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Sunday, June 20, 2010


Phils offense dis their job. So did Cholly even if several idiots around me were yelling loudly to fire Cholly. 9 runs in 4 IP is an epic fail by the bullpen. Guys were put in a reasonable situation to execute and they didn't.

This is the 2nd time in as many starts where the phils need a big start by halladay. Hopefully he delievers today.

.190 with RISP? That stinks! While they both had HRs earlier in the game, and we needed every run we got, I did find it disappointing that Howard & Werth couldn't come through in the clutch for us with hits.

Halladay will make up for his poor performance against the Yanks.

Bruce Ruffin Jinx -- for some (stupid!) reason I blathered on and on Friday night here about how Jose Contreras he had the "look" of a big-time, lights-out closer. All he is is a fading starter who can amp it up for an inning. He may have been tired.

At least Contreras threw a strike to Thome. I heard the call in the car, and whoever made the call (Franzke/Anderson?; I don’t get ‘CAU with perfect clarity in my car) said 1 word: “bomb”. I wonder what the tale of the tape on Thome’s jack was. Hard to believe that SOB has 0 rings. He’s about as intimidating as they come.

Has Werth torpedo’s his excellent free agency adventure? .190 with RISP. Geesh. At least we should be able to keep Matheson. Thanks for the explanation of the DFA arcania...

That would be Scott "Mathieson", not "Matheson". Double geesh. Sure need a win today.

Thome's shot made a loud crack off the bat and you knew it was gone as soon as it was hit (same with Ibanez's HR earlier in the game). It landed in the visitor's bullpen at CBP near the back wall where the players sit. It was an absolute bomb that I would guess was in the ballpark of 440 ft or so. Curious to track Home Run Tracker to get an official figure in a few days.

If they win today, they finished up 5-4 against the Yanks, Red Sox, and Twins. That's is more than fine considering the competition they faced, playing Yanks/Sox on the road, and their usual level of play in Interleague series.

MG: I think I read an estimate of 456 feet.

Thome's moonshot was over the batters eye. Ibanez's HR hit the back railing in the Section 101 seats and ricocheted into the Twins bullpen.

The Twins website has a video clip of Thome's shot. One of the players caught it in the back of the 'pen. He absolutely crushed that ball...

Standard line-up with 7-8-9 of Schneider, Valdez and Halladay. Wasn't Victorino limping during yesterday's game or was it his normal limp?

I hate to criticize Charlie, who has managed the team successfully and actually played professionally, but he certainly doesn't like to use his bench. He likes to get his regulars at-bats when they are struggling and doesn't like to sit them when they are hitting. That sounds like a formula for tired regulars and cold bench players.

thanks Scott. I was sitting in Section 143 and didn't have a good line of sight on the final landing spot of JT's crush.

One last thing on yesterday - Baez is now by far the most unposter player on this roster hands down. A number of the few remaining fans got up and booed him loudly as he quickly walked off the field.

Of course, the Phils tried to blare out loud music as he was walking off the field to mute the boos. It was a very petty PR move by the Phils.

Baez is now what Franklin was in 2006. A fairly decent overall reliever who failed notably in a couple of spots that inoccured the wrath of the fans everytime he enters a game. Reality is that Baez has pitched pretty well the past month or so but has generally been underwhelming in certain high leverage spots. That was the knock on him in Cleveland and Baltimroe and it appears true here.

Baez can still help this team though and the idiot at the game yesterday who told me the Phils should bring up anyone from T-AAA to replace him are generally clueless.

Baez could have a decent overall season from here on out. It won't matter. He will routinely get booed now the rest of the season when he appears in games.

Schneider looks like he had trouble getting signals down with Halladay a few times in the 1st inning. Same thing happened with Hamels too yesterday in the 1st.

Given that Chooch has several ailments right now, I am curious to see what kind of catcher Schneider is especially defensively. He was very underwhelming yesterday missing a few balls that Chooch would have smothered and I haven't been impressed by his arm at all this season. Mediocre at best.

