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Friday, July 30, 2010


Every month is Chooch-tober

"It starts with good pitching and a few breaks. That's how two wins become three, four, five, etc., and now we're talking about a confident club that just put their top prospect online and will add Roy Oswalt to their rotation tonight."

That gave me chills, Weitzel.

I love Carlos Ruiz. That is all.

Back when the Phils had Jaramillo, Marson and D'Arnaud in the system, I kept believing that Chooch's days as a starter were numbered, that he'd be lucky to stick as the back up to one of those "better" guys, that he'd be luckier to get traded away to a team with a lesser catcher to replace. No more. Aside from the way he continues to improve as a hitter, and his seeming ability to hit well in clutch situations (especially play-off games), Chooch really appears to handle a pitching staff really well.

The GMs (PG and RAJ) held onto the runt but ended up with the pick of the litter.

Istead of "Chooch," his nickname should be "Mejor de Molina"

Ooops. Meant "Mejor que Molina"

Señor Octubre. Great pic. His contract runs through 2013.

And, really, what's with the Phils? I get in my car at noon on Thursday to return to NY from my NC vacation and when I get home, Happ and Villar are Astros, Gose is a Blue Jay, and we've entered the land of Os.

Next you'll be telling me Lidge pitched a perfect inning with, say, two Ks last night, and Kendrick's gotten as mad as Rocky Balboa fightin' Clubber Lang.

Chooch - Signed and developed under Ed Wade. Credit where it is due.

Roy Oswalt - Stolen from Ed Wade. Also, credit where it is due.

Chooch is one of the most under rated players on this team over the last several years. It's hard for him to stand out when you have guys like Rollins, Utley, Howard, and Ransom, but JW hit the nail on the head - he is a rock.

I'm so old I still remember when Chooch was backing up Rod Barajas. Crazy stuff.

As long as Domonic Brown says it's alright, I think Chooch's presence behind the plate will vastly improve Oswalts' stats this year.

Ed Wade just needs a trade czar, that's where he's run into trouble it seems.

I hate to get to high on the is 8 game streak. Its all great. Just not sure I am ready to turn the throttle from Choke to Run yet.
They played so flat for so long and coming out of the break, they lost bad to a crappy Cubs team. And they showed little spark against a good Cardinals team.
Good news is the last 8 but they spanked 2 teams that they should have spanked. Rockies and DBacks.
I just hope the latest additions and momentum is a springboard for when they face some better teams with better pitching.
While I am happy. I still guard my optimism.

The schedule has flipped for us and the Braves. We get the Nats, Marlins and Mets the next 3 series. They play the Reds, Mets and Giants.

We could be in first place by next weekend, for sure.

"Halladay, Hamels and Oswalt? More like electric chair, lethal injection and firing squad. " - John Finger, Finger Food


I love the trade, but can't agree with the notion that Wade got fleeced. Limited trade partner options b/c of tight budgets among contending teams meant that if he was determined to trade him now for what he could get, he'd have to work hard to make it happen. If healthy, I think Happ is a very solid middle of rotation pitcher for years to come. They've already turned Gose into Wallace, who's ready it seems, and they have a middle infield prospect with upside. For where they're at as a club, that's not too bad. I hope to the high heavens that Oswalt's back and hip hold out for 2 1/2 more years, but if they don't, he's going to come out of this looking pretty smart. And even if he stays healthy and leads us to and through the playoffs, it still may have been the best move he could make under the circumstances.

aks - I was just observing that both Pat and Ruben had opportunities to divest of Chooch and bring up their more desired prospects (not Jaramillo so much as Lou Marson), or to keep D'Arnaud around to replace Ruiz sooner rather than later. Instead, with Chooch behind the plate they were willing to trade all three of those guys, along with Coste and "what's his name who never hit RHP for us as much as he does for Flordia but probably has a bad attitude evidently".

That's all. I give Wade credit - he drafted Happ to trade for Oswalt and Geary to trade for Lidge. I wonder what he'll give us for D'Arby Myers some day...

Wonder if Rollins will start today. Last night felt like Valdez night, turning DP and getting the game winner. That play in the 9th on the IF hopper may have been his toughest all night.

In the GCL Biddle pitched 5 scoreless yesterday, 5 K no BB. His K/BB now sits at 26/6 (13/0 in last 2 starts).

