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Saturday, September 25, 2010


Utleys slide was not dirty......if that bitch wright or reyes would get there uniform dirty, maybe this team wouldn't be in 4th place for the 2nd straight year...

It's nice to have them bring my hate out again, because they have been so insignificant for the past two years


phillyinnyc, the Mets are weak and grasping at straws.

They obviously don't have the inner motivation it takes, and with cowardice pointlessly try to use Utley's hard play as a source of motivation for themselves.

It's become apparent that their division title in 2006 was perhaps as random and unlikely as a blind squirrel finding a nut. They certainly haven't displayed the type of character the last 4 seasons that would indicate it was anything other than a fluke.

That team needs a total makeover. Maybe they need to bring in Bobby Abreu to help fire up the troops, because that would certainly be an improvement.

@awh...I blame minayh.....he did nothing to put players around reyes, wright, and beltran after 06.....those 3 are soft, they needed a fiery type of leader that can play to put with those guys!

Wright is a whiney punk. Glad to see at least someone on that team gives a rat's ass, though, even if it's misdirected.

He'll have the entire month of October to think about it.

It's fake passion, if Wright really cared he would have stepped up the past few years, instead of being a quiet pretty boy!

I think a King Cole complete game gem against the Mets will be a much more appropriate way to clinch, anyway. It just feels right.

Jim, I don't think anyone will dispute that the Mets have been phoning it in for some time (does Santana's contract guarantee September off every year?), but you'd be hard pressed to look at the numbers that Wright has put up in spite of their overall ineptitude to say that he hasn't been playing hard. As a Phils fan, it delights me, but the reality is that the Mets suck whether David Wright "steps up" or not.

I'm just glad it was he who made a stink out of this, rather than a Reyes or some other scrub who has just been collecting a hefty paycheck for the last 2 months. Not that it matters. It's all sour grapes, either way.

ya willard and jimmy plays tomorrow so tomorrow seems perfect for a clinch

Wright is a good player and so is Reyes, and until this year so was Beltran, but they are all soft...listen to people from NY they say the same thing about those 3 that we used to say about Abreu....numbers aren't everything some guys have to have that willing to do whatever it takes attitude to win, and those 3 don't have that.

And Reyes say stuff about Chase last night.

Anyone else (football fans of course) watching this Alabama-Arkansas game? Very good, two heavyweights punching each other as hard as they can comes to mind.

Wait, you mean division rivals, especially when one team is out of it and tired of watching the other one succeed, will say questionable things about each other? I'm shocked, shocked I tell you, to find this out.

What a non-story.

I agree Jack. This is only a story because the Mets are grasping at the final straws of their relevance for 2010, and saw an opportunity to displace the "Mets are Awful" headlines in their own newspapers. Utley slid hard. The man at the helm of a division rival fighting to close their postseason berth out. Move along, nothing to see here.

Jack: A non-story in a sense, but telling that it's the best that they can come up with in a September series between the Phils and Mets.

It's a non-storty, but it shows the true character of a team that would cry about someone who plays hard, and it's telling because those guys wouldn't go in hard to try to break up a DP, and that tells me alot about that team......I do worry about retaliation though!

And yes this Bama-Arkansas game is great, Mallet is the best QB is college football

Jerry Manuel said before the game that the Mets will play hard, including slides into second, but won't throw at anyone.

Just to be pedantic, JW, the Phillies could clinch before (or without) winning tomorrow if they win tonight and the Braves lose tomorrow before the Phillies game ends.

I don't really expect the Nats to win tomorrow though.

That's what manuel says to the media, no manager is going to say were going to throw at a guy...

That might be as good an inning as Kendrick has thrown all year. 10 pitches, 8 strikes, and his pitches really looked sharp. Of course, he'll probably totally implode in the 2nd.

David Wright is a beyotch.


Oh, yes, the Big Problem!

After that godawful swing on strike 2, I figured a strikeout was about a 99.99% certainty.

Big Piece......No doubter!!!

David Wright's strikeouts were stable at just below 120/season for his first several seasons in the big leagues. This year, he's over 150 Ks.

Could it be that pitchers have simply figured him out, and he has not adjusted?

Doesn't look like Ryno can take the RBI title this year. 7 back of Cargo and Pujols

Ryno can get 7 RBI in his sleep.

Howard and Werth were at the Borgata until about 3pm today.

Will the Mets retaliate for Chooch throwing his bat at them?

Will the Muts retaliate for Chooch throwing bat at them?

But he has to get 7 more than 2 good and hot hitters, OP.

Geoff Jenkins In the booth -- Fun to listen to him reminisce about the '08 WS and compliment the Phillies.

KK just mowing them down tonight.


The Phillies ought to give some serious thought to making Vic a full-time right-handed hitter.

Was Jenkins wearing a cheerleader uniform?

Jack must be miserable tonight. Both Howard and Kendrick are looking good.

Nah, he was wearing one of those tshirts they all wear, that brand that starts with an "H" (not Hanes) and his college cap - USC, right?

But I do get the joke, KF - and he was still enthusiastic, yes. And they discussed Sweeney, too, fittingly enough.

Wheels and TMac asked him to relive that moment he hit the double, of course - which they naturally replayed (I could watch those fun highlights a hundred times) - He said it was a Little League moment, and that Jimmy had told him before the at-bat to just have fun, remember Little League.

Hollister, probably.

I don't live in a college town for nothing.

I shouldn't kid Jenkins. He had a double to start Game 5.2 of the 2008 World Series. Best half game I ever saw in person.

If Kendrick could throw that pitch consistentlyb he'd have no problem vs. LH.

Our non-major league pitcher looks pretty good tonight.

