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Saturday, July 17, 2010


Will Amaro ever admit that mistakes were possibly made after the World Series last year, or is he the Steve Jobs of baseball?

Everyone makes mistakes. Seriously, this was a fairly minor one. No need to address the world. Releasing him now is more than enough.

It was a fairly minor mistake and I'm glad they acknowledged it; they usually don't when it comes to bench players.

It still doesn't excuse the fact that they signed him in the first place. If you can get a guy like Wilson Valdez on a minor league contract, it boggles the mind that any major league team -- let alone the 2-time defending league champions -- would give a guaranteed contract, with an option for a 2nd year no less, to Juan Castro.

The Phillies are on pace to get thrown out on the bases 6 times in today's game. Which one is the game thread, by the way?

Jiwan James has a 23 game hit streak.

Article on Lakewood on

Jonathan Villar is my new guy. Ton of errors, but maybe he's the heir at SS.

Which one is the game thread, by the way?

Well, this one has no Cl*ff L** in it yet.

It's really nice to see that Polanco's return has transformed this lineup back into the offensive juggernaut it was supposed to be.

LA is not amused by the umpiring this afternoon.

BAP - Still think Manuel needs to put Ruiz up in the order until Vic or Rollins start hitting well. Phils 4-5-6 have been on base four times in 6 plate appearances but with no RBI.

man, bap, bringing the optimism.

"Shane Victorino swings at the first pitch and pops up..."

That kinda day.

sneed: This blog has some real up-and-coming posters who have been giving me a good run for my money in pessimism. So I thought I would flex my muscles a bit by being the first out of the gate to rip Polanco after his return. I'm not gonna have my title taken away without a fight.

Is this now the game thread? How confusing!

Well done, BAP.

Team is giving lots of run support to a good pitching performance again, I would add.

Theriot is truly a leadoff hitter.

Phillies: 5 innings, making yet another mid-list major league starter look like a Cy Young Award-winning pitcher, 0 runs scored so far. Guess I'll go back laying stones in my front yard.

Not a great year to be a Phillies fan.

I'll add I think the Freddy Garcia trade worked out in our favor.

A terrible leadoff hitter I mean.

Average Hamels' ERA closing in on 3.60. Has held LHB under .180 BA and well under .700 OPS so far this year.

Has Lou been watching baseball this year? IBB to Raul.

I seem to be the only poster who thinks this was in the 99th percentile of idiotic but, as long as Rollins is hitting .235, I'm going to keep bringing up the fact that Amaro exercised an option on him a year before he had to -- even though he was coming off 2 straight seasons of precipitous offensive decline.

And, no, I'm not buying the argument that we have no other options at SS. If a guy hits .235, it isn't terribly hard to believe that there are better options on the trade or FA market. And if there aren't, THEN you exercise the option. You don't exercise it a year before you have to on a player showing signs of serious offensive decline.

Anyway, I gotta leave. Thankfully.

b_a_p: I also thought it was incredibly dumb, & still do. At least J-Roll is a notable defensive upgrade over the talentless losers Rube so enjoys signing.

If Amaro was going to pick up the option that early, Rollins would have been the Phils starting SS next season unless he had a career ending injury. Certainly not a necessary move, but only people looking for any little thing to whine about find it worth mentioning. Belongs on a laundry list of fairly questionable moves, but not something to rant and rave about.

The list of SS FA is pretty laughable anyway.

I just realized I'm not getting excited about baserunners. Not even when the bases were loaded. I just assume now that the team will not capitalize on opportunities. How sad is that? Anyone else feeling similarly?

I'll amend my last comment to say that I did feel hopeful earlier on in the game. And to recognize that if I really don't believe the team will score, I should just shut the game off. So there must be a kernel of hope hidden deep within me.

Sophist: Not only do I strenuously disagree, but I actually think that anyone who defends the move is just looking for reasons to be a FO apologist. In all seriousness, I fail to comprehend how any rational person can defend the decision to lock up a 30+ year old player coming off a terrible offensive season, when that exact same move could have been postponed for one full year, without any risk of losing the player. Even if Rollins were hitting .100 points higher right now, the move would STILL have been a stupid and utterly unnecessary risk. But, as we say in the law, it would have been harmless error.

Good play by the Cubs. Aggressiveness worked for them. Um, covering 1B, guys?

I think the Cubs have probably done all the scoring they need to do for a win.

BAP - Yes, BAP, anyone who minimizes the downsides to a bad move by the FO is an apologist. Nice work.

Check out the list of FA SS and tell you who's bat and glove you pine for. Julio Lugo?

May the Phils prove me wrong.

The Phillies are what's laughable.

In an effort to win the "Blind Optimist Of The Year Award", I hereby nominate bap as the next president of our club.

That's 2 successful suicide squeeze plays with Castro on 3rd in this series alone

wny can they beat the reds in 4 but lose to cubs and bucs like they are doing?

wasting another fine pitching performance?

I really can't get fired up about the Rollins contract error when the Howard contract error is out there.

So, are we calling another 1-0 loss today?

At least he struck out swinging this time.

2 more strikeouts for the beard!

Sophist, I don't think it's too superficial an analysis to say that any SS who's right now hitting at a better clip than is Rollins, is, indeed, a preferable option for 2011 (for instance, Wilson Valdez).

Isn't it premature to say a contract is a mistake when:

1. You have no clue how a player will perform going forward;

2. You have no clue what the market will be for similar players going forward.

I know this is Beerleaguer, where idiotic declarations are posted at the rate of 1 every 2 minutes, but still.