Andy, rest assured, that will never happen.

Regarding Chooch, he is having a great year. Love that guy. It's interesting that every time Halladay pitches a monstrous game, he commends Ruiz for how well he called the game. It may just be that Doc is a gracious guy, but the fact that he does it without fail seems to validate the notion that Chooch handles the rotation well.

Rhetoric - if yer going pessimistic ya gotta do the 100% bap response: We'll be lucky if his back holds out for two games; Gose was, arguably our best OF prospect left, and who do we plan to replace Jimmy with, now that Villar's gone?

Really. Crummy trade.

There that's wait, better I mean.

JW - Nice League of their Own reference - seemed to slip past the public.

Boys are finally playing some ball. Great to see.

phanatic's brother:

I don't care who the Phils beat. As long as they have more wins than the Braves, Mets, Marlins and Nationals after game 162, that's all that matters.

I understand guarding your optimism, in fact I'm the same way most of the time, but enjoy it. They've gained 4.5 games on the Braves over the last 7 games. That's pretty impressive regardless of who they play.

Chooch has a career catcher ERA better than average. Working with Philadelphia pitching.

I hear phanatic's brother. As Phillies fans, most who didn't join the bandwagon in the past two years have learned to be skeptical and treat glasses as half empty. But if I were the Braves (or any other NL team in the playoff hunt for that matter) I would would be very wary of the Phils.

They appear to be wide awake again and to have shaken a slump that was long and deep enough that they are not "due" for another extended run of horrible play anytime soon. They added Oswalt to the rotation. They added a heralded rookie who at first look appears to be worthy of the hype. Although you never know, they're sorta due for a run without major injuries. Their best player, Utley, hasn't even been in the lineup but is due back in a couple of weeks. He may not be 100%, but he won't be burned out. The Phils haven't played at full strength with their projected season opening starting lineup since forever, but come mid September, if they catch a few breaks, they might be doing so - with the additions of Oswalt and Brown to boot.

If I were a Brave, I would not be resting easily on that lead right now. Haven't checked other teams' blogs, but I would guess there are some apprehensive comments floating around about the Phils.

Any news on Chase lately?

RA was on Mike and Mike this morning and said Chase could be back in 2 1/2 - 3 weeks.

So rehab games in two weeks? Hmmmmm.

I think Oswalt's in for a treat tonight. I work in DC, and on the subway this morning, I saw a bunch of Phillies hats/jerseys/etc (i'm in my Hamels shirt). Consider how nice it seems outside, I think the place is going to be packed with phans.

In reading Bob Ford's column this morning - - I couldn't help but shake my head.

It's been debated here ad nauseum, but how would the retention of C____ L__ helped this team avoid falling behind the Braves? How would a pitcher - albeit, a terrific pitcher - have helped the team score runs?

The concept that trading L___ caused the team to struggle this season is simply laughable.

They showed up fielding and (albeit weakly) tossing yesterday. Has to be a good sign.

Shin-Soo Choo had the same, though slightly less severe, injury to his thumb. Wasn't out as long (Jul 2 - Jul 22). He's hit .423/.444/.615 in 7 games since his return. Good sign anyway ...

Whether Ford is right or wrong, I felt the article's timing seemed off. I guess I was hoping to read positive Oswalt stories, and yet it was another Lee piece.

Couldn't agree more, Bed Beard. Poor timing and complete lack of original insight.

...and he was just plain wrong. The two month struggle had a hell of a lot more to do with lack of offense than poor pitching.

On the same night Villar is traded, Freddy Galvis got three hits with a stolen base and an RBI. Coincidence?

I, I'm thinking it was just a coincidence.

Bridoc, I read the same column.

My reaction was the same.

I don't read him oftern because Bob Ford is the Tom McCarthy of the Inquirer.

But, guys, C**** L** is a wonderful hitter for a pitcher. I'm sure THAT would have helped the offense back when we were scoring under 3 runs a game for, like, a month and a half...

