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Saturday, July 24, 2010


Just to bust Tracy's chops, the Phillies should give away toy binoculars to all fans during the Colarado series. I doubt that they have the sence if humor to do that.

Sense - spell often

Yeah Salt. Good series to break out the the Phillies 2010 slogan. "Singleness of Vision - Stay focused on the Prize"


Gload had great at bats yesterday...not just the results but took pitches and worked the count, looking for his pitch to hit.

Hopefully he starts again today and lets Vic get his head clear some more.

Ibanez went 3/5! Guess he has a hitting coach now. :-) Seriously, good on him, hope he can keep it up.

This is the one two punch the Phillies were looking for. You don't need to score many runs when you are tossing up zeros.

Today and tomorrow feel like big games for this team, catching the "road-weary" Rockies but with Kendrick and the long-lost Happ on the mound.

Ibanez is not up to .328/.388/.443 in the last 16 games. Here's his season

12 games: .171/.294/.244
34 games: .284/.377/.477
30 games: .213/.277/.352
16 games: .328/.388/.443

Like clockwork this guy.

Gload RF Polly 2b Dobbs 3b
Honest UC you can do it.

An interesting fact: in the last 80 games Ibanez is batting .266/.342/.421 with a .299 BAbip. Surprised me given that it's about what I pegged his production at with more normal results on balls in play (which that .299 roughly is). A .763 OPS is no great shakes, esp. in left, but I still think there's a good chance he ends up around .800 OPS. Call me crazy.

As some of you who watch other boards may have noticed a certain former slugger whose dad wears fancy hats and does broadcasting for the Phils looks to leave his minor league status today and take his free agent path again (he signed such a deal with the Reds after the Mets let him go, only another team (Angels?) still pay the majority). It is loudly hinted at that a major of his OPS over previous seasons was created by PEDs. And he also appears to be another headcase. The question is, do you take a chance on a switch hitting, aging outfielder who doesn't require much money, hoping that somehow this stop may be his appropriate venue for success to get another possible right handed bat off the bench?

This same team, with worse pitching, came back from 7 down with 17 to play. We are 6 out now, and the Braves are not a 100-win team. No panic - go Phils!

PS...Rube, go get Haren

"The question is, do you take a chance on a switch hitting, aging outfielder who doesn't require much money, hoping that somehow this stop may be his appropriate venue for success to get another possible right handed bat off the bench?"

Hasn't he not done anything for about 3 seasons? Unless he's got a hold of the sauce again.

Why is no-one talking about RAJ trying to fill Utley's void. This team will not make the playoffs with Valdez at 2nd. He's done a great job, but you can't expect a lifetime backup to spark your club down the stretch. Trade rumors have both Uggla and Cantu moving and I haven't even heard anybody mention the Phils making a play for a 2nd baseman or a 3rd baseman and move PP back to 2nd. When Utley got hurt in 08', we got Tsguchi, and played way better than Valdez. If Happ pitches well sunday, it makes no sense to trade for starting pitching after the 2 starts we just got from Hamels and Doc...

Very heartenign Phils victory. My kids said: "Let's watch them tonight they are fun again" My kisd are 10 and 12 year old girls! Good sign for Phils. Don't nee anothe rpitche need to get the team towork harder need to try out Mayberry and Brown and Worley.

I'm gonna go ahead and predict that the upcoming offensive surge from this lineup will be attributed to 50% GG's presence, 50% making a change in general and 30% because it's just time for it.

Because, 60% of the time it works every time.

Greg Gross is a genius!

Yo Bigmyc, what up with thefightins. this site bore me

I think Little Mayberry would be better than Little Sarge at this point.

Another everyone who reads regularly realizes that most SABER arguments back Haren as having a better season than his ERA indicates to this point. Matt Swartz and Eric Seidman conjured up a stat SIERA, in their words "an ERA estimator that more accurately gauges the run-prevention skills of a pitcher relative to his controllable skills."

Here are your 2010 SIERA leaders

(1) Weaver -- 2.73
(2) Johnson -- 2.74
(3) Liriano -- 2.89
(4) Halladay -- 2.97
(5) Wainwright -- 3.12
(6) Haren -- 3.16
(7) Lee -- 3.22
(8) Hernandez -- 3.27
(9) Oswalt -- 3.29
(9) Lester -- 3.29
(19) Hamels -- 3.54

It sounded like when Polanco and Utley initially went down that Amaro tested the market for replacements and wasn't willing to pay the price. We can clamor for Wigginton, but how much would you be willing to part with to get him?

