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Sunday, August 29, 2010


"...a whole lot of nothing for the Phillies’ offense..."

heh heh heh

I like the Fishes' chances with Johnson vs. Lowe. But am not crazy about the likely run support Hamels will get in San Diego, the home of the high pressure system.

Come on Josh Johnson...sweep in SD would be a great way to pick up after the disaster vs the stros

Phillies offense breaks out today. Book it.

Is this game being broadcast nationaly by some network its not available on MLB TV package today.

phlipper: I'll be stunned if their offense breaks out against a tough left-handed pitcher in this park. I expect a Padres no-hitter.

I'll predict another 0fer from our 3-4-5. But several "nice swings," a couple of "hard hit balls," and a "good AB" or 2.

Has any other out of towner noticed the game is not on MLB Extra Innings today? It is the only game not on. Why do they always do this? They have Kansas City vs. Cleveland on and not Phils-Pads. Somebody help???!

Just win, baby.

"We look up in the stands and there's a sea of red, it would be nice to see some blue or brown shirts. I guess Padres fans aren't ready to show up yet."- Heath Bell, Padres closer.

I expect to see lots of Phils fans in different ballparks, but I didn't expect to see that many in SD. Very cool.

"nice swings," a couple of "hard hit balls," and a "good AB"

Don't forget the "just got under it."

Probably a "nice effort" from Cole, too.

i love watching game 5 from ws 2008, best thing on my ipod

I've been very impressed with the Phillies fan support in San Diego. The "Let's Go Phillies" chants have been strong. It's really a golden era for the Phils across the country.

Old Phan: There are tons of East Coast transplants in SoCal.

A freind of mine was there friday night. He has a brother living in SD and he times his visits to coincide with Phillies games when possible. I think Philadelphians travel no more or less than people from other cities, it's just that they check the Phillies schedule and say "If I'm taking a trip to ______ I may as well do it when the Phillies are in town."

has there been an explanation from lidge about the BALK?

p.Red, I live in SoCal, so I am somewhat aware of that. Just didn't expect to see so many in SD. LA and even SF are different. Either way, good to see.

yeah, Lidge said that the ball started to come out of his hand/glove and if he kept on with his delivery he would've fallen over or the ball would've gone rolling god knows where.

baystars, no doubt about that. I know I've always done that.

even if the ball rolls away it is just a ball right? he could just toss it in his wind up and just take the ball? I might be wrong, never seen that before

Hanley Ramirez with a 3 run homer for the Fish in the top of the first.

Yeah, but if he throws a wild pitch, the run scores. So if he felt like he had no control over where the ball was going, I could see him wanting to stop his motion.

However, that's also a clear balk. Which sucks.

Fish up 3-0 already with no out in the 1st.

I escaped from Tea Party land and I safely arrived back in my beloved DelVal at 830 this morning with a Croupey baby in tow. The good part? I will be watching the Phils. I hope they "breakout" in something other than hives, phliPper. I am tired and need a win, by the way, I couldn't get a Phils game at the TeaParty infested hotel bar but did manage to waste 30 minutes nursing a Sierra watching the Braves put up a world class pasting. I sure hope their pitching and offense gives up soon.

Ryno resting today.

Marlins lighting up Lowe early thanks to a HR from Hanley. 3-0 with runners on the corners and 1 out already.

To tell you the truth, I wasn't as concerned with the Lidge blown save on Friday as I had been for the Brad Lidge of the past. In the past, that ends spectacularly bad, with doubles off the wall, runs scoring left and right. It sucked, he blew the save, but they still didn't hit him that well, he preserved at least the tie, and he came right back yesterday for a perfect ninth. He's no Mariano, but I think we were a bit spoiled by '08 into thinking he could be.

There seemed to be a large block of Phils fans in one section along 3B yesterday. Is it possible a local promoter / travel agent sold a load of travel packages to SD for teh series? I.e., are there more people there as a result of good marketing and advertising taking advantage of the unprecedented popularity of the team?

I laughed at the comment about Blanton being a "revelation". I guess I haven't gotten the Blanton religion yet as I still wait for the wheels to come off without warning or opportunity to avoid disaster. Thankfully, hte only ball he really elevated yesterday (and got beat on) was to Garland. But, he has done his job pretty well since the all-star break. The fastball has been low and thrown early for strikes and the off-speed stuff has been very good hte last few outings.

I guess it is a revelation when Joe doesn't get pummeled. Good performance yesterday, and UC seems to have figured out when to pull him from the game.

Yesterday, the game kinda dictated to Manuel when to take Blanton out. If his spot hadn't come up in hte batting order with men on, Blanton would have been in for the 7th (and possibly the 8th). At the time, I was actually a little disappointed he had to come out. Petco is ideal for Blanton as that outfield can eat some of his mistakes.

