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Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Nitpick alert:

Valdez HR was a 3 run shot.

If there's one thing I learned in the Charlie Manuel era, it's that there is really no reason to push the "panic button."

If the pitching is still there and the defense can make the routine plays, we still have a shot. Rollins, Howard, Victorino, Werth and Ibanez are still in the lineup. That's still better than what some other teams trot out there on a daily basis.

No need to panic now.

Channeling '07, as MG references, is exactly what that game felt like last night. Great feeling!

Also, I don't think Lidge looked THAT bad. He wasn't great, but he wasn't '09 Lidge either.

Is Joey Votto the most underrated player in baseball? Gosh, that guy is good. He hits a ton and made some pretty nice plays in the field too.

EFF - good catch.

Billingsly: I agree.

Lidge deserves a bit of a break. He got some bad calls on that walk and Joey Votto is Joey Votto. I'm impressed with how he's looked this year overall. He's not the freak of nature we got in '08 but not the disastor of '09 either.

That 10th inning off Cy Young Arthur Rhodes was definately '07 clutch!

How could I forget that the runs were on Rhodes? He hasn't given up a run in, what, 33 appearances. That has to have been a big boost for this offense. And with Halladay going today...

Rollins and Valdez looked comfortable on that double play. Wheeler's comment on Valdez's shortstop arm on the turn was a good one. Rollins and Valdez both with champion smiles. Fun game to watch.

And another thing --

JC Romero had a nice outing. JC throwing strikes? Bizarre, but it worked nicely.

Three saves now for J.C.

Objective viewpoint on TMac. McCarthy knows his role. He is speaking directly to the women in the viewing audience. They love him. He asks all those wonderfully silly questions, which with simple answers, explain some of background to the game. Women watch the games, nurture the future fans, dress the children in the proper Phillie attire for the games and of course actually watch the commercials when in the comfort of their homes. I no longer see him as a dunk clown dressed in a mets uniform or full headdress with a weighted tomahawk fastened to his hand. I would like to the stats on his female fan appeal.

"Is Joey Votto the most underrated player in baseball? Gosh, that guy is good. He hits a ton and made some pretty nice plays in the field too."
If I suggest again this year that I would consider a straight up Howard for Votto trade, will I be scoffed at again? Who's going to be more valuable moving forward? And with Howard's probably silly contract, who is likely to be more cost effective? :)

joey votto is having the best offensive season in the NL - 23.24 RE24.

Like an idiot (line forms to the right, fellers); in the pits of the Stark-monikered "collapse" or whatever the heck that mix up was, I suggested Charlie be let go to "...shake things up...". Hands down, the dumbest thing I've said on this board.

Manual should be cloned and exact images should be shipped to the Baltimore, Cleveland, Seattle and most certainly the Cubs. His genius, aside from being a flat-out brilliant communicator despite painful struggles in post-game interviews, is to get the Phils to play all 27 outs. All the teams I mentioned seem not to have that drive; hell the Cubs $$$ payroll can’t win even with firebrand Piniella at the helm.

Yes, I ripped Lidge, and said he’s cooked. But, guess what? The game was only tied after Votto’s bomb; in last night’s game, the Phil’s still had 3 outs. Eight men to the plate ensued; Rhodes record attempt was shattered, and a huge Phil’s victory happened, no small thanks to a resurgent J.C. Romero.

How many games has Charlie had "his lineup"? If the Phil’s stay hurt and sneak in to the wild card, or get better and stomp the NL East, Manual is hands-down NL Manager of the Year. It would be an outrage not to hand that award to him without so much as a vote after such brilliant leadership of such a rag-tag bunch of cast-offs and replacements.

Fitting it was off Rhodes. He stunk up the joint here in 06 and gas gone to become one of the best middle relirvers the past few years. Owed the Phils one.

Cholly also pushed the all of the right buttons last night. Pushing Blanton into the 8th seemed like a stretch but he lifted him at the appopriate time. Saved Francisco too which turned out to be huge in the 10th. Arguing the call also was a great move. Tough on Cholly but he subtly did a very good job last night.

