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Monday, July 12, 2010


Phils would be under .500 if it weren't for these 4.

I have been most impressed with their control. Not walking people is awesome. (Though Hamels' BB9 is up.)

The "composure" is also there too, and I think we could also attribute that to Roy.

And Pedro Martinez news?

I remember an article from a few months back that said Rube was keeping tabs on him. Though it is getting kind of late in the season so I don't think we will be seeing him.

Was looking at the career leaders in ERA+. Many of them are relievers, which are a different animal. Among starters, one guy who jumped out at me was Kevin Brown, whose career ERA+ was 127 (12 points higher than Carlton's; 1 less than Seaver's). Brown had an 18-year career & won 211 games, a number which could easily have been considerably higher if he hadn't played for so many bad teams. Anyone think he'll get into the HOF? Personally, I very much doubt it.

BAP - Brown was in the Mitchell report, was he not? That will probably hurt him.

Kinda wish Howard was in the HR Derby tonight.

I hate that the HR derby has been "NBA Slam Dunk Contest"ized.

As much as I'd love for it to happen, I don't think we'll see Pedro.

MLB blessed me with the opportunity to by an "All Star package" featuring a ticket to the game, plus tickets the home run derby and some other nonsense for $ 500.00. Thanks for that.

amaro said the other day he doesn't see pedro pitching this year

Aside from his intrinsic entertainment value, I'm not sure why anyone would want to see Pedro pitch again this year.

Also, an interesting note RE: the Colorado Rockies:

ESPN’s Miller: Investigate Rockies For Cheating

Is Corey Hart related to the Gnome?

Awesome random trivia stat of day:

Halladay has 8 CG at the break. You have to go all way back to '77 to Carlton to find the last time a Phils' starter had that many complete games at the ASB.

Schilling got close in '97 with 7 CG by the ASB.


Halladay really has been a horse but he is on pace to throw 276 IP and 3844 pitches and that doesn't include the playoffs.

Has never throw that many IP nor pitches in season in his career and the only time he came close ('03 with 266 IP and 3628 pitches) he was injured and as effective the next year.

Sometimes a humidor is just a humidor...

sophist: Had forgotten that about Brown, although I don't think he would have gotten in even without the Mitchell Report. It's funny because his career ERA+ and career win totals are almost exactly the same as Curt Schilling. Yet, one guy is a likely Hall of Famer & one guy is remembered mostly for his "bad contract," which actually wasn't even all that bad.

"Howard, the subject of our next midterm report, ......"

Why bother with the report? Howard is a "problem."

What more is there to say?

The Big Problem.

Moyer is still throwing the same amount of pitches per batter as last year (3.79) which is very similar to the past few years.

What has been uncanny is how sting Moyer has been giving up BBs. His K/BB is a stellar 3.10 which is his best mark since '98 (3.76).

Brown’s tight hamstring was the latest bit of unwelcome news to hit the Phillies’ farm system recently. Top pitching prospect Jarred Cosart, an electric-armed righthander, was also supposed to play in the Futures Game, but he was left off the final roster because of a strained right elbow. The Phillies were concerned enough about Cosart’s elbow that they quietly sent him to Birmingham, Ala., to see James Andrews, orthopedist for the pitching stars, last week.

“He got a clean bill of health,” LaMar said. “Dr. Andrews said it was nothing major. He felt Jarred was fine. We just didn’t want to take any chances. Jarred is back in Florida ready to begin his throwing program.”

Jim Salisbury,

No doubt the Phils knowing the pitch and location negated the fact they were hitting non-humidor baseballs back in Mid May.

MG: Thanks for the K/BB. Meant to get that information in about Moyer, but alas: no internet service on the train.

Fast fact: Since June, approximately 1/3 of Beerleaguer posts have been written on Philadelphia Regional Rail, including most of the game chats.