Hugh: They talked on Friday's broadcast about how a lot of those people on the third base side came out as part of a group. I think they said it was a group of about 120 or so that all came out there together. So obviously somebody sold them a travel package.

Rollins SS
Victorino CF
Polanco 3B
Utley 2B
Werth RF
Sweeney 1B
Ibanez LF
Ruiz C
Hamels SP

No clue why Francisco isn't in there instead of Ibanez. And hate that Vic is in the two-hole. Oh well. Just no 000000000 please.

Hugh, perhaps, but better safe than sorry and not give Joe the time to surrender the slim lead they had.

Bravos got one back against Josh Johnson. Hope JJ settles down and nails the win.

Phillies fans and Beer*Leaguers:

I helped you make the playoffs last season - my 3 wins in a Phils' uni were half the margin of victory in the NL East - and I will do my best today to stifle the Giants and help the Phils increase their WC lead.

Ruben Amaro gave me a chance last season and I am greatful.

I imagine the Braves to be the official team of the Tea Party.

Cool... a brief return of rolo! ;-)

I don't know the rule, but I suspect that a ball rolling out of Lidge's glove would also have been a balk. If he drops it or it rolls along the grass and he picks it up wouldn't that be a balk? He started a motion to the plate but never delivered a ball there.

"Oh ye of little faith", Lidge haters one and all:

Brad Lidge since August 1st:

12 G, 10 GF, 8 S, 1 BS, 11.1 IP, 5 H, 1 BB, 1 R, 1 ER, 12 K, 1 BB, 0.79 ERA

.132 .175 .158

Caveat: .192 BAbip (but that could just indicate he's really hard to hit right now)

Vic in the 2-hole does make sense because he hits well right-handed. And, as bad as Sweeney is (which is pretty terrible), I agree with the decision to start him. Howard in his current state would have no chance against Richard. I probably would have started Francisco too, but you do need to have a right-handed bat on your bench somewhere & Wilson Valdez doesn't qualify as a "bat."

I've missed the past 2 games & the Phillies won both. I'll miss today's too, so maybe they'll win again. But I doubt it very seriously, considering the horrific state of their offense. Padres will win 2-0.

Nats up 4-0 on Wainwright and the Cards. Good for both the Phils' WC chances, and Halladay's CY chances.

"No clue why Francisco isn't in there instead of Ibanez."

LOL. There will be a huge void next year without all of the posts wishing for an appearance by the dear departed Ben Fran.

Curt - Unless they go out and sign a more expensive righthanded outfielder, Bennie will be brought back. What are they going to do, bring Mayberry in to replace him? That's a non-starter.

bap: sweeney is the man

aksmith - Time will tell, but IMO Werth will be back before Ben Fran is. And Werth won't be back.

Appearing exclusively on Beer*Leaguer:

_______ Bradley Thomas Lidge _______
………………Starring in……………
******* A Tale of Three Seasons *******

April 30th – June 18th:

11 G, 8 GF, 4 S, 0 BS, 9.1 IP, 8 H, 2 R, 2 ER, 1 HR, 13 K, 3 BB, 1.93 ERA

.222 .282 .361

.318 BAbip:

June 19th - July 31st:

13 G, 7 GF, 6 S, 4 BS, 11.2 IP, 13 H, 11 R, 11 ER, 4 HR, 14 K, 11 BB, 8.49 ERA

.289 .429 .622

.333 BAbip

Since August 1st:

12 G, 10 GF, 8 S, 1 BS, 11.1 IP, 5 H, 1 BB, 1 R, 1 ER, 12 K, 1 BB, 0.79 ERA

.132 .175 .158

.192 BAbip

Make what you want of the numbers, but it seems to me that Lidge, like all pitchers, gets in trouble when he walks guys…that and giving up the long ball.

Success this season was not unprecedented for Lidge, he was quite successful until June 19th, when, for some reason, it appears the wheels just fell off for about 6 weeks.

This also, IMHO, is an indication that his recent rebound is no fluke. The most interesting thing about the above to me is that even when he was in the middle of his 6 week implosion, he still continued to strike guys out.

Raul against lefties:
.243/.287/.379 in 355 PA

BenFran against lefties:
.260/.329/.481 in 85 PA

The platoon was working so well, why did it stop?

Good start to the day... Braves down 5-1 and Cards down 4-0.

BAP's bet with MG still looking good. I'm really not sure if I'd take Lowe over Blanton right now.

curt-Without Ben, who, then is the RH OF next year?

5 - 1 Fish!

Hopefully, that's enough for Johnson.

Phils still need to do their job and win the game in SD.

Bonehead - Cholly will bring in someone he trusts to play the field and run the bases.

