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Friday, August 27, 2010


Jason- Good to see you are still saving the panic button graphic for a later date.
Maybe a West Coast trip will change this lackluster team back into the real Phillies we know and love.
But just in case, I would keep that graphic close at hand .

agreed on Brown. He should have been mixed in the outfield rotation and given some more starts.

Moyer? KK is slightly better then Moyer.

Cut the cord, already. This team needs to get YOUNGER and not continue to trundle along with old guys.

Kendrick is what he is (as the dumb modern athlete would say). This team isn't falling short because of him. He has the 3rd most wins on the staff.

Its some of the other guys who have let the team down and have WAY underperformed.

Brown should have been playing everyday at LV for the last few weeks of the season. Worst thing that could have happened was him hitting that cookie that Mota threw a week ago out of the park. It was dumb to stash him on the bench, when he is still a developing player.

Putting him in the Cholly "4th or 5th OF role" (which means that guy only gets about 2 or 3 AB's a week), was never going to work.

VERY stupid decision by the Phils.

If they can't touch the Astros pitchers then good luck with Latos tonight.

thats the thing though, i think the phils will touch up latos for 4 or 5 runs because they play up or down to competition.

as seen in the espn article this morning, "This is a disturbing trend for Philadelphia fans -- the Phillies are just 21-19 against clubs that are 10 games or more below .500."

that is awful. we are only 2 games over .500 against teh worst teams in the league. the players just assume that a minor league call-up will get rocked and it will be smooth sailing against a team like teh nats/pirates/astros, etc.

Kendrick is just a convenient scapegoat at this point. He's faded this month, but the season isn't over and he's hovered between 85-100 ERA+ for the season. He's a 5th starter, and next year with a full season of Oswalt and an improved Blanton, he's probably fine for that role. I would consider signing Moyer to a 1 year deal for $1 million, but I wouldn't advocate signing him for $2-$3 million if that's at the expense of bringing Chad Durbin or Contreras back.

Anyway, this series, and most of this season, is on the offense. We just have been inconsistent. We were better playing small ball with the replacement lineup than we are waiting for the big guns to start hitting for power. A team like this, that's built on hitting a lot of homers, looks silly when they're not. I'd like to see a few things happen:

1) Move Ibanez up in the lineup. He's not hitting for power, but he's hitting righties and lefties right now and he's getting on base.

2) Hit Utley 2nd. I think he should hit ahead of Raul while he finds his stroke. His plate discipline is still strong so he's our best on-base option at that position. Polanco and Victorino are miscast as 2 hole hitters in this lineup.

3) I'd seriously consider leading Jayson Werth off for a few weeks. We need to bundle the guys who are getting on base together.

My lineup: Werth, Utley, Ibanez, Howard, Rollins, Polanco, Victorino, Ruiz

its sad and its like i'd almost rather face the pads/cards/giants/braves/reds in a playoff series than the pirates or astros.

the arrogance of this team is laughable

The Astros deserve at least a shred of credit in this series. They did pitch well and they played strong defense. Myers has had a strong season. Norris has been hot for a month. Happ is a solid lefty starter - we know that. And Wandy was one of the bright spots in Houston last year before regressing some this year. I still think he's a pretty good pitcher. The 4 starters we faced are not big names, but 3 of the 4 are above average and the one who isn't, Bud Norris, has been on fire.

Plus they played well defensively. Johnson and Manzella are young players who catch the ball and turned several difficult DP's this week. Pence and Bourn made plays as well. I was impressed with Brett Wallace at first - he doesn't look like he will defend, but he showed decent athleticism. The Catcher had two pickoffs on the bases - he impressed me too.

Lastly, the 'Stros really showed some fight. We obviously took them lightly, but you could see the fire on their side throughout the series. Bourn and Pence were jacked up when scoring big runs. It isn't unusual for a playoff team to lose to a team out of contention late in the season. Playing for pride still has meaning.

Who was the overperforming replacement for Howard? Sweeney and his .243 AVG and 1 XBH? Gload was hurt, so I don't understand that one. Who was the overperforming replacement for Utley? Valdez? The lineup just stepped it up as a whole when those guys were down. This series, the whole lineup played poorly. Even if it's not at simple as that, I'm not stupid enough to attribute it to Sweeney and Valdez.

