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Sunday, June 20, 2010


I'm so glad I didn't actually see this game (wasn't carried by the local Fox affiliate)...but..

What was the deal with Contreras and Lidge? Good pitches getting smoked by outstanding hitting? Or crappy pitching and something we should be concerned about going forward?

(I already know the deal with White Flag Baez, so no need to explain that one, lol.)

What is wrong with Paul Hoover that he doesn't get called up? Dane Sardinha? Seriously?

Hoover's hurt.

Not walking that guy in the 11th with men on second and third and first base open seemed stupid and then he got a hit anyway.

Game over at that point.

Might be time to see what Paul Bako is up to!

Never, ever cheer for an opposing player home run in the ninth, especially Gentleman Jim who knew he could match Howard's bomb on Friday night if given a chance.

Every one of those relief pitchers ought to be punched in the face by Hamels.

Cole please use your right hand.

Something is wrong with Contreras. This has been a ticking time bomb. His velocity earlier in the year was around 98mph on his fastball. In the ninth yesterday, he was sitting aroind 89-91. He must be hurt or tired or old.

Baez's career #s in late and close situations are are passable (.721 OPS against). His numbers in tie games are not acceptable (.785 OPS).

Don't know if that's just a statistical oddity or a reflection of a pitcher whose command has been wildly inconsistent for his entire career.

Ben: Contreras touched 97 on the gun Thursday, and 95-96 yesterday. He's old, I'll give you that, and possibly tired, but I'm not convinced he's hurt.

Went to the game-

This wasn't Cholly's fault in the least. Every reliever failed except Romero.

The home ump looked at his watch 3 times yesterday in the 5th inning. Judging how he was giving the outside corner all day especially against left-handed bats you wonder if he had dinner reservations at 8.

Been to CBP probably over 30 times now and never saw the ball carry like that to the OF ally especially in RF. Anything hit that got up just carried. Even the OF on both teams were fluxxomed because they would start running and then realize it was out.

Contreras either is hurt or just had a dead arm yesterday. He had nothing on his fastball. Challenged Thome and lost.

It is emarassing and ridiculous that Lidge can't hold a single runner on. I have little/no confidence with him in a 1-run game andi bet cholly doesn't either.

I didn't see that Scott. I saw some low readings and jumped to the conclusion that something was wrong. He just looked like he had no life on his pitches yesterday. I apologize for my transgressions.

Hey Ben, I'm not looking for an apology! I was away from the TV in the 9th, thankfully, but did see his inning on Thursday, and he looked pretty good then, and he got the final out in the 8th yesterday on three pitches and made it look pretty easy. I got the mph readings from yesterday off of "Gameday." Maybe they were a bit overstated. There's no question that he got shredded in the 9th.

The hit that sucked the life of the life out of the life out of the phils was the double that Baez gave up. Instead of 11-10 and the top of the order up against a 2nd inning it for rauch, it was 13-10.

The crowd was a zero yesterday. Only a 1/3 were left when gloss hit his HR and they had little energy after the third.

The crowd was pretty good throughout the game on Friday night (I was there), but it did look like it cleared out early yesterday. People counting their chickens, and all. I don't know what others think, but it seems like a bit of a different crowd than it used to be. Ever since the WFC, there seems to be a different demographic, IMO. Perhaps more of the "front runners" that J-Roll once referenced. People who go because it is trendy, socialize as much as watch the game, then leave after 7 innings to go somewhere else, especially on the weekends. I've heard comments from fans sitting around me that show they have no in-depth understanding of baseball whatsoever. There are still lots of dedicated fans, but I think there are more of the casual fans than there used to be.

And I know the Vulcan-like atmosphere around here doesn't always lend itself to warm/fuzzy stuff, but this video has made the rounds on a few sites, and since Doc is on the mound today, figured I'd post it for people to ignore :)

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