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Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I'm not sure that there is enough hype in that graphic.

I am pleased but I believe Mayberry can also play inteh show bring them both up.

awh: I was not more excited for Cole. I lean heavily to hitters. It's one reason why Ryan Howard is far and away my favorite player right now and Schmidt is my favorite of all time.

That's awesome. How long have you had that ready to go?

My guess: Gload starts in RF tonight, Werth in CF. Brown sits tonight, with the excuse that he was traveling today. He'll make his first start tomorrow. Just a guess though.

This is like a graphic for the last season of Lost.

CJ - on awh's list Schmitty is definitely that last poor rookie.

I'm not so sure RK - I don't remember there being any graphic when Mayberry first saw the big lights.

I have to admit, I'm pretty darn excited by this.

Looks like I picked a bad night to miss most of the game.

Jack, they're supposed to face Joe Saunders tomorrow, who's a LHP. I doubt they'll start him against a lefty for his first at bats.

New threads happening so quickly! Lots of excitement generated by this call-up, I see. I'm holding out to see what he actually does. Lotta pressure on the kid.

Reposting - again:

Another question: Do other contending teams have as many holes as the Phillies appear to have? Which are the same holes we seemed to have last year. Not enough great SP, not enough reliable RP. Our bench, thank goodness, seems to be coming around. As does our offense in general (knocking on wood now).

It makes it difficult to choose whether to trust that our rotation is good enough and focus on the 'pen, or whether the 'pen is good enough and focus on a starter.

GBrett: Now's not the time to talk about holes in the team, it's Dom Day!

Jack: sounds like a pretty good Dom's Day prophecy.

Gross - C'mon, Cholly, start the kid...

Manuel - I....can't...I...can't...

Gross - C'mon, Coach; you can do it!

Manuel - (reaching with pen toward line-up card) I...I...I...can'

Gross - C'mon, Cholly. Ya gotta make me look good.

Manuel - (the pen hit's the card) I....just...hafta...start...the...arrrrr....(he scribbles a bit and hands the card to Gross)

Gross - (examines the card closely) Hey! Who's Domorossic Glown?

Matt: True, although he'd frankly be a fine replacement for Ibanez--his minor league splits are all quite good against lefties. An OF of Francisco-Werth-Brown is probably our best option right now against lefties, don't you think?

GBrettfan: Most contending teams have holes... that's why almost all of them are involved in deadline deal talks.

I still believe Brown's call up was imminent, but the stars aligned to accelerate it.

In waiting a couple of weeks to call him up, Amaro gave him a little more time to season in AAA and, fortuitously, he enters with the Phils on an upswing, not mired in a slump.

His role is to inject further fuel into hot running machine, not the burden placed on a rookie of reviving a stagnant offense.

Jack: Brown's minor league splits against lefties are quite good, however I'm not so optimistic that he can do it against major league lefties. We will see though!

But, CJ, we wouldn't have any holes if we just had C**** L**.

What a difference a week makes. Seemed like most were ready to stop watching the team play.

JW, great graphic. Very excited about seeing Dom sport the red pinstripes at the bank.

BAP, unfortunately I'm in your boat going to miss most of the game. Figures that I'd go last night & have the opportunity to go tomorrow and he gets called up today.

So let me ask this one question and you know what it is: Does this mean that the RAJ made a mistake giving, excuse me, trading Lee and since Lee is the superior pitcher will it be too much to give the Astros just one or two of the prospects we got from the Mariners or do we have to be magnanimous and give them all three?

What's the official drink of DomDay?

I have a tee time for 5:30, I'm considering canceling it.

"Not enough great SP, not enough reliable RP. Our bench, thank goodness, seems to be coming around. As does our offense in general (knocking on wood now)."

Really, our SPs were adequate. Moyer's injury obviously changes things, but to me the acquisition of an Oswalt is more for the playoffs, when you can put together a playoff rotation of Halladay/Hamels/Oswalt and match pretty much anyone's top 3.

As for the bullpen, the only real ? is Lidge. The rest of the pen is relatively reliable and stable.

Wally Pipp and The Iron Horse all over again...Come on kid, make us proud.

F*** C**** L** This is Doms Day baby!

Great point JJG

What can Dom Brown do for you?

What's the word on Vic's injury?

Excited about the new kid in town but don't forget about Shane.

RAJ = rainmaker

Start him

Jack, true, but as someone pointed out above, our manager is somewhat conservative when it comes to playing the younguns, let alone one as raw as Brown.

halladay should skip his start and let the kid pitch.

Honestly, I'm a tad surprised.

Excited. Thrilled. Jubilant. But, still surprised.

Good luck, kid. Agreed.

JW: This new graphic is much better.

Gelb is saying that Brown gets the start tonight. Exciting!

Wearing #9 according to Zolecki

Dom Brown might be what this board needs to forget about you know who.

Somehow, it seems that many fans believe that this makes it less likely for the Phillies to trade Werth. I'm not sure that I understand why.

With Brown already up and Victorino on the DL, a trade of Werth allows the Phillies to promote Mayberry (who has options) and go with an OF of Brown, Ibanez and Francisco with Mayberry as the backup until Victorino returns. If anything, moving Werth is now more convenient than it was yesterday.

