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Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Interesting note in a Zolecki column on says the Phils may have offered Frazier over $1M.

There was no news of the Phillies signing four of their top 20 picks before Monday’s midnight deadline, the most notable being fifth-round pick Scott Frazier, who is committed to Pepperdine. Frazier, a hard-throwing right-hander, fell to the fifth round because teams had concerns about their ability to sign him. Sources said Frazier was looking for first-round money. The Phillies made an aggressive offer, perhaps even offering Frazier more than $1 million to sign, but it appears he did not agree to a deal.

Sophist: That's interesting. There was certainly a sentiment on an earlier thread that the Phils didn't sign Frazier because they ran out of money to do so. Now it seems he may just not have wanted to sign. That's a lot of money to offer.

This game feels like a...wait, it didn't start yet? Okay, I'll be back in 15 minutes.

We need to save that money, so we can sign another aging, ineffective reliever for 2011 and give him a guaranteed contract.

Because, once Herndon starts the 2011 season in Lehigh, who is Baez going to sit and talk to out in the pen?

As for Blanton, just hope for the best and expect the worst. He's almost gotta come up with a really good game eventually in 2010, doesn't he? Law of averages time.

Sophist, maybe the kid just wanted a little of the college experience. You know, BMOC, lots of California girls at Pepperdine, etc.

His attitude may have been "I'm going to college unless someone blows me away with an offer".

awh - that, or take a look at "first round money":

maybe thought his stock would raise with some seasoning/exposure.

Braves have put Glaus on 15 day DL

I'm just going to go ahead and assume tonight's game is a loss. Then, anything positive that comes out of it will seem like a gift.

I will be ecstatice if Blanton doesn't allow a run in the first, then does his usuall thing until the 6th inning. Lets hope the Phillies are winning after the bottom of the 5th and then the RAIN starts and doesn't stop and the game gets called PHILS WIN!!

Nice start.

Tonights game is on ESPN as well.

HR by Torres.

Uh Oh...


@ awh: Good list last thread. I also think there is a difference between actual nicknames and honoraries.

Sorry MaDubbs. Blanton doesn't care about what makes you happy.

Boy, Blanton just can't seem to get through the first inning.

I am not watching first inning Blanton. Someone tell me if he gets through it ok.

Another early run given up by KY Jelly Donut. Everytime he pitches we get screwed.

Blanton really is pretty much horrible in the first inning. I can't believe we signed him to a Adam Eaton contract in the off season. I think Kendrick is our 4 and he is our 5.

Ugh straight 87 mph fastballs? Fatty is throwing batting practice.

Predictable start for Blan-Ton.

When we have Oswalt, Halladay or Hamels on the mound, I feel, going into that game, that we are the best team in the NL. When we have Kendrick on the mound, I feel like we are still a top team, but there's a small chance that we'll get beaten badly that night. When we have Blanton on the mound, I immediately feel like we're a vast underdog unless we're facing Steve Blass in his last full season as a pitcher. Maybe irrational, but just how I feel.

King Donut does nothing to instill confidence, even when he's pitching well.

I will take only 1 run and 3 hits in the first inning for Big Joe, that is actually and improvement, and that is also pathetic that we have to take that as a positive. Now we have to be patient with Cain, work counts, steal bases do the little things.

Seriously, how can you be so shaky in the first inning over and over and over?

It could have been worse. As Mike Krukow noted, Blanton got away with an 0-2 meatball to Burrell.

Only one run in the first? Blanton's improving.

Nice easy swing by J-Roll there. Good to see him get on top of the ball a little bit.

Some pitchers are slow to start, and I'm fine with that if they settle down. Joe doesn't seem to do that, a few good innings notwithstanding.

J-Roll is putting on a Kabuki theater over there at first base. Matt Cain has got to be confused.

Braves gave up three pitchers to the Cubs for Lee? I'm surprised. Is the one guy the highly touted Yankees prospect they got for Vasquez?

J Roll was doing the Riverdance over there.
Good steal.

Making Cain work this inning. Let's hope it pays dividends.

Werth is overdue!

If the sabermetrics guys are right, his numbers with runners in scoring position should even out. We'll see...

They've gotta to get on him many times they let a guy off in the first only to shut them down the rest of the way.

Rollins abolutely padding his stats now.

Fastball right down the pike for Werth and he let's it go by.

This Werth RISP thing has to just end.

(I was talking about the 3-1 pitch in my comment above)

Cain threw a few pitches that inning. Good thing.

We have one of the shortest left fields in baseball...hit it there next time, buddy. Straight away center is usually not a good idea.

The RISP jinx continues for Werth.

When the camera showed Victorino on deck, was anyone else wishing he was at the plate instead of Werth?

I know Werth is capable of driving in runs, but he is truly abysmal this year. .094 w/2out & RISP.

The Phillies absolutely never score the first time through the order so, in the spirit of trying something different, I refuse to let myself get upset about it tonight. On the bright side, they had some patient ABs that inning & forced Cain to throw a lot of pitches.

Dukes - Have you checked Werth's career numbers with RISP? Ever?

re Rollins dancing on first, I'm reminded of a description of Ted Williams on the third base line "waving his arms and stirring dust, ponderous but menacing, like an attacking goose."

