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Tuesday, June 29, 2010



Great performance by the bench. Lidge - not so much. Looking forward to getting the W with Halladay on the mound tomorrow.

JW, I know you have a deal with CSN. I know...but do you realy HAVE to make us suffer through more McCarthy on post game threads?

Or rather, do you have a contractural obligation?

The title of the Zolecki article on is "Lidge struggles, but Phils win in 10 innings".


How about "Lidge stinks tonight, Bakes the Poodle, but Phils win in 10"

yea, just what we need more happy asshat mccarthy - please LA and Franzke next year

Just for one night, McCarthy ought to wear the hairpiece instead of Wheels.

Hank Blalock Dfa'd by Rays. Improvement over Dobbs/Castro??

Blalock just DFA'd by the Rays. He'd be a cheap pickup and can play some bad 3rd base and hit a little. Upgrade over Dobbs/Castro. Just sayin'.

The official scorer should have given the win to Blanton, not Lidge. 1 inning, 3 ER does not deserve a win. I don't care if the Phils took the lead while he was in the game. He didn't deserve it.

JW: What awh posted.

Matt Gelb (via Twitter): "Charlie said Bucknor told him he made contact with the brim of his hat. Manuel: 'I said quite a bit to C.B.'"

Good on Charlie! And from where did Manuel "make contact" w/ Bucknor, the dugout? Because Charlie got tossed well before he ever set foot on the field to argue w/ Numbnuts. If so, that's a helluva hat brim. C.B.'s so dumb he can't even get his arguments straight. How does this moron still have a job?

Finally -- & I'll probably get blasted for this -- but Lidge '10 still looks a lot better to me than Lidge '09. I'm not much on making excuses for guys, but Brad did get the first 2 batters Out (which he would NOT have done last year), & he was facing a comeback team in a launching pad park w/ the worst umpire in MLB behind the plate (see above). Maybe he was trying to be too fine, maybe he just didn't have it ... whatever. Right now I'm still thinking the lack of Utley, Chooch & Polanco are going to hurt the Phillies more than Lidge, at least in the immediate future.

awh - Rule of thumb is that if you see video, I missed a large part of the game. Not really anything to do with CSN honestly. It's good to have a resource in my back pocket. Truthfully, I've always liked the postgame wrap ups.

Nothing wrong with the post game wrap ups. Keep 'em going, JW.
Lidge was not Lidgetasic tonight, but he isn't the first guy to give up a blast to Votto this season.
Good thing is that his blown save doesn't matter.

CSN should sell a few more WB Mason ads and buy TMac a bra.

Victorino's Secret.

If Rollins continues to hit down in the lineup, I just hope that he remembers that his more patient approach (resulting in far more BB than he's ever had in his career) can still be successful. He doesn't have to be Utley to add some real value in that position.

I missed it but judging by the comments (bruce....) Lidge came in and walked 7 guys straight to tie the game up right?

Now I know this is difficult but let's say for instance 09 didn't happen and lidge was 5-7 in saves right after the 08 season?

Not saying he's looked incredible but hey "any landing you can walk away from" as they say.

"Upgrade over Dobbs/Castro. Just sayin'."

That's not saying much. I think Dobbs/Castro might be two of the worst players on any team in major league baseball. Neither one should be drawing a check to play major league baseball.

The fact that these two are STILL here at close to July 4th is a complete joke.

Add in Brian Bocock and Dane Sardinha and you have 4 guys who would struggle to play decent for Reading, let alone Philadelphia.

Hey Rube, the time for sitting on your ass and doing nothing is over. Do something, either internally with a few of the players in your system who actually might BELONG in major league baseball (and not with the garbage you keep bringing up from LHV) or externally with players who are immediate upgrades over the slop you have given your manager. Its your move.

Cholly's lineup on Wednesday?

1. Juan Castro, SS
2. Greg Dobbs, 3B
3. Ross Gload, 1B
4. Dane Sardinha, C
5. Wilson Valdez, 2B
6. Jamie Moyer, LF
7. Ruben Amaro Jr, RF
8. Brian Bocock, Rover
9. Roy Halladay, P

8th inning guy will be Nelson Figeuroa and closer will be Mike Zagurski.

Phils will place Lidge, Hamels, Howard, Werth and Rollins on the DL and replace them with 5 senior citizens from the right field stands at Great American Ball Park.

denny b.: Clearly you're unaware that "the cupboard is not bare", & that "there is still a lot of talent on this team". After all, if Rube's A#1 lackey isn't worried about the likes of Dobbs, Castro, Sardinha & Bocock attempting to hang onto the NL crown, why should we be?


Yes there is still a lot of talent on this team. There is also a lot of talent on the DL too.

There is also a lot of talent residing in Atlanta and New York and several other clubs as well.

Moves HAVE to be made now. Especially if Utley is out for any length of time. This team will not survive very long, with Wilson Valdez, Juan Castro and Greg Dobbs getting 4 AB's a night, 6 games a week. I think the FO understands this. I think.

Either that or they just start to believe this may become one of those "lost seasons" no matter what they do and try and point towards 2011, when (theoretically) everybody returns healthy. Maybe they start to believe that if its not Lidge being hurt, its Polanco. And if its not Rollins going down, its Utley. And at some point, some other key guy will go down. Its happened before like that to some teams.