James from Phuture Phils has a great response to people like Ford:

"...lazy journalists out there keep bringing it up. They keep saying things like “they could have just kept Cliff Lee”, ignoring the fact that that the Oswalt deal is just as much about 2011 as it is 2010, and that Cliff Lee would not have given the Phillies more than 2 draft picks in 2011. They ignore that the Phillies had a budget, and that with Lee here, Joe Blanton isn’t extended, and we only have 2 potential starters locked up in 2011. They lose sight of the fact that the 3 prospects the Phillies received for Lee have not been given adequate opportunity to show their future worth. Just as Anthony Gose may turn into a star for the Blue Jays, any of the 3 guys the Phillies received for Lee may turn into a star.

Look, heres the thing. And if you take only one thing from this piece, I hope this is it. The Cliff Lee deal is done. Most people agree that Amaro should have either a.) Kept Lee or b.) Gotten more in return. But that deal is done. Its not going to be undone. So since Amaro may have botched that deal, should he not bother trying to make other deals to improve the team? As a GM, every deal you make needs to be evaluated in a vacuum. Does this deal make our team better should be the driving force. The Roy Oswalt deal makes the Phillies better, so its a deal you should make. Keeping Cliff Lee would have made the 2010 Phillies better. So that was a missed chance. But its done. You move forward, and if you’re Ruben Amaro, you continue to try and make the team better. And he did."

Not to mention Paul Hagen has the obligatory "Phils should've kept C____L____" piece

It's natural to harp on mistakes, and Vice Roy could pitch 5 straight no hitters and someone will still harp on C----L--. That's life.

Beard: lazy journalists.

Really. Find something else to write about.


No it wasn't a coincidence. Its a conspiracy. Opposing managers have told their pitchers to throw meatballs to Galvis so that he gets up to the majors sooner where they can tear him to shreds.

I don't buy the fact that the Phils, "Just should have kept Cliff Lee."

I think it's fair to say that had the Phils kept Cliff, we wouldn't have dealt for Oswalt and that Oswalt would be part of a Carpenter/Wainwright/Oswalt/Garcia rotation.

And that sounds great for this year... but what about next year... and possibly the year after that?

This all worked out beautifully for the Phils. We have a chance to have a Roy-Cole-Roy rotation for 2 and a half years. What's not to like about that?

Last week I posted that the Phils no longer looked like they were in control when playing a game.

Last night, they did. Even in a nail biter, I had no doubt they would win.

Welcome back, boys. Nice to see you again.

Andy, I hadn't actually thought of it that way, but he's right: lazy journalists.

The was nothing in either Ford's or Hagen's column that I haven't read before on BL, either in the header or in the comment section.

...and they wonder why newspaper subscriptions are down?

Quick Raul Ibanez check...

Anyone got a guess on his line over the last 43 games?

I'll wait.

Okay, here it is:
300/374/481, 11 doubles, 6 HR

I'm not sure where I read this, but it is a great point to bring up about the mentality of our current ownership.

Before the Oswalt trade, the Phillies may have had enough to make it into the playoffs. After the 90th consecutive sellout, you know the stadium was going to be packed for the rest of the season. Still, RAJ and ownership went out and got Oswalt in an attempt to make this team better. Committed to winning? I think so...

Greg- too funny!

And people pay for ESPN to read the musings of Buster Olney?

I think the worst part of Ford and Hagen's lazy columns is this - the Phils are in the midst of an 8 game winning streak. They gone from a team on the verge of packing it in for 2010 to a team that make up 4.5 games in one week. They are playing solid baseball without their best player, and just picked up one of the top pitchers in MLB over the past five years. Despite all this, hacks like Ford and Hagen prefer to look in the rear view mirror. It's just irritating.

Old Phan: I like Vice Roy. Was this declared as the official Oswalt nick name when i wasn't paying attention?

Bay, I agree completely. One can argue with the moves they make, but you can't argue with their commitment to putting a good team on the field.

Metsblog seems to think the Phils have emptied out their farm system, noting that they've dealt 8 of their top 10 prospects from 2009 and 4 of their top 6 from 2010.

And yet... I wonder which minor league system is better, the Mets or the Phils? Mets likely have more talent in AA or AAA (particularly with Brown now on the big league club), but the Phils are more stocked in the low A clubs.

Besides, every Mets fan would trade half their farm system for 3 straight division crowns, 2 WS appearances and 1 WS title along with a team good enough to get back to the WS for at least the next two years.