Interesting split stats for Ruiz/Schneider:

Hamels to Ruiz: 66.2 IP, 3.38 ERA, .737 OPS
Hamels to Schneider: 13 IP, 6.23 ERA, .833 OPS

Blanton to Ruiz: 21.2 IP, 5.82 ERA, 8.61 OPS
Blanton to Schneider: 17.1 IP, 9.87 ERA, 1.040 OPS

Moyer to Ruiz: 49 IP, 4.78 ERA, .720 OPS
Moyer to Schneider: 26 IP, 4.50 ERA, .661 OPS

Kendrick to Ruiz: 58.1 IP, 4.94 ERA, .789 OPS
Kendrick to Schneider: 18 IP, 3.00 ERA, .715 OPS

Small sample sizes everywhere. Moyer and Kendrick have fared better with Schneider, though one might say their success is much more dependent on defense and officiating. At any rate, just to present them.

Bueller . . . Bueller . . .

Also, this is the first time Halladay has worked with Schneider. Which might be the reason for Halladay's early troubles.

Meanwhile, the Phillies offense is trying to blast the ball out of the park today. Good to see (sarcasm).

@MG - "petty pr move"...

you're right... the Phillies never play music between innings or pitching changes or during any stoppage of the game.

I don't think your perception matches reality.

brian might be the worst catcher in baseball

This game is getting the feel of the bad weeks, not the last week.

Not a good sign that they couldn't score with two on, nobody out, and the heart of the lineup. These guys have been mashing the ball last few games, what happened?

Oh yeah, they lost 13-10 in 11 innings after leading by five!

good thing we have Schneider for a 2 yr contract!

Valdez on back to back days. Baseball is an amazing game.

if valdez is dfa-ed, raj should have his head examined...

Who would have known? Wilson Valdez was just waiting for Citizens Bank Park to become a serious home run threat!

Did that really just happen again, or was it a replay?

Check that... he was waiting for the right binoculars.

shame roy gave up that HR, we would have been tied... i was being to wonder if carl pavano was cy young.. now i wonder if valdez is babe ruth!

Exxon is on a home run tear.

s/have been a DP// THANKS ryan!

you just knew that would happen...

you can kill me on my opinion -error or not- in general, halliday just seems more hittable in this and the last start...

HammRadio - Yeah they do but that was the first loud song they played all day and it sooner than they usually play something. Were you actually at the game yesterday?

holy, you are right. He is not super sharp today.

mackeral - I would agree. Pavano generally has had better stuff today than Halladay especially a pretty tough sinker.

Pavano looks like he should be a plumber with that moustache he was going . . .

MG - he may as well be - he shut off the phillies offensive valve today

I'm certainly glad the World Cup is on this afternoon.

Halladay hasn't been great today but he generally delievered exactly what this team need - 7 IP or more and a shot to win this game. Offense has been a complete dud today and the defense let the Phils done again to tack on a run.

halliday has flat out not pitched well in @ least 4 of his starts this year. IMO, based on his recent starts, he is not the stopper he was paid to be.

Jayson bleepin' Werth better get it going, or he'll be lucky to find any more than "Chooch money" when he "explores" free agency. Somehow, I get the feeling that his too-cool-for-school demeanor and lack of RISP production will kill him when he lays it all out there at the years end. Was 2009 his career year?

holy - I don't know about that overall but in his last 2 starts when they really needed a good start out of Halladay they haven't gotten it.

holy - Yes, you are right. Halladay has been a huge disappointment.

Only the Boob and the Doob could turn Roy Halladay into a .500 pitcher.

All right, if you're going to trash Halladay, at least spell his f'ing name right. It isn't HALLIDAY. Good sweet Jesus, how stupid are some of you people? You've been seeing his name consistently since December.

Halladay was outpitched today. I'm going to give Pavano the credit rather than criticize the Phillies offense, although I feel pretty frustrated that they stranded opportunities and didn't challenge Pavano very often. It would be nice if they would give Halladay some run support one of these days!

