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Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Why isn't Brown in LV again? Is he really in Philly just to PH occasionally?

Brown is nothing more than a decoy at this point! I'm extremely annoyed at how he's been used.

Well, the LV season is almost over. Might as well keep him around.

Wish the Phils had the Braves offense. 8-2 Braves. 7 runs this inning.

Yep, Castillo error and a GS by a dude with 2 HR all year.

Wow, the Mets seem to try to win they play us and just roll over when they see the Braves.

At least the Cardinals are falling apart

Mets are 6-6 against the Braves this year and 6-6 against the Phils. So not really, no.

I would take a .840 OPS for a backup catcher.

Maybe it's not the Mets falling apart as much as they're playing a team that can hit.

Howard and Utley certainly are the issue(s). Yeah, Werth, OK. But for whatever reason - maybe they both really belong on the DL - Howard and Utley simply do not drive the ball. At all. Howard's had his slumps, but have you ever seen Chase Utley look this, well, weak? I would dearly love to be wrong, but can't imagine the old Ryan and Chase suddenly just showing up one night - not this season anyway. Gotta admire two real gamers, but I miss the real Howard and Utley.

1. Werth
2. Polly
3. Ibanez
4. Howard
5. Rollins
6. Utley
7. Brown
8. Schneider
9. Kendrick

This isn't hard folks. Why is this manager so damn hard-headed? If guys ain't gonna hit, sit em or move em'. That simple.

They'll probably score 5 or 6 runs against this nobody tonight, and Cholly will think that "everything is fine". Its not.

And is the Braves offense still terrible? If they are terrible, then what are the Phils?

Crafty/Washed Up lefty Nate Robertson probably won the spot tonight to start a game next Monday against Florida.

Its why he was slotted in this spot in the rotation at LV in the first place.

We like old guys. No need to "gamble" with a youngster. Like the Yankees have done or the Rays have done or the Reds have done or the Braves have done or the Twins have done or the.....

Dom Brown? Too risky to play now. Antonio Bastardo seeing the field again in 2010? Yea right. Any September callup not named 'Dobber' getting a AB in any sort of competitive game? Not likely.

Old guys rule.

"They'll probably score 5 or 6 runs against this nobody tonight..."

Wanna bet?

What the hell happened to Cliff Lee?

The Braves have scored 8+ runs 6 times in the last 14 games. The Phils did twice in the last 14 and not more than 6 runs in the last 12.

His August ERA was 6.20 and he's getting roughed up by KC tonight. The Rangers are 3-7 in his ten starts. Maybe the Phillies made the right decision shipping him out??

Legendary manager Bobby Cox threw one of his top bullpen pitchers out there for the 62nd game this year to hold a 6 run lead against the punchless Mets.

And we get all over Cholly for using his guy in a 4 run game vs The Best Team In The National League?

CL hit a dead arm period (or whatever you want to call it) last year at about this time.

I know going into the playoffs last year I was a little concerned because I didn't know which CL we were going to see.

It's possible he just gets tired at this point in the season. Maybe he just needs more rest than what he is getting.

"Why is this manager so damn hard-headed?"

Because that's the way he is. He's one of those guys that wants to win his way or not at all.

You can see it in comments like, "Brad's our closer!" or continually going with the opening day lineup.

You decide if that's an admirable quality.

I really don't want to see Nate Robertson in a Phillies uni.

"And we get all over Cholly for using his guy in a 4 run game vs The Best Team In The National League?"

Assault isn't ok just because there are murderers out there.

Cardinals 2/3 of the way thru their second straight shutout at the hands of the Astros.

Of course I also don't want to see Tagg Bozied in a Phils uni, which puts me in the minority on BL.

EFF: 'Stros have won 12 of last 18.

Cliff Lee for the Phillies: 7-4, 3.39 in regular season. Good, not great. He got knocked around a few times, notably by - who else - Houston. Heather, I can recall those same concerns entering the playoffs.
C'mon, let's score some runs!

I like seeing Dom Brown in a Phils uni. Looks great warming up and slapping fives in the dugout.

Too bad he never gets to actually play.

