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Monday, September 13, 2010


Ryan Madson is a stud pitcher regardless of what MVPTommy thinks of his facial expressions.

Hamm: My point, which I have made before, is that those questions aren't even relevant a year ahead of time.

In an attempt to illustrate my point, let me change the facts a bit. Let's say Rollins also had a 2012 option for $8.5M. Would you exercise it after this year? Or have you already determined that we won't be able to do better in 2012, even though you have no idea how Rollins will do next year or whether he can even stay healthy?

I've said for years that Ryan Madson is our best reliever. Period.

Not only do the Phils lead the majors in CG (Seattle is 2nd with 10 -- 5 from Felix and 5 from CLee), but they're destroying the rest of the NL. Mets are second with 7 CGs, which is one less than Halladay has this year.

Glad Dom is feeling better. Would hate for the rest of the team to have to carry their own bags to the ballpark.

Do we really need an update on the lineups now?

The only guy who may change from night-to-night, will be Ruiz. Until Rollins comes back, Valdez will play SS and bat 8th.

The rest? Set in stone.

Cholly probably feels good not having to waste valuable time in the morning with his lineup. More time to eat his flapjacks and grits.

Yeah, Phils lead in CG is attributable to Halladay's 8. More remarkable is they have thrown like 16 shutouts, as a staff. Gotta be nearing a team record. on the flip side, I'm sure they were shutout 10+ times already, too. It's like a shutout per week, one way or another.

BAP is obviously right. if you exercise an option early, you voluntarily deprive yourself of potentially very valuable information about whether it would be wise to do so.

Ryan Madson is the best setup man in the NL.


I'll have you know I see Charlie eating bagels and lox at the Famous Deli in the NE all the time.

South Floridians must be big Monday Night Football fans. Only rational explanation I can come up with for the sparse attendance.

What, it's ALWAYS like this?

Nice to see the Phils are back to their old habits against mediocre lefthanders . . .

There goes Utley flashing his crappy defense again, eh clout?

"I'll have you know I see Charlie eating bagels and lox at the Famous Deli in the NE all the time."

Bagels, lox, flapjacks, and grits. With a side of gefilte fish.

Utley probably DOES practice that flip directly from his glove.

I don't know much about him, but I am a big Y MAYA fan tonight.

Oh man, first inning blues, here we come?

Blanton struggled a bit but got out of the inning. Hopefully will see improvement from here and he gets settled down.

I'm amused that NEPP says something followed by "Discuss" and then no one discusses it. ;-)

So here it goes...

Yes, Ryan Madson is the best setup man in baseball and should be our closer!

The process wasn't pretty, but anytime you get a scoreless 1st inning out of Blanton, you've out-performed par.

****I'm amused that NEPP says something followed by "Discuss" and then no one discusses it. ;-)****

Its hit or miss. I assume if no one discusses it that they all agree.

I didnt say "in baseball" simply because I dont follow the AL as much as I used to and I didnt want someone to jump on me and say "But but but what about Reliever X?!?"

Blanton actually flashed some nasty movement on his pitches in that inning. His fastball was cutting in on the righties off the plate. And that got him in a bit of trouble. And his curve didn't break much. But that last pitch was some kind of nasty pitch. Looked like a two seamer that moved over the outside corner at the last second. But I didn't see the velocity on it.

IOW, Blanton birdied the first inning?

I walk out of the room to fix my son's toy, and Werth hits a homerun. Of course, it didn't happen with RISP so, if we win this game, he will not have contributed.

See, in my netiqette, being a long time lurker, short time commenter, I figure somebody established should discuss first considering NEPP as been around. If one of the recent "I am commenting to make some crazy point, look at me" dudes posted it, I just ignore it all together.

Werth is probably the best hitter in baseball with the bases empty.

Its a pure mental block for him at this point.

bap, if he goes 4 for 4 with 4 HRs (all solo shots), he'll be fine.

Wow...that was impressive.

Regardless of whatever Blanton does, nice job by the 7 and 8 of turning the lineup over.

Wow, did my boy Y MAYA just balk twice in a row to score a batter from second?