6-1 Marlins, runner on third, 1 out.

Can't count the Braves out at home, but nice to see this lead so far.

I would take Blanton over Lowe.

While Braves faced Colorado and Phils faced the Astros, the Phils should have gained ground. Instead, things remained pretty much even.

While the Braves faced the Marlins at home and Phils went to San Diego, the Braves should have padded their lead. A win today sure would give us a surprise result from the weekend.

Jack, does that mean you'd take our entire 1-4 over theirs? I think I would. That just leaves Kendrick-Minor.

Get Cole some runs, boys. He won't need many. Last time out, might have had his most effective curve ball in two years. Start against SF was an aberration. Combination of fastball velocity and control, plus spotting the cutter now... I'm feelin' a hometown shutout- as in Colbert throws zeroes in his hometown. Enjoy.

CJ, that's baseball, my friend.

Very unpredictable on the short term.

That's why "baseball is a funny game". You really never know.

Sophist - I would take our 1-4 over the Braves'. I'm pretty tired of people on this board discussing the Braves' superior rotation despite the fact that the Phils 1-3 is significantly better, and th 4-6
5 spots are arguable.

That should be 4-5 spots.

Chris, agreed.

Let's do it the ol' fashioned way!

Roy Halladay > Tim Hudson
Cole Hamels > Tommy Hanson
Roy Oswalt >> Derek Lowe
Joe Blanton < Jair Jurrjens
Kyle Kendrick = Mike Minor

Tough to gauge Minor still, but even if you give him an edge, I'd MUCH rather have the Phils rotation any day of the week.

Hugh: Radio also mentioned that that group got a tour of the park in the AM (I think with LA), and Sarge sat with them during the game.

Sarge sat with them during the game?

Holy moly, there's just no reason to torture people who have traveled that far.

Only thing worse? TMac sitting with them.

I'd go

Stupid IPhone...
Should be Kendrick

K let's try minor>Kendrick instead. Hope that works.

Yeah, I actually considered swapping Jurrjens and Lowe, but I was nice and gave Atlanta an edge somewhere. Though Lowe might have the edge over Blanton.

Nats up 4-0 on wainwright and the Cards, fish up 6-1 on the Braves, reds and cubs tied in the 8th. If the Phils can finish the sweep they should be in pretty good playoff position, only 1 back in the division. Braves are starting to feel the pressure...

The Phils appreciate those fans so much Sarge sat with them, Tbag took them on a bus tour, Wheels gave them the audiobook version of his book and then Werth banged their wives.

They had toupee people to sit with Wheels.

Anyone able to figure put why the Phils aren't available on the MLB package? I mean, who wants to watch a battle of NL condensers when the DBacks and Giants are on...


Old Phan,
They are finally publishing Wheels' first book "Please stop it, it hurts, I will give you my lunch money next week too."

Extra Innings? DirecTV 744 and 745

Chris - The Phillies game is available on Maybe that's different than the TV package. But I've seen this complaint for a couple of games now. And each time, I have been able to watch the game on the computer.

Hamels is going to get no run support again today. Tough lefty, in Petco, with this offense slumping.

ak- not DirectTV, Comcast. Can't find it anywhere...

Sorry, that was for Bush, not ak

Chris, it's on DirectV for me.

LA & Franzke mocking the camo unis. "What's their defensive alignment? I don't know, I just can't see them!"

6-4 Braves in the 8th. Fish defense is stinking.

They are obviously are stealing my camo uni material.

Hamels didn't pitch badly there, but he racked up some pitches.

I think it's probably better than 50/50 we get shut out today.

Hearing TMac do the promo for "one of the hottest shows on television, Entourage" coming to MYPHL17 is hilarious to me.

Firstly, the show hasn't been "hot" since 2006. Secondly, I guarantee TMac has no idea what the show is or what it's about.

F-in Braves tie it. Damn Marlins.

Braves have Nunez's number.

Braves just tied the Fish. F'n Leo Nunez stinking up the joint.

It would kind of be amazing if the Braves came out of this week with a 3 game lead, considering how badly they've played.

But we could be heading that way. I don't expect the Phils to score today.

Cole just took 15 pitches to strike out Venable and Richard. He'll be out in 5 innings or less at this rate. Richard's thrown 24 through 2.

I think the Braves stole our offense and late-inning comebacks this year.

I'm sure the Braves' comeback win will be chalked up as luck again, when the Phillies have been praised for the last 4 years for their ability to never quit and great character in comeback wins.

The Fish are giving them this game. Bad defense and bad relief pitching.

Does anyone feel like teams just lay down for the Braves to spite us sometimes?

Cole is gonna single home Chooch. :)

Cole with our best AB of the game so far.

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