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Thursday, June 17, 2010


Just when we were starting to get nervous about the Phillies, they take two of three from the World Champion New York Yankees.

Gotta love it!

Didn't Happ pitch a similar type of game last year in New York, against Pettitte? Kinda felt similar tonight.

I think that was also the game that FOX showed some guy in the stands and thought it was John Mayberry Sr.

Now's the time to get Ed Wade on the phone and offer KK in a package for Oswalt - before he has another bad start.

Halladay- 6ER in 6 IP

Moyer- 2 ER in 8 IP

Kendrick- 1 ER in 7 IP

Like I said last night- in the words of Harry Doyle

"Baseball's a funny game Monty."

From the post game show on the radio..........KK is 23 - 3 when going 6+ innings.

JW's CSN announcement = Slump Buster.
WTG Jason.

Phils get Blanton-Hamels-Halladay at home for the Twins series.

2 out of 3 from the twinkies and the Bigger Redder Machine is back in gear.

also, it looks like we won't have to bust out the vuvuzelas after all.

Kendrick's last 9 games (8 starts):

52.2 IP, 21 R (3.10 ERA) 1.188 WHIP, 24 / 13 K/BB.

That's against STL, COL (@COL), BOS (2x), FL (2x), ATL, PIT, and NYY.

gotta love the audible "choooch" chants after his first double this evening... as always our wonderful fans showed up by the thousands to show their love for this now suddenly resurgent team

Sophist: wow. I knew he's been good lately but I didn't know he was that good. I wrote him off after his start and am happy to admit being 100% wrong on that front.

The question is, how do you demote this guy if/when Happ comes back? Blanton has to be the odd guy out at this point. You can't just bench a hot SP like that, especially a young guy like Kendrick who is finally finding some success after a brutal two+ seasons.

Its a good question, but we know Charlie likes to go with veterans... so I think Happ doesn't come back for a while, and its in a bullpen role when he does.

I don't think Happ will be back this year, but I hope I am wrong. If Blanton doesn't turn it around, Pedro takes his spot after the all-star break or maybe they return those prospects to Seattle for you know who.

Seattle would have to be stupid to take back Gillies, Aumont and Ramirez. They can and will do better.

I was at the game in the Bronx. Lots of red in the stands.

It was a good win and a step in the right direction.

Phils SP, including Halladay, had a 3.85 ERA vs. the Yanks in the series.

Kendrick looks to be a pitcher who, when he trusts his stuff and pounds the strikezone, can get guys out. He seems to run into problems when he tries to be too fine around the edge of the plate.

Also, to quote Bill James: "A great deal of what is perceived as being pitching is in fact defense." Kendrick got bailed out by his defense a little bit last night, and Polly had a particularly good game at the hot corner. But KK made the pitch that caused the popup, so give the kid credit.

As far as the rotation is concerned, I know many of you here seem to be lamenting the fact that if Happ comes back KK may get bumped. Allow me to remind you that starting pitching depth is a luxury, and if Happ comes back pitching well, the Phils will only benefit from it.

Also, Contreras looked filthy tonight. Unhitable, really.

Kudos to RAJ on that pick-up.

2 things no one expects...
1. The Spanish Inquisition
2. The Phillies winning a series in the Bronx with their 4-5 pitchers.
Great games.

Not enough comments yet on how lucky the Phils were the last two games, almost as if the team actually deserved to win a coupla games.

EF, the Phils were lucky the Yankees lost their focus. Two cliches for the price of one!

The Phils have been very unlucky the last month. Maybe its going to go their way for a while. Its a good thing to see Yankee homers curl foul.

Third time Yanks held to one run or less at their newish stadium.

A game vs Nats last June, and Gm 1 of the 2009 WS were the others. has an interview with Davy Lopes in which he says a number of things about this team:

- while they are stealing at a great percentage, 89%, they just haven't been as aggressive as usual.

- says it's due to Rollins being out, Utley dealing with a knee injury, and Werth just not being very aggressive for some reason, although Vic is starting to turn it around.

Just a great article otherwise on baserunning philosophy.

Vic currently has 15 steals and just 1 cs. He's stolen straight bags in the team's last 28 games. He's actually on a better pace than last year at this point, when he had 11/3.

Utley has 3 steals in 4 attempts. At this point last year he was 6/6.

Werth has 4 in 5 attempts. I said this earlier, but even when Werth was hitting he had a ton of doubles, which will keep your steals down. Now, he's not really hitting. He did steal 2 in one game a few days ago. At this point last year he had 10 in 12 attempts.

Castro and Valdez have combined for 1 steal in 1 attempt. Rollins managed to steal 2 in just 12 games. At this point last year he had 10 sb.

Polanco has given this team a bit of a boost with 3 sb, something they didn't get from third base last year. Look to see this team getting a lot more aggressive.

Utley's dealing w/ a knee injury? That would explain Utley's swoon.

Kendrick's performance was absolutely stunning. I did not give him much chance against the Yanks. He made good pitches, especially to lefties. I can't recall him working inside as effectively to lefties as he did last night. Then, in the 7th, he managed a 1-2-3 inning on fumes - really looked hairy. Whodathunkit - Phils take 2 of 3 after Halladay gets murdered in the opener?

Not that I would ordinarily root for the Yankees, but hopefully they are so steamed about this, they sweep their next series against the Mets.

Unfortunately the Braves play the Royals but I guess ya never know.

two games is great but the previous twenty something is a larger sample size. but the ninth inning rally is a real nice sign.

so with CSN in the fold does that mean no more boobie women ads?

I can't remember what he said, and I think it was meant as a dig at Al Leiter, but at some point in last night's broadcast Paul O'Neill dissed the entire Mets organization. And, Michael Kay laughed. Almost made me sympathetic to Mets fans. Still, I hope the Yankees sweep them and the ill-treatment continues.

Interesting that Lopes is nonplussed by Werth's lack of aggressiveness this year, and pretty much identifies it as such. I'm attracted to Old Salt's guess as an explanation, though: that the crazy doubles-rate early (Werth was on pace for 85, I believe, in mid-May), and his lack of hitting recently, have diminished the number of actual opportunities to steal this season.

And the business about Utley's knee problem(s) is significant for a few reasons. First, it shows how good the Phillies are at keeping injuries secret. As recently as the other day, David Murphy was suggesting that an Utley injury is unlikely. That same day, I believe, billonechair speculated that the flu had sapped Utley's strength. In short, the local press is as much in the dark about the health of the team as the rest of us.

Second, "knee problems," which ordinarily sounds bad, sounds to me a lot better than "recurring hip problem." Perhaps this is misguided, but...

Three, the fact that it's neither Utley's hip seems to be the issue, in conjunction with the footage the other day of the voodoo charms laid out before his locker, suggest to me that any knee problems, while nagging, are not severe (insofar as members of the team are willing to joke about Utley's slump). This is positive news, Utley's ever-decreasing BA notwithstanding.

Jamie,KK 2 wins vs Yankees after Doc bombed.Could have made lots in Vegas from that .Let's hope the ship is righted.

So, Utley has a screwed up knee? That sucks.

The blog article very surprised to me! Your writing is good. In this I learned a lot! Thank you!

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