I'm talking about now, with the trade deadline looming and teams that aren't in a race willing to part with position players. Maybe Seattle would be willing to let go of Figgins. I don't know, I'm just saying, another starting pitcher is not helping this team. Starting pitching hasn't been the problem for the past 3 seasons. If you want an arm get a middle reliever of closer.
As far as a price, if they were ever even entertaining a deal for Oswalt that means they have $6 mil for a hired gun, why do you think everyone is talking about C____ L__

Why would the Mariners trade a guy they just signed and why would Phils take on a 4/$36M contract for a guy who wouldn't have a position in 4 weeks? I'm all for bringing on a Mark Ellis type, but I think it would have been done already if the price was right. With Polanco back, and Dobbs/Ransom, Valdez' impact on the lineup isn't so great. A huge step down from Utley, yeah, but I wouldn't give up much just not to see him anymore.

You could understate the Phils pitching problems the last three years, but the current rotation is Doc-Hamels-Blanton-Kendrick-Happ. Blanton has struggled all year, looking better of late, but still isn't reliable. Happ is a big question mark at this point. I'm higher on Kendrick than most, but you don't want him as your third best pitcher.

I'm not necessarily saying this team has to trade for a SP (and the price would probably be higher now than in the offseason), but I wouldn't pretend that the rota is honky-dory.

Happ has to have the best ERA in the Majors right now. There are NO question marks on him.

Because they are in no ways in contention for their division, they already dealt L__ = giving up on their season, I just saw a SC highlight of him getting into a clubhouse scuffle, and he was just an example. Like I said the Marlins are putting Uggla's and Cantu's name in trade discussions and if we are truly trying to upgrade to make a run at this thing, a right handed bat in the infield seems like the most obvious position to address, not starting pitching

And how can the FO even expect KK to compete tonight. The whole story in spring training was his issue with his confidence. You send him down and call him up the next day and now he pitches against Ubaldo, WTF???

Great stat from J starks story on the Yankees being way off from grabbing Haren still.
"However, Haren also leads the majors in hits allowed (161) and is second in the NL to teammate Rodrigo Lopez in most home runs allowed (23)."
Good to hear he is better than R-Lo

I concur with Schmiity. When Chase went down Pat got Iguchi in 2 days. Why hasn't Rube done the same. Is he tallking to PAt . Pat has many connections in baseball why not use that resource? Why not Grundzelank or another Vet Al or Nl player? How maddening is it to see valdez up w/one out and bases juiced . He can't hit a lousy flyball. Get some one with some spunk, Some who can drive the ball to the outfield.

murray - Haren's BAbip is .344 and there's no reason for it besides bad luck on balls in play. Hamels has a similar issue with the HR ball, and we've seen his HR/FB regress over the last few weeks. It happens.

Stache - Lee is an expiring contract, that's why he was dealt. Figgins has 3 years left on his deal. Even if they were willing to trade him, where does he fit on this team in 5 weeks let alone 1 year? Iguchi was had for a song, likely a result of the Freddy Garcia debacle. Like I said, I'd love to bring in Mark Ellis or a similar bat, but these things don't happen in the abstract. They have a price.

Look at Jimmy, he's been back for a whole month and has yet to find his stroke. Utley is projected to be out until September, which in Utley's world = end of August. But, he'll still need time to find his rythm again and by that time the season will be over. Our starting pitching is the only thing that has kept this team in contention to this point. How many games have Baez/Herndon/Contreras/Madsen/Lidge already cost this team...

And the Haren "hits allowed" stat ignores the fact that he's already thrown 140 IP this year. Hopefully nonsense like this drives his price down. Even with the BAbip his WHIP is only 1.35, well above career norms but he's due for some regression.

Iguchi is an unfair example. Extenuating circumstances contributed to his cheap price and availability.

Scmitty is o ntarget we don't need a starting pitcher we need a middle and closer that is reliable.

Pedro Feliz '08:
BA: .249 OPS: .705

Wilson Valdez '10:
BA: .234 OPS: .621

You can't really compare the Tad Iguchi deal with Rube's failure to land an interim second baseman.