Quincy: My point wasn't that we were better off with that lineup in the long term. I should be more clear. What I'm getting at is that we were forced to take a different approach with that lineup - juggling the order, playing small ball, playing lefty/righty matchups - and it was working. Since the full lineup came back together, we've had the same problems we had earlier this season: struggles with RISP, lots of K's, and a lot less power than we're used to. Those are still the players I want in the lineup, but I think you have to consider moving them around some.

Sneed... I wasn't arguing your post. I was referring to Schweitzer's post in JW's rundown. I have no problem at all with your lineup shuffle.

Should we keep Jimmy leading off? He still hits for a little power here and there, but aside from his plus baserunning, he doesn't do enough to justify that many at bats.

What infuriates me most is that Domonic Brown is riding the bench with Werth is not only playing bad, but acting like a total bonehead lately. Make Werth the damn pinch hitter!

I was hoping with the signing of Nate Robertson that maybe he'd be an improvement over the annual Kyle Kenrick meltdown. Such is not life. His line against Scranton last night wasn't exactly pretty. I'm afraid we're stuck with Krazy Kyle.

I think they'll definately snap out of this, but I wonder if it happens too late. They looked truly pathetic this week.

For predictive purposes, I throw out the Astros series. Just a complete collapse from the team. And its hard to give the pitching staff that much kudos - all they had to do was avoid Carlos Lee and Hunter Pence and take care of the rest of the AAAA players on their team, but they let both of those players hurt them each and every game of the series.

Short memory fellas. No sense of saying "if they did this/that vs. Houston, then they won't do anything vs. Padres". Had a collapse, now lets move on.


Rollins’ Struggles Threaten Phils’ Run

It would be funny if it weren't all-too-accurate:

Phillies Hitters Confident Some Other Hitter Will Get Hot Soon

I have yet to hear anyone offer a good reason why Brown (a) wasn't starting the night of the 16 inning loss, &/or (b) was wasted for typical Charlie bullshit match-up reasons w/out seeing a single pitch in that same game.

meechone (via Twitter): "I wish the Phillies had a young prospect who hits for power and runs like a friggin gazelle to charge some life into that lineup. Oh well :("

Absolutely on point about Dom Brown. The Werth loyalists that were out in force all week seem to be in hiding the past 3 days. His value to the team has been overrated and overblown, and his attitude is dragging the entire lineup down. He's an uncaring blockhed who's going through the motions and is the only player that seems to care less whether we win or lose. getting picked off of second, strolling into home plate yesterday, and doing nothing offensively but slugging a cheap CBP home run 2 games ago doesnt earn him a spot in the starting lineup.

Why haven't I read anything about the SD series as a post-sesason preview?

I don't think Dom Brown should be taking ABs away from Werth. Shift Werth to center and let Louis Castillo ride pine.

I would let Rex Hudler take at bats from Werth at this point.

i love dom brown and still treat each of his ABs as a mythical omen - but still am not daydreaming enough to think Brown can outperform Werth over the next month of this season.

Outperform Vic, maybe. But then you have Werth CF defense as a downgrade and Dom's RF defense as another downgrade with an already subpar LF. Pretty dangerous combo.

And you can't even argue platoon. Werth is torching RHP and slugging .400 against LHP, so there'd be no point.

I guess if you wanted to get Dom ABs, it'd have to be vs RHP and move Werth to CF to keep Vic's pointless lefty at bats out of the lineup.

Can anybody on this team still drive the ball? I know it's Petco, so we'll settle for a couple of gappers. With runners aboard. Tonight.

I wouldnt bench Werth for an extended period of time, just enough time to motivate his lazy a$$.

"I have yet to hear anyone offer a good reason why Brown (a) wasn't starting the night of the 16 inning loss, &/or (b) was wasted for typical Charlie bullshit match-up reasons w/out seeing a single pitch in that same game"

I expect the good reason for this will come out at about the same time we get the good reason Blanton batted with the bases loaded and 2 outs in the Cardinals series, i.e., never.

I know it helps my mental state a lot to start from the baseline that UC will probably make the worst possible decision in any strategic situation...that way, if he doesn't, I'm pleasantly suprised, and if he does, it's what I expected. Otherwise, you're in for a lot of disappointment if you expect UC to optimize every lineup and matchup.

I guess the august numbers speak for themselves(i didnt check but MG cited 1st in ERA) - but i still have a problem with him throwing around that Atlanta has a better rotation than Philly as some sort of given fact.

I disagree, and would take our current rotation over the Braves almost everytime.