Pavano pitched a terrific game today, no question about it.

Nice AB, Ryno.

KC-ATL tied in the 6th.

Well, I guess that's what we can expect with an average hitting team facing this year's Cy Young Award-winning pitcher.

Oh, wait a sec...

I'm with MG on this one. Except for one start that I recall, Halladay consistently keeps the game well within reach of a team that can hit like the Phillies. The lack of run production behind him is shameful; he should be 12-2, not 8-6. But he's also not the dominant force that some here indicated that he should be.

Posted by: Iceman | Sunday, June 20, 2010 at 03:50 PM " how stupid are some of you people?"

I am not stupid... and how I spell Roy Boy's name is irrelevant to the fact he is not pitching well lately..

So if you feel the need to have a different opinion than me, that's fine, just find a different way to articulate it...

Because the way you express your frustration is frankly "STUPID"


Another "tip of the hat" moment. Losers can always rationalize their deficiencies.

Go Royals!

We need Jamie Moyer + our offense to give us a win Tuesday.

What??? There's no difference in opinion, it's how you spell a man's name. It isn't difficult, and there's at least one time a week someone comes on here and can't spell his name right. It isn't that difficult.

philwynk: not a dominant force? He's averaged 7 and 2/3 inning per start with a 2.43 ERA and a 1.08 WHIP. His K/BB is over 6/1. I don't know what else you expect out of the guy. The offense just flat-out isn't producing for him most outings.

Halladay was not sharp today but it's not unreasonable to expect the offense to come up with 4+ runs.

Freddy Galvis hit a 3-run homer for Reading. He's ready.

Right now, the Phillies are 5 games back of the Braves, which will increase or decrease depending on the outcome of the Atlanta game. Is that a concern to anyone here?

F'n Royals!

halliday has flat out not pitched well in @ least 4 of his starts this year. IMO, based on his recent starts, he is not the stopper he was paid to be.

Posted by: holy mackerel | Sunday, June 20, 2010 at 03:36 PM

Incredibly stupid and short-sighted. In 4 of his 15 starts, he's given up 4, 5, 6, and 6 ER. Look at all starting pitchers - how many do you think go 8 IP, 4 ER in their 12th best of 15 starts?

In Halladay's other 11 starts, by the way: 88.1 IP, 11 ER (1.12 ERA).

Halladay wasn't great but it shouldn't really matter. He pitched well (consider 6 IP, 3 ER is a quality start) and the result of this game lies squarely on the offense. It reminds me of a quote, I think by David Akers, after the Eagles lost to the Panthers in the NFC Championship game. It went something like "Three points doesn't win you a lot of games"... well, if you only score one run you can't expect to win, period. Even Bob Gibson in his best year (lowest ERA ever) would have lost the majority of his games...

Before today's start:

Major league FIP leaders:
Lee SEA 1.90
Liriano MIN 2.23
Johnson FLA 2.57
Halladay PHI 2.68
Lincecum SFG 2.78

Major league xFIP leaders:
Halladay PHI 3.05
Liriano MIN 3.07
Lee SEA 3.11
Lincecum SFG 3.12
Johnson FLA 3.23

I would love to see which pitchers you'd call stoppers.

Seriously, if you disagree with a point of view, offer your counter argument, but beating the dead horse on spelling errors is absurd.

It sends the message of "I disagree, but since I can't really articulate my own view, here's my own little absurd way of putting you down." Childish nonsense...

Iceman, you must have had a bad day (or week, month, whatever.) What you said is pretty much exactly what I said, and yet you're arguing with me over a phrase.

We agree that Halladay has pitched very well, well enough to win if the team just produces a few runs behind him (usually a lower-than-team-average number of runs, even). I believe my words were "He should be 12-2, not 8-6." Did you REALLY find that so objectionable that you needed to start an argument? REALLY?

Before we got him, Halladay was described as "the best pitcher in the Major Leagues," and predicted to be unhittable in the National League. He's not that. That's all I meant. Is that ok with you?