For one thing, it's not like Iguchi was the second coming of Ryne Sandberg. He played very well for the rest of the season (including as a bench player once Utley came back), but he was playing over his head. He never found that success again and he's now playing in Japan.

Second, the NL champion Phillies have a bulls-eye on their back that they didn't back in 2007. GMs aren't going to just give away quality bench players.

Third, it's been said that the Iguchi trade was a favor from White Sox GM Kenny Williams to make up for dealing the Phils damaged goods.

Finally, rumors are that RAJ wen't looking for infield help and other teams smelled that desperation and jacked up the price. I have way to verify this, but it has a ring of truth to it. If everyone in the league knows the Phils are desperate for infield help, why not raise the price?

"Iguchi is an unfair example. Extenuating circumstances contributed to his cheap price and availability."

Is somebody willing to fill me in on what those extenuating circumstances were? A quick google search turns up only that he was playing regular second base for the White Sox, that the Sox GM called Gillick and offered Iguchi, and we gave up Dubee's son from single-A ball to get him.

Why were the Sox so eager to ship Iguchi off?

Correction: I meant I have *no* way to verify this

Iguchi was a makeup trade for Garcia. Anyone who doesn't think Pat called up Kenny Williams and said "You owe me one" is crazy. It was a makeup trade between two long-time baseball men as Williams KNEW he screwed Gillick with damaged goods.

While it would be nice to pick up an infielder who can hit as well as catch the ball, I'm not sure why so many people are happy with the starting pitching.

Moyer is gone. Blanton is okay at best. Happ has been injured and is a complete question mark. And Kendrick is at best a #5, who was sent to AAA during the week.

Of course they need more pitching. Getting Oswalt would be a major coup. Haren would certainly be a legit 2 or 3 on the Phils (I'd still make Hamels the #2 and Haren #3). The only question is what they're willing to give up for either one. I'd prefer Oswalt, but either would be a big step forward. Because pitching is still 80 percent of the game at least 50 percent of the time.

Thanks, NEPP.

Gload's start was strictly a pitcher-specific move. Vic was 1 for 19 against Cook in his career, whereas Gload had absolutely raked against him. With Kendrick on the mound, I want my best defensive team on the field today.

Funny that our season could hinge on Happ...scary thought, eh?

Blanton has been better of late so I think he's rounding into form. I dont think he'll continue to be an issue.

Another key issue: It's great that Ibanez has done well in the 3 hole...he just needs to make it a 40-50 game hot streak, not a 15 game hot streak. If he can keep it up through August, that could bridge the gap to Utley quite nicely.

With Howard raking and Werth seeming to FINALLY wake up, our offense might be average again.

Now that Howard is seeing the ball well and being selective, which is helping him hit the lefties, all we need him to do is continue this for the next 6 or so years. Scary thought.

I'm not sure why Happ is such an enigma to posters here. I heard a number of big-league commentators last year observing that Happ's delivery is very difficult to read, which translates into weak hits. His record and ERA were remarkably good last year, he started off this year in similar fashion (ERA = 0.0 in two games) and he seems to be dealing the same stuff in AAA now.

Yes, his control was a little iffy in those two games this year, and yes, this raises some questions, but it seems to me that they're no more serious than the questions we raised about Moyer and Blanton. I see no reason to assume that J Happ will be anything but a reliable starter in the rotation.

The real question mark, in my humble opinion, is whether he'll injure himself again. The young man seems injury-prone. As long as he's healthy, I'd expect quality starts.

Well, the issue is twofold on Happ:

1. He pitched over his head last year. He's likely not a sub-3.00 ERA guy. The good thing is that he doesn't need to be. He just needs to be a respectable 4th starter (4.0-4.5 ERA, 6-7 innings per) to help us.

2. Injury concerns. He hasn't exactly been durable. This wasn't his first major injury and he doesn't exactly seem durable.

In other news, top prospect Jarred Cosart was shutdown for the rest of the season due to a right elbow strain. No word on whether its precautionary or due to an injury. He was already examined by Dr. Andrews with negative results so that's good at least. He might not pitch till the Fall Instructional Leagues. Also, Colby Shreve and Brody Colvin will be limited to 5 inning outings for the rest of the Lakewood season.

I think the question most people have about Happ is his health. He certainly has proven that when healthy he can get major league hitters out.

His "stuff" certainly doesn't seem to scare anyone. But he must really hide the ball well. Seems like one of those "comfortable" Oh-fers hitters always talk about.