This team had been in a similiar situation with Cholly before and frankly ther isn't another manager I would want right now in the same situation. Going to have their share of ups and downs but he will be a nice grounding presence.

Didn't mind the speech last night by Amaro but it will be interesting to see if he can upgrade/improve this team as Gillick did in 07&08 and he did last year. Problem is both of those guys raided the cookie jar a far amount to do so and their credit card is pretty maxed out.

I like Votto a lot. In fact, I called the 3 run homer last night as soon as I saw him on deck. Would I trade Howard for Votto? No. Howards GNTHPB (Get me to the plate, boys) numbers have got to be absolutely astronomical compared to Votto's.


I can't even form an acronym correctly right now... I need my dunkin donuts IMMEDIATELY.

Look for Ryan and Jimmy to lead this team to W's

I would just as soon seen Lidge get that third out and save the 'best win of the year' for some other damn time.

Larry Andersen was talking about how Kyle Kendrick can't seem to apprehend the concept of 'damage control', cruising through multiple batters only to quickly let things blow up in his face at the first sign of trouble. That's a young, replaceable fifth starter, however. When the same applies to your closer, there's bigger problems. Lidge's stuff may have improved somewhat since last year, but this trend surely hasn't.

Meyer, do you know any women who love TMac?

Neither my mother-in-law nor I like him. I typically listen to the radio, even if I'm also watching on TV, in spite of the two not being synced up.

I don't pretend to know everything there is to know about baseball, not all the rules, not how to recognize one pitch from another, but that doesn't mean I like listening to McCarthy. I may not have a visceral reaction against him, and it's possible that if he said the same things in a different voice, or intoned them differently, I'd like him.

Loved Harry, love Franzke. T-Mac, no.

Tmacs fake laugh makes me want to reach thru the speaker and choke him til his head pops.

I just don't see how we've seen enough of Lidge to be able to judge him as ineffective. He's 5 for 7. Maybe some of you are prescient. Maybe you're judging based on last year - when he played injured the entire season. His pitch to Votto was poor, and Votto's a great hitter. That happens. I'm not ready to say that Lidge is back, but I'm not ready to say he isn't, either. There were plenty of times in '08 when he put runners on base before securing that 3rd out. I just hope he is and remains healthy. Well, that and effective, which I grant you, he wasn't last night after the 2nd out.

Old memories will be in August when Cliff Lee is on the Mets dominating the Phillies.

My mom dislikes TMac, and I've often heard her say "why does this guy keep talking?".

Since I was called out ignorantly in the previous post....

I never said anything about Werth being released by 3 teams or anything to that effect. I DID say the Phils caught lightening in a bottle with both Werth and Vic. Anybody could have either one of them and neither were all that highly thought of when the Phils got them (Werth was a great prospect at one time before injuries hit).

Yes the Phils won last night. They will win several more games the rest of the year, whether its Polanco, Dobbs, Castro, NEPP, Heather or The Phanatic in the lineup. That's not the point. The point is over the LONG haul, this team will likely struggle to beat good teams and stay close in the East with so much dead wood on the roster. And we have known for a couple of years how lame the depth was on this roster at several places. And so far nothing has been done to improve that glaring weakness.

Through it all, they are still right there. They have a good record. There is still time. But its almost July. And there is no Polanco. No Utley. No Happ. No Madson. No Ruiz. No Durbin. Rollins is playing at 3/4th speed. Those are a bunch of key folks. And we seemingly weren't prepared very well for the reality that a few of them (namely Polanco, Utley, Ruiz and Rollins) would ever get hurt or miss time.

There are folks out there right now, both internally and externally, that should be brought in and some of the dead weight needs to go away. They were forced to bring Dobbs and Bocock to the majors, because they had no other options on the short-term. I would think those two won't be here long (and if they are, its a joke). Castro serves no purpose whatsoever. Those are 3 spots right there, that HAVE to be upgraded. We don't know how long Utley will be gone and there is no reason to believe that Polly will last even if he does come back.