In other news Stephen Strasburg will probably receive Tommy John surgery.

That Blanton AB was a disgrace, he dropped the ball on that move and on not benching Werth. Let's face it, Werth isn't Babe Ruth, Charlie isn't Casey Stengel. It's time to make the moves you need to to win. Maddon with the Rays thinks outside the box all the time, that's why they're a terrific team in the best division in baseball. In Philly we just go into the "we'll go on our late season run" mentality and wait for it to happen. That won't fly this season.

How many times can Heather mention batting Blanton that one time?

Heather, now that Charlie didn't start Dom Brown that one time, can this now be the one and only circumstance you point to in your "UC will probably make the worst possible decision in any strategic situation" argument?

Bench Werth for Brown? Que? This is like the stupidity I briefly listened to on 610 for a few minutes with Todd Ellis (no insights) and Bottalico (another guy who jumps on the bandwagon and is overly negative/positve depending upon how the team is doing).

Bottalico changes his mind more about what this team is going to end up doing than a woman who tries to figure out what to wear out to a couple's dinner on a Friday night.

"The Astros deserve at least a shred of credit in this series"

What?? The opposing team deserves credit? Fie, I say!

"the arrogance of this team is laughable"

I don't disagree, but how do you cope with something like this?

There really isn't a team captain able or willing to take charge in the clubhouse, and despite the occasional team meeting, Charlie is a pretty easy going guy who, frankly, could use some shaking up himself.

The only answer I see is to look to a future in which complacent, arrogant individuals are replaced with individuals who are hungry for a championship.

So the question is this: Who goes?

Who do you suggest you bench Werth for, bring up Dobbs? And we're talking about one or 2 games at the most. I know it's an unthinkable scenario. And with this manager it wont happen anyway. The flowing beard will be patrolling right field in SD tonight, and providing us with at least 2 horrendously bad strikouts with a walk mixed in.

RE: Strasburg, I remember posting a writeup about future arm troubles based on the "inverted W" throwing motion he has. It has apparently become a pretty clear indicator of potential shoulder/elbow injury. It's a shame for MLB, since he had created more buzz than just about any prospect in recent memory.

sneed - Yeah. Astros aren't as bad as a team as people think right now. They wound up getting rid of some of their underperformers (especially Feliz) and have played much better the past 2 months being an above .500 team.

"In other news Stephen Strasburg will probably receive Tommy John surgery."

Wow. That stinks for Nats fans. All the optimists were like, "Strasburg is not Mark Prior! Stop comparing them!"

Looks like the negative Nancies were right on this one.

Well, hopefully he comes back in 2011 and lives up to his potential. (Except against the Phils.)

As for Werth, the "apologists" aren't hiding at all. Go look at the threads from yesterday and you'll see plenty of "apologists" on there pointing out that, despite his struggles with RISP, he's leading or 2nd on the team in virtually every offensive category you can name. That doesn't make me an apologist, just accepting of the fact that he is, despite anecdotal evidence people like to use, one of the best players on the team.

Chris in VT,, I believe, is the website where you can find that appraisal of Strasburg's mechanics. He's been pretty dead on about a few guys over the years.

Good site. I feel bad for Strasburg, because he's obviously a great talent. I hope he can recover and regain his form.

So that riveting stat prevents him from riding the bench for one game? I guarantee most fans would applaud seeing the lineup tonight without him because they'd think the Charlie grew a pair of nuts overnight and made a move to get the team motivated. You do that by pulling out the dead wood, and that's what Werth is right now.

re: Latos

He hasn't given up more than two runs since June 4th - it was his start vs the Phillies where we went 5IP 3ER after 103 pitches.

Vic hit a 2 run bomb and Werth had a 2 out RBI that game and Halladay got the win.

Heather: "comes back in 2011"

TommyJohn = comes back in 2012 Indeed. I fear the Phillies "offense" will prove Latos-intolerant.

While very few posters know less about baseball than RSB -- the average ERA of a team's 5th starter in the NL has been over 6.00 in each of the past 4 years -- I do agree with him that no one should be satisfied with Kendrick's performance. If possible, the Phils should try to provide some serious competition for the spot in the offseason. I would focus on the bullpen as well.

I just IM'd Chuckles at the Waffle House in San Diego, and he told me tonights lineup:

1. Werth, RF
2. Utley, 2B
3. Polanco, 3B
4. Howard, 1B
5. Rollins, SS
6. Ibanez, LF
7. Victorino, CF
8. Ruiz, C
9. Oswalt, P

We can at least dream this will be tonight's lineup, can't we?