I was pretty well convinced he'd see a surgeon before seeing a major league mound again. Hopefully I was wrong. We'll see.

Re the failure to acquire a 2nd baseman . . . does anyone really think that, after rushing back from a thumb injury, Utley is just going to resume hitting as well as he always does? Personally, I expect him to rush back, immediately be inserted into his customary No. 3 spot, and proceed to be a massive rally killer for the rest of the season. A viable backup would give us the luxury of keeping him out for a few extra weeks & bringing him back gradually.

****Now that Howard is seeing the ball well and being selective, which is helping him hit the lefties, all we need him to do is continue this for the next 6 or so years. ****

Well, like we said last night, all Howard really has to do is become a .240ish hitter vs. LHP for the rest of his career and he's an easy HoF candidate. So we've got that going for us...which is nice.

I also think the phillies are mishandling KK and Happ. They destroyed Happ's confidence last year by replacing him with Pedro and sending him to the bullpen for the postseason, where he has had minimal success in the past...
And what they just did to KK is sad. He's had a couple of bad starts, but I can see the improvements he's made. I expect him to be a shell of himself today and give up about 6-7 runs, only because the Rockies don't have Helton or Tulo

Awesome. A caddyshack reference worked into Beerleaguer.

And that is true. .240 against lefties and he's a shoo in. The righties will take care of themselves.

The Rocks have some very good left handed hitters. Kendrick is going to have to be awesome today just to make it out of the fourth inning.

My concern about Happ is his recent wildness. His control was never great to begin with, but it was off-the-charts terrible in the 2 starts he made early this year. Then he went on the DL &, when he came back, his control was still off-the-charts terrible in all his rehab starts except the last one. If Happ throws strikes, he's a very good pitcher. If he's a bit on the wild side, he's still pretty good. But he can't be allowing almost a walk an inning, as he has done this year. He was actually pretty lucky in his the 2 major league starts he made this year. If you allow 8 walks in 10 IP, you won't keep pitching shutout innings for long. In fact, you will eventually start yielding runs in bunches.

Happ was actually quite good in the bullpen for the first part of last I dont buy that argument. I agree that he should have had some Postseason starts but that would be hindsight.

Caddyshack FTW!

@Bay Area That's exactly what I'm saying. The phils have had injuries on the infield since the beginning of the season with Jimmy, then Polanco, and now Utley. Why have they waited over 2 months to address the bench when we've been starting guys like Castro and Valdez almost the whole season and have been more than fortunate with the production they have contributed. Utley's season is most likely over...

Happ's had "minimal success" out of the bullpen? Like that 2.49 ERA in 12 games of relief last year?

PAs so far:

Juan Castro - 204
Wilson Valdez - 136

That's giving away a TON of PAs right there.

Throw in another 120 for BenFrank and it gets worse. Gload's been our best bench bat and he trails the pack with just 79. Valdez has a good number more than Jimmy and almost as many as Ruiz.

Who would have thought that going into the season?

@Bay Area I just remember it differently, I never checked the numbers. I thought he never felt comfortable in the pen and was always trying to audition for a starting spot that he more than deserved. Like when they gave his spot to Chan Ho when Happ outperformed him in spring trainin

"But he must really hide the ball well."

I did hear a number of commentators say this. It's an interesting thing to say; it suggests that major league hitters actually recognize the grip of the pitcher's hand on the ball and use that data to infer what the ball's going to do when it reaches the plate.

I find that sort of difficult to believe, unless it takes place at an entirely subliminal level. A pitch traveling 90 mph is traveling .025 mi/second. The roughly 60 feet from the pitcher to the batter is .01136 of a mile. Divide them, and you discover that the ball takes roughly .45 seconds to travel from the mound to the plate at 90 mph.

Sadly, my own experience with the game comes from slow-pitch softball, where reading the pitcher's grip is not even a tiny issue. Slow-pitch softball is basically adult T-ball. So I need somebody with actual baseball experience to enlighten me here -- is it really possible to read the pitcher's grip while batting?

I would think that an MLB hitter would be capable of basically instinctively recognizing something like that if given hundreds of thousands of practice ABs over decades of practice...and from simply having that ability.

You can tell on a soccer ball pretty easily so I'd imagine a baseball isn't that much more difficult...even if its gives you far less time.

Happ is also pretty tall, has a long lanky delivery and literally cuts the distance from the mound to the plate as a result...that helps him too.

