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Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Ryan Howard is up there, but there's no doubt that Halladay, Hamels and Howard have been the 3 best Phillies this season. Frankly, they're the only guys who have done what's expected of them all season long.

JW: Also interesting that for pitchers with over 120 IP, Cole is 6th in K/9. I think the debate on whether or not Cole is a frontend pitcher is over now.

Jack: Polanco underperforming expectations?

Interesting that Hamels has been so effective against LH hitters this season considering he's been slightly more effective against RH hitters in his career.

Actually, now that I look at it, things changed last year.

2007: .721/.681 OPS
2008: .779/.616 OPS
2009: .711/.767 OPS
2010: .627/.758 OPS


sneed: One problem... Cole Hamels is a mental midget.

Please score some runs for this man.

CJ: (voice)

Fastball showing at 96 for King Cole in the first, so says mlb gameday.

Hamels looks sharp early. Very luck base-hit there for Upton. Absolutely sheared his bat off at his hands.

Strasburg was apparently scratched in his start against the Braves tonight.

He's going to be en fuego today, folks.

Sorry on the jinx... next pitch Hamels plunks LaRoche. Ugh.

Hamels is a mental midget.

game day says LaRoche got hit with a 96 MPH fastball. Ouch.

Why was Strasburg scratched?

Strasburg scratched from his start. He's about to be traded for Austin Hyatt.

From rotoworld re: Strasburg:

Stephen Strasburg was scratched from Tuesday's start against the Braves.

It's not known why he was scratched, but Ivan Rodriguez could be seen consoling Strasburg in the bullpen. Miguel Batista will start Tuesday's game, instead. Stay tuned for further word on his status, but the Nats obviously won't take any chances here. Jul. 27 - 7:06 pm et

This is sure not a good start. He is overdue for a bad game. I hope this isn't it.

Strasburg stratched? I heard he was dealt to the Phils for Vic.

This can only end one way & it won't be good.

I heard Strasburg was traded to Houston for Oswalt.

WTF is going on with Hamels?

Is this a small strike zone or lack of control?

Dammit Cole, throw strikes.

Maybe he isn't used to pitching at night now?

Hamels was getting squeezed from the first pitch. I think McClellan got in his head. It's a darn shame when the umps do this.

ESPN's playing some feature about a minor league pitching prospect who moonlights (and lives) in a nursing home.

This world is too much for me.

Could have been so much worse.

Could have been a lot worse... and took a lot of pitches... but Cole can definitely come back from that.

He was missing... but not by much. And his stuff looked sharp.

Gonna take at least 1 to win anyway, so let's get the bats going!

The 30+ pitches are much more of a concern than the 1 run. We are facing Rodrigo Lopez in CBP. We ought to be able to score plenty of runs.

One run isn't as bad as it could have been, but that was an uncharacteristically bad inning for Hamels... and cost him more than 30 pitches.

I can't decipher the game day stuff and I can't see the game. But, to me, Hamels' pitches are depicted as damn close or thorugh the strike zone on that scoring walk.

As good as Hamels has generally been this year, I have no idea what's going on with his control, which has been way below par all year long. That was an absolute mess.

Can't catch a break. Batista against the Braves? Phils have to win now because the Nats didn't do them any favors.

He needs a 9 pitch inning in the 2nd.


Strasburg was scheduled to start against the Phils this weekend.

So, it may help both teams.

Way to work the count, Vic.

Hope: Polanco has been great when on the field. The issue is the games he wasn't playing because he was hurt. Thus the "all season long" part, which also took out Werth, who has put up very good overall numbers, but who slumped horrifically for a while.

Vance Worley through 2 IP at LV:

6 up and 6 down, 4 K's.

bap: He's gone from walking 2 batters per 9 innings to 3. So yes, below par, but I'm not sure that's "way below par", as you put it--it's still pretty good control. And it's not like it's costing him in the pitch count--he's going way deeper into games this year than he was last year.

Jack: Well... it is bap, so you have to put everything he types through the pessimism filter ;-)

I think you're slicing it pretty fine there, Jack.

I'm still shaking my head at the "absolute mess" comment.

Jack: It's still decent, yes. But a jump from 2 walks per 9 innings to 3 is a pretty huge jump. In the big scheme of things, I'm not terribly concerned about it. I just wonder why it's happening.

Ugh... good thing everyone else is hitting, because Ryan's hit a little skid.

It's okay... he's the only guy who hit for about a month. He'll be back.

OP: I didn't say it was a disaster. I said it was a mess. 2 walks, a hit batter, & 31 pitches isn't a mess?

Tight strike zone tonight...

If McClellan's strike zone doesn't widen a bit, this game may take 4 hours.

I'm not thrilled about the 31 pitches, but only 1 run was scored. Could have been a much bigger mess.

What I don't get is how Howard swings at a pitch where the catcher is standing up. Everyone in the stadium knows that pitch is going to be out of the strike zone.

Another ump who won't call strikes at the knees. It's like they want more homers. Maybe they get a bonus for more homers.

Missed Howard's AB. Was he trying to do too much? Seems like it's a night to make pitchers throw strikes. Howard down on three pitches...

This is just going to be one of those games. The ump is all over the place.

It took the Ump about an hour to call that strike.