This team's pitching is fine. And it will only get more solid (health permitting) in the 2nd half. There is no need to bring in anybody. It won't be the pitching that brings this team down (if they fall short). It will be the injuries, the lack of depth in the field and a offense that seems less explosive and productive at many spots then it did in the past.

Yesterday in a 10 minute span, it went from the possibility of the worst loss of the year to one of the better wins of the year. If Halladay puts the hammer down today like an ace is supposed to, you win a series against a very good team. Then you play one of the worst teams in baseball this weekend. Hope for good news on Utley and see where you are early next week.

But its way past time Rube improve the 25 man roster. The 20 man roster is really good. He's done a great job with those guys. But this season might come down to those last few guys and how much you get out of them. Because they will seemingly play a much bigger role then previously thought.

It's true we've not shown that come-from-behind fight too frequently this year, not in late innings. It was a great win! And a great statement by the team the day after losing their star 2nd baseman and their GG 3rd baseman to the DL.

Hope they give Halladay some run support today.

I haven't posted much recently, and when I have, I've been pessimistic. While I still think Blanton should punch Lidge in the neck, I'm somewhat encouraged by Schneider and Valdez. The Braves and Mets both lost last night; that helps, too.

I'm very much looking forward to the upcoming series with the Braves.

And at the risk for starting another rhubarb on here, did anyone see Cliff Lee's performance last night? 4 complete games in June.

"Is Joey Votto the most underrated player in baseball?"

Maybe...probably...? Votto is awfully good, and despite the fact that he's playing against the Phils, he's fun to watch.

I just watched the post game video on the last thread and I must say -- TMac and Wheels both have fabulous breasts.

That is all.

And another thing... some posts say the same thing about Lidge - "It was one bad pitch to one of the best hitters in baseball." If it had been a solo home run, I'd buy that. But it was a walk (granted, the fourth ball was actually a strike, but what about the 3 other called balls?), followed by a well hit single. So he went from bases empty and two outs to giving up a three run home run. Not cool.

I understand the scoring rules & all of that, but for Lidge to get the win for last nights game is silly.
If they can invent a concept like "defensive indifference"
to avoid giving a stolen base to a runner that did nothing to earn it, they could invent the concept of "pitching ineffectiveness" to allow the scorer discretion to award the win to another pitcher.

Jason, cool to see the CSN game wrap up video in the last thread header. Being affiliated has its rewards for us BLers.

Arthur Rhodes with a scoreless inning record on the line? Is this the same guy that stank up the joint for us in the past? I'm glad Howard, Werth and Ibanez ripped him a new one!

I think Lidge has one more muscle injury that needs fixing. It's his brain muscle that starts twitching out of control when he starts getting in trouble. He needs psychotherapy or a hypnotist.

I think Cholly was really arguing balls and strikes from the prior inning when Lidge was pitching that got him tossed.

"I never said anything about Werth being released by 3 teams or anything to that effect. I DID say the Phils caught lightening in a bottle with both Werth and Vic. Anybody could have either one of them and neither were all that highly thought of when the Phils got them (Werth was a great prospect at one time before injuries hit)."

These are the kinds of quotes that aggravate me about some BLers. It was brought up in a previous thread, but when the Phils win, it's b/c the other teams stink. If the Phils lose, they stink. If they acquire a player (by any means), it's b/c everyone else failed to get him first, or they were lucky.

Who do I write to to get Mccarthy on the radio and LA and Franske on tv?

Rube has been silent on the injuries letting Sheridan and the assistant GM do the talking...

I believe the only time the scorer has discretion as to who gets the win is when the starter goes less than 5 innings and leaves with a lead that holds up.

That IS true, Kutztown. I guess it's just b/c I'm used to Lidge putting runners on that I didn't comment on that, speaking for myself. He did it a lot in '08, as I mentioned. I did say last night that he needs to get better at putting the nail in the coffin with 2 outs.

The first ball was arguably a strike too.

