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Saturday, July 24, 2010


Houstin is scouting the Phillies this weekend as well (Happ).

There goes my Cholly will never play Polanco at 2nd theory. Glad to be wrong.

In any case, continue the Sweep!

I like the idea of Brett Myers. He is only 29, pitching well with an ERA below 4.00 on a bad team, a spark in the dugout which they need and a lot less expensive than Oswalt or Haren.
If he returned and pitched well in his first appearance, the fans would go crazy.

I can't stand the idea of Brett Myers. That divorce is final. I don't really trust that he'd be much better than what we've already got moving forward.

We're really down to Haren or Oswalt at this point. If it's not one of them, this team isn't dealing for a starter.

Acquiring Myers would mean that the Sultan of Smug would basically be admitting two mistakes.

1.) Getting rid of Myers in the first place, when he could have been signed reasonably for a one-year deal


thank god for dick stockton. joe buck would be too much to take in this heat. and do the phillies know they have a plaque of McCarver in CBP...

I'm stuck watching Oakland and the White Sox. That means listening on because of the stupid Fox blackout.

Speaking of Rube, from today's Inquirer:

Putting a nice little bow on the procession of no-comments, Phillies general manager Ruben Amaro Jr. was not available to talk about the change in hitting coaches or to update his comments about the rotation.

After the Phillies optioned Kendrick on Tuesday, the general manager said, "I think we know exactly what we're going to do [Saturday]. I just choose not to tell you."

We now know why. Who would have believed him if he said Kendrick was being replaced by Kendrick in the rotation?

Same situation for me, CJ. The Phillies aren't on tv here, yet I still get blacked out on Both infuriating and idiotic.

Do we really need to have the "Myers is a jackass" thread again? That ship has sailed....

I know KK can't actually strike anyone out (or so I've been told), but that was a great time for a K!

Rockies lineup: L-S-L-L-L-R-L-R-P.

Damn. Could be a tough afternoon. How many SO-throw-outs have there been with Kendrick on the mound? I wonder if that's the first ever...

Scott: I'm pretty sure the plan was to either trade for Oswalt or start Happ. But then Moyer's injury forced them to bring KK back.

@Bay Area You have a gift for the obvious

At least Ibanez took six pitches. A 90 pitch complete game by Jimenez isn't high on my wish list today.

bap: Yes, I'm aware that Jamie's injury gummed up the planned trade. I think the media, specifically Brookover, "went there" just to tell the fans that they don't much care for Amaro's way of treating them and the fans.

May I be the first to say...

Rollins, 1 pitch, out.
Polanco, 2 pitches, out.

Shouldn't there be a strategy of working the pitcher in play today?

Jimenez grooved some fastballs that inning. Hope that continues because KK is playing in the Land Of LeftHanders.

Was at the game last night and Ruiz intro music is now "In the Air Tonight" by Phil Collins. I thought that was hilarious. Not so funny was the guy who got thrown out of the game where I was sitting. I was three rows back in right field and they threw a guy out for being too drunk in the bottom of the eigth (I thought that was a bit too late and I didn't notice him being a disturbance). Anyway so security is taking him up the aisle and the guy turns around pours beer on a security attendant and then headbutts him and uppercuts him. Shocked that it wasn't mentioned in the broadcast when I watched the replay. Also, more happened on the concourse. No tazing though.

In terms of the actual game it was great to see the Phils bust loose and hang up a crooked number in the fifth. Happy to see Gload go 3 for 3, thought it would earn him another start today but no dice with UC. I think he needs to play more and pinch-hit more. He led the league last year and every time it seems that he has played this year or gotten consistent pinch-hit at bats he does well and has some power. Think hes much better than pinch-hitting dobbs, schneider,ransom, or even Francisco for that matter.

I haven't had the pleasure of going to a game in a while, but right field always seemed to have the highest concentration of jarheads in the crowd.

That was Halladay-esque that inning by KK... nice job getting out of the jam.

Nice job by young Kyle getting out of that inning with no score. Big strike out for the 2nd out.

will: Just about every batter will put the ball in play against KK (at least that's the book) so it's not the kind of game where you want Gload's glove anywhere on the field.