You CAN certainly say that you think the market will collapse in the next 2 years and that J-Roll is now a .230 hitter for life, as BAP believes, and while there's little evidence for that, it is your personal projection. But some of these flat declarations are just nonsense.

Swing. The. M*therfucking. Bat.

Klaus - I'm going to take be charitable and presume you're being sarcastic.

This team has collapsed completely. Just awful.

sophist: Klaus has the driest wit on BL, which is why he's a Hall of Fame poster.

with the exception of Hamels' and perhaps Howard's performances today, it looks this team is LOST.

Does anyone see this team going to the post season?

Once Utley gets back, Polanco and J-Roll are fully healed, Werth breaks out of his slump, and Ibanez returns to form, this team will really be mashing the ball.

I'd like to know when the fantasy that the entire Phillies season depends on Jimmy Rollins will officially be put to rest.

Should we start a BL pool on what day Dom Brown gets called up?

William Schweitzer:


We're going to beat Marmol here.

Jack: I got Thursday in the BL pool for Dom. Mark it down for $20.

Jack: I'll take 1 Sept.

The Blue Jays are 45-45 playing in the AL East. The Phillies are about to be 47-43 playing in the NL.

Is it possible Halladay came to the worse team?

clout - the lack of subtlety around here of late has my confidence down when it comes to reading ridiculous posts.

Nice inning thereby Durbin. Really missed him the past few weeks. Chasm quality difference between Durbin and the likes of Herndon, Zagurski.

Do the SuperPretzel folks not know that most of us don't like McCarthy?

Jack: The Phillies are about to go 3-8 vs. the Cubs & Pirates. What was the question again?

"anyone who minimizes the downsides to a bad move by the FO is an apologist. Nice work."

Sophist: An ironic bit of hyper-sensitivity from the person who, just a few moments earlier, wrote, "only people looking for any little thing to whine about find it worth mentioning." The entire point of my "FO apologist" comment was that, if you want to play a game of name-calling & labeling, 2 people get to play.

At this point, I wonder if making the Halladay trade even helped the Phillies.

I mean he's great, & all that, but w/ no run support for any of the pitching staff, and a inconsistent BP, his effect on the continued success of this team is minimal

In other words, when the pitchers do great, and the offense really tanks, the team will lose anyway.

Has dobbs either popped out or struck out every PH AB this year?

Sophist, I thought Valdez was a pretty unsubtle reductio.

BAP - At least I was accurate. Seriously, now's the time when you name who you'd rater see at SS next year. Guzman? Lugo? Galvis?

Weird that they pinch-hit for Ruiz when he's got the best OBP on the team and Marmol is known to walk guys, and he was leading off in a 1-run game, no?

I probably would've let Chooch hit, then Dobbs, then Gload.

Marmol is poison to RH hitters but LH are a different matter.

victorino pop up?


Shane up there hackin'

Shane is modeling his game on Pedro Feliz these days. A walk makes him physically ill.

"polly wants a single - "

clout: It's not premature to say that an option which didn't need to be exercised until a year later should not have been exercised. The point is, Amaro didn't know what Rollins would hit this year, & he had good reason to be concerned that he might not hit very well. So why not wait until you actually have to make a decision before making it?

As I said yesterday, I think Rollins will eventually get hot & be fine. But that doesn't change the fact that the decision was stupid & premature. It would merely mean that no harm ultimately came out of the blunder.

Vic had really struggled a left-handed bat this year. Looked hesistant and unsure of himself that entire bat.

Polly sez: "Tell BAP to blow it out his ass."

The Phillies desperately needed a bit of luck, & they just got it. Schneider looked like he was TOAST.

Yes! Polly! Great call from Franzke! WIN IT, JIMMY!

Season=not quite over yet but still probably over.

I'm calling a walk to Rollins and a HR by the Big Problem.

Someone looked really hesitant to block the plate. Soto would get buried in Philly for that and righty so.

thanks mamol-ade..

sophist: I don't have time to look at the list right now & you seem to be deliberately ignoring my point. I don't know who the replacement would be & Rollins may well be the best option. If that's the case, the option could have been exercised after this year, when the team would at least KNOW that he's the best option, as opposed to having to make a prediction based on far less information.

The Cubbies say: "You think you suck? Wait 'til you see US suck!"

Where are all the faithless posters now? GTown Dave? Yoo hoo? Of course, if they bring Lidge in for the save, then I'll be hiding too.

lidge at wrigley! watch out!

Hmm, I'll take the wild pitch.

I would definitely walk Howard here.

y would rollins run and take the bat out of howards hands?

do all the phillies runners have adhd?

clout: Still here. Go read the thread again.

Think Lou left him in too long?

Clout: OF COURSE they're bringing in Lidge. It would be unfair if Pinella put in his totally inconsistent and maddening closer and we didn't give them the same chance. Charlie doesn't play unfair.

Werth struck out about 3 times in that AB.

I'll miss the Lidge save/blown save, but it's not because I have no faith in his abilities; it's because my wife is on my case to go run some errands. Of course, I don't mean to imply that I DO have faith in his abilities. I don't. But that has never caused me to walk out before & it's not what's causing me to walk out now.

Marmol's failure is complete. Boo-birds reigning down as he exits.

GTown: Here's what I read, "The Phillies are what's laughable."

And, "This team has collapsed completely. Just awful."


headline -

can lidge handle the pressure? is will he meltdown,, details at 11!

Come on Raul...

5 walks this inning? More than the past 2 games.

I'd like to credit the Phils for the rally, but I think more credit goes to Soto and Marmol.

I'm surprised Perlozzo sent Schneider. He should have been out, easily.

Boy was that a brain fart.

Warning ... core meltdown in process ... Leave the facility immediately Cubs' fans.

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