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Friday, August 13, 2010


Rough that Dickey up. I should I say soften him up.

Swell, probably another celebration-related injury...

Hope Hamels can handle the rare night start.

I just hope the Mets are brave enough to let Dickey in the game this time once his miraculous pitching ability that he suddenly gained this year reverts to career norms. They gotta let the Phils have more than five or six hits in a row before chickening out this time.

{bawk bawk bawk)

Phils need to keep just winning series, and they are lucky that they don't have to face Santana this series, who has been absolutely dominant over the past month and a half. He has a 1.88 ERA over that span with a start in there in which he gave up 7 earned over 5.2 innings, just to show you how good he was in all the other starts. Lucky he's not toeing the rubber this series.

Phils need to stop the walk off victories so there is less risk of injury.

sophist: I've been running around all afternoon & missed your post from the last thread. But let me say: I apologize. I read every one of your posts and, rest assured, I put considerable weight on what you have to say -- even more so now that you've been proven right about Ibanez.

The word "excuse" did not translate well via written medium. I simply meant that, just as many people do not believe Rollins' low batting average is a permanent trend, I'm not yet prepared to believe that Rollins' improved walk totals (which are based on a considerably lesser sample size) are a permanent trend.

Rollins is a valuable player. I'm not disputing that (as I said, he's my favorite player). He's certainly one of the better shortstops in the league. I am uneasy, though, about the idea that we should contemplate an extension at this point. Rollins' defense isn't going to get better with age & his speed is going to decline. Coupled with a decline in overall offensive numbers, & trouble staying healthy, I'd be concerned about a long-term deal. I need to see a reversal in some of those trends before I'd even consider locking him up for additional years.

I'm sure it's been mentioned before, but the Phils have the best record in the majors in the last 20 games. Wow.

Is Ruiz injured? It didn't seem like anything happened to him last night. Why is he not in the lineup tonight?

Good play by Reyes.


BAP - That's a fair point re his BB rate. I wouldn't say the idea that they should extend him right now is an uncontroversial one.

How does Dickey have an ERA of 2.65 this late in the season? He is a lifetime 5.43 pitcher coming into this year... Is it Citi Field inflated?

Dickey is having a good year no matter how you cut it. But his Home LOB% is almost 90%. There's no reason for that to continue.

Sophist, where did it come from? Did he change his pitching style significantly this year? Is there any reason to think he's any better than his career numbers going forward?

Raw Dickey just struck out two phillies never throwing faster than 81 mph...shocking

With the way the Phillies have been going this year, I'm surprised Schneider didn't slip on a bat, break his spine, and become paralyzed.

Knuckleballeres sometimes just click...Dickey could just be a late bloomer.

that is a lot of infield hits the last couple days to thinks jimmy is still hurting a little bit

"If Utley gets into a game this weekend, & plays another 2-3 early next week, I still can't see how he wouldn't be back next wknd. #Phillies"

Fatalotti - Not sure without looking more. His Ks are up and BBs are down and his GB% is way up. He's not a sub 3 ERA pitcher, though.

This feels like a loss.

that was a bad throw

"Dickey could just be a late bloomer"

Before you go braindead, NEPP, look at Dickey's stats at major league and minor league levels.

Schneider might as well just hold on to the ball and try to beat Pagan to second base, because he has not displayed an arm to throw out runners, this year.

Yeah I know his stats Andy...but there really is no book for knuckleballers and their development.

running rampant on cole and schneider

Good break for the Phillies.

Remember when nobody could run on Schneider a few years ago.

Andy: But, as someone pointed out when we last discussed this (which was 5 days ago, in his last start against the Phillies), Dickey only started throwing the knuckler a few years ago. It could have taken him some time to refine it. Or he could just be getting very lucky. There is a substantial luck element which is inherent in the knuckleball.

Knuckleball or not, it's a bit hard for me to believe that, after being a fringe major leaguer his whole career, he suddenly turned into a stud pitcher at nearly 36 years of age.

Donald Trump's slumming it at CitiField.

So Phillies dealing with a little BAbip bad luck today, no?

Nice play by Polanco. Good job, Cole to keep them from pushing across a typical BS Stems run.

Last night I had some sympathy for Broxton. Love the wins, but that's a tough pill to swallow.

No quarter for the Mets however, Hope the loss of K-Rod costs them, and more specifically costs them at least a game this series.

Two hard hit balls so far that Reyes handled. Hope the guy who can't focus on every pitch boots a couple tonight as well.

Past time for the Phils' offense to hand Hamels a laugher.

Another line drive caught. God, I hate the Mets.

idk, NEPP. But neither Niekro, for instance, just suddenly turned it on at age 35.

I'm thinking these line outs tonight are typical of Dickey this year. He sacrificed several unmentionable animals, methinks, and sold his soul for this year.

Andy, nope. His LD rate is very low this year. He's getting a ton of ground balls.

I can understand selling your soul, but if all you get out of it is a good ERA, but you're still stuck on a terrible Mets team, you got a raw deal. Dickey ought to demand his soul back.

****NEPP. But neither Niekro, for instance, just suddenly turned it on at age 35.****

I agree that its likely a good amount of flukishness with him.

He's been trying to catch on as a Knuckler for 4-5 years now and had no success till now.

What a play by Sweeney. I like this guy a lot.

Damn...Sweeney with the great grab there.

Jimmy flashing the leather yet again too.

That was one nice play by Sweeney and Rollins. Incredible stretch.

How was that play by JRoll? Don't get TV, wondering how JR is.

Sweeney wants to win so badly it hurts.

Oh, on an unrelated note:

UZR/150 for 2010:

Rollins: 23.6 (1st in the Majors among SS with at least 450 Innings)

something seems up with either Rollins' positioning, range or arm.