BL Question to the line-up:

How are y'all gonna handle Latos if you cannot hit Astros' slop?

Rollins - Don't worry. Someone will get hot.
Polanco - Yeah, someone always does.
Utley - There's always someone getting hot, even when I'm not.
Howard - So even if I don't, someone else will be hitting.
Werth - Yeah. What they said.
Ibanez - When everyone's down, someone always picks us up.
Victorino - Yup. Someone's gonna get hot. Book it.
Ruiz - {unintelligible}
Hamels - {grumbling}

[Thompson - heh heh heh]

I received a note that said Werth will lead off tonight. It was in the same envelope as an invitation to the Pope's son's Bar Mitzvah (which I will happily attend)

sneed i like your lineup above but would make some changes.

werth leading off - the last few years has seen more pitches per AB then 95% of the league (which is what a leadoff hitter should do).

werth, utley, polanco, howard, rollins, ibanez, victorino, chooch

I like having R,L,R,L,S,L,S,R

clout: If the average 5th starter ERA is over 6, why should no one be satisfied with Kendrick? He's been in the mid 4's for 80% of this season.

sneed: Excellent point. The 'Stros have several very good pitching prospects who've been rushed in recent years (Norris, Wilton Lopez, Felipe Paulino) but are beginning to pay dividends. If they can add some offense the next couple seasons, they could be tough.


Yes, but they also have Myers (who isn't as good as Blanton) and Happ (who is extremely, extremely lucky).

So the 'Stros are going to be no factor.

In one of the articles G'Town Dave posted on Rollins earlier, Charlie is quoted as, and I'll paraphrase, "he has one more burst (good run) left in him."

While that comment seemed to get swept under the rug (probably because it is sometimes hard to understand what Charlie meant without context), it is more ominous than people think. If we agree on at least one thing on BL, it's that Charlie knows hitting. So if that's how he sees it, he must also agree that Jimmy's days as a viable leadoff hitter are numbered. Knowing Charlie the move isn't going to be made this season, and possibly not next year either if Werth walks and is replaced by Brown, but he does seem to be considering his options.

Also in that article he makes a comment about career averages under the context that we have multiple players having down seasons. Maybe I'm just holding out hope that he begins to tinker with the lineup like he did when we were banged up.

clout: add "some" offense?

how about a complete overhaul? Pence seems legit and Lee is on his way down pretty sharply. I guess Johnson and Wallace coudl have some uside at infield corners but thats about it. Their career .671 OPS leadoff man isn't helping either even tho he's a stud out in CF. about Strasburg. Good thing he got his big payday up front. This is why its stupid to give so much money to a top prospect.

denny: How do you figure that Myers is worse than Blanton?

Charlie also added that Werth "Gives him the runs..."

Maybe Phillips was right to say he would trade Strasburg for Oswalt.

I skimmed through the posts and can't believe that not a soul picked up on this line from MG in JW's rundown...

"It’s going to be very difficult to catch them especially with a better pitching staff and rotation."

I do believe I was completely laughed at when posting that the Braves have a better bullpen AND rotation the other week. I guess we've all accepted it now?

Phillips is probably thinking the Nats should trade Harper for Carlos Lee.

As has been mentioned many times here, the lineup has been tinkered with a zillion times this season. I know people are grasping at straws, but how is that going to all of a sudden wake up the sleeping bats? This is where coaching comes in, because one thing that needs to be addressed is what appears to be very undisciplined ABs. Taking 3 hacks (or conversely, staring at 3 strikes) and sitting down is not going to cut it.

Accepted that the Braves have a better rotation? Who's accepting that?

Dukes: I noticed and still disagree - although if Atlanta had the best August ERA in the league as MG suggested, then I will give you both some credit. Again, still disagree and I think(hope) September will prove you wrong.

Dukes - I didn't. Phils have pitched very well this month (3.21 ERA). Braves have been even better (3.00 ERA).

thephaithful: You're right. Make that "a lot" of offense.

As for Bourn, his OPS is irrelevant. Key with him is his OB and it needs to be closer to .350 for him to be truly valuable on offense. IMHO Chris Johnson is a fluke.

clout: True, a lower OPS isn't that much of a problem if his OBP is still acceptable, and as you noted, has not been this season.