This is still salvagable (provided Utley isn't out too long) and Ruiz, Madson, Happ, etc... come back at some point soon. But time is getting a bit short now. Its almost July. And you don't have much to trade. Most of those chips went last year. You went "all in" and left yourself vulnerable at several spots. You gambled a few guys wouldn't get hurt. So far, you have lost. Many of the guys who couldn't afford to get hurt, have gone down. You didn't have depth at many of those spots and its shown. But you are still several games over .500 and right in the hunt. Somehow. But how long can that last?

Denny, you may not have noticed that Phils won tonight.

Denny b: Do you enjoy predicting doom and gloom for the Phillies, no matter what? I'm not going to go back and check, but I recall you just a couple weeks ago talking about the overrated offense and how this is the real Utley and how Werth is showing why three teams let him go, etc.

When you were proven spectacularly wrong (as reasonable people predicted - I somehow didn't fall into the trap of thinking Werth's .073/.174/.171 slump was going to last all season/career), you didn't post for a while. Now you're here (after a win) saying that 2010 might be a "lost season". We're 2.5 games out of first!

I remember you in September last year coming on here every day to complain about the bullpen and how anyone who thinks this team is going anywhere in the playoffs with this bullpen is kidding themselves (which, of course, was also proven spectacularly wrong).

I don't even disagree with the point of your post (that the Phillies need to bring in another bat because Valdez/Castro/Dobbs will not work in the long run). It's just that every single post you write is a 1000-word complaint about how terrible the Phillies' current situation is, regardless of what happened that day (a win) or in the last 2 weeks (winning 10 of 15).

And you said "time is getting a bit short". Today is June 30! The Phillies have Halladay today and then 4 games with Pittsburgh - they could be back in first by the 4th of July!

This was a victory right out of '07. They would get on a starter early only to have their crummy bullpen cough up the lead yet find a way many nights to storm right back. Really been missing this season. Best win of the season so far.

It would have been a shame if they had pissed away another strong starting performance and some rare offensive production from Valdez/Schneider.

Blanton was so goddawful in teh first inning that last night's win was highly improbable well-before Lidge served that meatball to Votto (which I predicted when Schneider visited the mound when teh count went to 2-0 on the SS). Valdez's power surge is simply inexplicable. And, Manuel got run at precisely the right time, icing Rhodes and giving Ibanez a chance to gather himself for the 2 strike sequence. Then, we get teh safety squeeze from Mackanin while Manuel shotguns 3 beers in the clubhouse and curses Bucknor and his large forehead interfering with the brim of his cap. Great stuff. Baseball's a fun game when your team scores 9.

John Lieber...Freddy Garcia...

??? awh?

Since MG brought up 2007, I thought I'd remind everyone that the #1 and #2 starters on that team coming out of spring training got DL'd for the season.

If I had said to you in March 2007 that Garcia and Lieber would get DL'd for the year, would you have predicted the Phils win the division?

The point: It's baseball and lots can happen.

I won't say I'm not concerned about 1/2 the infield being on the DL. But there is still a core of talent on this team that is LOTS better than what some of the other division rivals are trotting out at the same positions.

You complain about Valdez, a backup? The Braves trot out a starting SS every game with an OPS+ of 77. Nate McLouth has an OPS+ of 58 right now, and is hitting .176. Melky: OPS+ = 79.

The naysayers here would be screaming bloody murder if those guys got trotted out every night.

ATL's pitching is getting them where they are right now, and it will be the Phils pitching that keeps them in it, and Joe Blanton showed last night he can carry his weight against a good hitting team in a hitter's park.

One game out in the loss column. ONE.

So, things ain't great - but the ship isn't sinking either.

Help is on the way. Madson will be back, and if he's in good form, he'll be an addition that's as good or better than just about any bullpen piece for which any other team could trade.

Happ is progressing, though not as fast as many here, or even the Phillies, would like. If he returns to form and comes back the Phillies have a good problem in their rotation: too many guys who can actually get MLB hitters out.

If Happ regains his 2009 form, name another pitcher for whom the Phils could trade - at a reasonable price in prospects - who'd be as good an addition?

(Besides C**** L**)

There is still over half a season left to play. I suspect the Phils will be in it right to the end.

acc. to, Valdez bunted on his own. Figures as he often bunts in hte late innings.

I'm not saying the season is over or that baseball isn't a funny game or anything else.

I'm saying being that the Rays just DFA'd Hank Blalock, who can play 3rd base, hits better than Dobbs, and makes a pro-rated amount of $900,000, it would be totally inexcusable not to pick him up unless you have a plan that is better than Blalock.

The problem is I almost think I'm giving the FO too much credit to think they'll identify Dobbs as a problem and try to do something about it that is easily within their power.

We shall see.

Amazing that Burrell got released to make room for Blalock and, now he's out, too.

Like any sport in a given season. A teams character will be tested by the loss of good players through injury. Last night the fightin' Phils got off to a good start. A very interesting few weeks ahead. A period we can hopefully look back on and say that the boys hung tough and pulled through. I reckon the Phils will win the division. These set backs just make it more interesting.


Garret Atkins would be my preferred signing. Was DFA'd a couple days ago and I am led to believe he and Chase are good friends. Good enough for me. Maybe he could do a Pat Burrell and start some hot hittin' again.

If there's one thing I learned in the Charlie Manuel era, it's that there is really no reason to push the "panic button."

If the pitching is still there and the defense can make the routine plays, we still have a shot. Rollins, Howard, Victorino, Werth and Ibanez are still in the lineup. That's still better than what some other teams trot out there on a daily basis.

No need to panic now.

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