And one other thing... the Phils system will always be better than the Mets because the Phils will bust slot and the Mets rarely do. The Mets have spent less on the draft than just about any team in baseball over the last few years.

cipper, I thought it seemed like an appropriate name, so I donned him Vice Roy.

CJ, if Happ and Blanton hadn't gotten injured and had pitched like they are capable - Blanton +/- 4.00 ERA, Happ somewhere around the same - I seriously question whether they would have made the deal for Oswalt.

However, even if Joe and J are healthy and pitching effectively all season, there was still the offensive slump the team went into, and I'm not sure how much difference they would have made.

Think about it: the Phils averaged 2.5 RPG for almost 30 games.

A rotation of HOF pitchers would be lucky to be .500 under the same circumstances.

Zolecki writes that Moyer will not need surgery, but will re-hab with hopes to pitch nent year.

We are down to one , control challanged ,lefty in the BP. I wonder if young Jamie would consider becomming a reliever . Could extend his career.

Valdez might be the best defensive SS in the Natl league, problem is he cant hit at all, but God did he turn two beautiful DP's.

Good time to be a phan. Loved seeing Cody Ransom getting quality time with Sarge after scoring the winning run. Few weeks ago, he's riding buses to Rochester and Scranton and now he's playing in a pennant race.

Tejeda got moved and made me think of how the solid D and occasional clutch hitting of the likes of Valdez and Ransom, and now Dobbs, has probably had an effect on trade calculations--little has been made of the need for more help in the infield. Can't say I blame him.

Another thought on the price of acquiring Oswalt. As much as teammates seemed to have no problem with Oswalt, he's been showing up for work every day now for 2 months with everyone knowing he wants out. I think the Phils knew that Wade wanted to make the trade, just as past trade partners for Schilling and Rolen would know this and take advantage.

After watching Saunders pitch last night--and seeing Haren get hit around a bit more than usual this year--I'm wondering just how lopsided that trade is going to look in three years.

As a fan though, you've got to love a team whose management has been taking an aggressive approach at the deadline for 5 years running. Getting drafted by the Phillies must be a thrill these days, until it sinks in that your breakout season means you just bought a lottery ticket out of the organization.

One of the other reasons for keeping Cliff Lee that no one talks about. As a hobby, he is an incredible surgeon, and had he still been with the team, he could have fixed J-Roll, Uts, Polly, et al in about 1/3 the time, therefore getting them back in the game quicker, ergo their offense would have rebounded sooner. So, while it's true that his presence would not have helped the offense directly, the injury problem would not have been as much as an issue.
Of course, now that Dom Brown is on the team, we have no worries, because he works medical miracles that Cliff Lee can only dream about.

@Greg S -- that's literally a quote from Charlie Manuel i think I remember him saying somethign similar about spring training...


I know. That's the joke.

Yeah, the Oswalt trade should definitely put to rest all the endless postings about the Cliff Lee trade. Just like Werth & Victorino's solid play over the last 3 seasons has put to rest all postings about the Bobby Abreu trade.

BAP - Monasterios is pitching against Lincecum in SF tonight.

CJ - The people posting on Metsblog are trying to find some reason for optimisim, so they'll point to the "empty" farm system of the Phils to make them feel better about not making the playoffs. Again.

Sophist: Yeah, I saw that. I was actually thinking about going to one of the games & rooting against the Giants. Didn't get my act together in time, though. Maybe I'll go during the next home stand.

b-a-p: Go onto B-Ref's minor league affiliate and look at Jesus Sanchez' numbers this year. The Carl Henry et al debate is not over yet.

Besides, the grounds-keepers, who have to also fix dents in the fence, are still mad that we traded ole Bobby.

Just to bring this thread back to the initial topic (not that I'm not enjoying the other commentary here), but having Chooch here has been a great side note to these past few seasons. I think he's been the forgotten man on offense, but you can't deny his clutch hitting, and ability to keep the lineup moving and get to the top of the order, even from the 7-hole. He's also improved in making productive outs. I've seen him hit behind runners to move them along more times than I can imagine. Doesn't show up in any box score or other measurable stat that I know of, but it is insrumental in getting runners that much closer to scoring.

As for his defense and handling of the staff -- immeasurable. All you need to understand is the complete confidence that this staff has had in throwing any pitch in any situation with runners on. He handles balls in the dirt as well as anyone, and it seems from a distance that this staff has a real appreciation for his game-calling. You never hear him spout off about anything. He just appears to gut out every game with quiet determination.