The way the Phils slotted Robertson to start tonight, they had every intention of him being the guy to start next Monday. If he didn't fall off the cliff, he was going to be the guy.

With Worley, they would have had to sit him for 7 days between starts (since he started on Sunday). Plus he's under the age of 30. So he would have had to pitch 2 or 3 straight perfect games to get the call.

Get your rec specs ready for next Monday at the Bank. Journeyman Nate Robertson is coming to town to torment one of his former clubs who cut his ass.

Heather, good call. From late August through the end of the season, Cliff Lee was 2-4 with a 6.13 ERA, and we all know how well he pitched in the playoffs. Rangers fans are hoping he recapitulates that success for them.

don't know if this has been talked about yet or not

they may not be hitting the ball right now but both chase and ryan will be staring on our tv screens in another fashion soon

What SHOULD happen tonight against fringe major league Carlos Monasterios: the Phillies break out of their slump, pouncing on Monasterios from the very first inning, & driving him out of the game with 6 runs in the first 3 innings. With a passable performance from KK, and some decent work from the bullpen, the Phillies win 7-4.

What WILL happen tonight against fringe major league Carlos Monasterios: the Phillies take bad swings all night, resulting in a career-best 7-inning, 3-hit, 1-run performance for Monasterios. Despite a passable performance from KK, and some decent work from the bullpen, the Dodgers win 4-2.

If they bring up Robertson and Dobbs and don't drop anyone off the 40 man, there won't be room for Cody "The Answer" Ransom.

The Reds are running away with the Central. Look the the lineup they are playing with tonight. Yet, they continue to score runs and win games.

As long as they don't get swept this weekend in St. Louis, they are going to win the Central going away.

St. Louis is fading. Not enough offense and a bad bullpen.

The Giants have a tough 10 game road trip coming in September. Plus their last 3 game series on the road is in Colorado in late September.

The Rockies schedule the rest of the way is brutal.

The Phils might not have to do a whole lot to make the playoffs. Just a solid September might do it.

Oh, darn, I don't have HBO! I'd love to see Ryan Howard on TV. I haven't heard when the episode of It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia in which he and Chase appear will air.

Robertson's awful. I'm not under any illusions that Worley is a viable major league starter but just the fact that he's unknown might well give him an edge over a journeyman hack like Robertson. The unknown sure is effective against the Phillies' offense, anyhow.

I tune in to watch teh pre-game show and I've got JD F'in Drew on my television . . .
It's a nice TV. Not throwing batteries.

denny b's youth movement schtick is pretty amusing but, I actually agree with him on the twin WTFs of Dom Brown can't start against a guy like Monasterios and we gotta start the journeyman waiver pickup over Worley.

denny b - I guess they figure that Robertson's 'veteran savvy' and 'lukewarm revenge factor' outweigh any actual pitching effectiveness.

Nice swing by Polly there, going to right center. Hopefully that's a sign of things to come.

At least we won't have to endure yet another near no-hitter . . .

I'd love to Ryan Howard barrel one right here and place it in the right field seats.

Sweeney would have hit it harder.

Absolutely disgusting.

So much for that baserunner.
Seeing less of the shift with Howard lately?
Out of morbid curiousity, can someone tell me what did Rollins due?

I had to get my yo gabba gabba live tickets

Nice job by Charlie making sure Brown gets a chance to start vs. RHP, esp. in light of how important it was to get the kid regular ABs. I'm especially glad he hasn't relegated Dom to PH duty, w/ would be about as stupid, pointless, & (quite possibly) destructive a move as he could make. Kudos, Chuck.

"Just get me to the bank, boys."

Hugh: 2nd Pitch FO.

I'm hoping Cliff gets lit up for the rest of the year, hurts his value, and then comes and resigns with the Phils for $15M/yr.

So are we going to pretend that Howard didn't crush that ball but right at someone?

I just want to know what the theme will be for tonight so I can prepare myself for what I'll read later.

Already feels like a loss.

And look, an opposite-field hit where the batter looks away and drives it on a line.

I forget what that looks like.

Here we go....

Ethier and Loney already giggling.

This game feels like a loss.

4 games back.


Three of Kendrick's past four starts have sucked sh*t. Nice to see he's turning things around tonight.

