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Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Will this game chat have more comments than the clincher??? I predict yes.

Good thing these games are meaningless...i'm trying to finish a 90page academic article and can't be watching the games anymore...who am i kidding, i'll still watch/follow 90% of this game

WFC '10

Dominic Brown lives!

First start since Sept. 6th vs. Fish and has a whopping 8 ABs the past 5 weeks.

I would like to see them A]rest the regulars; get them two or three at bats then out B]win as many games as possible. Keep the winning feeling going C] Guys like Gload, Brown, Sweeney, Francisco, Dobbs have something to prove. Brown and Dobbs especially playing for a spot on the playoff roster..

Ben Francisco's 1st start since Sept. 5th vs. Brewers when he was sent to bench. He has a whopping 16 ABs the past 5 weeks.

Dobbs' 1st start since Aug. 15th vs. Mets and rightly so. He had semi-productive in July hitting .255/.305/.455 in 14 GS. Since then he has been a phantom with the occasional PH appearance in the 6th/7th inning.

I am seriously looking forward to some authentic Phillies bench ball. I want to see how the kids and gramps perform. I hope UC doesn't yank them too quickly.

Francisco in CF? I wouldn't be surprised to see an error or a play that should be scored an error tonight.

Ben Fran starts. All is right with the world. Life is good.

philwynk: gramps?

how long does charlie let roy o go tonite?

There's really no reason for any of our starters to go more than 5 innings from here on out. Doesn't mean it will play out like that, that's just my opinion.

They said Roy will go about 5 innings. I just don't remember who said it, whether it was Ricky Bo speculating or whether Charlie also said so.

Feels great to be going out there knowing we're just getting ready for the postseason! For the 4th year in a row!!!

Hey, guys, Squonk in da house!

I have to say, Jason't headline, "Best of Times Eclipse the Worst of Times." made me laugh.

Maybe it's my grandfather, who was an A's fan talking, but...

How can anything but a decade of dominance from the Phils over come being the worst professional sporting team in the world. 10,000+ losses. Two team owners banned from baseball. People in Pittsburgh yearn for the day The Simpson's gets cancelled, so Pirates briadcasts can then become the longest running comedy on television, but...

Nothing can really erase the worst of the Phillies times. Those are things that happenned before any of us were born. Maybe I am hitting on Jason for lack of historical perscective (sp?). Maybe it's me, sitting in front of my 'puter wearing a vintage "XX" uniform.

But my point is, nothing can really erase how bad the Phillies were, when they were truely bad. The truely bad Philies never existed in any of our lifetimes, so how do we know that this run absolves all that?

something tells me that the BL grammar police will just stay far, far away from Squonk posts. probably for the best.

Genesis taught me that a Squonk was supposed to be a sly one and a shy one...

CM: Grammar is necessary, but I choose to use words to create a flow of passion. If proper punctuation gets in the way, be damned...

your passion is noted. your be determined.

Geez, our bench guys SUCK.

CM: To ensure eternal salvation, avoid anything I do. Bless you my son.

Rollins got the error, but Dobbs easily could have caught that ball.

Really, just bad defense by both of them.

WHAT? None of you noted my Hemmingway quote about punctuation and economy of words? I'm upset.

"But my point is, nothing can really erase how bad the Phillies were, when they were truely bad"

I think it can, and it has. Let's face it, this is not the same team as one in the 30s, 40s, most of the 50s, etc. Those days is over.

Any post that begins with the narcissistic announcement, "I'm in the house!" I ignore on principle, and I ignore subsequent posts by the same poster. I couldn't give a rat's patoot whether this oddly-named nobody is "in the house" or not, but I'm certainly not going to encourage that sort of pre-adolescent behavior.

If the Phillies play horribly in a meaninginess game, do I still have permission to be disgusted?

squonk - no worries dude, too much to be happy about to squobble (get it?).

Rollins made and error, giving away a run?

Season = over.

Oh, wait...

OK, phil. You do that. Narcisist? You bet. I am that way because my Honor Roll son can beat the living hell out of your Honor Roll son.

Loving this lineup.

Mr. Roll is rusty. He'll get through it.

Did any of the Beerleaguer old-timers happen to notice the cameo appearance from the long-departed Sir Alden last night?

Yup bap, I noticed.

Domonic Brown makes Ryan Howard look like a contact hitter.

Brown needs to sacrifice a live chicken...

BAP, I noticed as well.

Old Phan: Agree, but if the Phils want to claim they existed since 1883, we have to go back to 1883. I know none of us knew the Phils when they were truely bad, and what you are saying agrees with what I said.