Jimmy is flashing great range as usual...and his cannon for an arm.

Really Sophist? He seems fine to me.

or maybe I'm just not being fair based on the first few innings. just seems like a bunch of close plays to him in a row.

I think it the range sophist. he is still a little slower than usual. Hopefully he can get back to 100% this year.

I kind of agree with Sophist. Rollins has shorted a couple throws today. Uncharacteristic for him.

Well, both balls were hit hard into the hole going away from him...I credit him for making plays on both (and nailing one guy at 1B).

I'd say his accuracy is a bit less this least since he's come back and I'd guess that's the result of planting on his bad leg. Overall, he still seems like an elite defender.

Granted, he's no Wilson Valdez.

This might be out of place here, but for those who care, Kevin Kolb just looked amazing on his first drive and only missed a TD because of a drop in the endzone.

Are those plays Jimmy would have had a better angle on and gotten to quicker if he were moving better? Or it just the random way the ball bounces and we're overanalyzing?

Eagles will be 7-9 at best this year, better to focus on the Phils

Hard to tell Bob.

I'll admit that he's not as good defensively as he was last year or in 08 but even a 90% Jimmy is an elite fielder who is likely Gold Glove worthy (though unlikely to win thanks to time missed).

There have been some plays this year where I thought "Hmm, he usually makes that no problem" and he had to dive instead. His arm accuracy seems to be the biggest iffy part for him now with the bad leg. Our round robin of 1B have made several impressive scoops to save him.

steve, I don't want to get into an Eagles discussion on this blog, but I'm not expecting the Eagles to win a bunch of games this year, but I am expecting them to be very competitive. Beyond that, I'm fully capable of focusing on the Eagles, Phillies, Sixers and Flyers concurrently. In fact, I'm excited about the Rod Thorn hiring, I'm hoping Iguodala makes the Olympic team (won player of the game yesterday), and I'm excited to see Turner this year. I also am kind of curious if the league is going to bring the hammer down on the Pronger deal. See, I can follow them all, and don't have to follow one to the exclusion of the other. :)

For sure, that was a full bore Gumby stretch and scoop by Sweeney on that last grounder.

Is Oswalt the only Phils pitcher who can bunt?

Maybe Oswalt needs to do one of those Donovan McNabb pre-season things. Have all the pitchers down to Florida pre-spring training for a little bunting clinic and pitcher's camaraderie over cold brews.

...and speaking of Bloomberg...

I agree that Rollins' arm seems a bit lacking - most likely due to some difficulty planting to throw. I can't remember the last time he made an impressively strong throw to first.

this team sucks, good luck next year phils

Posted by: steve | Thursday, August 12, 2010 at 09:45 PM

Eagles will be 7-9 at best this year, better to focus on the Phils

Posted by: steve | Friday, August 13, 2010 at 07:44 PM

good segue by tmac that time lol

to be fair i am a cowboys fan

Hamels getting his great run support as always.

Well steve, as a show of good faith, I'll admit this. My buddy asked me last night who I thought was the best team in the NFL this year, and after some thought, I decided that it's most likely the Cowboys. Now, with that said, I still don't think they've proven that they're a playoff team. Hamels is looking great right now. Let's hope the Phillies find some way to put some runs on the board.

Early days yet, but Cole seems locked in. Mets have not hit any balls hard yet really, and he made Reyes look like a minor leaguer on that AB.

Talking about football is a good way to get permanently ejected from BL.

2 K for Polanco. Knuckleball must be working tonight.

Dickey is making this offense look pathetic right now. Should have known that Dickey would turn into Halladay with Hamels pitching.

A Phillies' opposing pitcher flirting with a no-hitter? Is it that time of week again?

Victorino is good at defense.

Uh oh.

Please not Cole...

you've got to be joking. c'mon!!

Please. Not an injury to Cole.

Come on Cole, bo okay.

Well, he's staying in. Hopefully it doesn't disrupt him tonight anyway.


I got burnt on my bet last weekend on Dickey. Tonight though the Phils are doing their usual 'mesmerized act' vs. a knuckleballer we have seen this year.


I think Cole is ok lol

What would Hamels' ERA be if the Phils played in Citi instead of CBP?


Didn't this happen to Cole last time out?

He'd probably have a 1.50 ERA and a .900 WHIP and be 6-9. Some WIP caller would say he's a sissy boy.

If that stays a homerun, there's the obligatory mistake for Hamels. He'll end the night with 7-8 IP and 1-2 runs, and lose the game.

Who is this f'in' .130 hitter who has 2 HRs against us?

How are they NOT reviewing this with the instant replay?

Game over.

stop reaching in

No way in hell that's a HR.

Sarge said that's a natural reaction... How is it natural to lean completely over a wall, to the point where you almost fall out of the stands to grab a ball, that is absolutely, unequivocally still in fair grounds. Some fans are just complete asses, and should know better, but most fans don't know muc of anything about the sport.

That sub .200 hitter has about 300 minor league HR.

it's gone. cleared the orange line.

Get off your phone, you fvcking douchebag.

If the fan affects a ball that is questionable as to whether it would have gone out, it should be automatically a ground rule double. Fans need to stop reaching in and affecting the outcome of the game, especially if the game is scoreless going into the bottom fo the 5th. What a moron that fan is, and should have his season tickets revoked. I'm steamed right now.

Why doesn't Ibanez play the ball there and then argue?

If this turns into a double and Cole finds a way to squirm out of the inning unscathed, talk about a momentum loss for the Mets.

This is the longest review on earth.

Does the Phils broadcast have more than one angle? The SNY version doesn't.

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