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Thursday, July 29, 2010


I've gotta believe this will work out better than 5-for-1 did.

Never change, Ed Wade. Never. Ever. Change.

You're great just the way you are.

You know your front office is doing their job when as a fan you can proudly wear a different players' jersey each day of the week without repeating.

Ed Wade must have taken some of the Phillies' scouts with him to Houston. Both Gose & Villar are quintessential "tool-sheds" with very raw baseball skills.

"Reports are that the deal is done, and the Phillies have acquired Roy Oswalt. Regardless of why it was necessary, this looks like a pretty big win for Philadelphia. "

-Dave Cameron

Must be a typo, not enough of TEH BIAS AND TEH HATE.

where's denny? worley is still here, so he's gotta be feeling better. that was probably the sticking point all along. amaro was concerned about having an emergency starter.

Love this deal.

Welcome to Philly Roy!

Best of luck to you Jay! Except when you play us.

OT: Nats are beating the Braves 4-3, bottom 6.

This is incredible! Almost as happy as last year when we acquired Lee.

Well done Rube + Co. Have to give you props when you deserve it.

Now go get a closer. asap.

Apparently, Lidge was a big deal in getting Oswalt to accept the deal saying that the clubhouse was a very positive place. At least Lidge is doing something good for the team these days

Happ was a good player for us and seemed like a nice guy. I wish him tons of luck, because as us BLers know, he needs it. :)

either/or, while I don't think bias is the right word, I do think that NEPP and Heather have a point. Just see that chat she posted in the last thread. Don't you agree that that level of snarkiness is unappealing and, frankly, not really deserved? I'm clearly all for what fangraphs peddles, but those guys are majorly lacking in the humility department.

Wow. Astros just sent Gose to the Jays.

JA is a terrible match for Houston. As a left handed extreme flyball pitcher, he is going to get lit up with HR. He's built for parks like Seattle, of course expecting Ed Wade to understand this would be too much...

eitheror must have a Google alert for "Fangraphs bias" and "WAR sucks." It's the only time he ever stops by.

I hope Roy II, like the original Roy, is also able to go 9 strong every game. In case nobody else cares to address it, there is still a gaping hole in the BP, and a 1 run Phillie lead with Lidge coming into a game are about as safe as an alter boy at a secluded, hide-away retreat, with a busload of priest's.

Please Rube, don't stop working the phone lines just yet.

Makes sense, BJ's wanted Gose last year during the first Roy Trade Era.

Who was he flipped for? Kyle Drabek?

Guess the BJ's may have been Olney's "3rd team".

Ed Wade immediately flipped Gose to Toronto???

For who? And why?

While Lidge is increasingly terrifying on the field, he has never been anything less than 100% professional in all aspects of dealing w/ the media & fans here, no matter how much he has struggled. It's an under-appreciated & undervalued quality, but one which I greatly admire. Brad Lidge is about as far from Adam Eaton as a player can get, & we should be a touch more thankful he has been a Phillie these past couple of seasons.

For Who!? For What!?

Wade is busy making friends across MLB so he will have a safe place to land after the Houston ship goes down.

(repost from last thread)

"Kudus to Ruben Amaro for this deal."

- Dave Cameron

hell just froze over.

Honestly, it's kind of hard for me to believe the Astros couldn't get a better package than this somewhere.

I haven't been around here much this week because I'm helping out at a camp but the adults there who follow the Phillies have been buzzing about this news for the past two days.

Let's be clear what we have here: We now have a 3 headed monster thru 2011.

Also, we gave up a guy who I think has a ton of value but is a back of the rotation guy. We also gave up a toolshed outfielder, and a shortstop prospect who even if he does turn out to be something would be 4 years away from helping us (at least). Additionally, we received 11 million dollars from the Astros so we have acquired a #1 or #2 pitcher at a cost of 12.5 million dollars for next season. Essentially this deal is Oswalt for Happ and it's a deal I would do 100 times out of 100.

Also, something to keep in mind. I know we discussed ad naseum the guy who used to be here but acquiring a guy like Gillies made a guy like Gose expendable. There is some value in acquiring farm system depth regardless if that is the primary reason something was done.

This team now has 3 guys who are #1 or #2 starters (you could argue 3 number 1A) and are 3.5 games out of the division lead and 2.5 out of the Wild Card. The Braves and Giants have to be looking in that mirror and thinking, "Here comes this f#@&ing team again." As the writing on the side mirror reads, "Objects are closer than they appear."

Any chance Bulldog Blanton could be our closer?

GTown Dave: "Brad Lidge is about as far from Adam Eaton as a player can get, & we should be a touch more thankful he has been a Phillie these past couple of seasons."

Who are you and what have you done with GTown Dave?

Not that anyone really knows, but it didn't sound like too many other teams were interested in Oswalt, unless of course he would have ix-nayed any other deals.

TTI: Great post. JW, give the man some love.