I'll admit it, I'd love to see Pedro for said intrinsic entertainment value. The man displayed more personality in a few short months than the rest of the team did for an entire season. That's not meant to be a knock on the rest of the team, Pedro is just that damned entertaining. I'd also love to see the man pitch in person, even if it is just one time at the end of his career. I regret not making it down for any of his starts last season...

JW, if you were in LA, you would have written 1/3 of your posts while driving on the 405 freeway.

J.W. - Have you been attending the games, or is the new "office" in Philly? I seem to recall some ambivalence about having a press pass...

JW - I drove in today but yeah the 60+ minutes on the commuter train in the morning to Surburban Station is a god send. Lots of email catchup and reading.

No press pass. I'm in Comcast Sports "corporate" so to speak.

JW - You actually in the Comcast Center building?

To the surprise of absolutely no one, many of my posts are written on a combination of caffeine, bourbon whiskey & the occasional pain killer, including most of the Game Chats.

Scott: I can understand that. I only saw Pedro in person once, & it was a disappointing start. Still, I'm glad to have had the opportunity to see him pitch at all.

JW, get a phone like the Palm Pre Plus that has a Mobile Hotspot feature.

It will connect you to the 'net just about anywhere you get a phone signal.

Or, get an "aircard" for your laptop. It will do the smae thing.

(Send the bill to Comcast - they're your partner now, no?) :)

GTown: I had the opportunity to see Pedro pitch last year in Queens. It was the game where Ollie Perez ran up a 3-0 count on Pedro in the first inning and got yanked. Pedro pitched a good game.

It was also the game where the Gnome made the unassisted triple play. Ahhh, baseball.

GTown, bourbon and coffee is one of my old favorites.

I saw Pedro for the first time in person at Fenway in 2001. Watched him face off against Omar Daal. Phils won that day - Pedro was off - and he soon went on the DL.

I saw him once last year. It was great.

Just to reopen the debate from last thread.

All stats, even the most advanced sabremetric ones do paint some sort of picture. However, using them past a certain point opens them to critique. All stats should be used in some context.

Just saying this guy won 18 games therefore he is good is not quite good enough. To win 18 games you probably are a pretty good pitcher but you may need to throw a couple extra stats in there to drive the point home. All stats work that way- they are easy to manipulate to fit your side of the discussion.

I saw Pedro's first Phillies start at Wrigley (night game in the bleachers). He was smooth through 4, K'ing 5 and allowing 4 hits and just 1 R. He hit a wall in the 5th, but you could see he still had it.

He hit a wall in the 5th, fatigue probable. Later in the game some Wrigleyville fool dumped a beer on Vic when he was catching a fly ball.

Man, it was fun having that guy around last year, wasn't it?

I agree, for sheer entertainment value, Pedro Martinez is hard to beat.

I loved how he would answer questions at times with total randomness and pull it off.

Interviewer: So, I know it was disappointing to you to be pulled after only 1 inning.

Pedro: Jamie Moyer and I are a bunch of old goats! So it was great, yeah, it was like we were all in one body and it was the same. That's what old goats do, they stick together!

::camera back to interviewer whose face is like WTF...where do I go from here...::

Just awesomeness.

I'd love to see Pedro again, but barring Happ not coming back and Jelly Donut Joe being sent down (which ain't gonna happen) there really is no place for him.

Blanton needs to be more consistent with his location. He's a legit #3 when he's on. Although I am grateful for the 1st half contributions, Kendrick and Moyer still scare me. I think that it is unrealistic to expect anything from Happ this season. I'd love to see Oswalt, but I don;t think the Phillies will take on his contract and give up the type of prospects that Wade will want. The rest of what's available isn't better than Blanton when he's on his game.

my 2 cents, anyway

You must be all on Bourbon thinking that Pedro has any answwers for us.

On the topic of the thread, the H, H, M & K have definitely been the story of the season so far.

Halladay - no surprise there.

Hamels - if one believed he was a victim of the "Verducci Effect", and that he would/could rebound - no surprise there either.

Moyer - surprised, but not stunned.