If some combination of Happ, Kendrick, Gose and/or Singleton can land Oswalt, Carmona or another starter, Werth is prime to play the Cliff Lee role to "restock the farm," and with Boston's injury woes and Tampa's rich farm, they're likely to get a better return for Werth than they did for Lee.

The loss of Victorino's bat doesn't factor into a potential Werth deal at all.

Great graphic. The only thing missing is a ticking clock in the background.

Schwietzer - If you trade Werth, who plays centerfield?

That sound you hear, incidently, is the collective knocking of all the knees of RH pitchers in the NL East.

Starting in RF or LF? I'm assuming RF, with Werth to CF.

Stark and Zolecki both reported that the recent win streak and the Vic injury probably closes the door on the Werth trades. I'm convinved Schweitzer is merely self-parody at this point.

trade rumors = STFU

its DomDay bitches...

Schweitzer - WTF? Your logic is astounding...


omigod omigod omigod....what do we do?

El Domo roams the outfield.

SS: Now we can agree on something!

This is pretty exciting. The Phillies haven't had a can't-miss prospect like this since Jeff Stone.

It astounds me there are people clamoring to bring Mayberry up.

Dom Brown will make Willie Mays look like Steve Jeltz!

Andy: Francisco has more MLB experience in center than Werth, and this season, he's not that dramatic of an offensive drop off from Victorino that they couldn't survive for 15 days.

Errr...maybe I should temper my enthusiasm. Dom Brown will make Willie Mays Hays look like Steve Jeltz.

(1) I knew it was practically inevitable, but I'm still bummed Vic is going on the DL.

(2) Congratulations to the Phillies for making the correct move RE: Dom Brown!

(3) Not only do I expect Brown to start tonight, I expect Brown to start every night. The Phillies would look colossal liars otherwise (the main excuse they've given for Brown not being called up is his need for constant playing time, & the lack of such opportunities at the MLB level).

(4) I have tickets for Thursday, not tonight ... #*&@!!!

(5) Dom Brown = #9? A vision of Von Hayes appear before me. I vomit.

I think it's fair to say that Will Schweitzer has more significant insight than all of the beat writers and national baseball writers when it comes to dealing Jayson Werth.

I'd expect Werth to be gone by tonight.

Stark and Zolecki say a lot of things. Acquiring Cliff Lee once closed the door on a Halladay trade, remember?

Seriously, having seen the way that Amaro conducts business, is there any reason whatsoever to believe that a Werth trade is out of the question?

Replacing Victorino with Francisco for two weeks is hardly an outrageous move for a team that made due with Juan Castro and Wilson Valdez in the absence of Polanco, Rollins and Utley throughout the season.

What season have you been watching to think that such a move would be unusual?

CJ: In fairness, the baseball media have made themselves appear no more insightful nor well-informed than any of us in the great, unwashed masses this season when it comes to MLB trades. I'd take the word of many Beerleaguers over that of Buster freakin' Olney at this point.

"5) Dom Brown = #9? A vision of Von Hayes appear before me. I vomit."

Just bursted out laughing at my desk. Lets hope he does a better job at living to the hype. Good luck kid

Dominic Brown will hit for the cycle tonight... TWICE.

Andy, nice pull on Shmidt. The other 2 are Duke Snider and Jim Rice.

Lineup construction tonight?

CJ: head over to MLBTradeRumors and take a look at the archive of "insight" from individuals like Stark and Zolecki. Their predictions and hypothesis have roughly the same accuracy rate as any random poster on any blog online.

In the past seven days alone, I've read from "insiders" and "expert beat writers" the following about Roy Oswalt:

- He demands that the 2012 option be picked up in a trade.
- The 2012 option is not an issue.
- He plans to retire after 2011.
- He would play for any team.
- He won't play for the Phillies or Yankees.
- He's going in a three team deal to Philly.
- He's going to St Louis
- He's going anywhere but St Louis
- He's staying put

That pretty much covers every possible combination. So yeah, I have about the same insight as these beat writers, which is none at all. They have opinions. I have opinions. Both and a quarter is worth a gumball.

BREAKING NEWS: Phils lead the D-Backs 2-0 on a 2-run HR by Dom Brown in which he knocked himself in twice before the game even started.

He's *that* good.

Will Schweitzer says a lot of things as well. And when I see his name, I hit the page down key.

(1) Brown

(2) Brown

(3) Polanco*

(4) Brown

(5) Brown

(6) Brown

(7) Brown

(8) Howard**

(9) Brown

Remember, it's only illegal if the Diamondbacks notice!

* Obligatory RH bat

** Demoted due to ongoing "Big Problem" status

>Brown sits tonight, with the excuse that he
>was traveling today.

Yeh, because the trip down the NE extension for an hour had to be incredibly hard on him. (if the pigs were on the road, i'll take this back)

Ole Cholly knows how to handle rooks. Dom will get his AB's. He'll get more when he starts lighting the scoreboard up.

And with the line that Brown was putting up on the Pig Farm, why on earth would anyone want to see Mayberry again? Dom has nothing else to prove in the minors.