He has 151 Total Bases in 457 ABs for a .330 SLG this year. But he also has gained 34 bases on steals (44 SB - 10 CS), so if you added those he would have 185 Total bases for a .402 SLG, which puts him at a .729 OPS. So his OPS probably should be higher in terms of his offensive value - but again, still not where he needs to be.

List of stupid suggestions:

- This team needs Dallas Green to rip into them or Cholly to go on a rant.

This just isn't Cholly's style and I would be willing to bet that behind closed doors he has had some words with select players. As for Dallas Green, this old crony/meddler/lout needs to in Florida enjoying his retirement and away from the day-to-day operations of the ball club.

- Phils are 'complacent' and they played better when the backups were playing like Gload, Sweeney, Valdez, Brown, etc.

Much more likely is that a number of Phils' players are playing at less than 100% especially guys like Polanco, JRoll, Utley, and Howard. As for the backups, yeah Gload was hitting when he when down and his injury hurt but the backups on this team have generally done very little this season especially in a PH role where the Phils rank last or are among the bottom in most NL categories.

Jason/clout: Re Bourn...we saw this series what he can do by bunting and taking bases. If his OBP is at .350, like it was in 2009, he's a solid leadoff hitter.

Chris Johnson probably won't keep this up, but he could eventually be an .825 OPS guy who looks like a very good defensive player. The Astros could be built around speed, pitching, and the Rays.

I'm sure it was considered "stupid" at the time when Dallas Green ripped into the club in September of 1980, benched the Bull and brought in Lonnie Smith, fired Pat Corrales while the team was in first place in 1983, etc.....sometimes one move makes a world of difference rather than going through groundhog day which these players. And when the backups were in there playing at 100% they were on fire.

Well, here's the average ERA of 5th starters on at least some playoff caliber teams. I have not done an exhaustive search. I'm mostly just going with the numbers provided by Hugh in the last thread:

Yankees -- Javier Vazquez, 4.96.

Rays -- Wade Davis, 4.41

Twins - Nick Blackburn, 6.49 (and currently out of the rotation)

Texas - Scott Feldman, 5.43 (and out of the rotation since July)

Braves -- Kawakami -- 4.75 (and out of the rotation since July)

Reds -- Based on games started, their 5th starter is Homer Baily, who has a 4.83 ERA & has been in & out of the rotation. By ERA, the 5th starter is Harang (although he has been on the DL since June)

Giants -- Madison Bumgarner (3.95). He replaced Todd Wellemeyer, and his 5.68 ERA, in late June.

Cardinals -- After their first 3 starters, they've been a mess, due to injuries. Suppan, Penny, Hawksworth, & Lohse have all made at least 8 starts. None has been effective & all but Hawksworth have missed substantial time with injury. But they recently traded for Westbrook &, when Lohse (6.47) came off the DL, he replaced the ineffective Hawksworth (5.26).

My point is not that there is a ready supply of major league caliber 5th starters out there (as Klaus falsely frames my argument in the last thread). My point is that, if you look at the standards applied by the good teams around the league, you will find that few such teams are satisfied with ERAs even in the high 4s (in past years, they might have been, but in a pitching-dominated season, 4.60 or 4.70 is sort of the new 5.00).

If the team DOES stick with a starter with a high ERA, it's invariably because it's a guy like Blanton or Vasquez, who is being paid a lot of money & has a proven track record which the team assumes he'll eventually perform to. But, for the most part, if you've got a guy with that type of ERA, and he's the worst guy in your rotation, there will probably come a point where the team will try another alternative -- and rightly so. Unfortunately, the Phillies don't really have any because Moyer got injured, they traded Happ & Drabek, & the starting pitching at AA & AAA is terrible. But next year is a new year.

Old Phan: The lineup was only "tinkered with" when regulars were on the DL, & (if I recall correctly) the Phillies wound up finding ways to score runs. Raúl hit well in the 3 spot, having a SS who couldn't hit worth a damn wasn't so bad when he was batting 7th or 8th, etc. It's long past time a similar shakeup occurred w/in the regular lineup. I agree that plate discipline must also be addressed, but not changing for the sake of not changing is a poor excuse. Put simply, if what you have been doing isn't working, TRY SOMETHING DIFFERENT. No harm can come of it, but some good might.