Why is Rollins standing up in the dugout. He should have his ankle above his heart until he can play again. That's how you get rid of swelling.

Cole settled down nicely.

Some interesting/funny stuff from Randy Miller's twitter:

Phils didn't say Tuesday's exam said on Moyer, but my guess is Tommy John surgery was recommended.

Manuel on adding a frontline starter: "If we get a starter that we want, the top of our rotation would be very strong."

Charlie Manuel on trading for a pitcher: "I don’t want us to get some guy that we’ve already got. What would be the purpose of that?"

Someone witih Phils told me today that Cliff Lee told him that he wants to sign with Phils or Yankees when becoming free agent after season.

This from Phils clubhouse: "2 owners told me that Montgomery never told them that Lee was being traded. One said, 'I wanted to keep Lee.'"

I'd put the Phils chances at landing Lee at 1%, but thought it was interesting to see this.

Valdez bunts.


Ruiz needs to steal here. If he doesn't, this is a sure-fire DP.

...and here comes the dp!

A strikeout there is something of a victory for us.

A horrible looking moral victory.

Second best 'shagger' wheels has ever seen. Jose mesa was one.

Am I the only one who laughed at the phrasing of that?

Cole, if the runner is going you HAVE to make contact with the bunt.

Oh well. Was worth a try.

NEPP beat me to it... strikeout is a positive outcome with Valdez.

Sure glad Valdez didn't bunt. Because, you know, bunts are a waste of an out.

Rex, I thought Austin Powers was No. 1

No control for Cole so far.

Old Phan, I've always thought Austin Powers was No. 2, if ya know what I mean...

Who does No.2 work for?

3-0 WAS in the 2nd. Tommy Hanson is no Antiono Bastardo.

If Jamie has Tommy John surgery and ends up adding 2-3 mph on his fastball, think how nicely that will setup his off-speed stuff...

Cole has great stuff, doesn't he?

Cole is just fine.

Nice recovery by Cole in the last two innings, but 58 pitches through 3. Ugh. Offense needs to get going.

No control for Cole.
Good thing he has 5 Ks and retired the last 7, otherwise he'd be in trouble.

So what Padres prospects would you want in exchange for Jayson Werth? Latos has become one of the best young pitchers in the game and is obviously untouchable. Tate is probably untouchable as well, but maybe not in an expanded deal that included a CF prospect to replace him. If the Padres aren't keeping Gonzalez long-term, Rizzotti could be very appealing.

A Padres blog that absolutely hated Werth speculated that Luebke and Simon Castro would be in the deal. You'd have to think an opposing team's blog, whose author opposes the deal, would underestimate the value, but those two pitchers are a decent starting point. Throw in one of their 3b prospects; Forsythe, Darnell or Rincon, and you're getting close.

Simon Castro is a 6'5" righty with an upper 90s fb and plus slider. He has excellent command for such a hard thrower and looks like a future #2 starter. Cory Luebke is a hard throwing lefty with a lower ceiling than Castro, but with a similarly impressive K/BB.

Maybe they can throw in an outfielder that Werth makes expendable. That would be nice, but I'd rather get a 3b prospect and I doubt we get 4 players without sending more in return...which would be perfectly fine.

Jamie has TJ, sits out 2011 and comes back fresh and ready for 2012...back throwing 86-87 mph like he did in his prime.

I was thinking, when was the last time Vic did a bunt hit to get on? (not that that has any bearing on the single he just hit).

He used to try one every week or two it seemed.

Runs, please. It's Rodrigo Lopez.

Good to see Vic running more.

Good job, Vic.
Oh, and glad you made it back from the airport.

It's like there's a random ball strike generator behind the plate. Is this guy a taller, less tan version of C.B. Bucknor?

Baseball IQ...lacking.

Just get it over with an bench Shane. He is a friggin' moron.

Stay at the airport, Vic.

speaking of vic running more....

Shane Victorino is actively hurting my eyes.

Damn, NEPP is ahead of me again.

Vic makes a running error there that a high schooler should not make.

that was fvcking idiotic

Remember that 2 by 4 that Andy wanted Cholly to hit his players with? Now would sure be a good time to put it to use.

Vic gets dumber each year.

Vic might just be the dumbest baseball player I've ever seen.

He can be a great player when he gets out of his own way.


The real interesting story about Hamels though so far this season is his Jekyll/Hyde numbers:

April - 5 GS, 2-2, 5.28 ERA
May - 5 GS, 3-1, 2.45 ERA
June - 5 GS, 1-3, 4.73 ERA
July - 5 GS, 1-1, 1.72 ERA

He has had 2 very good/excellent months and 2 lousy months. It is almost all due to HRs:

April/June - 15 HRs in 57 1/3 IP (2.4 HR/9)
May/July - 4 HRs in 69 2/3 IP (0.5 HR/9)

When you give up that many HRs, you are going to have a pretty shoddy ERA and lose your share of games as Hamels did in April & June.

Lopez should look at that as a moral victory against Howard when he's locked in. At least its not 3-1.

Nice to see braindead baserunning isn't contagious.

On the bright side, Vic has a very good shot at breaking the single season record for egregious mental errors.

A Howard base knock and Raul going 1st to third? Very cool.

Werth is DUE.

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