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Wednesday, July 28, 2010


The Domonic Brown era begins.

I've never been so excited for a Phillies prospect in my life.

Considering that got retweeted about a thousand times, he really should have spelled "will" correctly.

beat me to it, I just posted it on the last thread, so does he play tonight?

This with be really exciting. I know I with be watching will eager anticipation.

good old fashioned twitter

Great artice about Roy Oswalt by Rosenthal! States that the names have been pretty much agreed upon in regards to the deal.

now official

some are saying this mean werth is going to be traded cause they didn't go with mayberry

Actually, if anything, adding Brown to the line-up makes the Phils offense scarier. As to adding his glove, who knows...Vic is an effective CF with a monster gun; but he still creates some interesting routes to the ball.
In addition to the batting order, it will be interesting to see where Cholly places these guys in the field. From all I've heard, Brown is fast enough to handle CF, and has the necessary armament for RF, but has spent all his time in the corners. Manual usually opts for Werth in center, so I'm guessing that's the hands-down choice. I wonder if it would be the best one though.

I do think Chollie would be foolish not to start Brown against at least RHPs.

Another question: Do other contending teams have as many holes as the Phillies appear to have? Which are the same holes we seemed to have last year. Not enough great SP, not enough reliable RP. Our bench, thank goodness, seems to be coming around. As does our offense in general (knocking on wood now).

It makes it difficult to choose whether to trust that our rotation is good enough and focus on the 'pen, or whether the 'pen is good enough and focus on a starter.

CJ - That's only because you don't remember Billy Champion. Weeeeee!

wouldn't that mean that they'd have to call up both Mayberry and Brown?

I can't believe the Phillies would DL their starting CF and trade their RF in the same week in the middle of a pennant race.

Goin to the game tonight...I hope to see Brown in Right

So tonight's line up if rollins is healthy is???


Next question... is Brown in the lineup tonight?

We are facing a RHP tonight... and a guy who only has 3 career starts, so his stuff is probably AAA quality.

I'm thinking Werth in CF, brown in LF. Hasn't Werth played a little CF in his day???

Jack, you had me at Kendrick.

(Of course, he's still a work-in-progress, too.)

so what going to happen when Vic comes back. Assuming this is a 15 day thing??

Yeah you gotta think Werth in CF.

I posted last thread, i was actually fine with his D in CF when he played at times last year - obviously Vic is better, but i never thought Werth hurt us too much.

They're not gonna trade Werth. Better to let him walk after the season and get two picks.

Rollins won't play tonight, and I doubt Brown will start.

My guess?


"I've never been so excited for a Phillies prospect in my life.

Posted by: CJ "

CJ, you don't remember Cole Hamels being called up during a pennant race then, do you?

How did his season tuen out?

Temper your enthuisiasm, my son.

Domonic Brown has the makings of a very good player, so far.

But don't expect to much.

Rookie year? Guess who these three guys are:

.241 .276 .301

.269 .307 .373

.196 .324 .373

Dan - with Rauulll's arm, I'm guessing it's better to place the Domonator in RF if Werth goes to CF.

Yo, new thread.

It's even awesomer.

CJ: Aren't we facing Edwin Jackson tonight? That's who ESPN has as the probable starter. Still a righty, but he's got way more than 3 starts.

awh - The last one is Schmidt.

I've always wanted to see what Darryl Strawberry could do sober - Dom Brown is here to show us.

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