Kendrick kept trying to throw that inside tailing fastball to lefty hitters and it didn't tail once. Then he threw it to the righty Ianetta and BANG. Perfection. And he jammed Hawpe with it too. Nice.

Good results so far but the process, not so much. First pitch balls to 7 of the first 8 hitters & only an 18:13 strike:ball ratio. Either he starts throwing more strikes or an implosion is virtually inevitable.

Good point. I still hope he gets another start soon. Feel like he's earned it and at least he's more patient than some of the hitters in our lineup. I think he should be the teams number one pinch hitter though. Doesn't feel like he is although I have no numbers to prove that. He's certainly has the best numbers of anyone off our bench.

For KK, the magic inning is often the 5th. Franzke and LA spoke of this in his last start. Prior to that game, his ERA in that inning was over 9.00. I'm guessing it went even higher after that game...

I'd like to see Howard get his OBP up closer to .400 again like he was in 2006/2007, though I realize that was something of a mirage thanks to all of the intentional walks he received back then. Still, 30 walks in 96 games? Yikes!

bap: That's standard for KK this year, particularly with with a lineup stacked by lefties. He nibbles... a lot. If he's not getting the corner, it's a tough outing.

jimenez is scared of dobbs

Maybe Halladay and Kendrick went to a card reader like in Ghost, and now Kendrick is pitching using Halliday's abilities.

Nope, me neither, Did not believe that either

12 strikes, 12 balls for Jimenez. Phils batters need to be waiting this guy out, not swinging away.

Plate appearances as a pinch hitter:

Gload: 48
Dobbs: 35
Francisco: 27
Castro: 7
Valdez: 5
Schneider: 3

Gload is our #1 PH option, as it turns out.

Between yesterday's game and today, I wonder if Gross asked the team to adopt the rarely seen "Pitcher Bats With the Bases Loaded" strategy...

At least his pitch count was high that inning. That's three out of four games where our starter came to the plate with the bases loaded and 2 outs. And all three struck out.

KK seems to be in a hitting slump, maybe GG can help.

Let me get this straight... KK has 3 K's in 3 innings?

Hope he stays this efficient because things often get a little crazy by the third time through the lineup.

KK actually throw some poor pitches that inning. Both strike threes were right down the middle. Just shows you sometimes the breaks even out.

Rollins' swing on the two-strike pitch was nice. The one-strike pitch, though, was pretty fugly -- the kind that usually produces pop-ups. Swinging for the fences every once in a while isn't the end of the world, but at least do it when it's "your pitch" and not something eyeball high and outside.

If gameday is any indication, Mr. Jimenez is far from sharp today.

Ducks on the pond for The Big Problem.

There haven't been many close pitches with Jimenez today. Thankfully.

He's overthrowing. Just challenged Howard, and lost!

That Ryan Howard contract *really* sucks.

FYI: Howard now has EIGHT more RBI than 2nd place in the NL.

I know... I know... RBI don't count.

I don't care who you get wild at CBP and you will pay the price.

Yay, no RISP! Werth might get a hit!

Bring The Big Problem To The Plate, Boys!

4th run = gift from the Ump.

Greg Gross has obviously told them to stop swinging at balls.

there's still no outs, we might bat around twice

Bye-bye, U-BALL4-DO!

This guy looks like Joe Cowley today.

15-2 after today

And there's the gate for Jimenez. Awesome.

Hope this isn't one of those games where the offense suddenly goes comatose after scoring a handful early. It's not like Kendrick is incapable of blowing up.

KK officially outpitched Ubaldo. This season has more drama than a tom Clancy novel

Q: Where's Uwaldo?

A: The showers.

"That Ryan Howard contract *really* sucks."

It hasn't kicked in yet.

I would imagine this is his worst game of the year.

Jimenez had no control. Did I call that, or what?

I think Jimenez has an ERA of 6.00 in his last 5 starts, I heard yesterday. Today I just saw it flashed ERA of 10.00 in last 2 games (Does that count today?). We're lucky to have caught him in a pitching slump, I think. Clearly, he doesn't have great control today.

Not to take away from the Phillies hitters! Because I'm pretty sure that for much of the season, the Phils would have managed to squander opportunities and swing at Balls 1-4.

Nice work by Dobbs.

I don't know... maybe firing the hitting coach was a good idea...

