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Friday, July 16, 2010


Do it for me Heavy B!

Also, more Francisco in place of Ibanez, kplzthxbye?

Since Rauul is on the pine, Heavy B will have to be our "turn it around in the second half" guy today.

How about a great start by Blanton with a clutch pinch hit from Ibanez off the bench? The Road to Redemption!

I said it in the previous thread, but....Based on Amaro's previous track record of doing one thing and saying another, I believe Amaro coming out and saying the Phils aren't in the market more than likely means, "I'm desperate! I'm offering my best corner outfielder in return! Make me an offer!"

Since Rauul is on the pine, Heavy B will have to be our "turn it around in the second half" guy today.

Actually, we could go with Vic or Rollins in that category also. So many options.

Old Phan: You can color me exceptionally dubious of the prosposition that a guy can catch fly balls in RF, but he can't catch them in in LF.

Nonetheless, if we are concerned about putting Brown in LF, those concerns can be easily solved by simply putting Werth in LF. It's not like he has been setting the world on fire with his RF defense this year.

Err . . . That should have said "proposition," not "prosposition."

BAP, it's more about routes to the ball, throwing, etc. I'm pretty sure Chooch could catch a ball hit to him in left field, but how he gets to the ball might be an issue.

That's funny... LH hitters hit about 70 points higher off of Lilly than RH hitters. Great time to play Francisco and Ransom!

Vic could teach hjm how to take the proper routes (or maybe not)

I'm truly disgusted with Victorino right now. He gets ahead 2-0 & then proceeds to swing at the next 3 pitches and strike out feebly. An absolutely typical AB from him this year.

Awful job by Shane there. I thought Werth got squeezed on the back-door breaking ball, but he's gotta fight that off with 2 strikes.

Blanton has followed the Adam Eaton pattern this year: get plastered in the first inning, settle down & pitch a few good innings, then run out of gas by the 5th or 6th and get plastered again. I expect we'll know pretty quickly if there's any hope that today will be different. I doubt it will, unfortunately.

If I'm not mistaken, there hasn't yet been a thread of completely negative comments once the game started.

We're off to a good start, so I say we go for it.

Blanton looks even heavier than I remember.

Get well, Placido.


Good job, KYJ

of course vic has good looking numbers "after 2-0 count", but im sure everyone in the league does. it would take a lot more work to quanitify, but I agree with BAP that his variance from regular numbers to "after 2-0 count" are probably much less improved than most hitters in the league.

phlipper, I believe there is a fantastic donut shop on Addison that Joe stopped by before the game.

Werthless struck out looking AGAIN!!!!!!!

Good job, KYJ

I figured it would be you, if anyone, that would break the string, Old Phan.

Well - that's the thing about baseball, there's always another game for the negativity of BL reach the ultimate level.

My bet is that LF is 'unofficially' going to be a strict plantoon situation from here on out.

How the hell did it get this bad? Im still baffled by it. Platoon for a team that was in the WS the past 2 years...just deflating

I'm going to go out on a limb & predict that Lilly throws a no-hitter today.

Nice DP there.

Fabulous turn of the double play there.


Just like they drew it up this preseason.

How deep in CM's doghouse is Castro?
He sees little or no playing time.
Does he go, salary considerations and all, when Polly is ready?

2 1/2 innings in 20 minutes...this game might be done before I leave work today

Bubba - Castro is washed-up and can't play at the MLB level. Valdez isn't great but he is bettter defensively and offensively than Castro.

Even if they get Polanco back though, supposedly it is going to be a combo of Valdez/Castro at 2B for at least a month. That is the worst combo or player in 2B in MLB.

I'm only following it on gamecast but it appears that Blanton is pitching pretty well


Actually Blanton threw a few good games in early innings but got plastered in 6th inning. I believe he also had no-hitter going into 6th and then he got knocked out. So what we may be looking at is another good 5 innings and keep fingers crossed in 6th

Bubba: He's no deeper in Cholly's doghouse than Bruntlett was last year, yet Bruntlett survived the entire season.

Ransom will be the guy to go when Polanco returns. It will be more interesting to see what happens when Utley returns. Valdez is clearly superior to Castro in every facet of the game, but Castro is the one with the guaranteed contract. Recent Phillies history suggests that, for bench players, the guaranteed contract trumps all other considerations.

IIRC, Blanton's problem this year hasn't been the early innings. He gets to 75 pitches and the wheels fall off.

If he goes 5 good innings, just take him out and bring in Fig......Oh, wait, that was yesterday's thread.

Here's to hoping the top of the lineup can get things goin

Vic sucks.

Mg- I was thinking that was the plan, but I agree Castro is done & the fact that he appears burried on the depth chart lately could mean he will go.
If Charlie relents on his plan to only use Polanco at 3B, it might be the best move. Not that Ransome or Dobbs are anything to get excited about -but the 25th roster spot debate has to about someone.

I agree with whoever said you shift Werth to LF and start Brown in RF when he plays.

P.S. Vic silences BL critics.


"P.S. Vic silences BL critics."

Yea, until the next time he strikes out.

does anyone know how to type a backwards k?

That was a strike at the knees, Jason


OK blanton...OK

Best Blanton has looked all year so far through 4 IP including his best fastball location. This is the Blanton from July of last year.,

rush street werth at it again..



haha ok how do you do that? is it cntrl+alt+k or what?