Kendrick - surprised that he's been quite as effective as he has been.

Facts: After his 2nd start on April 14th, Kendrick had a 17.47 ERA.

Since then, he has tossed 96.2 innings(16 G, 16 GS), with a line of .255 .298 .452 .750, WHIP of 1.210, a K/BB of 1.92, and an ERA of 3.72.

Caveats: He's given up 14 HR in that stretch, and his BABIP is .256.

And for those who only care his about meaningless stats, his personal record is 5 - 3, and the team's record in those games is 9 - 7.........9 - 6 in the games that he's started since April 20th.

His ERA is 3.80 in his GS since April 20th.

IMHO, Kendrick is the biggest surprise of the season.

Sifl, I was at that game as well. Hell of a 1st inning. Crooked number by the Phils, and an inside the parker by Pagan.

Funny related note, a friend of mine is a native Brooklynite and a (very) casual Mets fan. But has never been to a game. So I called him up that morning and tried to talk him into going with me. He decided not to go because with the Mets doing so poorly, he decided the game wouldn't be that exciting.

Turned out to be one of the most exciting games I've attended. Crooked numbers, ITP HR, reversed calls, ejections, unassisted triple play, home team rally, and a much closer game than expected.

AND it was Pedro pitching in NY.

Good times.

What afre you smoking "teh stroy of the season" thus far is teh collapse of the offense.

Not to take away from what Kendrick & Blanton have accomplished -- OK, what Kendrick has accomplished -- but Kyle & Joe lead the rotation in Run Support by a decent margin. In their cases, at least, W-L record is (dare I type the words?) fairly meaningless.

"What afre you smoking "teh stroy of the season" thus far is teh collapse of the offense. "

Speaking of smoking, please share it with me. Stuff seems pretty good.

What has Joe accomplished this season so far? Run support obviously hasn't helped.

awh - Kendrick's BAbip is so low because his LD% is at a career low 17% and because he's a GB pitcher. Compare his 2007 performance

yr - LD/GB/FB - BAbip - HR/FB

2007 - 21/47/32 - .279 - 12
2010 - 17/44/39 - .273 - 11

The keys to success for Kendrick: GB rate over 50%, BB9 under 3. I'd venture to guess that his BB9 and GB rate meet those criteria easily since his first few lousy starts, and even look more like his 2007 line (when his season BB9 was 1.8!)

In fact, I can check:

month - BB9 - GB - ERA

May - 1.99 - 46 - 3.13
June - 2.30 - 47 - 4.60
July - 1.15 - 45 - 2.30

It's pretty much all about those two stats for Kendrick.

"You must be all on Bourbon thinking that Pedro has any answwers for us. "

Assuming baseball is a form of entertainment, it would be hard to get more entertaining than Pedro.

Maybe we could just have him around to answer interview questions.

Sarge would ask Howard how he felt hitting that game winning home run. Pedro would step to the mike and give some answer involving goats,mango trees, and New York.

Kendrick has allowed 3 runs or less in 7 of his last 12 starts (3.55 ERA), 6 of which were 2 runs or less.

Not sure how much run support he's needed. It's not like he goes 6 IP/ 4 ER every time out. Like a couple of other Phils pitchers, he actually has some no decisions that should be wins (8 IP, 0 ER against Atl; 7 IP, 1 ER against Atl; 6.2 IP, 1 ER against Cin).

"You must be all on Bourbon thinking that Pedro has any answwers for us. "

That reminded me of Pedro Borbon.

Old Phan: Somehow the Phillies are 6-7 in games Blanton has started. As Joe Riggins might say, "How'd we ever win 6?" It's a miracle ... or lots of Run Support.

Hanley better come through and beat Papi...

If Hanley wins I will be forced to burn down an orphanage in utter disgust.

As someone on Twitter mentioned, this is the perfect event for Ramirez: he doesn't have to run anywhere.

Papi is en fuego.