0 for 35. Seems impossible, but there it is.

I think Blanton isn't doing especially bad in the first inning, I think he's simply getting lucky in every other inning.

Good inning right there by Blanton. Let's hope he builds on it. I think we will get to Cain a little tonight.

1 ER on a solo HR through 2 IP against Blanton. 2 K, 0 BB. I am encouraged.

Another steal - 28 straight - for Jimmy.

What the heck happened to the ump there. Blanton poured strike after strike on the corners to Cain and the ump kept calling them balls. Did the ump have a stroke before Cain came up to the plate?


Chooch is a good baserunner. It's true.

Tres-bagger for Chooch!

Sophist: I'm confused by your question.

Old Phan : "King Donut does nothing to instill confidence, even when he's pitching well."

Isn't that the very definition of irrational bias? Sounds like a YOU problem.

Joe Blanton is a f'n jerk.

Yes, Werth is hitting well today, and yes his OPS, and doubles are great. But there is something to be said about driving them in. There is something to be said with coming through with 2 out hits to drive in run. Maybe it's all an anomaly, but at this point, in mid-August, it's time for him to find a way. Shorten up his swing, go with the pitch, do whatever it takes to get a hit there. Yeah, I'd like to see him hit HRs and drive all three in there, but he has to be able to find a way here, somewhere. He's the number 5 hitter in what is supposed to be an extremely potent offense on August 18th, and only has 60 RBI. That is not great, and it's getting harder to put a spin on it.

P.S. I like Werth and am actively rooting for him to do well, so don't give me any flack about being "anti-Werth"

Gah the top of the order again for SF.

Fatalotti: It's obviously in his head. The last few nights he has been showing his frustration after making outs with runners in scoring position. I think he'll come out of it at some point (might not be until next year on his new team!).

I agree with everything you said there, Fatalotti.

Mick, if you have watched Joe, you know he has had few consistent games this season and he tends to blow up quickly. As far as I know, I'm not responsible for his pitching woes so it is not a
"me" problem.

Blanton has been unlucky this year. It's like we're watching Hamels '09, though Hamels '09 is way better than Blanton '10.

Blanton looks good. Nats getting some runs on Hudson.

Hudson's getting knocked around pretty good. That's nice to see.


Jimmy seems to be coming out of it. If he gets going, look out! By the way, two triples in three at bats...I like that.

Our leadoff hitter is 2-2 with a triple and 2B. Let's score some runs.

Looked like Mr. Roll was trying to have his way with third base.

err, that should say 2 SB

Jimmy on third with no outs and a contact hitter at the plate. The infield is back, so we should be able to get a run here.

JRoll's got his MOJO back and going -- only better news for the early stretch run would be a long ball stroked by Chase.

All I can say, is "Huh?" How could Rollins not run on that? Now they won't score.

They don't want to run on Guillen. Second time in as many days.

Never make the first or third out at third base? Jimmy Rollins: padding his stats once more.

I'll take that.

Polly did what he was supposed to there, just Guillen has a rocket and it wasn't quite deep enough. Good job Uts.

Well, never mind. I guess they will.

I know Guillen has a rocket, but Polanco's ball sure looked deep enough to score the run.

Did Wheels just say that Rollins is "really frisky tonight"?

Ibanez hit that one hard. Huff with a good play.

So far the Phillies hitters are handling Cain pretty well.

Nice pick!

Re: Werth, 0 for 35 with RISP? Wasn't I whining about that 10 days ago (0 - 33)? Seriously, if I’m JW, I'm into daily psychotherapy, Prozac, whatever, to "bust out".

JW must fall into his tortured slumbers counting the -$$ flying over the "fence" (pun intended). I'd hate like hell to be his agent right now.

Is it me, or does Sandoval make Blanton look petite?

Bruce Ruffin: I don't think his numbers with runners in scoring position this year are going to be a problem for him at all in free agency.


Gload just said to Aubrey Huff, anything you can do, I can do better.

I think Ross Gload just did a provocative test of his groin. So far, he's in one piece.

Blanton's actually out-pitching Cain to this point.

Next to Panda, Joe looks like Blan-Half-Ton.

Bruce - it's 0fer 35 with RISP & two outs, since May 19.

BAP, yes, he is. Let's hope he can keep it up. I see the Phils scoring a few more off of Cain before he's done for the night.

Dukes, they have 3 H in 3 innings.

That's your definition of "handling Cain pretty well"?

Old Phan never disappoints.

Sarge on the radio gives me gas.

TBag is babbling nonsense again tonight. Ugh.

So the booth is talking about pitchers who don't get run support and doesn't mention Roy Oswalt (8-13, 3.36 ERA) and Cole Hamels (7-9, 3.33 ERA). Strange.

Now he hits.

Old Phan. Good one.

Yep, Werth gets a hit with the bases empty. Batting .500 for the night. :)

TBag just stated that Werth "just doesn't swing at bad pitches."

He forgot to mention that he doesn't swing at the ones right over the plate either, especially with RISP.

That is amazing...every time he doesn't with RISP he gets a hit the next time up with noboy on.

Will Werth steal 3B to keep pace with Jimmy?

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