The problem is the Phils don't seem to have that guy that you can lean on when everyone else is struggling. Watched a lot of the Rangers this year, and even when Vlad was looking like garbage, Nelson Cruz was struggling (and out on the DL), Kinsler on the DL, Michael Young putting up some of the lowest numbers of his career...

Joshn Hamilton was getting hits, making things happen. He was a rock for the Rangers.

We have nobody on our team who is a rock this year. Rollins is down and inconsistent. Victorino is the king of pop ups. Howard looks godawful right now. Utley had a down year to begin with, plus his injury. Werth can't buy a hit in a clutch situation, in addition to his baserunning gaffes. There's no "Get me to the plate, boys," guy on the team right now. There's a whole bunch of guys who look like they're waiting for someone else to start hitting.

Be prepared in this series for Wheels to do the following:

Praise Charlie for whatever lineup moves he makes/doesn't make

Praise the Padres as the best team to come along since the '27 Yankees

Praise the San Diego weather, the best in the country

Reminisce about Bowa and Vuke, since they both grew up in San Diego

Tell an old tidbit about a conversation he had with "Trade Jack" McKeon when he was managing the team back in the day about the mechanics of hitting

Anyone catch Vlad's HR in last night's Rangers game? At 2 strikes the entire broadcast team, half viewers and the entire coaching staff knew that you just had to bounce a pitch up there, instead the pitch is up in the zone and he blasts it out to left. Gardenhire comes out to pull the pitcher and his first words are "all you had to do was bounce it up there..."

heather, werth isn't clutch this season which is why it is worth a shot to have him lead off.

polanco has been the most consistent hitter all season so he should be moved down.

as for the rangers - even w/ their "rock" they only have 2 more wins than the phils who have had serious problems all around this season. (and are 5-5 in the last 10 games)

My view is that Amaro has boxed the team in with the ridiculous Howard extention. UGH! Amaro's another Ed Wade. And then he has that goofball from Tampa Bay as his assistant. That's a losing combination, not a winning one. It's all downhill from here. But the good news for Howard fans is he'll be here theu 2017. It might be the worst contract in sports.

BAP: Part of the problem here is definition. No one on the Yankees would say that Vasquez is the 5th starter.

I'm guessing the way Baseball Prospectus did it was by # of games started, although with injuries that's misleading too.

However they did it, the bottom line is that the ERA for 5th starters has been above 6.00 and any evaluation of 5th starters has to begin there.

There's no wisdom to batting Werth leadoff. You have to leave Rollins there, and if I would put anyone else there it would be Shane and not Werth.

Joe, explain why there is no wisdom in Werth leadoff...

1)He has been AWFUL when batting w/ RISP this season. So why have him batting in the middle of the order? This isn't a small sample size either, this is ALL SEASON.

2)He sees more pitches per AB then almost every player in baseball. You want the leadoff pitcher to see as many pitches as possible. Baseball 101. Shane and Jimmy do not do that.


with RISP batting .157
with RISP & 2outs - .105

with bases empty - .332
leading off an inning - .339

Baez to the Dl, called up Bastardo

Right now Werth is awful anywhere in the lineup. The only reason to move him would be to pick Jimmy up and it's obvious that Jimmy will never get started this season for whatever reason, so that's a wasted move. You sit Werth a couple of games, insert Brown then put him back in there the rest of the season, hopefully after his head is surgically removed from his a$$...

LA was just on ESPN 950 stating how this team has no leader at all, just players that lead by example. That's another reason Charlie needs to make a statement, because noone on this team is willing to do so.

Joe Cowley it seems you are hating on things for no reason right now. If you are going to make arguments at least back them up..

Werth is batting .270 over the last 7 games, so he is far from awful. He is just awful with RISP, and that is all anyone remembers (for good reason). He has more hits over the last 7 days than everyone except Ibanez who has 8.

Stop hating.

I hear Baez has an acute case of 'Sucking Out Loud'. I doubt it's curable.

Also, here are some stats for Phils' regulars, along w/ where those numbers rank among the "regular" starting 8 players:

Rollins - .242 BA (8th) / .327 OBP (7th) / 35 BB (6th) / .340 BA w/ RISP (1st)

Victorino - .254 BA (7th) / .317 OBP (8th) / 36 BB (5th) / .304 BA w/ RISP (2nd)

Werth - .300 BA (2nd) / .389 OBP (1st) / 65 BB (1st) / .157 BA w/ RISP (8th) (& 228th of 228 in all of MLB)

Moving Werth to leadoff makes perfect baseball sense.

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