I turned it off because I don't like either one...Hanley's a spoiled little brat and Papi is a PED user who repeatedly claimed to not use them.

I have to have someone to "root for" to find these events interesting.

The sheer presence of Chris Berman is enough to keep me from watching. There is no one more annoying in sports to me.

I was rooting for myself to be able to listen to Bubblehead Barbie conduct inane on-field interviews w/ the HR Derby participants w/out getting dumber myself.

I lost. Badly.

TTI, I might put Jim Grey and Joe Buck ahead of him, but only by a little. Berman is seriously annoying.
GTown, I know why she's on TV, but why is she really on TV?
Even typing a question about her made me dumber.

awh - Moyer is still the bigger surprise just because of his age and health situation. I was stunned he came back at the start of spring training to pitch so effectively.

KK has been a vital part of Phils' 1st half but what Moyer has done has been historical in nature.

Will Ferrell as a "broadcaster" was light years better than Morgan.

Also, WTF was Morgan smoking on the whole Papi shoe thing. The way he was going on and on for like 5 flipping minutes about 2 toned shoes. Get a grip, man.

But at least Morgan isn't Kevin Millar. I have no idea how that guy convinced anyone he should be in front of a camera spouting baseball "wisdom" but I have a bridge to sell those folks.

Rant over.

So an AL player has won the HR Derby. What does that mean again? The AL is staked to a 1 game to 0 lead in the World Series?

Phillies should bring Pedro back as a color commentator. Give T-Mac the boot and slide Wheels back to play-by-play.

If the Phillies are in WS, then they lose 2 runs due to the bandbox quotient.

My typing is not good nor is the word processor attached to BL. But I stand by what I wrote or mistyped:

Pedro is not the answer nor was he the answer last year.

And the story this year is not pitching it is no offense.
And whatever you're smoking that makes you think otherwise on these issues is not all that good. No offense.

For those that like to look ahead....


at CUBS-

Thursday- Moyer
Friday- Blanton (day)
Saturday- Hamels (day)
Sunday- Halladay


Monday- Kendrick
Tuesday- Moyer
Wednesday- Blanton
Thursday- Hamels (day)


Friday- Halladay
Saturday- Kendrick
Sunday- Moyer (day)
Monday- Blanton (day)


Tuesday- Hamels
Wednesday- Halladay
Thursday- Kendrick


Friday- Moyer
Saturday- Blanton
Sunday- Hamels (day)

MG, agreed re: Moyer, especially after his health problems and injuries.

Old Phan: Jim Gray is incredibly annoying too but he annoys me more in the context of doing his job so I kind of give him a bit of a pass. Like when he interviews people he annoys me but he annoys me in that he always pushes too far for my taste but that's his job.

Berman is doing the same shtick for 25 years now and it was old 15 years ago. The nicknames aren't funny or clever and he never adds anything of value to a discussion. In fact when he hosts the NFL morning show he actually takes away from some good discussions. The Swami BS is stupid and I'll never forgive him for taking Plays of the Week over on Sundays and turning it into a mess. I used to look forward to watching Sportscenter on Monday mornings and seeing how they ranked the ten best plays of the previous week. My brother and I used to see who could guess the most plays being included from that week. Then one week Berman was there and they cut back on the plays they showed and it included all those same clips of Berman doing goofy things over the years on ESPN.

Phlipper: How is a guy leading the league in RBIs, with 17 HRs and hitting .294 a "problem"? Yes, he's off in HR production, but i imagine that will come. And yes he's had periods where he's looked lost, but even when the rest of the offense was shut down, he quietly had a decent number of RBIs.

VoR: To the best of my knowledge only one poster has been serious in labeling Howard a "problem", & that poster was not phlipper.

Also, RBI are now as meaningless as a pitcher getting credit for a Win ... hadn't you heard?

But wait... this post makes no sense... from what I've been reading on beerleaguer... Hamels has been Mediocre... Halladay is too hittable... Kendrick is just a AAAA pitcher and Moyer is washed up...