He IS an outstanding pitcher that we should be pleased to have, and for whom should be scoring runs.

Relax, man. We're on the same side.

The Official Drink of Beerleaguer.

When it comes to policing idiot posters, Iceman is making me redundant.

5.5 back at almost the end of June. The Phillies should try to start at least minimizing the bleeding. They can come back from this deficit, but they need to not let it get any bigger, really, especially as they are trailing two teams, not one.

Not sounding alarm bells, but it's at the point where it's starting to become a concern. They need to win games.

Will: You don't read so good. Iceman doesn't disagree with HM. He was annoyed about the misspelling of the team's best pitcher.

Get a clue, then come back and post. Thanking you in advance.

Scott: Your visuals lately have been outstanding. JW should bring you on board at CSN.

Phils are 4 back in the loss column.

They were 4 back in the loss column on Sept 10th, 2008.

Yes, I know this year's Braves team is much better than the team we were chasing that year, especially in 20/20 hindsight.

But, on the other hand, it's not September 10th. And, unlike that year, we still have games left against Atlanta.

Jack: I agree with your sentiments, but in fairness, the offense just completed its annual swoon and the Twins are one of the best teams in the AL.

Their next 4 series are against Cleveland, Toronto, Cincinnati and Pittsburgh. If they're 5.5 back after that stretch, I'll join you on the ledge.

EFF: That's all true. But that doesn't exactly happen all the time. Looking through the last few years, it looks like every season something like 6 or 7 of the 8 playoff teams were within 3 games of the division lead on this date.

Sure, every year one team or so gets hot down the stretch and makes a comeback run to win a division or the wild card, a la Colorado in 2007 and 2009, LA in 2008, and the Phillies in 2007. But you can't rely on that sort of thing. They should start winning now, and put the pressure on the Braves and Mets to keep this up.

Clout: I'm nowhere near the ledge. The Phillies are a good team, better than most that are 5.5 back, and you're right they just played probably the toughest part of their schedule.

But you can't rely on a miracle September run. Like you said, we need to start taking advantage in the next two weeks, with the easy schedule. We do that, we should be alright. We don't, and we could be in real trouble.

philwynk: "Before we got him, Halladay was described as "the best pitcher in the Major Leagues," and predicted to be unhittable in the National League. He's not that."

You can make a strong case that he has been the best pitcher in the major leagues. If you mean he's not unhittable in the literal sense (impossible to get hits/runs against), then you are correct.

I would say expecting a pitcher to perform much better than a 2.43 ERA, 1.08 WHIP, and 98 K to 16 BB is a little unrealistic, don't you think?

Jack: Agreed.

2007 was more of a miracle than 2008.

Last year, same date:

Eventual AL East winner 3 gms back in loss column.

Eventual AL Central winner 4 gms back in loss column.

Doesn't happen all the time, but 2 of 6 isn't that all that bad.

Jimenez 1.15 COL
Garcia 1.59 STL
Johnson 1.8 FLA
Cain 2.16 SF
Wainwright 2.23 STL
Hudson 2.34 ATL
Halladay 2.43 PHI
Fister 2.45 SEA
Price 2.45 TB
Pettitte 2.47 NYY
Lee 2.55 SEA
Gallardo 2.59 MIL
Buchholz 2.67 BOS
Pelfrey 2.69 NYM
Carpenter 2.83 STL

If you like the old "WAR" stat, Halladay is tops in baseball.

Cliff Lee right behind.

No Kidding Stat O' The Week:

Roy Halladay's six losses are the most in baseball for any starter with a sub-3.00 ERA.

EFF, that's a sad stat of affairs.

I think 90 wins gets you in the playoffs. Phils are 35 - 32. They need to play .579 ball the rest of the season (55-40) for 90. Very doable.

If the team continues to play w/ this level of inconsistency, will they make the playoffs?

You want a sad stat? In his six losses, we've scored a total of nine runs. Three of those came as garbage runs against Boston after he was out, so in his six losses, we've put up six run while he was in the game.