Atl leads the Nats 1-0.

Spitz - What are you talking about?

Make that 2-0.

I haven't made a study of all the setup men in the NL, so I don't know if Madson is the best. My inclination is to say that he's one of the best, but probably not the best.

A more practical question is whether the Phillies should be thinking about extending him in the off-season, as I believe 2011 is the last year of his current contract. And, since Lidge is also leaving after 2011, that's all the more reason to try to lock Madson up now.

aksmith, I am watching the ATL game on gamecast. The WAS pitcher is some guy named Y Maya. Gamecast says that he walked McCann, walked Lee, balked, and balked to allowed McCann to score. Thats impressively bad!

Actually, it's kind of mind boggling to put these words to it, but I cannot think of a better setup man right now than our own Ryan Madson.

Time for Blanton to selve the curveball tonight. Everything else is working.

Time for Blanton to shelve the curveball tonight. Everything else is working.

Atlanta with 3 games at home against the Nats; Phils with 3 on the road against the Fish.

If we still have a 1-game divisional lead on Thursday, we've done well.

Well, maybe he'll get a feel for it after a couple innings. Its one of his better pitches typically.

We can certainly count on the Braves sweeping. If the Phils can do the same, you are correct. It will be a job very well done.

the gnats better lie down like dogs when they play us since they are playing like the bad news bears against the braves

Nice leap Hanley.

Now steal 2B!

Well, that sucked.

Despite having Scott Boras for an agent, Ryan Madson would probably sign a long term deal for reasonable money. Whenever he does radio interviews, he says all the usual cliches about liking the team and liking the city .. but he actually sounds like he means it.

Plus, when he signed his last deal, he said that he probably could have signed for more money to close elsewhere, but that $4M a year is a lot of money in the small California town where he lives. Sounded like a nice guy.

Good God Almighty!

oh damn you doubleplay ball!! way to go chase

Chase can't hit lefties, though, so we're only winning in Bizarro-Miami.

****Despite having Scott Boras for an agent, Ryan Madson would probably sign a long term deal for reasonable money.***

He already went around Boras with his last deal...I wouldn't be surprised if he did it again.

Lots of (undesereved) respect for the Braves on this board. Livan versus Jurrjens tomorrow. Nats have a decent shot in that once. Also on Wednesday, when Minor pitches for ATL.

Like the big flies for the phils. Would like them more if they weren't solo shots.

Lots of hard hit balls by the Phils so far. If not for that lucky DP, could be 4-0. The Phils seem to be drawing a bead on Miller so far.

The top of our lineup doesn't seem at all inclined to work this guy. How often do you see an inning where a pitcher gives up two hits and still finishes the frame in ten pitches?

Werth is apparently looking for an agent that will take less that the usual 5 percent. Let me say that my services are available for the low low price of 4 percent.

****Werth is apparently looking for an agent that will take less that the usual 5 percent. Let me say that my services are available for the low low price of 4 percent.****

Yeah, pretty much tells you all you need to know on his priorities ($$$).

I'll do it for 3.5%.

Blanton looks like his release point is a bit off on his curve in the early going. Though it also looks like his velocity is ticking up in this inning.

How about 2.5% plus an autographed poster of Werth lashing out at that Dad who interfered with a ball a month or so ago?

nats' ian desmond with his 33rd error tonight lol

unfortunately, i think we can forget about an atl loss tonight guys

I would love to see Werth represent himself in a deal and sign for a giant bang of weed, a pack of blunts and a case of Michelob Ultra.

***Yeah, pretty much tells you all you need to know on his priorities ($$$). ***

Either that NEPP, or it tells you that Werth understands the concepts of supply and demand and realizes that in next years market, there is a lot more supply (agents looking for power hitting outfielders) than demand (power hitting outfielders). And hence he should be able to get an agent to sign him for less than a 5% commission.

I would do the same if I was Werth.

Hell, I'll do it for 1.5%.

Actually, Blanton threw his best curveball in the third. Nice tight break. A little high in the zone to be effective regularly, but the hitter took it for a strike.