Moyer vs. Strasburg. Bring it on.

denny b - So 3 of 4 Hamels' next starts are during the day? Good grief.

Even with his most recent start, Hamels still has a notalbe drop-off in numbers during the day than at night:

Day - 8 GS, 4-2, 3.95 ERA, 1.47 WHIP, .269 BAA
Night - 10 GS, 3-5, 3.64 ERA, 1.29 WHIP, .246 BAA

When are the Phils going to realize that Hamels simply is a notably better pitch during the night than the day?

Just stupidity to set their rotation up like that.

VoR - it was a joke. I was having a little fun at the expense of the poster (euphronius, I believe?) who in all seriousness posted that Howard was one of the top 5 "problems" for the Phillies this year.

It's the second time today someone missed my sarcasm. I guess I need to start using a sarcasm tag?

I'm shocked, shocked I tell you, that with the insightfulness of BLs commentors two posters in one day could miss my sarcasm.


Apologies, then, Phlipper, old boy. I didn't read the whole thread.

I suppose Ryan could be more clutch, his power numbers are down, and his defense is spotty, but he's been the offensive star of a team still in the thick of it.

Coming up with excuses about why Kyle Kendrick is doing what he's doing when Beerleaguer posters have declared that he can't possibly do it and doesn't belong in the big leagues has been a favorite meme on this blog for 3 years now.

The "it's pure luck" excuse is starting to make some posters look pretty stupid so now we have the "his team scores 8 runs every game for him."

In 9 of his 17 starts, the Phillies have scored 4 or fewer runs. In 4 of his starts the team scored 2 runs or less.

@MG -- those day night splits used to be more disparate.

In fact, he's pitching a half run better in the day this year than his career numbers. And his night numbers are a little worse than his career numbers.

Maybe its not as big a deal anymore.

MG, I wonder if the Phillies are trying to get Hamels "over the Hump" as far as pitching during the day is concerned?

Maybe Hamels realizes the difference too, and it's gotten into his head? (If we know, why wouldn't he be aware of the difference?)

Maybe they've told him that he's going to pitch during the day as often as possible, until he sees he can do just as well - like last Sunday?

Just a thought.

HammRadio: It appears that JW is contradicting the prevailing wisdom of most of his posters. Which gives JW an 80% chance of being correct.

Brian Smith in the Reading Eagle gave his mid-season grades for the Phillies in the Sunday edition of the paper. Good little discussion piece.

Polanco, Howard, Utley, Werth, Ruiz, Valdez, and Schneider- B.....I'd pretty much agree with all of those. I could see moving Werth's grade down because his avg with runners in scoring position is pretty poor. Valdez's grade is arguable too but I think he gets a higher mark for being a backup who has performed above expectations.

Rollins, Gload, Francisco, Victorino, and Castro- C....The Castro grade again may be too high but it's probably on a curve because he is a backup. Victorino is in many ways the most frustrating player to me on this team right now because his baseball IQ never seems to go up, and he really has adjusted his game in a bad way since he started the season in the 7 hole. Tries to do too much power wise instead of just rolling the ball and getting on base for Ruiz and causing some damage with his feet. I was surprised to see Francisco is 6 for 20 as a pinch hitter.

Ibanez, Dobbs- D.....Probably right on with both.

Sardinha, Hoover, Ransom- Incompletes....small playing time and not enough of a body of work. Ransom could have one of the more memorable hits of the half season though.

Halladay, Moyer- A.... The Moyer grade is definitely based on the expectations of him versus what he has given them.

Hamels- B....I think you could argue an A here for him, but a B is not a bad grade. In his 7 losses the Phillies have scored 11 runs. Over his last 12 he is 4-5 with a 3.54 ERA- definitely snakebitten. The maturity of Hamels though is a good thing to see as far as I'm concerned.

Kendrick- C...He's been a little of everything but is exactly what you hope you can get out of a 5th starter.

Blanton- F....Has shown flashes of his past effectiveness but they need more from him.