We need a DP. Loney is one of the great Phillie killers in baseball. If he gets to the plate, this game is 3-0.

TTI, he may have hit it hard, but he hit into a DP. When you're 3 for your last 33 with 15 strikeouts, you don't get the benefit of the doubt. You either produce or you continue getting criticized.

I actually believe Howard himself would agree.

TTI: I'm not going to pretend Howard didn't hit the ball hard. When I am going to say is it's kind of gross when the best I can say about Howard as he extends his 0fer streak is, "Well, he hit that one hard..."

It's kinda sad.

Yeah, why didn't Howard just hit it where no one was standing? Absolutely disgusting.

Fatalotti: Well that's just dumb. It's one thing to not be hitting the ball hard. That means you're not getting good swings. When you hit a ball that hard it's just tough luck that it is right at someone.

That doesn't excuse everything but it at least means he got a good swing on a pitch. I'm looking for him to get his timing back which is slowly starting to come back.

At least Kendrick's not tight.

somebody tell kyle there's people with jobs watching in the eastern time zone. Get it over with already.

Nate Robertson might not have to wait until that double-header to find his way into the Phillies' starting lineup.

It has nothing to do with benefit of the doubt. You don't think hitters can control whether their line drives go right at fielders for a DP ball as opposed to 3 feet to the right of the fielder for an RBI hit, do you?

Also, Kyle Kendrick sucks.

Who TF is this guy pitching?

He sure doesn't look like the KK I know.

Get rid of him and bring back the guy with the good sinker, you know, the one who can get guys out.

I know he's in that dugout somewhere.

Why did Howard let Kendrick load the bases and walk in a run?

F*ck you Kyle Kendrick! Grow a pair and pitch to the guy! How do you walk in a run in the FIRST INNING???? I sure am glad he's on our team for this stretch run; everyone knows he's better than all those terrible pitchers on the Pirates and Royals, and we should be SO thankful for that.

well 1-0 dodgers, that should be all the runs they need.

Double play? Doesn't matter. Game over.

Pirates and Royals starting pitchers with an ERA+ higher than Kendrick's 89:

Zack Greinke and Russ Ohlendorf

How many games out of our last 10 have we allowed the opposition to score in the first inning?

Somebody should tell our pitchers they are actually allowed to sit the opposition down 1-2-3.

Seriously, our guys are playing so awfully that if I didn't think that baseball had been cleaned up, I would suspect players on our team of throwing the game to get paid off.

TTI, I'm glad he hit it hard and didn't strike out, but should I be jumping with joy that he had two men on in the first inning, facing an inexperienced right handed pitcher, and he grounded into a DP??

When you're in a 3 for 32 slump, it's hard to feel excited about an at bat that extended it to 3 for 33.

thought it was a triple off the bat

Larry Andersen sounds as disgusted as the posters here.

KK didn't look good at inning man but man. He gave up 1 run. It wasn't like it was a 3-run bomb.

This reminds me of 2008 when the Phils were struggling heading into September, and the FO finally pulled the plug on Kendrick because he was killing them every 5th day.

I wonder if they'll do the same now.

No, holding them to 1 run was huge. Hopefully, he avoids those jams from here on.

DH Phils, hitters have some control over where they hit the ball, probably not extremely precise, but they do have some control over whether they hit line drives or ground balls or fly balls.

If it's only about hitting it hard, and everything else is luck, you've really stripped the batter of any merit in what he produces.

Did Ryan Howard hit it fairly hard? Yes. But he hit into a double play, so he failed at what his job was there. End of story.

I'll get excited when he knocks some guys in.

Fatalotti: Yes you said that already and I told you that's a dumb opinion. What you should be looking for with Howard are signs that his timing is coming back and he is getting good swings on pitches.

You could not say that for a great number of at bats. He is starting to show signs of getting the timing back and that was a good first at bat he had there.

He can't control where the ball goes.

This guy was pitching for the Clearwater Threshers last year. Let's go. Time to mash.

That's the rare time that I wish Vic would have swung on 3-0 because, if he doesn't knock the runner home, who will?

Man, Brian Schneider really got lucky there.