OK - back to the regularly scheduled C---L-- analysis, already in progress.

Chooch for President.

BTW - I'm in complete agreement with Andy's quote from Phuture Phils re: the Lee trade. It's really time to move on.

Welcome to the phold, Roy. Play hard, pitch well enough to win games, and you'll enjoy your time here. October is especially lovely in Philadelphia - great for taking leisurely drives down Broad Street late in the month...

The Oswalt trade, incidently, is getting rave reviews from Galvis, Gillies and Mazone...along with Hudson, James, Altherr, Flande, Matt Way, Angelle and Biddle. And Cesar Hernandez thinks it's time to switch from 2B to SS.

Feels good to be a phan, again. Wasn't all that long ago our gracious host and a post (or a blurb) about how it felt like it was (paraphrasing) "last night of the Phillies dynasty". I believe it was the Stanton/Strasburg call up, coupled with the Braves taking over first place.

I'd be willing to overpay for a bullpen arm btw. I think we might need one...

Devil's Advocate:

- A week ago this morning this place was more depressing than walking into a methodone clinic as the Phils were coming off a 2-6 road trip to start the post ASB.

With a couple of overdue lineup changes, being forced to call up Brown due to Vic's injury, and the Oswalt deal this team seems completely different.

Definitely shot back into contention, didn't have to move any important pieces, and got the help this team required because this current roster a week ago withouth some external help was going to be hard-pressed to make the playoffs.

Have to see how things play out but there still is the nagging injury question that looms pretty large over several guys on this team.

Oswalt has had 3 cortisone shots already on his back this year, Polanco is playing with a bum elbow, JRoll can't seem to stay healthy, Vic is question mark for the remainder of the year, and no idea what Utley will give them when they get back.

This team can certainly make the playoffs even if they are a bit banged up. I don't think they can make another WS though if they don't catch a couple of breaks on the injury front.

In re: Phuture Phils
James analysis of the trade, top to bottom, is an amazingly good read, and worth spending time reading.

Didn't take long for MG's patented pessimism to break through.

MG - If we don't catch any breaks, can we catch a couple sprains instead?

BB - Never too down, never too up. Wasn't ready to jump off a bridge a week ago and I thought the Phils would make the playoffs again at the break because Amaro would make a big move.

Now have to see how things play out.

Polanco with the bum elbow:

.317/.339/.467 in 13 games since returning
.333/.354/.428 in 31 games since he sat for about a week
.303/.335/.410 in 61 games since getting hit in the elbow by Hudson

Andy - Haha. Oswalt/Brown haiku?

I find the debate over the Lee fiasco funny. I think those who say it’s over so there is no point are missing the point. The point (for third time) is that this is a site (one of several) where we discuss the minutia of trades; we second guess management and we try to understand why certain decisions were made.
I find it interesting that the fans try to think through the financials when they are no privy to the financials. I find it annoying when other fans try to deflect by making comments like Lee is a great surgeon as a sideline. I think we can only discuss the merits as they were explained to us. And as I recall Lee was traded because we needed to replenish the farm. If that was the objective than this was a poor trade. And not so much because what we got doesn’t look like it will shape up to anything but because we had to part with more to get a Lee replacement that is not quite as strong as Lee and cost us several more highly rated although very raw talent.

All in all it simply adds up to a poorly thought out management process and that is worthy of a discussion until and unless management wants to explain what really went through their pea size brains.

CJ wrote: " the Phils system will always be better than the Mets because the Phils will bust slot and the Mets rarely do."

Pardon my ignorance, but what does "bust slot" mean? They manage to obtain picks higher in the draft than their record should permit them?

Sophist - He has definitely hit and hit for some power which has been a nice surprise.

Of all the moves that the Phils have made the past 2 weeks, getting back Polanco and shifting him over to 2nd has really given the offense a boost.

Richard Justice, Houston sportswriter (who likes the deal) writes:
"Some will argue Wade could have scored better players from other teams, and they could be right about that. He'll eventually have to stop acquiring players he drafted when he was general manager of the Phillies."

What has been crazy is that the Phils saved 4 games off the Braves lead in a week without playing them head-to-head. That almosts never happens. Usually if you can pick up 2 games in a week withouth head-to-head matchup, that is good.