Happ- Incomplete

Durbin, Romero- A.... I know some will quibble with Romero (maybe rightfully so) but the guy is fairly effective for someone who gets so wild at times.

Figueroa, Herndon- B....I said it before but I really like Herndon. I can see him being a valuable piece of the bullpen at some point down the road. Ideally he'd be in Triple A honing his stuff and developing a complimentary pitch, but maybe the learning on the job will help him just as much. Don't underestimate the value in having a sinkerballer in the pen who can come in to either start an inning, or can come in during an inning to coax a double play ball.

Contreras- C.... I think this grade is too low but he has struggled until the last couple outings.

Baez, Lidge- D....Probably right on both. Lidge is an enigma because at times he looks untouchable and other times he has no command.

Madson- F...Should be incomplete but was given an F for stupidly kicking the chair and taking himself out of the pen for a while.

Bastardo, Zagurski, and Mathieson- Incomplete...not enough of a sample size

Manuel- C

Amaro- D....Room for grade to go up depending on what he does the rest of this month.

Smith has more reasoning behind his selections. I recommend checking out the piece on the Reading Eagle website.

GTownDave: Maybe Miller's complaint will take the focus off our binoculars, which seem to be out of focus themselves lately.

Today's topics have made me so hungry, I could eat a dead horse.

I'm still an optimist, but the Braves have 8 more home games than away games 2nd half, and they are 30-10 at home.

"In 9 of (Kendrick's) 17 starts, the Phillies have scored 4 or fewer runs. In 4 of his starts the team scored 2 runs or less."

clout: I believe you are mistakenly counting a game in which Kyle appeared in relief (11 June), which would make the correct numbers "8" Starts (rather than 9) & "3" Starts (rather than 4).

Regardless, I agree that Kendrick has pitched very well. I only brought up Run Support because I find it curious that the Phillies score the most Runs when their 4 & 5 pitchers are on the mound, & the fewest when their Ace is on the mound. The lack of Run Support for Halladay is borderline insulting:

In 7 of Halladay's 19 Starts the Phillies have scored 2 Runs or less. In an incredible 14 of Halladay's 19 Starts the Phillies have scored 3 Runs or less. The Phillies have not scored more than 3 Runs in ANY of Halladay's 7 Losses.

As has been pointed out, I'm no genius. But those numbers really boggle my mind.

goody: The Braves win at Home so much because of that damn bandbox they play in.

Back to JW's earlier post on who are the real Phillies... heard an interesting stat today on 610... which could be apropos of nothing but maybe answers who the REAL Phillies are....

When Rollins bats first and Polanco bats 2nd... the Phillies are 10-1.

Most of those wins of course were the result of flying out of the gate to start the season.

But REALLY the stat isn't about Polly and JROLL its ACTUALLY about when the Phillies have been at full strength or rather the "standard set". We've only had 11 games with the standard set (not including catcher). Schneider has caught 5 of those 11 games (including the one loss).

Small sample size indeed. But we've played 76 games without the REAL lineup. We've had 4 different leadoff batters and SEVEN different guys batting 2nd.

That's certainly not how Amaro engineered this lineup. It can certainly show that the lineup just doesn't function without all of its parts, and probably the WHOLE is greater than the sum.

Another note, Phillies record when Jimmy starts in 2010??? 20-11. 9 games over .500

The Phils are 2 games under .500 without him.

HammRadio: What is the Phillies record this season in games where J-Roll scores at least 1 Run? If I remember correctly, that has usually meant a ridiculously high WP for the Phillies.

GTown: If Bobby is coaching at the ASG, Cholly should print copies of the last 2 box scores (1-0), and rub them in his face.

I believe Halladay told the team prior to the season, "I'm a great pitcher, as my stats will indicate, so don't worry about scoring runs for me, because, you know, my Won-Loss record really doesn't matter."