You can't judge a KK start in the 1st inning either way.

We'll see what happens from here on out.

BAP: Brian Schneider just raised his hand.

Oh. There's my answer.

Couldn't he at least hit a grand slam? This team just stinks.

See Chollie, change is GOOD!

See, tinkering with teh lineup is the key to scoring runs. No Ruiz? Hello again, HRs.

I'm confused, and forced to follow on gamechat. Did Brian Schneider just hit a 3-run home run?

TTI - "He is starting to show signs of getting the timing back and that was a good first at bat he had there"

Talking about stretching for something. He hit one ball hard last night but had 2 other really poor Abs.

Leave it to Brian Schneider to provide the power we've all been waiting for.

Let's go. Have to win this game.

J.R.: No you can't but you can sure be pessimistic about what will happen for the rest of the game. KK's not usually a guy who straightens himself out when he comes out of the gate with command problems.

TTI: Major league hitter have some control over where the ball goes. I mean, they can't aim it like a missle three feet to the left or right, but they can go to different "zones" of the field with some level of precision.

So yes, they have some level of control over where the ball goes.

looked down and in

Small is vastly overrated especially when you don't hit with RISP.

MG: He had some good at bats over the weekend too despite getting some poor results.. It's progressing. Probably not as quickly as he, or the fans, would like. However, he is starting to look better than he did when he first came back.

MG, what was that about a 3 run bomb?

Well, dinner time for me. Someone else will have to fill the p*ssed off grouch role for awhile.

Three runs already? Wow, cool. If only one of the other starters were pitching tonight...

I bet if we started Valdez, Sweeney, Francisco, and Brown in addition to Schneider the score would already be 12-1.

TTI, you presume I'm not looking for signs of life out of Howard. Why? I am. I want him to start raking as much as anyone here, but your question like this:

"So are we going to pretend that Howard didn't crush that ball but right at someone?

I just want to know what the theme will be for tonight so I can prepare myself for what I'll read later."

This was an inflammatory comment, and you chose Howard hitting into a double play for the backdrop of this comment. Seemed like a poor choice to me. It's not like he roped a liner into the alley that was robbed on a great play by Kemp. He hit a GROUND BALL DOUBLE PLAY. Pretty damn hard to get excited about that, but I don't know, maybe I'm old school, where it takes a couple hits for me to get over a guy being in an 0 for 33 funk with 15 strikeouts.

On the subject of the Paul Hoover call-up, some on the blog couldn't understand why Dane Sardinha didn't get the call. One poster said that, "Sardines is into the sauce, but Hoover is a good clean pickup." I don't know whether the guy was referring to Sardinha's bonehead move when he got a DUI as a non-roster player during Phillies' Spring Training this year, or whether the poster had inside information about Sardinha's off-field conduct at Lehigh Valley this season. If it is the latter -- obviously that is reason enough to not make Sardina a September call-up in the middle of a penant race. One thing is certain -- Paul Hoover is a better defensive catcher than Sardinha. While Hoover and Sardinha both throw well, Sardinha had his 10th passed ball in Allentown tonight, and he struck out every third at bat when he was with the Phillies for 13 games earlier this season. While Sardinha he did hit three dingers during those 13 games, he batted only .205 during that time. Also, Sardinha has had only six hits in his last 33 at bats at Lehigh Valley, while Hoover is hitting .406 with a .656 slugging percentage in his last 10 games (32 at bats) as of tonight. Also -- Hoover was the first "third" catcher to be recalled by the Phillies during injuries to Schneider and Ruiz earlier this year, and the only reason Sardinha was recalled later on was because Hoover had gone on the 7-day DL at Lehigh Valley with a minor injury at the time. Hoover had some clutch hits and played well defensively while he was with the Phillies earlier this year, and also when he was with the team in September 2009. Manuel's plans for the third string catcher during this penant race are primarily to have the guy available to play good defense and call a good game in the late innings, allowing Charlie to make late-game moves, including double-switches, which he otherwise could not make while having only two catchers on the roster. Those are the reasons why Paul Hoover was the only real choice the Phillies could have made as they selected their third-string catcher for the stretch run.

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