LA answered my question. I guess I wasn't paying attention when Wright got beaned by a pitch; LA is saying that's the source of Wright's rise in strike-outs.

KK is both hitting his spots and getting good movement. Seems much less "mentally weak" tonight. Maybe he's seeing a shrink.

4 shutout innings. Why the hell is KK still in this rotation?

By the way, we clinch at least a Wild Card berth with win tonight. Of course, the division is inevitable...

KK will be the guy working the back end of those 15 inning, 0-0 games with SF coming right up.

Another fast game tonight.

48 pitches through 4 2/3 for Kendrick. Think Papa Charlie will let him pitch the complete game if this continues?

A team mailing it in can make both Blanton & KK look efficient.

I was waiting for the first explanation of why Kendrick's performance isn't very good and curt chimes in!

Good slide Wil Val. On a play like that Wil Val jumps at gets the DP.

KF, I just Googled designer t-shirts - It's Ed Hardy I was thinking of.

I loved that double and Jenkins' excitement through the whole series!

KK is doing well tonight, indeed. Curt's probably right about needing him in the BP for mutual shutouts with SF. Although I think we can get to Lincecum and Cain, maybe not Sanchez. But then, they can probably get to our guys for 1 run, too. Would be a good series. But I'd rather face the Padres followed by the Reds, or vice versa.

Why can't people give Kendrick a little credit? He's pitching well. Sure, it's against the Mets, who (it would seem) are just going through the motions at the end of the season. But he has served well as a 5th starter. Are we that spoiled?

Will the Mets whine about Valdez after the game?

If the Mets cared just a tiny bit, they'd be hammering these pitches from KK. Worst. Pitching. Performance. Ever.

This game feels like a loss.

Kutztown: You don't get it. A half dozen posters on here are on record as saying Kendrick can't be a major league starter. Every game he succeeds make them look like the smacked asses they are.

CJ: LOL. Best BAP imitation I've seen.

LOL, that was hilarious, that little girl picking a winner and eating it. Too funny.

With all due respect to Jas Wei, I can't stand the Wil Val nickname. Makes me think of the exchange student from That 70s Show.

Classic CJ. Wooop

...and Reyes gets a hit..

Yeh, Wright is still scary, but is not the same player he was before the beaning.

I've seen kids walk off the field, quitting baseball for life, including in college and adult ball, on the spot after taking a liner or a bean ball just the wrong way.

That was a great example of why KK gets into trouble. Chooch sets up way inside and Kyle floats down over the middle of the plate.

Picked of Reyes? Couldn't happen to a nicer guy.

Since KK was declared Washed Up following his poor performance against Milwaukee on Sept. 5th, he's pitched 17 innings against the Mets and Nats and given up just 4 runs.

Of course, those teams have given up, so it doesn't count.

That should be "Picked off." Duh.

Great pick off. I thought they had him the 1st time. 6 shutout innings! Top work Kyl Ken.

KK's career will always be determined by his control vs. LHB. He's really pounding the strike zone today with pitcher's strikes. And when he gets ahead of lefties, they can't help but swing at those pitches on the inside half or inside off the plate... and that's been a big weapon for him tonight.

For those who are worried about facing the Giants, I can't find a single offensive stat where the Giants are ahead of the Phils. I know their pitching is good, but their offense is anything but scary. We all know pitching and defense wins in the postseason, but you still have to score on occasion.

"I know [the Giants'] pitching is good, but their offense is anything but scary."

As opposed to our titanic offense, which has been instiling terror into opposing pitchers all year long.

Since the Phils are the favorites in the NL, any team looking to pick them off will need to steal a game or two.

The Giants, with their pitching, is in the best position to do so.

BAP, you're right. If the Phils offense was better, who knows where they might be now? maybe they would have the best record in the league?

Hope the BP is up...damn.

OK, time to think about taking KK out.

Defense did KK no favor that half inning. If Valdez doesn't jump in front of Chase, a solid chance at the DP. And then Howard boots it.

Rare miscommunication/mistake by Wil-Val.

Good test for Chad here.

Agreed clout.

So, I'd call that an F on that test.

Old Phan: Well, by that logic, the Giants' offense must be good too. After all, they're leading the NL West.

The Phillies are leading the division because of their starting pitching. Their offense has spent the vast majority of this season being horrid.

Are we starting to understand why UC only trusts Madson and Lidge?

And Chad gets an "F"

"Good test for Chad here."

I think he failed the test.

That is not how you spell relief. Ugh.

Obviously we have no book on that guy Duda.

Phils are 3rd in the NL in runs scored. They are 1st in the NL in runs scored since the ASB. 4.72 R/G.

Here's where a pitcher's stat line won't tell the story. It's been awhile since our defense let our pitcher down.

Time for the offense to pick them back up.

Thanks, Wilson. Cost us a big inning.

I really thought Durbin would get out of that...if it was 2008, he would have.

Chad failed that test.

Clout what were you saying about Kendrick and Howard?

BAP, feel free to look at the actual numbers. Let me know if you see any offensive category where they are ahead of the Phils.

bap: "Their offense has spent the vast majority of this season being horrid."

Gotta put this through the bap-translator.

Boop, boop, beep, boop, beep, beep:

Their offense has had a couple of frustrating cold streaks this year despite being one of the best in the NL yet again.

KK pitched really well...ashame he's on the hoook for the Loss right now.

Left handers are hitting 330 against chad durbin. Would be nice if we had a loogy

I'm waiting for someone to argue that, if only Cholly had given some of Madson & Lidge's innings to Durbin, he would have been sharper & would not have failed there.

Howard has the DP to foul up the inning

Romero - the lack of a LH relief option - is the only weakness this team has at the moment.

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