I agree with what Brian Smith said about Vic. "The way he has bounced around the lineup (hitting first, second, fifth, sixth and seventh) probably hasn't helped. The Phils need his energy and enthusiasm"

MG: Yeah, I'm in the Comcast Center.

There is no doubt Cole and Kyle have more MP (mound presence) by watching Roy and Moyer pitch. MP up 12% over last year.

Old Phan, NO NO NO!

Do NOT bring up W - L records. I've read enough posts the last 24 hours about the irrelevance of certain stats.

BTW, along the same line, I do have a couple of questions:

4.36 ERA
3.86 ERA

Who's the better pitcher?

1.197 WHIP
1.077 WHIP

Who's the better pitcher?

120 - 65 Record
74 - 40 Record

Who's the better pitcher?

4.38 Career K/BB
3.26 Career K/BB

Who's the better pitcher?

The closing paragraph of Conlin's column today:

The biggest development during the Reds series was the Phillies seem to have their mojo back. There can be little doubt that the Keeper of the Mojo is the shortstop. And the Sorcerer's Apprentice is nicknamed Chooch."

Hat tip to Sardinha. That was an absolutely huge walk off he hit to start the Reds sweep. He caught a painful shot to the hand on a foul tip early on and fought through it.

I'm not saying he's the second coming of Joe Mauer, but he was thrust into a tough spot, worked hard, and IMHO, did a very nice, gutsy job. All the best to him - would love to see him continue to improve and end up in the show for good somehow, someway.

Bob, I pointed out in an earlier thread, for being the 4th catcher in the system, Sardinha did an admirable job during his callup.

Sheridan surprisingly has aa decent column today.

Key quote on the Phils injuries:

"Amaro absolutely should be aggressive in improving this team before the trade deadline. But it is unrealistic to expect him to wave his magic wand and replace half of the best lineup in the National League."

I'm glad Sardinha isn't in the starting lineup anymore, but yeah, he did just fine, considering who he is. He was good defensively and showed a little pop. Hopefully he gets his playoff share...

I couldn't agree more with Weitzel's assessment that these guys on the mound have been the difference this year. Also, put me in the camp that says a decent middle-infield backup would be a nice acquisition but, Amaro has it right in focusing on pitching for hte stretch. As it looks like Mr. Lidge is somewhere between his infallible 2008 and his inflammable 2009, I'd be inclined to focus on a second quality lefty for the pen so Manuel has one to go to in the 9th, and he can be free to use the other one in high leverage situations earlier in the game.

Oh, and I don't care if Sardinha hit .205, or whatever. He plugged a gaping hole admirably.

What a nice pick up Sardinha turned out to be. Keep He and Hoov rested and strong for the run.

Pedro is ALWAYS the answer. I'd love to have him on the roster if just for his swagger. And he was still bringing it last year.

"What is the Phillies record this season in games where J-Roll scores at least 1 Run? If I remember correctly, that has usually meant a ridiculously high WP for the Phillies"

Look up any player and the Winning Pct is ridiculously high when he scores. I looked it up last year and Pedro Feliz's % was about 6 points higher than Rollins.

It's a bogus stat to throw out if you don't supply context.

****Look up any player and the Winning Pct is ridiculously high when he scores. I looked it up last year and Pedro Feliz's % was about 6 points higher than Rollins****

So, you're saying its the absence of Feliz that is the problem?

NEPP, if you have faith in that stat, dig in and prove your hypothesis. :)

**** if you have faith in that stat, dig in and prove your hypothesis. :)****

Nah, I'm good.

Though I will say this: Pedro Feliz was a good affordable signing and did what he was paid to do when he was on our team for those 2 years. And Rube was smart to let him go in Free Agency last winter as he was clearly done as a player. While he didn't go nuts powerwise like some hoped he would, he gave us very good defense and just acceptable offense (right in line with his projected overall numbers) at 3B. Were there better options out there in the winter of 07/08? Yeah, probably, but he signed relatively cheaply and gave us good value (3.3 WAR total) for his contract.

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