But, again, as I said before the inning commenced: Lidge vs. Bucknor, not vs. Cincy. He may be an idiot behind the plate, but he's the idiot everyone has to deal with, even the Reds.

LF - surely you're not implying that Lidge has the yips?

In re: 3rd base
How much will their teams really want to relinquish Peralta or Encarnacion at this point? Isn't the salary dump (as if Junior would really spend money) be enough?

Re: McCarthy -- my mother sent me an unsolicited text on Saturday:

"Don't those 2 guys ever shut the bleep up"

I was watching the soccer game at a bar and I asked if she meant the Phils or the soccer because the answer was the same, no.

Mom: "I can handle those horns better than these guys."

I've never met anyone... ANYONE that enjoys listening to McCarthy. No one.

The guy never met a 10 word sentence that he thinks should be 29 words.

and yes, my mother texted the word... "Bleep."

Meyer, do you work for the Phillies or CSN?

Seriously, you sound like a T-Mac sychophant.

Also, your opening half-sentence, "Objective viewpoint on TMac.", implies that others who express a contrary opinion here are not objective.

Frankly, that's not only insulting, it's flat out wrong.

Why do you suppose YOUR opinion is objective and mine or anybody else's isn't?

I'm not going to get into a lengthly debate on the subject, but unless someone here knows McCarthy personally and has a personal problem with him, his or her opinion/observation about whether or not he's a good broadcaster can only be objective?

Andy, the yips? From Wikipedia, here's an explantion of the yips, mainly a golfing affliction, and a baseball example of the yips:

"Although the exact cause of the yips has yet to be determined, one possibility is that....the condition may result from biochemical changes in the brain that accompany aging. Excessive use of the involved muscles and intense demands of coordination and concentration may make the problem worse. Focal dystonia is mentioned as another possibility for the real cause of yips.

[In]baseball (Pittsburgh Pirate pitcher Steve Blass was sent down to the minors to rid himself of the yips; the "Steve Blass Disease" diagnosis is applied to talented players who inexplicably and permanently seem to lose their ability)."

Don't ask me what "Focal dystonia" is.

Kutztown, not having Cliff Lee on our team makes me sick. What was Rube Junior thinking?!!

I'm a woman, and faithful phan, and I loathe TMac. He makes my ears bleed.

So much for your theory.

Rich Hoffman has this info in his article today, not that everyone here doesn't already know our bench is not performing up to snuff:

"Quick OPS comparison time.

In 2007, the top bench guys went like this: Jayson Werth .863, Greg Dobbs .780, Rod Barajas .745, Chris Coste .730, Michael Bourn .727, Abraham Nunez .600.

In 2010, it goes like this: Ross Gload .689, Brian Schneider .639, Ben Francisco .637, Wilson Valdez .624, Juan Castro .492, Dobbs .465."

GBrett, I'm curious (I haven't looked it up and don't have time to), how does the Phils bench compare to the benches of the other 29 MLB teams?

Did Hoffman to do the homework on that? Would it have undermined the point of his article?

Again, just curious.

That's a good question, awh, and I often wonder about it, too. Anyone know?

I'm not sure how to find the answer to how teams' benches perform, but I did find this on today's

"Ishikawa -- 9-for-17 (.529) as a pinch-hitter -- and Nate Schierholtz -- 5-for-10 in the same role -- are the Majors' top two pinch-hitters and a huge reason why the Giants lead all teams with a .333 average (28-for-84) in pinch situations."

the official scorer has discretion on who to award the win to when the "winning" pitcher only made a "brief appearance" and was "particularly ineffective". Lidge may have gotten the win because he pitched a whole inning or maybe because the official scorer was too lazy to make a decision.

Clout and others taught me on here that wins are good way to judge a pitcher. I didn't watch most of last night's game, but I assume Lidge must have been the best pitcher out there, because he got the win.


Both Gelb and Zolecki just Tweeted that Utley and Polanco are both going to New York for more opinions on their injuries. No more updates until tomorrow at the earliest.