Isn't that an upside down K or am I dizzy?

Blanton just needed to get his legs under him - remember he had little spring training...

Can Rube actually get a better return for Werth than, lets say, pick 24 and 39 in the 2011 draft? I'm not so sure. I would absolutely trade Werth for prospects, but we might be overrating him when we say he sucks. The value might not be there and we could've lucked out with the Type A designation.

looking at MLB Gameday, BenFran got screwed on that called 3rd strike

Happy to see Joe pitching well today...

Jelly Donut Joe has been best this season in the 4th inning.

Old is...I asked how to do know, for Werthless

At least it was a GIDP . . .

Rodeo Jones - He had already made 13 GS. 4-5 GS should have been more than enough.

Isn't that an upside down K or am I dizzy?

Isn't it a bit early in the day for you to be hitting the sauce, Old Phan?

It is entirely possible that Joe will turn things around in the 2nd half, but we can't use the late start as an excuse for his performance any more.

This inning's a perfect example of why we can't score runs. Of our 4 batters that inning, 3 were Cody Ransom, Wilson Valdez, and the pitcher. What were the odds that 2 of those 3 would get hits? Add to that the fact that all our regulars except Howard are slumping, and you've pretty much got the perfect formula for scoring 2 runs per game.

Yeah, its upside down. I have no idea how to type it. But when I Googled backwards k, I found it and just did a copy and paste.

You guys know how computers work, right? :) You see there is this thing called the internets and its a series of tubes connected together....

And add to that, BAP, that Howard is such a problem (not to mention, overpaid and an albatross).

OK. I'll quit with those posts.

Until the next time Howard does something good, anyway.

Greg, you mean the information superhighway?

Phlipper, it's Friday. I start early.

Old Phan: Don't you live in L.A.? You should still be asleep at this early hour.

Blanton is dibbling a bit this inning.

I want to get my "meltdown" comment in now. That way I can say I was the first to call it. If I'm wrong, no big deal. It was just BAP being negative.

BAP, the heat woke me up early.

This is the most lucid I have heard Sarge in a while. Generally sticking to what is going on in the game, giving a couple of good points on hitting, and not going off into any of his bizarre tangents that happen from time-to-time.

Maybe Sarge functions better in the early afternoon.

Stalin Castro. I believe I saw him play in Che Stadium.

I was afraid of that.

Maybe Sarge functions better in the early afternoon.

Could be that unlike Old Phan, he waits to start in on the Old Grand Dad.

Oh my God.

A walk to a guy who is 0-26 this year and is just a career .108 hitter? Fail.

not even worth commenting on that..

Walking the pitcher with the bases loaded. Just great. At least I won the Joe Blanton Meltdown Lottery.

Nothing like walking the pitcher with the bases loaded.

Well Blanton didn't wait till 6th inning - Is there anyone warming up?

0 and 2 against the pitcher, and he walks him. Meltdown is unfortunately apt BAP, you negative SOB. :)

Blanton closing in on 75 pitches.

Let's not forget this important detail: that walk came after he got ahead 0-2.

bap - The guy from Norristown won $100 bucks when Vic hit the HR. What do you win if you win the Joe Blanton Meltdown Lottery?

do we have anyone up right now?

I usually avoid psychoanalyzing professional athletes, but that's a complete mental meltdown. Unbelievable.

Intentional walks to fill the bases are my least favorite strategy.

Give him credit though. He got out of that. This offense actually has to score more than 3 runs today. You generally aren't going to win many pitcher's duels at Wrigley in the summer.

Whereas the 4th inning is a good inning for Tennessee Joe, the 5th inning is not.

Blanton should have been able to lob one in underhanded if he had to. That's unacceptable for a MLB pitcher.

That said, we see the same from Bad Lidge every other time out...

I don't think Blanton has gotten through 7 innings this year. Sure hope someone is warming up.

MG: I win the right to type 10 free negative posts on Beerleaguer.

Never thought I'd be (somewhat) happy to hear TMac, but Wheels on play-by-play was downright abyssmal yesterday.

Question though is do the wheels come off next inning for Blanton with the middle of the Cubs' lineup up in the 6th when he hits the wall around the 80-85 pitch mark?

MG, put me on the record for a "yes."

I didn't realize Ted Lilly was such a strike out pitcher. The Phils are making him look like Randy Johnson.

It isn't the umpire Sarge. This offense looks as woeful as it did right now at the end of May when they got shutout a bunch of times.

9 Ks for Lilly already. His season high was 7 Ks and he isn't a strikeout guy by any stretch (70 in 101 1/3 IP).

Old Phan, there's the next time Vic strikes out (feebly, I might add).

Can we bash him again?

Need Howard bomb here . . .

Blanton is at 71 pitches

To be fair to Sarge, the ump has been awful. Phils offense hasn't helped, though.

fljerry: Blanton actually went 7.2IP in his start in Cincy a few weeks ago - giving up 3 runs (1 in 1st, 2 in 6th). Of course brad lidge blew that save before we won in extras, so blanton doesnt really come to mind when reviewing that game.

But yeah, he has flamed out pretty badly in later innings this season as most others are saying.

Catch that . . .

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