Time for Marquis to do a little desperately needed 'stat-padding' to help his woeful numbers.

I saw him, but I was a little late coming to that party, BLer-longevity wise. I think I came in right around the time everyone stopped saying "remember when Sir Alden..."

SirAlden came and went in a hurry and ripped a one liner at a certain resident BL. Short, sharp hit and run.

Got it, CM. Maybe we could play tag team with... well, that isn't family friendly...

My favorite numbers for Marquis year:

4.1 K/9, 3.9 BB/9

Yeah I know he has been hurt and only has made 12 starts but a K/BB ratio of nearly 1 for a start? Yikes.

Even the much maligned KK is at 1.8 K/BB on the season.

BTW, Scott. Didn't miss your Genesis note. Squonk truely is "not flesh, nor fish, nor bone." In fact, a "red rag hangs from his open mouth. Alive at both ends, but a little dead in the middle."

What kind of pitch count is Oswalt on tonight? 85?

Brown does have good speed in RF at least.

@ B_A_p: If the Phillies play horribly in a meaninginess game, do I still have permission to be disgusted?

You have permission, except for tonight. They should have a keg in the dugout, pursuant to the 'hair o' the dog'/ Reggie Leach exceptions to the general ban on performance impacting substances.

Every now & then Marquis puts up a season like this one in which he's breathtakingly awful. More often than not, though, he's a Blanton/Garland/Westbrook caliber pitcher. I'd bet on him to bounce back & be pretty decent next year. Same with Blanton, for that matter.

Sorry, MG, for continuously taking your on-topic comments and taking this thtread further, and further away from the game.

Just like last year, I will do my best to talk about ANYTHING but the game, after we clinched.

I imagine us all sitting around a bar, and finding the game to be an occasional distraction. Sometimes, someone says something LOUD enough that someone cares to respond to.

Unfortunately, we are beyond the "put a knife in it" point at this point.

Why is Tom Corbett running against "the politicians" in Harrisburg in that ad? He's been one of those politicians for 100 years.

Houston up 2-1 on Cinci. Frankly, that game, and the Giants game, are much more interesting to me. Here's to hoping SF gets the 2 seed and Cinci falls to the 3 seed. Then I could care less who gets the WC.

NEEP: I don't think there is a true pitch count. My guess is five innings to get a win, if he's in a position to do that, then bye-bye.

I dont like that even our backup lineup is making Marquis look like a Cy Young candidate.

Rollins: 3 pitches, 3 swings.

Mid-season form.

Anyone watching Atlanta and Florida between innings?

That is something I do blame the coaching staff for. Rollins should always be given a take sign on the first pitch, but they just let him free swing.

Honestly, I wouldn't complain if Charlie started the postseason w/ Valdez at SS. I don't think he will, but I wouldn't question it if he did.

Squonk - You are a strange bird. My favorite random roster on here though is still Kool Earl.

Wow GTown, I think you are one of the better posters here, but that was one of the dumbest things you've ever written.

"Here's to hoping SF gets the 2 seed and Cinci falls to the 3 seed."

An even better scenario would be for the Giants to miss the playoffs altogether. But rooting for that scenario would require us to do something very odd -- namely, root for the Braves to beat the Phillies in the upcoming 3-game series. Even though the games don't count, and even though it will be the Phillies' junior varsity squad, I still don't think I can wrap my mind around rooting against them.

JRoll is hitting .311 on the first pitch. Not exactly the worst thing the world. He is also averaging 3.74 pitches this year which is alot more than he did last year (3.50).

I don't expect JRoll to be sharp at all especially at the plate. I do hope though that he rounds into form a bit and is solid defensively though because he is going to be the starter next week.

BAP, I think the Giants are playing too well to miss the playoffs entirely. I think if we root for them to lose, we are basically rooting for them to get the WC.

I have a personal reason to want to see the Giants in the 2 seed. As a SF resident, I really want to see the Phils play in person. Unfortunatley, I'm in Europe the weekend both the Eagles are in town and games 3 and 4 of the LDS would happen. Terrible, unfortunate timing. So lets go Giants.

Why? I didn't say that would be my choice, only that it would be understandable if Charlie chose to continue w/ a player that's fully healthy in a lineup configuration that has been producing. Look at how long it has taken Utley & Howard to regain even a vague semblance of their form. Chances are it'll take longer than 5 starts for Rollins to do the same.

By-the-by, I am current holder of the prestigious "Dumbest Poster on Beerleaguer" title, so nothing I post ought to come as a surprise to you.

Valdez in Sept: .311 AVG/.400 OBP/.793 OPS

Talk about coming through big time when he was needed.