Another tough luck loss for Roy. I wonder if he misses Toronto yet?

Well, Toronto did put six runs up today. Ironically, they're 5.5 games back in their division, although they are 4.5 back in the Wildcard, as opposed to our 3 games back.

Wilson Valdez: OPS: .642 UZR150: 23.1

Juan Castro: OPS: .515 UZR150: -8.3

Who do you DFA when Rollins comes back?

And, yes, I know UZR is fairly meaningless in anything less than 3 seasons worth of stats, but in this case it confirms what observation tells us.

clout, you DFA Castro, eat the $450K remaining on his contract (plus a $50K buyout for 2011) and admit the mistake. If we could eat Eaton and Jenkins contracts, we sure as hell can eat Castro.

UZR aside, its clear to anyone watching all the games that Valdez is the superior defender. His arm strength alone makes him the better option. Castro is done...not a surprise at Age 38.

Halladay has been been as good as advertised. His 8-6 record is mired because of the lackluster run support he has received. 7 of his of his 14 starts they have scored 2 runs or less. Hard for any starter to win with that kind of run support.

Still, since the Phils slid began on May 18th here are Halladay stats including today:

7 GS, 54 2/3 IP, 2-5, 3.42 ERA, 1.10 WHIP, .248 BAA, 7.6 K/9, 1.2 BB/9

He has been good (including the perfect game) but he hasn't been great especially given the impressive numbers that other starters are putting up in what is quickly becoming the 'Year of the Pitcher.'

Over the same stretch both Hamels & KK?! have outpitched him.

As for being a 'stopper', Hamels is 4-3 in starts where the Phils have lost at least the previous game.

Yeah Halladay has been very good overall but there are some legit points that people bring up in that he has pitched as well lately (including today) or necessarily being a real stopper this year.

NEPP: You are correct, sir.

Actually KK hasn't outpitched Halladay. He has been just as good though:

5 GS, 29 2/3 IP, 2-1, 3.41 ERA, 1.18 WHIP, .249 BAA

Hamels has been better:

6 GS, 36 IP, 2-3, 3.00 ERA, 0.87 WHIP, .206

That includes the start vs. Atlanta where Hamels gave up that 3-run bomb to Glaus. Hamels has been the staff ace really since the start of May.

Halladay is an innings eater who can dominate. He throws strikes, which means teams can score on him if they play aggressive. Our boys still have to get it done. His real value is that we see less of the bullpen through the year. Less opportunities for meltdowns.

Halladay is 4-3 in games in which the Phils have lost at least the previous game. Hamels is just 2-4.

A month ago, the Red Sox were 8.5 games out of 1st. They are now 1.5 games out, and they are chasing the Yanks and the Jays. 5.5 games behind the Braves is far from insurmountable.

Phils are now 11-18 since May 18th. They were 24-13 before that.

Now maybe the Phils are a '2nd half' team but if they have 20 games coming up before the ASB in where they have a pretty favorable schedule. If they continue to stumble along at .500 over the next 3+ weeks, I will find it hard to believe that this will be a team that is capable of playing at the likely ~.600 level they will need to after the ASB to make the playoffs.

Wait, did Clout just use UZR? And two months' worth of it?

This probably deserves its own thread.

Reason the Phils are complacent?

Their record after the ASB since '07:

2007: 44-29 .603
2008: 39-26 .600
2009: 44-31 .586

You have to think in part this this team thinks they can turn it on after the ASB. What is important to note though is that every year since '07 is that they have made key additions after the ASB that really helped to improve the team.

I don't know if they are going to be able to do that for the 4th year in a row and the minor league system is largely barren of players that will really help this team later in the season.

After yesterday, Baez has exactly the same amount of walks as strikeouts, and has a 1.61 WHIP.

Remember when people thought he should be the closer, just because he had some saves 5 years ago? Amazing.

New T-shirt concept:

FRONT: Season (so far) = disappointment

BACK: A record just barely over .500 is far less than we expected.

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