As a former pitcher, I was taught to never make it obvious what my grip was in the glove and to change it several time even if I was simply changing it from 4 seam to 4 seam to 4 seam...just to mess with the hitter.

NEPP: I'm not sure that's a huge surprise considering Gload's limitations in the field. When you're almost strictly a pinch-hitter, you're not going to lead the bench in at bats. Castro and Valdez have so many at bats because of injuries to Utley, Rollins and Polanco. Our 1B/OF haven't been injured yet.

Yeah, I know CJ...I was commenting on the irony of it. Its the same reason Dobbs rarely plays. Both will have great post baseball careers as butchers given all the training they've had.

I suppose that IF the hitter already has an idea what to expect, and IF the pitcher exposes his grip while drawing his arm back to throw (while his pitching arm is straight down), and IF the hitter is a little familiar with the motion of the pitcher so he knows where to look, THEN the hitter has some data from which to predict the motion of the pitch.

IF that's what's going on, then "he hides the ball well" may mean that when he rears back to throw, his hand is never exposed to the hitter's eyes.

That sounds plausible to me. But I'd still like to hear from a major leaguer on the subject someday.

Many pitchers hide the ball with their glove for as long as possible for that very reason.

Oh... in the glove? Hmmm... so, whoever taught you was saying that hitters were watching for differences between how you gripped the ball in the glove from pitch to pitch. Probably they could tell something from the inclination of your arm, or maybe from how long it took you to get the grip right. Fascinating.

Thanks again.

Also a former pitcher. It's not just hiding the grip in the glove, which is mostly for baserunners, it's hiding the ball from the hitter. I had to throw from a lower position because I had shoulder problems, so I could turn my body to hide the ball a little.

A guy like Randy Wolf is a classic short armer. The ball appears to come out of his uniform. Makes it very though to pick up. Sid Fernandez did this well also, but it's an injury prone delivery.

Happ seems to turn his body just enough that he appears to keep the ball behind his shoulder and head. Hard to pick up the ball out of the hand. As far as the grip, I could never judge that reliably. But the printing on the ball has a definite characteristic as it comes at you. Different pitches rotate differently and though I could only rarely pick that up, the real hitters on the team told me they could see it clearly.

NEPP - We need Valdez to start everyday at 2B for the next month though for his defense. It doesn't matter if he does 0fer an awful lot, erases Phils' baserunners like a professional hit man, and almost never takes a BB. Runs are ovverated.

MG: No... runs are rated just fine. It's RBI that are overrated. The runs will happen on their own.

"is it really possible to read the pitcher's grip while batting?"

If they could, they wouldn't need binoculars.

I'm curious what hitters who faced Juan Marichal would say about that. I would imagine the leg kick was so distracting that you couldn't see the release of the ball until very late.

How about Luis Tiant? Marichal and Tiant must have been murder to hit against. And Valenzuela, too.

One thing I think is evident in the past few yrs is way the Phils FO mishandles some of the promising arms in the minor leagues.

I thought that they were going to use Vance Worley as a starter when they called him up this week, but he is now in the BP. Hopefully, his head is not screwed up when he’s done in the ML

Everyone is so worried about D Brown (whether he is ready for the bigs or not – not an unreasonable question)

But they should use the same caution with their minor league pitching prospects. The FO calls these pitching prospects from AA/AAA, send them up, then down, start them, then in the BP- they become the Phils long man or mop up, [or not], sometimes they become a 1 hitter reliever.

They have messed w/ a lot of the heads of these kids. Ex- G. Floyd was not quite ready, yet was put on the starter-reliever-bigs- vs. minor merry go round. He leaves Philly via the Garcia trade, & now is fairly successful w/ the Chisox.

Now I see them doing that to Bastardo, Kendrick, Carpenter, and Happ.

Not all of them will be great starters in the bigs, but send them up when they're ready to start in the bigs, don’t make them take the constant elevator between LHV/REA & Phil.

If they're ready to start in the bigs, let then start.

Another example, Bastardo had promising minor league experience, a couple good starts in the bigs, then a couple bad starts in the majors, and then went to BP or the minors & has never started in the bigs since.

I think KK & J.A.’s heads are so screwed up, I wonder if they’ll ever be effective as starters in the ML.