This CANNOT be good news in either case.

awh - Meyers makes a lot of jokes. I read his "rant" about T-Mac's pheremonal appeal to be sarcasm. He can correct me if I'm wrong.

There may be, however, a lot to be said for a guy who looks unquestionably phallic.

Gillick bolstered/saved seasons past with moves like Tad Iguchi, Jeff Conine, Moyer, and Blanton and with superfinds Romero, and Coste.

They weren't earth shaking moves like trading for Cliff Lee but they took care of holes to solidify the roster. I don't think RAJ has any bullets left to nab a top of the line player but considering the overall talent i don't think he has to make that move. he'll earn his GM merry badge with a find that ices the 2010 post season.

was it over when the Germans bombed pearl harbor...priceless

Jack: that is correct.

Looking at pinch-hitting numbers doesn't make much sense to me, because the sample is so small, it's only descriptive, not predictive. And while it's at least descriptive, it may not even be that relevant. The Giants have 84 pinch-hit ABs--out of something like 2,000.

It certainly doesn't tell you what guys are going to do going forward, and it barely tells you anything important about what has happened.

Bridoc, maybe Uts and Polly feel they can play and want another opinion in order to bolster their beliefs.

OTOH, your fears could be well founded: their injuries may be more serious than first reported.

Andy, if Meyer was being sarcastic he should say so.

I still stand by my point that to call his own opinion "objective" implies that others' are not.

He should be more careful.

One would think it wouldn't be good news, Bridoc, thanks for the update.

I just wonder whether we lose Polanco and/or Utley for an extended period (please, no) if the FO will continue to maintain that Dobbs and Castro are doing a great job and we don't need any replacements? I lay the odds 50-50 right now.

Lets just look at this like a Yankee fan for a minute: We trade Trevor May to the Twins for Joe Mauer, Gose to Washington for Zimmerman, and Aumont to Texas for Ian Kinsler. Problems solved. . .

Jack - I agree with your presriptive vs. descriptive thinking. OTOH, there is some quality of "presriptiveness" when your bench includes Castro, Sardinha, Valdez, BOCOCK (emphasis intended), and 2010 Dobbs.

We need another bat. Truly.


I quibble with your invocation of Conine as a move that "bolstered/saved" a season. I seem to a recall a crucial September game against the Natinals four years ago that went 15 innings. Mr. Conine's night? 0-7, 2 SO, 9 LOB. And yet, we still won.

Re: T-Mac, I think the best hope for us is that he gets an offer from a NYC team and leaves Philly .

I tried to like him. I thought that I was being too ctritical of him - comparing him to Harry ,etc. But he just makes no sense, talks too much , and has no genuine interest in the game- he just wants the camera and attention on himself.

We have a long history of good sportscasters in this town and Tommy is not ever going to be on that list.

Or stated another way: how many 25th men can a successful club sustain?

I would imagine that Rube, etc., sees Madson's return as a notable bullpen addition. If - and this is a big "if" - Happ can contribute this season, he would be an upgrade over KK in the rotation. Getting Chooch back will help solidify the bench a bit.

But I can't imagine the FO can stand pat if Utley and/or Polanco are going to be out a significant stretch of time. As has been stated numerous times on here recently - Gillick's additions in '07 and '08 won the division. The spotlight is on for Rube, now. Let's hope he can deliver.

dlhunter way to base your opinion on one game.

Meyer's point pinches, but doesn't cut: T-Mac plays to the family audience, which accounts for much of the Phillies viewing audience. Watch the broadcast and you'll see big, splashy red and blue graphics, numerous plugs for giveaways and team specials, plus a lot of shots of children.

Granted, this happens in most baseball broadcasts, but I've seen quite a few Mets, Yankees and Red Sox casts, and they're much more classic/analytical/traditional male. Remember the old Phillies broadcast theme? That has some marketing in it. The new theme is a CSN-standard theme.

T-Mac's inflection and speaking patterns cater well to small children. A little clowny. Wheeler is the old analyst who can speak on the level of the learned fan. Sarge is the former player who adds a dash of lightheartedness. It's a very thought-out broadcast, and T-Mac is the right ringleader for it.