There's 5 games between now and the playoffs -- which means around 20 to 25 PAs for Rollins. That should be more than enough time to get his hitting back to its normal, hideous form.

Sqoumk - Nothing can erase history but these winning years at least are no repeat. A new kind of Phils history is being written and as an avid reader of phillies history recent publications are truly a joy to read. Hopefully there are many more winning chapters to be written.

Not sure backups will play against the Braves, since it will affect the Padres/Giants. It was discussed earlier in telecast - UC mentioning the integrity of the game.

Nice to see Valdez get some rest tonight and his backup get to play.

If he's healthy, Jimmy will start in October. If he's not, then UC will likely go with Valdez.

I hope he's healthy and he gets back into form in the next 4.5 games. Jimmy is a red light player who knows how to win.


GTown, I know that Valdez has performed admirably, especially in the field. But give me a former MVP who has shined previously in the playoffs any day than a AAAA player making his first appearance. Valdez isn't exactly Tulo at the plate, so I want the guy who has shown that he won't get the yips in a big spot.

Ol' Wash Up!

Since June 22 when JRoll returned from the DL:

.230/.300/.333 with just 5 HRs and 30 RBIs in 291 ABs. Its been pretty ugly.

Now that's a line drive Rauuuul

I can't get too excited about this game. My fiance is currently watching Arrested Development, and I keep flicking my eyes at the screen and missing things on the radio. I may give in soon.

MG: I ain't strange. I am the 99.9% of people who aren't on Beerleaguer right now.

BTW--The Squonk award goes to NEEP, for forcing me to comment about the game after the Phillies clinch.

Is NEEP a new poster? Never heard of him.

Who is this NEEP you speak of?

NEPP - Charlie will start Rollins whether he's healthy or not.

There is this notion that JRoll has been some of the 'money' player in the playoffs. Yeah he has had 1 or 2 big moments but he has been a big dud for the most part:

.231/.297/.366 in 32 G in the postseason in his career.

Phils have often won in the postseason in spite of what JRoll did.

Old Phan: I think he is one of the Knights who say "NEEP."

Overall, I have to say Francisco was one of my biggest disappointments this year. I really thought he'd be a solid 4th OF but he hasn't shown up. Too many mental errors out of him and UC iced him finally.

He's not dead yet!

Blood: I did say I was wearing a vintage Jimmy Foxx uniform, right?

Maybe my blood runs further in history than yours.

So, here I am, watching a 2010 Phillies game wearing a 1920-something Philadelphia Athletic Club uni.

Yeah, I am a bit weird. But there are people who agree with me.

I dont want to go on the cart...

"But give me a former MVP who has shined previously in the playoffs"

Rollins has actually stunk in the playoffs. But he has certainly had his moments & there's no question that he's preferable to Valdez.

Unless JRoll is hopping around like some demented Easter Bunny on one leg, he will be in the starting lineup next week.

The one thing I am hoping is that he didn't have a couple of good offensive games to lull Cholly back into putting him into the leadoff spot for Game 1 of teh NLDS.

"But there are people who agree with me."

They just all happen to be inside his head at the moment. Wait long enough, one of those personalities...erm...'people'...will poke his or her head out.

If UC did the right thing and simply batted the SS 8th, it wouldn't matter who it was.

It isn't going to happen, but I also would have no problem if Exxon started some games at SS during the playoffs.

Damn, you BL spelling police. NEPP knows he's NEPP. He also knows us ungeneers can't spill.

Do I need to rereference Hemmingway?

If Perlozzo drinking tonight?

NEPP - I hope JRoll hits 7th next week but we'll see.

Who is gonna pitch after Oswalt? I'm thinking Romero, Contreras, Durbin all get an inning? Any ideas?

Wow, station to station we go.

Spitz: Fair enough. I figure rusty J-Roll & above average Valdez are roughly equivalent, w/ the speed of Exxon & the playoff experience of Rollins basically balancing out.

I'd rather see Chooch in the 7 hole than Jimmy. Chooch has been money all year.

This is hilarious; Franzke and LA are trying to figure out whether Adam Dunn actually left the ground or not on Brown's hit.

Dobbs is hopefully killing any chance he had of making the playoff roster.

Phils have the bases loaded with African American players. I bet no other organization can say that. May be the one and only time all season thats happened.

NEEP means NEPP. For <>'s sake, you all know us ungineers can't spill.

Who's gonna pitch after Oswalt? I'm thinking Romero, Contreras, and Durbin all get an inning. Any ideas?

"NEPP knows he's NEPP"

Are you sure?

Dobbs has looked good.

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