Andy: Good point. That was the brilliant part of the trade. Gillick used to scout Jesus Sanchez when he was a 14-year old kid playing in Venezuela. Gillick knew all along that he'd be a good pitcher some day but, unfortunately, the Yankees out-bid everyone for his services. So Gillick sent one of his scouts to infiltrate the Yankees' organization & convince the powers-that-be that Sanchez's real position was catcher. Secretly, Gillick knew that Sanchez would stink at catcher, and that the Yankees would quickly give up on him and include him as a throw-in to a future trade. And, once Gillick got his hands on Sanchez, he could immediaetly convert him to his true position of pitcher.

So when the opportunity arose to get Sanchez in a trade, Gillick pounced. But afterward, he got to thinking, "If we immediately convert this guy to pitcher, then the Yankees might start to suspect me of malfeasance." To cover up his past plottings, he decided to keep Sanchez at catcher for another year and a half, before finally converting him to pitcher where, of course, he has flourished as Gillick planned all along.

Make no mistake, though. Jesus Sanchez was always the centerpiece of the Abreu trade. That trade would not have happened if Jesus Sanchez had not been included.

According to the NL scout quoted in Stark's article, "I think [Tim] Hudson, [Jair] Jurrjens and [Tommy] Hanson match up very well with Halladay, Oswalt and [Cole] Hamels. "


To my eye, the Bravos are coming back to Earth after playing well above their heads for the past two+ months. And, they now face the Reds, Mets and Giants over the next week plus.

The Phillies could be back in the division lead by Tuesday.

RK - The Phils farm is better than it was in the Winter, even with the Oswalt trade. As for financials, Oswalt costs the Phils $12M over 1.5 years (that's two pennant runs). Lee would have cost the Phils $9M over 1. That oversimplifies things, sure.

That's why they pay MG the big bucks.

Astros probably will be 'Philly South' until Wade gets fired at the end of the '12 season when his contract runs out.

wynk: "MLB has suggested bonus amounts for the round in which a player is drafted - a "slot" amount. Some teams will draft players in lower rounds and sign them with bonuses far above what MLB recommends. That is called "busting slot." Last year, for instance, Brody Colvin was signed for much more than his slot value.

@CJ -- regarding the Metsblog comment, "Metsblog seems to think the Phils have emptied out their farm system, noting that they've dealt 8 of their top 10 prospects from 2009 and 4 of their top 6 from 2010." I can't name all 14 guy they traded, can anyone else come up the list? I've only got: Drabeck, Taylor, D'arauld, Donald, Marson, Carasco, Knapp and now Gose and Villar (was he even top 10 at anytime)?

Too a definite pay cut to rejoin the corporate world recently but a steady paycheck is a nice thing vs. being an independent consultant. Nothing hard than having to hustle from client to client trying to land new projects.

MG, I'd bet the Astros get sold.

As for Polanco, I think this elbow thing may end up impacting him more next year than this year with off-season surgery a possibility.

Metsblog the last few years is like the guy who always has bad luck while his neighbor just catches break after break after break.

Losing can have a morbibudn effect on a team.

And there's Marla Chooch!
What a hitter!
What a team!

RK - There was nothing wrong with debating the Lee trade, just like there's nothing wrong about debating any trade. But posting the same thing over and over without adding anything new can get tedious, causing some to say, "Get over it." I've begged in the past for people to stop posting about it, not because I think it was a good trade (far from it), nor because I think people need to "get over it" (I still have dreams of a Halladay/Lee/Hamels rotation), but because I think there are other more interesting things to discuss.

But that's me....

I, too, love Chooch.

Sophist - Possibly. Houston is awash right not with energy services money and I am willing to bet that McLane is willing to cash out if he gets a good offer. The problem is that they will likely be a below average/poor team that might hurt their valuation a bit.

Only reason I brought up Polanco is becasue you never know about the inflammation reoccruing. He could have another cortisone shot but that is pushing it. Keep fingers/toes crossed.

HillofBeans - My guess is that some of the best of 09 were on the 10 list. I don't think there are 14 distinct guys.

OMG, I just realized we could have a rotation of Halladay, Hamels, Oswalt, Lee, and Dom Brown...


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