Prove in the majors, yes, a challenge it will be.

zolecki's tweets are worth a bigger gumball than your posts - sorry to.....burst your bubble?

That was for Old Phan.

personally, I'm only excited because Brown may give them a beter chnce to win.

I he doesn't, send him back down.

Apparently not, JJG, unless your response is a demonstration of clairvoyance in addition to douchebaggery.

I fear the day I'm at a deli or something, and I hear the lady yell out for "Will Schweitzer" to pick up his order. Could be an instinctual neck punch.

Milt Thompson fired. Polanco playing 2nd to get more offense in the line-up. Brown brought up. Nothing left for beerleaguers to complain about right?

Per MLBTradeRumors - Dom Brown will not start, as he is currently sitting down with Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas to hammer out details of a permanent peace agreement.

Zolecki's tweets are worth exactly the same as my posts - a dozen snarky BL posts, give or take.

The online baseball media has about as much credibility as the peanut vendor at CBP. Their reporting on events that actually occur are worth reading, but their opinions and rumor mill stirrings are no more credible than any fan on the street, and the accuracy of their rumors has proven time and time again to be lacking of any credibility whatsoever.

Will: I just said you had greater insight than all of these professionals. What more do you want me to say?

I don't get the pessimism surrounding Vic, either. His line right now is .250 with 15 home runs, 53 RBIs and 20 stolen bases before the injury.

This is the man that led the Phillies in BA the last two seasons. It's either an off year, or the great equalizer will come out and have him hit out of his mind when he comes off the DL.

He's a sparkplug, he's a Gold Glove center fielder, he hits for average with some power, yes he's a bit low on the baseball IQ scale, but the rest of his abilities more than make up for that.

If Rollins is still out, who leads off tonight? Werth?

If you drop a phonograph needle on Brown's nipple, it plays the Beach Boys' Pet Sounds.

We can't all hide behind Bedrosian's Beard.

It's easy to threaten physical violence using an alias. Have some guts and post your baseball opinions and your misdemeanor terroristic threats under your real name.

Fox Sports is reporting that a random African-American man in a Phillies cap -- undoubtedly John Mayberry, Sr. -- is greatly disappointed by the call-up of Dom Brown, as tickets for tonight's game had already been purchased in anticipation of Mayberry's return to MLB. When asked to comment, Tim McCarver launched into a lengthy explanation of the Infield Fly Rule (which remains ongoing), & Joe Buck began twitching uncontrollably, pausing only to scream "Yankees!", "Red Sox!" & "Manny!" at random intervals.

I heard that ESPN will break away from the ARod breakaways to show Domonic's at-bats...

R. Billingsly: Who leads off?!?!?!?

Dom Brown, of course. Didn't you see GTown Dave's lineup?

Will: How many scouts or assistant gms have you spoken to today? ... I think I'll go with Stark, Zolecki, et al.

Call Me Ishmael: Awesome

"Milt Thompson fired. Polanco playing 2nd to get more offense in the line-up. Brown brought up. Nothing left for beerleaguers to complain about right?"

Our buddy Heather still thinks Howards sucks, I'm sure you'll hear some offhand remarks regarding his unsustainable BAPIP and wOBA.

RBill: Polanco.

CJ: Oh yeah. Sorry, I thought that was "unofficial."

That is the ideal lineup. I'm glad Charlie is using his head instead of his gut to construct tonight's lineup.

This thread has Hall of Fame potential... which is fitting, since it involves future Hall of Famer Domonic Brown.

Speaking of which... how tall is Dom?

Whatever folks. I should have known better that an opinion about Werth could be posted on BL. Nevermind.

Phil Smiles: the fact that these beat writers have access to scouts, Amaro, etc and still have such a high rate of inaccuracies only defends my position that their opinions are no more valuable than that of any random fan.

I like the idea of Werth leading off. He's capable of getting on base himself, but only if 2B & 3B are vacant.

I just checked out's comparable players for Domonic Brown:

1. Babe Ruth
2. Willie Mays
3. Barry Bonds
4. Ted Williams
5. Stan Musial

CJ: You forgot Moses.

Will Chill

This is pretty exciting. The Phillies haven't had a can't-miss prospect like this since Jeff Stone.

Thanks, BAP! Just now picking self off the floor. Anyone else see the humor here? Gosh, I must be old.

Will: You're free to have your opinion. But we're free to suggest your opinion doesn't make sense. All indications are that the Phils won't deal Werth now 1) because of the winning streak and 2) because of Vic's injury.

Your evidence to the contrary? The existence of John Mayberry Jr. in the minors.

'Nuff said.

Jack: I forgot that Polanco has lead off relatively recently. I guess that makes sense that he would do so tonight.



I'm guessing we see this thing top out around 300 posts or so, prior to the gameday thread.

Not because of Dom Brown, but because everyone needs to weigh in on Will Schweitzer.

Will: You are correct in stating that they are inaccurate now and then. It is up to the educated fan to discern when the writers are getting good info and when they are being purposely misled by their source.

I prefer to forget Jeff Stone's existence entirely...

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