That's why Franzke/LA won't see the TV broadcast. Franzke is younger, has a voice that's much more casual and unrefined and has an ongoing banter with LA, who can be unhinged and wary. For TV, for families, the Phillies want guys who won't dwell on personal stories, play up the atmosphere of the ballpark and call a reasonably 101 game.

As for yesterday's game, I'd much rather have the 2008 version (score a few in the 5th/6th as the starter gets tired, pull away and let the 'pen brush 'em off) than the 2007 version, but a win is a win. Take it any way.

More injury updates:

Zo just blogged that both Polly and Utley are seeing specialists at the Hospital for Special Surgery tomorrow in NYC. Since I work two blocks from there, I should be on the lookout for them!

Interesting point about the hand specialist Utley is seeing (Andrew Weiland) - he is a surgeon who specializes in wrist fractures. As I said before, this cannot be good news.

The problem with McCarthy - and it's a huge problem - is that he's got no discernible personality. Not to mention the fact that while he knows "about" baseball, he doesn't seem to really know the game. He's a shill of the highest order, fearful of rubbing anyone the wrong way. And it's absolutely grating to listen to game after game. I don't want the guy to trash the team, but call a spade a spade every once in a while. His ability to walk the company line so well is what will probably keep him in town for a long time.

Although, and I think I've mentioned this before, I did read in the DN a few months back that someone in the Phils' PR department was a lot higher on Franzke than McCarthy.

Franzke/LA deserve to be simulcast, if possible, in "radio" quality on TV, as well as on 1210.

European soccer telecasts filter the announcer's voice to sound like they're calling the game on a baby monitor on the dark side of the moon.

And somehow, that dramatic remoteness adds to the feeling that the game is the main event to pay attention to, and the announcer is just there, meekly, to add any missing details.

Franzke/LA already accomplish that on radio, calling the game as unobtrusively as possible, making themselves witnesses to the event, not making themselves the event itself.

When something big happens, Franzke explains (excitedly), and then lets the big thing take center stage. LA is just another fan in the stadium, in a better seat. We hear him get excited and yell in the big moments (Rollins' GW in the NLCS), but its not into his own mic, its just more game noise being picked up on Franzke's. In-game ads and tie-ins p-ss Franzke off, because they subtract from the main event: the game.

My big thing with TMac, from his circus announcer voice to his continuous rambling, is that he thinks he is part of the show, not just the program they hand you on the way to your seat.

awh, you are taking Meyer's post a little too personally. Maybe a better word would have been "alternative" as opposed to "objective".

Bridoc - HIPAA be-damned. Get to that hospital and find out what's going on!

Pretty weak lineup for the Reds today, no Phillips or Rolen.

Cabrera, Cairo, Votto, Gomes, Bruce, Hernandez, Stubbs, Janish, LeCure

Maybe it's time to see Werth's value on the open market. Brown looks about ready.
TMac is bad but Wheels is worse.I don't know why he doesn't play 2nd or 3rd.He$$ he knows everything,what pitch is coming,where the ball is going to be hit,how to hit certain pitches,etc.,etc.,.........
Valdez is a good bench player. Not sure he'll clear waivers again.

@Kutztown Fan

I should stake it out! FWIW, it's an amazing place and tops in the country for orthopedics and ortho surgery.

Still hoping it won't come to that, but I'm more worried now than I was.

I think the worst thing about TMac for most fans is that he isn't Harry.

@Bedrosian's Beard

He was picked up to help us in big games in September. I put before you, a big game in September.

He hit .280 in 28 games for the Phils. But in the last 7 games of the season, in do-or-die mode, he hit .154.

Is 7 games a small sample size? Yes, but so is
28 games.

I have a different objection to Meyer's post. Can't men also nurture and dress children? Or might some men be less knowledgeable about the game than women?

I am going to be mad if Greg Dobbs is anything of a long term solution right now.