Now maybe some these guys s/ never be starters at all or maybe they are career minor leaguers. But settle it quickly and stop vacillating over what their role is, and at what level of baseball will they pitch. (I mean - up then down in one day – for Carpenter)

If the(FO) feels they are no value to the org, release them or put them in as part of a package if they do.

I do understand there is trial and error w/ some of these kids, but the frequency of these moves, causes me to wonder/question if the FO, [GM, scouts, etc] really know how to accurately evaluate or monitor the talent they have in the A/AA/(yes even) AAA levels.

Old Phan, the Wikipedia entry about Marichal says that his windup contributed to his being able to hide the ball until after he released it.

"The windup was the key to his delivery in that he was consistently able to conceal the type of pitch until it was on its way."

And since, of course, Wikipedia is always right... ;)

I don't think they can be accused of messing with Happ's head. They messed up when they started with him in the pen last season. But when they moved him back to the pen at the end of the season and for the playoffs, I think it was to protect his arm as much as anything. Then they gave him a starting spot this year, and he broke down.

If anything, maybe Charlie could have pitched him a few less innings last season. He left him in some games that seem to have taken a toll on his arm.

And Bastardo had some uneven results, then was injured. He's in the pen because they don't seem to think he can hold up as a starter. That, and his secondary stuff still needs some work.

Speaking of pitchers, I have not seen any announcement regarding who's going to be starting on Sunday. We're all assuming Happ, but Happ does not appear on the Phillies roster.

Any actual news regarding who's starting on Sunday?

I'm pro-breaking new starters into the bigs as relievers. It's the Weaver way and it works well.

Bastardo has bullpen written all over him. They got all they could get out of him as a starter with those surprise starts.

Are we really worried about Vance Worley? Really!??!?

And if Happ and KK can't handle these kinds of moves early in their career... they probably aren't cut out for this biz.

The idea that these players psyche is being damaged is remarkably overrated.

Philwynk: Phils announced Happ will be starting Sunday. He won't be on the roster until then.

Happ and KK seem to have handled the mental aspects of their situation as well as could be expected. I think Happ has more ability than KK, and that has shown in their performance. But for a guy who has been good at times and gotten smacked around at times, I think KK has kept a pretty even keel.

We'll see what his latest demotion has done. Because I don't really think it was an earned demotion. One awful game among quite a few good ones seemed like a pretty puny reason for demotion.


The extenuating circumstances that most people forget is that he had a clause in his contract that made it impossible for teams to offer him arbitration.

Pretty cool note is that I forgot that they tried to "convert a 2nd basemen to a 3rd basemen" plan before and Iguchi said no before signing with the Padres.

I think Kendrick was sent down to work on something wrong with mechanics rather than working on it here in ML, I'm sure they saw something wrong and for him to fix it down there.

How about Werth+ for Matt Garza? Or someone like him- a decent, relatively young #3 who'd be an upgrade over Blanton.

Boy, some of this thread looks like what happens when the trendy bar down the block is closed because of water main damage.

At any rate, I'm hesitant about Kendrick today. Also hesitant about Jimenez, actually. I'll be in section 202, wasting away and getting Cajun. Lord it's hot.

From Olney's twitter: "Heard this: The Diamondbacks are asking the Tigers for pitchers Jacob Turner and Andrew Oliver" [for Haren]

IMO That would be a package the Phillies wouldn't be able to match without parting with at least 2 of the Colvin, Cosart, Singleton trio plus some sweetener.

Polanco is playing 2B today with Dobbs at 3B.

I'm beginning to think we aren't really "in" on Haren. It's probably Oswalt or bust. Unless Houston lowers it's asking price I wouldn't make a move for him either.

AFish: "Polanco is playing 2B today with Dobbs at 3B."

Impossible. The Beerleaguer consensus is that Charlie would never do that because he's a country bumpkin/moron/fill in your own derogatory term.

@CJ: Clearly, Charlie has been reading Beerleaguer, has been duly chastised, and has come to his senses.

Oh, yes, and Cliff Lee's perspiration contains the cure for AIDS.

Carry on...

Atleast we won't overpay for Ben Sheets

Yep, Sheets hurt his elbow, "might be out for the season." It never ends.

There goes my Cholly will never play Polanco at 2nd theory. Glad to be wrong.

Yo, new thread.

Thank god for Dick Stockton. Joe Buck would be too much to take with this heat. And do the Phillies know they have a plaque of McCarver in CBP...

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