Old Phan: Reports are St. Louis and San Diego both made a late play for Oswalt this morning, but it was too late.

This deal is spreading to other countries and will probably come back to us tomorrow with a Loogy for the players named this morning.

MaDubbs: I think BA rated Villar the Phils 22nd best prospect going into the season and he's more than holding his own in a pitching-oriented league where the vast majority of players are older than he is.

That doesn't make Villar the second coming of The Wizard, but he is a good prospect and, because of his bat, he's more likely to be an everyday major leaguer than Freddy Galvis.

I thought St Louis was out of the running awhile ago.

I'd think both Gose and Villar are top 20 prospects for the Phils. Gose may be top 10.

CJ: I like Lidge, & did even before he came here. That I'd rather not see him pitching for this team right now ... or possibly ever again ... in no way diminishes my admiration for what he has done for the Phillies, or the type of guy he appears to be.

b_a_p: I wonder if the Haren deal didn't set the trade deadline bar rather low, & wind up helping the Phillies in their Oswalt pursuit as a result.

Can't argue too much with what Rube did here. Certainly didn't fleece the Astros as Happ, Gose and Villar is not a bad package, but like the whats-his-face trade last July (the good one), we sent nice prospects but held onto our highest ceiling guys.

Now we need to take some of that $11M and ink a bunch of our tough sign draft picks and we'll be made whole.

Lidge was just interviewed on 97.5 - I agree with GTown in that no matter how hes pitches, he's always just a gracious, likeable guy.

Clout: I agree with your premise about Villar, but you have to admit this deal is very good for the Phillies. Now if Blanton can step up and at least put up his normal average numbers, rather then pretty terrible numbers, they will have a tremendous 3 and a good 4 and we just have to flip a coin with Kendrick as our 5. That is a decent rotation for the season and an even better rotation for the playoffs.

Just think Utley comes back in a month and the deadline still isn't over, so the Phillies can still tweak the roster and they still have some chips to use, who are those chips, well that remains to be seen.

RAJ has taken the team from a Hamels, Myers, Blanton 1-3 to a Halladay, Hamels, Oswalt 1-3.

To all of those who are constantly calling RAJ a moron....



Gillick again and the coup de grace is coming soon. Phillies movies never like this. Do they?

Where Anthony Gose, champagne flows.

Sophist: I would have both Villar and Gose top 10, but there's a big gap between Cosart, Colvin, Singleton, May and JC Ramirez, and the lower top 10 guys like Valle, Santana, Gose and Villar (were they still here).

phlipper: r00b is still a moron. Luckily, Ed Wade is an even bigger moron.

MaDubbs: The deal is a tremendous one for the Phillies. Could put them in the playoffs this year and next. It's been 30 years (1977-83) since the team had a run like this. Let's enjoy it while we live through it.

re Flipping a coin on Kendrick, SIERA

Kendrick 07: 4.86
Kendrick 08: 5.22

Kendrick 09: 4.24
Happ 09: 4.37

Kendrick 10: 4.91
Happ 10: 6.19 (obv. in just three starts)

Um, just for the record people: no one saying good things about Villar or Gose (or Happ) is therefore saying that the deal was a bad one for the Phillies. That's a logic fail.

You can say good things about someone like Villar while also saying this was a very good deal for the Phillies. In fact, that's what I'm doing.

And I would have to say the board's biggest moron knows a fellow moron when he sees one.

Dunn HR. 5-3 Nats.

clout: You're no Bill Conlin. You're on the SEPTA Board of Directors.

Jack, yeah, to be more accurate you'd want to group them instead of just listing, I agree. They're legit prospects, but I was expecting to give up a top 10-15 guy as well as Happ and one of those top 5 you listed (and was certainly not expecting $11M and no option).


Clout: Care to comment on your total fabrication that the Phillies were signing Oswalt through 2013?

non oswalt post:

Can't believe they are benching Dom Brown. He's gonna have to hit a southpaw eventually isnt he? And Saunders isnt necessarily wicked against lefties either.

clout: Well played.

Stark just said at 6'0" Roy Oswalt WILL NOT be playing third for the Phillies.

Sophist: I thought so too. Absolute steal, even giving credit to the Astros for taking Villar over a guy like Worley.

Considering the money and the option, I'm amazed they didn't have to give up Singleton or Colvin.

Dom's career in Philly must be waning, since he isn't playing in his 2nd game here.

I'm a bit surprised Dom is sitting. Raul has been hitting well lately, so I guess they want to give him a chance to continue his recent success.

Guys, Charlie is saving Dom for the late innings to be a pinch-hitting hero. Obviously he's heard the criticisms of the bench this season, and wants to give it the biggest bolster possible by putting the Best Player in Baseball on the bench.

And as we've learned on BL in the past, 1 AB off the bench is way more valuable than 3-4 ABs throughout the game.