Heck, they'd be better served calling up Dom Brown and sticking him at 3rd base. Amirite?

Brown bats lefty.
I don't think Valdez has to clear waivers again. Isn't it once for the entire year?

Alex -
Nice of the Reds to offer solidarity - keeping their 2b and 3b out of the game just cause ours are out is downright chivalrous.

Fizzlesticks...where should I start?

OK, let's do random:

"T-Mac's inflection and speaking patterns cater well to small children."

Well, that may be true, so let's make him the new Captain Kangaroo.

"Franzke is younger, has a voice that's much more casual and unrefined"

WHAT? By who's definition?

" A little clowny."

That, Fizzle, is the understatement of the last 3 years on this board.

"It's a very thought-out broadcast, and T-Mac is the right ringleader for it."

Then they need to rethink it, or change their thought process. It stinks.

I'll stop nitpicking and address the overall theme of your post, which almost sounds like you're a CSN insider sent here to defend the broadcast.

If that's what you/they really think inside CSN, then methinks Mr. Roberts ought to do some serious housecleaning. It wouldn't be the first time a broadcast organization had done so after judging a team to be...shal we say...below the core competencies required for the job.

It's not a good broadcast. Period. Someone at CSN should wake up and realize that.

Re: "Franzke is younger, has a voice that's much more casual and unrefined"

Franzke: 38 years old
McCarthy: 41 years old


awh, you do realize you're doing the same thing you're accusing meyer and fizzle of doing, right?
Like I said, the worst thing about TMac is that he isn't Harry. At least there are alternatives (like the radio).

Bridoc - Yeah, go stalking the halls of a hospital. Nothing bad will happen. :-)

Color me concerned, too, about both Utley and Polanco going to see NY specialists when Philadelphia's Jefferson Hospital is one of the best orthopedic services in the U.S.

I've seen some numbers on CM's ejections when Blanton pitches, but I wonder what the team W-L record is when he gets tossed?

And, in case CB Bucknor isn't already on your favorites list- he is quoted (Zolecki)as saying Charlie touched him with the brim of his cap- which would trigger a fine or maybe a suspension from MLB. Great win last night, but not a great game by the home plate ump.

Joe West and C.B. Bucknor are year in and year out the worst umps in the majors. Although, I'll never forget the call C.B. made for us against the Mets, when he called interference on Marlon Anderson sliding into 2nd base. Probably the right call, but still nice to see.

Scratch that the Reds lineup on their MLB blog is completely wrong. Rolen and Phillips are in according to

Yo, new thread.

I've tried listening to the radio broadcast with the tv on and the time delay is just too much. Everyone knows TMac isnt Harry-- he was here before Harry passed and talked too much then. Wheels trys to show off his baseball knowledge and is often wrong. "He should be throwing over to first here..." While McCarthy is so unlistenable with his constant babbling that we all tune him out.

The worst thing about McCarthy is not that he's not Kalas. It's that he's Tom McCarthy - annoying, uninformative, diarrhea of the mouth.

I wished I could read mouths while Manuel was going off on Bucknor last night. Bucknor stood in stone silence shaking his head until Manuel apparently grazed his forehead with his cap right at the end, then Bucknor had something to say. His whole schtick is weak before you get to the merits of his calls.

OK, so Franzke and T-Mac are three years apart. But Franzke is much more palatable for the young fan.

I want to note that I much prefer Franzke/LA, and I have no knowledge of why the Phillies go with what they go with. I'm merely thinking aloud.

old phan - disagree. obviously tmac isn't harry but that is not the 'worst' thing.

most posters have pointed out all of the reason why he is awful. His call on jroll's walkoff a week ago sums it up perfectly, he ruins the actual moment on the field. His stupid little jokes, segues between ads and play-calling, and just general attitude to always remember to never speak his own mind (if he even has an opinion about baseball) are what makes him dreadful.

I am so against everything that TMac represents and stands for that I am disgusted that some people even thing for a moment to defend him in anyway, even if its to just say "he's not THAT bad". Yes, he is.

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