jayson told J.J. he "saw something" while reviewing film a couple of days ago, & has since made an adjustment. Werth isn't the type to bullsh*t for the sake of bulls*tting, so I am hopeful that he's about to go on a tear. So far, so good.

MG, for the record, the majority of those comment you're referring to were written in response to the following:

KK had just given up a leadoff single, followed by a triple, followed by a HBP, followed by a trip to the mound by the pitching coach, followed by Adam Dunn (a left hander, and a guy who can hit the ball a mile) coming to the plate. The negative comments were more than justified.

Need more than a 1 run lead for KK, thats fer sure.

Polanco has become the most automatic out in the Phillies' lineup.

It'd be nice to get Jimmy back so we could actually rest Polly for a game or two as he looks like he needs a breather. With Jimmy back, Exxon and move over to 3B for a game here and there.

MG: Kendrick already has 52 Pitches (2IP). Assuming (by some miracle) he manages to have himself a "Quality Start": it's just more use for Durbin, Madson, Romero, Contreras, etc. Yeah, Kyle's the proverbial 5th Starter, but between his personal failures & Charlie's refusal to ever NOT overuse the bullpen, nothing but bad things can come of his outings.

It's not just that KK had a weak first inning. It's that he gets ahead of a hitter 0-2, then he wastes a pitch. So far so good. Then he wastes two more. Seems like he's afraid to throw a strike. Even to the pitcher.

Shane Victorino HAS to make contact in his at-bat. If he had, we'd have an extra run. Serious flub.

Kendrick threw more than 50 pitches during the first 2 innings. He may improve now, but it's unlikely that he'll last more than 5. We get to see the bullpen work tonight.

"I'll honestly be surprised if Kendrick makes it through the 3rd."

I will happily eat my own words.

I'm texting from Durham, after watching my alma mater (Duke) get housed by the #1 team in the country. But 'Bama is pretty good. Now we're tailgating and listening to the Phils and people are looking at us funny. Idiots.

5 straight 30 HR, 100 RBI seasons


Ryan Howard, ladies and gentlemen...

Good stuff Big Piece, 30/100.

Let's obsess over 1 bad inning for KK and ignore the other two innings that he pitched well.
Did anyone really expect a complete game from him tonight?

complaining about CBP ballpark dimensions on cue from the Natinals announcers...

Nice job, Big Problem.

****Did anyone really expect a complete game from him tonight? ****

If KK doesnt give me 9 shutout innings, I'm disappointed.

Ibanez channeling his inner Ryan Howard.


Ladies and Gentlemen...Mr Raul Ibanezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rauuuuuuuuuuuuuul. Washed up

And now we're watching a home run derby...

For a guy who has allowed 1 run in 3 innings, and has allowed one hit in the last 11 PAs, KK sure is getting a lot of grief on this thread.

Sure, he looked terrible to the first 3 hitters. Then Dubee went & spoke to him & he has looked good ever since. Granted, I don't have a lot of faith in the guy, but he hasn't done anything tonight to warrant all the catcalls.

Now that was a CBP special there.

Gosh, it's a shame HR & RBI are "meaningless" now, huh? Otherwise, guys like Howard & Ibañez might be having pretty decent seasons.

Ruiz just doesn't have opposite field power.

Maybe next time.

I had the sound down...why was the older guy in the red getting walked out after the HR?

You dont stop Wilson only hope to contain him.

14th double on the year.

I wish you guys could hear how hilarious the Nats announcers sound whining and complaining about CBP.

Is Jimmy being Wally Pipp'd?

NEPP: If it's Howard's HR you're referring to, the Phillies were probably gonna try to offer him magic beans in exchange for the ball.

The older guy was going to customer service to get Ibanez to sign the homerun he caught.

"I had the sound down...why was the older guy in the red getting walked out after the HR?"

Taking the ball to get signed by Rauuuul maybe. Something like that. Only A grade treatment at a Phillies game. All class.

****NEPP: If it's Howard's HR you're referring to, the Phillies were probably gonna try to offer him magic beans in exchange for the ball.****

No idea...I thought it was Raul's HR ball but who knows. If it was Howard's, yeah that makes sense.

The Nats announcers are probably the worst in baseball...even after Dibble was canned.

Unless you run on the field and the cops tazzer you.


The older guy was going to customer service to get Ibanez to sign the homerun he caught.****

Pretty good deal.

Nice grab by Werth...he's a great defender when his head's in the game.

BAP: "Granted, I don't have a lot of faith in the guy, but he hasn't done anything tonight to warrant all the catcalls."

You have apparently missed the laughable double standard when it comes to Kendrick. Read any post from aksmith, Jack, Gtown Dave etc. when he pitches. It will give you quite a big laugh.

NEPP: The Marlins' announcers are pretty godawful too. I found them so unbearable during this last series that I actually switched to Wheels, McCarthy & Sarge.

KK seems to have settled in.

He's a good 5th starter.

What does JJ bring to the radio...?

"ball hit up the middle...Utley steps on second"

up the middle confers it's a single, or am I being too literal?

I'd put the Fish announcers right up with the Nats.

I like the Mets and Astros announcers alot...and the Dodgers of course.

Regarding Tulowitzki: is juicing for short periods of time even possible?

not sure which is worse Sarge and Wheels or listening to Ray Knight complain about CBP.Guess the Nats don't bat here.Bring back Dible.

Franzke & LA to the booth would give us one of the best TV crews in the business. Hell, keep Sarge around for the middle innings too but get rid of TMac and Wheels. Both are brutal.

KK is pitching well. Keeping the ball down enough and has thrown 48 strikes,69 pitches. Looking good so far.

Ishmael: Jackson is one of the least interesting announcers you'll ever hear. He went to the Andy Musser/Scott Graham School of Broadcasting: Dull, duller and dullest.

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