I have burned my #9 jersey since he's not even a starter anymore. How could I have been soo wrong to believe in him soo much?!

RAJ: We're not worthy! We're not worthy! I don't really find any problem with this. Eventually, Brown will be an everyday player. Doesn't have to be one right away.

He also made this declaration before last night's game, so I couldn't see him going back on that.

Cant udnerstand why Brown, is sitting. Heyward plays against all pitching all the time. Talk about ruining the day. Charlie sure know how to dampen the enthusiasm of the city

Fish have a 3-0 lead on the Giants in the 4th.

Pretty good deal for both teams, considering where they are. If I were Wade with a team that terrible, I'd rather have Happ and a couple of promising youngsters than Oswalt playing out the string. He'll be long-retired by the time that team's any good, if ever.

Are these posts about Brown not playing serious? He's been on the team for 1 day.

Villar and Gose were both among our top 10 prospects, but its still a good deal...especially with cash coming our way.

Braves, Cards and even Yankees fans should worry- adding Oswalt makes us legit WFC contenders this year...

...but even better, it should put talk about the CLT to rest.

RIP Cliff Lee

btw- Villar & Gose both made James's midseason top 10 list on PhuturePhillies. Just wanted to mention that before I was attacked for knowing who Gose & Villar are.

This better workout for the phillies. Hate to give up happ for a 34 year old who WAS demanding 16 million option because he knows his health isn't going to last. Hopefully it will work I'm praying

baxter --

In my midseason Top 15, I ranked Gose #5 and Villar #13 in the system.

So no one is really that bothered about shipping out Happ ..... I guess not. Yet last year it was a major coup when RAJ kept him out of the Lee deal.

Nats beat Braves 5-3.

A win tonight would be rather big.

Oops correction- James rated Villar #13 midseason, but I remember him saying he'd make the top 10 on his next list.

Natinals leading the Bravos 5-3 in the 9th

Braves lose. Phils 3 games out.

Jst: Oswalt is turning 33 in August, not 34.

A healthy Utley would be amazing right now.

Meant 32 year old

Natinals BEAT the Bravos 5-3. Excellent.

Gose to the Blue Jays for Brett Wallace, whom they received for Michael Taylor. Interesting. They had wanted Gose during the Halladay talks and ended up getting Taylor instead. It turns out they effectively turned Taylor into Gose any way.

Nice... Braves go down again. The Phils currently sit just 3 games out in the loss column.

A little more than a week ago, we sat in third place, 7 games out in the loss column.

c13, I'm sorry to see Happ go, and I feel really bad for him. Can't be fun going from the Phils to the Astros.
However, I will welcome the Vice Roy.

It's Brett Wallace for Gose. Hmmmm....

Stark reporting that Gose is being sent to toronto for WALLACE!

Why did we not do that? WAllace must have killed someone. Can this be true?

Can anyone here dispell the rumor that Ed Wade is still being paid as a memeber of the Phillies FO? I mean really...he didn't get a better offer than this?

Talk about a guy with a love-hate relationship with a city...We all hated Ed Wade when he was here, love that he is in Houston, and love him even more when he deals with the Phillies.

Can't help but love that little, Dana Carvey-looking bastard now, can ya?

I think WHIP is my favorite pitching stat and now the phillies have 3 of the top 6 NL pitchers in WHIP: Roy Halladay 1.02, Roy Oswalt 1.11 and the ever overpowering Jamie Moyer 1.10 (Cole and Kyle are tied with a respectable 1.30)

Brett Wallace. Wow, that name brings back some memories.

Brett Wallace is probably not an MLB 3B. He's a 1B/DH.

4 orgs in 2(?) years for Wallace. Either everyone wants him or nobody does.

Why didnt we just trade Gose and Keep Taylor during the Roy deal?

BB, kind of like C----L--

im serious that i wish dom was playing, but not serious that i think its the end of the world.

last nite was f'n awesome, how could you not want him back out there? He owes us a diving catch, ASAP.

Jack: yeah nevermind, i agree - Dom walkoff baby!

I bet Rizotti ends up going to Toronto for someone...

Anyone else think Brett Wallace is a bit overrated at this point? 4 teams in 2 years now.

Star seems to be fading for what looks like the next Andy Marte.

James- sorry I caught that as soon as I checked your site.

The Anthony Gose for Brett Wallace deal should silence the talk that Gose wasn't a legit prospect...unfortunately that conversation ended before the trade

Remember when Wallace was the centerpiece for the Matt Holliday to STL deal?

jason, if I thought he was being sent down tomorrow, yea it would be cool to see him play. Otherwise, I can wait until tomorrow.

Did I miss something? Is "Sophist"-James of "PhuturePhillies"?

****WAllace must have killed someone. Can this be true?****

No, not really. He just hasn't developed as hoped. His numbers are good, not great for a 23 year old in AAA (Las Vegas). His star faded a bit when he moved across the diamond from 3B to 1B too.

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