About Werth wanting an agent to take 3.5%. I think it's just the opposite of greed. He is going to make a lot of money, but if he wants to stay on the Phils, a cheaper agent might allow him to take a little less.

Sorry, not to short change Werth, that deal is a "per diem" rate.

Obviously, someone will come along & represent Werth for less than the industry standard. But I wonder if he's being penny wise & pound foolish here. He might very well end up with an inexperienced agent who isn't able to get him as much as an experienced agent could.

Of course, he's going to get a boat-load of money no matter who his agent is. His numbers will literally sell themselves -- regardless of what the conventional Beerleaguer wisdom might believe.

Is it just me, or when you hear Cole talk, you think "scientist, possibly a systems programmer"?

That was crushed.


spitz, i think you have supply and demand backwards.

I think that one landed in Panama.

Imagine what the score would be of they could actually hit left handed pitching.

I'll do it for 1.0% and season tickets wherever he signs.

Yeah, it seems to me that a couple percent of however many millions he'll make is likely to be worth a whole lot less than the amount a cheaper agent may lose him. Free agency is frequently pretty all-or-nothing. One team may be willing to pay x while all the others will go no higher than .8x, or even much less.

Derek Lowe is pitching a shutout. Shhhh, don't jinx him.

Phils 4-0
Braves 4-0

Wait, I thought someone said a few days ago that Werth switched to Boras as his agent?

Honestly, I think Werth wants the things players usually mention that money can't buy. For some it is a WFC, for some it is a nice place where the family feels at home, for some it is the peace of mind that a strong franchise provides. For Werth, it's teammates he can blaze one with, a town accepting of his many styles of facial hair and of course, the ability to bang one's teammates' wives.

Why the hell did Tbag call Valdez, "Ibanez!"


As long as he doesn't go to an NL East team (other than us that is) I wish him the best of luck.

I'm a little disappointed in my fellow Beerleaguers tonight. We are now one out away from one of this season's truly magical moments and no one has even mentioned it. Yes, with 1 more out next inning, Joe Blanton's 2010 ERA will drop to 4.99.

79 pitches through 4 for Big Joe.

bap, its been a long long journey for Big Joe.

Blanton is dealing, but at 80 pitches, he will only be able to eat 2 more innings. More runs please!

Hard to believe he's had that many pitches because he has his best stuff of the season, curveball aside.

But this ump has only called one or two pitches at the knees a strike. He's literally cutting Blanton off at the knees.

Hopefully he can get through two more scoreless innings and hand the ball to the pen with a nice lead.

I don't want the Yankees to get Werth or Cliff Lee. So I'm no doubt doomed to disappointment.

Blanton is dealing tonight. I guess it makes a difference to be surrounded by guys who know how to do it...

BAP, my Joe Blanton ERA clock ran out of batteries so I lost track. It is surprising but really good to see.

Series feels like a sweep.

****I don't want the Yankees to get Werth or Cliff Lee. So I'm no doubt doomed to disappointment.****

I could care less if either go there.

"I assume if no one discusses it that they all agree."

Yes, but in which direction?

Maybe Werth should just bunt?

Here we go Jayson...break it open.

I'll take back everything negative I said about you this year if you hit a 3 run blast here.

Heh... LA about the ump, "Sam brought his own home plate tonight. He's not using the regular one."

A chance for Werth to flash his improved hitting-with-RISP (.182 in September!) form.

You're a better person than I, NEPP. I have an irrational, passionate dislike of the Yankees dating back to the '76-'78 ALCS's.

What was he looking at there with strike 2?

I don't think Werth will go to the Yankees. I'm not sure if they want him that bad. Just a hunch.

There's that Marlins defense.

Good job Jayson...good job.

Hopefully that wakes him up.

Wow...just wow. Morrison should've brought his bat to the outfield, maybe he would've had a better chance hitting the ball back to the infield.

Werth will go to Boston I think...or maybe SF.

Werth hitting a lefty with RISP. Must be September.

The Marlins were so shocked to see Werth get a hit with RISP that they immediately turned into the Bad News Bears.

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