The Phillies are getting to be fun to listen to again.

Go Dobbs. This is one killer inning. Go Phils. Are we back or what?

The whole team is en fuego right now.

Could we actually still get to see the Vance Worley Experience today afterall (and not in the way any of us thought we might)?

Okay... it's time to tell KK to just throw strikes.

Good gravy, it's like old times. Feels good.

Wow, just pouring it on. Legitimately heart-warming.

Phillies baseball doesn't get much better than a Rollins triple but in the same inning after a 3 run Howard triple!! Wow!!!

Phils are going to have a monster crooked inning during the Home Run Payoff inning without hitting a single home run.

Enjoy those Phillies fun packs.

Going out on a limb... is the first inning ever in which Howard hit a triple followed by a Rollins triple later in the inning?

I'm glad I'm stuck with the Dodgers vs Mets humdinger and can't see the Phillies chase Ubaldo.

Also I think Howard could soon be a real star in this league.


7 runs. Ho hum.

It's obviously preposterous to believe that Greg Gross is making this happen, but it's not so preposterous to think that Thompson's firing may have helped light a fire under this offense.

Ok, I think I get it...

Greg Gross has been spotted in the bullpen with binoculars.

bap: Exactly... it certainly wouldn't be the first time that a move like that has sparked a team.

And that's exactly the point that so many people failed to acknowledge as the bitched and moaned about the move.

BAP, it is strange. We know these guys know how to hit, yet they haven't been doing it. They knew, however, that their performance lost Milt his job.


Nobody left to fire, but the players and manager.

Ubaldo's complete loss of control played a huge role in that, but the Phils from most of this year would have still figured out a way to screw that charity inning up.

For once, they swept the leg.

Yes, 2 days in a row of fun Phillies baseball. Sighs of pleasure.

"For once, they swept the leg."

Put 'em in a body bag, Kyle!

BAP: I'm tempted to believe that, too. On the other hand, Vic and Werth were the only two guys whose struggles seem related to something that a mental adjustment could fix. Jimmy's timing seems off from the injury and rust, and Ibanez's bat has looked slow, likely due to age and lingering injury effects. I don't see how Jimmy and Raul could get going just by getting their mind right, after seeing Milt take a bullet for the offense.

3 days in a row of fun Phillies baseball. Let's give Cole some credit, too.

Cliff Lee

Howard Contract


There should be a Beerleaguer version of a "swear jar", only in this case, it would be a "Cliff Lee" jar. If you mention his name in any situation where it isn't newsworthy, you have to send a quarter to Weitzel.

Dick Stockton is a lot better than Buck doing baseball. However, Dick Stockton is one of the worst football play by play guys in the history of television.

Does Paypal work for Weitzel?

Cliff Lee

Howard Contract


Old Phan: JW would be a part owner of the Phils by the end of the season.

Old - Maybe we should kick in for the Cliff Lee jar only if we DON'T mention Cliff Lee.

Cliff Lee
Howard Contract
KK can't K

cjp: Like you say, I'm sure there is also a significant element of total coincidence involved. But scoring runs is not just about getting hits; it's about getting hits at the right time. This is where the mental component of hitting really comes into play, & where a move like firing the hitting coach could possibly spark the team.

Kendrick with 0 BB's through 4 innings.

That is 20 straight scoreless frames from Phils starters. And 24 straight overall.

ak, that would also work cliff lee

Old - I thought so.

Cliff Lee
Howard Contract
KK Can't K
Haren's XFipOBSJ+

When was the last time an opponent scored at CBP?

Whatever works, but it's pathetic that it takes firing the hitting coach for these guys to hit.

"If you mention his name in any situation where it isn't newsworthy, you have to send a quarter to Weitzel."

Maybe we should send those quarters to the Phillies' owners instead. By season's end, they will have made enough extra money to sign Cliff Lee in this year's free agent market.

Nobody's mentioning the job that KK is doing. You have to be more than impressed with this kid's professionalism and performance under less than desirable circumstances. I don't care who you are, getting called up from the minors to face Ubaldo has to be alot of guys' nightmare. If I was KK I would holdout tomorrow for a new contract...

"When was the last time an opponent scored at CBP?"
You mean at the Bandbox?

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