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Friday, June 18, 2010


knew it...Utley doesnt slump...he gets hurt

Next question: is he on the mend, or is this what should expect all year?

Reposting from end of last thread. Just humor, that's all.

Apparently, Utley was up to his humorous antics again last night, per Zolecki:
"Then in a nod to the movie Major League, a Darth Maul bobble head, a miniature bottle of rum and a shot glass full of rum sat in the locker next to his before Thursday's game."
* * * * * * *
As Ryan Howard said, "Whatever works!"

Hopefully, Utley worked some positive folk medicine or spellcasting on Joe Blanton today.

Let's keep it going, Phils!

Utley is slowly moving towards "injury-prone" territory.

Kyle Kendrick deserves some kudos. I know it's unfathomable, but he seems to be a major league pitcher. He's got an ERA+ of 93 this year which is hardly earth-shattering, but more than acceptable for a 5th starter.

And after his first two disasterous starts (11 runs in 5.2 IP, 17.47 ERA), KK has a 3.44 ERA in his last 11 starts (12 games) with a 1.216 WHIP.

Of course, I recognize this success is impossible because his K/9 (4.24) is right around his career average and his K/BB (1.57) is right around his career average and LHB are still hitting him pretty well with an OPS+ of 122.

Anyway... looks like his doing a pretty solid job until JA Happ comes back.

"Utley is slowly moving towards "injury-prone" territory."

Precisely the reason you won't hear him admit that he's hurt.

Was the Utley in the 2-hole just a short-lived experiment, or will we see it again, based on match-ups?

"In my opinion, an injury is something that keeps you off the field"

Willard: Charlie put Utley in the 2-hole against both LH starters in the Yankees series. I think it's something he'll do more often.

So Utley is definitely injured...Rube's denial is as good as a Yes in my book.

BTW...why not get an MRI? What's the risk there...other than everyone finding out about it.

Cholly should have taken the opportunity to get Utley some rest by DHing him in NY and Boston and playing Dobbs at 3rd. Too bad no one has confidence in Dobbs on the field or with the bat anymore.

If anyone was watching the pregame show, is it just me or is Darren Daulton TOO dark?? Scary...

Daulton is a nutbag...did he have his spaceship there?

So, is MLB network gonna nationally televise every single one of Strasburg's starts for the rest of his career? Seriously, his 3rd start is a national game?

My thoughts exactly NEPP. They should be televising Jiminez instead. That kid is a monster. I really hope the Phils dont wind up playing the Rockies in a 5 game series in the playoffs.

Ok I am breaking my vow not to post until Charle and especailly Mr. Stanford are out of here. But the "Utley is hurt" issue is something I commented on when the Phillies were in NY.
Ron Darling ahd the Mets camera team focus on Utley's stand and showed how he does not extend or turn his right foot (his sneaker keeps diging in and facing the plate instead of moving to the right (when he does extend and it was shown on a few cuts) the ball goes places. He said he doesn't expect Utley to say squat but he thought he was playing hurt.

My question to you guys is: how come the opposing team has to tell our FO that utley is hurt?

RK, I'm sure our FO has known all along..they simply choose not to pass such info on to us, the fans.

Dutch looks like he should be spinning in the rotisserie case at Shoprite.

RK, did you really vow to not post until Cholly gets fired? That is too funny.

Nice 1st inning for Kentucky/Tennessee/Country/InningsEater/Donut Eater Joe.

Wow, you vowed to stop posting until Cholly is out of here? Good luck with that. No matter how much any reactionary moron wants him out, Manuel ain't going anywhere until he says he wants to leave.

"That's correct, Old Phan. I'm also not going to attend any more Sixers games until Eddie Jordan gets his job back."

-- RK

NEPP: nah, just wait till he gets knocked around a bit and the gloss fades. it's not like the national sports media is known for its attention span.

but i agree it's annoying.

Waiting until Charlie is gone is a long wait.

Nice first inning from Kentucky Joe.

Wheels says Blackburn is "a strike-thrower's strike-thrower." Great in-depth scouting report.

Its really good to see Vic stealing bases again.

I'm going to stop following the Phillies until they bring back Wes Covington.

I'm somewhat AL ignorant. Do the Twins wear these uni's all the time, or are these alternates? I kinda like 'em.

I refuse to root for Utley until I see an X-ray.

Clearly hurt.

Utley's not injured anymore? Good.

Nice sweet stroke by Mr. Utley there.

Ah, now this is bringing back memories.

Hittin Season!

Phillies Baseball Baby!!!!

That speedster 1B of our with another triple.

Stupid Utley and his bulky knee. How dare he score from first on that ball? People are going to think he's just fine.


3-0 Phillies baby!!!

Nice situational hit by Jayson!

Now, now fellas. Calm down. Let's remember, the Phillies are mathematical underdogs to even reach the postseason. Let's not get too excited. Theoretically, these games are statistically meaningless. Let's move on to football season.

That was an absolute gun from Delmon Young...good thing Howard was running full speed.

Young has a decent arm...when he chooses to use it. His range in LF is below average at best though.

Kentucky/Tennessee/Country/Innings Eater/Donut Eater Joe has a nice little cushion. Let's see if that relaxes him a bit.

Shane Victorino (leadoff): Works a walk against a pitcher who doesn't walk many/steals second/makes great read on slow groundball and gets to 3rd (run scored)

Chase Utley (3 hole): Hit with runner in scoring position. (RBI, run scored)

Ryan Howard (Cleanup): XBH (RBI, run scored)

Jayson Werth (5 Hole): Gets a runner at 3rd with less than 2 outs home via sacrifice fly (RBI)

That's winning baseball, and the lack of the above is what caused the extended skid. Getting excited...

Not thrilled about having to root for the Yankees, but so be it.

Strasburg allowed a run? Are we sure the sun is going to come up tomorrow?

I didn't say I was going to stop rooting for the team. BTW Wes Covington was one hell of a player. I am just frustrated by the FO. I actually originally said that Mr. Stanford has to go and he does. I think the suggstion by JW that he has doen a good job is not credible and you know were we start on this one and I believe I was among the first who said the Lee trade sucks. I think if I was on the team I would think that was a downer. it pretty much says money is king even when you have it to spend. I prefer the Sox and Yankee style to spending (although the Yankees approach is too rich for my taste).
I also think Cholly looks pretty clueless out there much of the time.

So are these the bizarro Phillies, a flashback, or a return to normal?

"I'm not going to follow US Olympic Hockey until that stupid Herb Brooks is fired!"

- RK, 2/12/1980

RK, just out of curiosity, who do you think would be a better Mgr for this team? Keep in mind, this is not a team that needs a Larry Bowa type.

RK: I liked Wes Covington. He could hit from that crouch on the left side; but I wouldn't go overboard. He hit .279 in 11 seasons in the bigs.

Blanton is a terrible bunter.

"I refuse to watch this Phillies team until they trade this bum Steve Carlton back to the Cardinals for Rick Wise"

-RK, 4/1/1972

I liked Wes as well. He had some nice seasons with the Phils. He played for 4 teams in one season. That's pretty odd.

Blanton's bunting is actively hurting this team.

Everybody hits!

Clutch hitting again!

Nice speed by Valdez to score there...Castro wouldn't have been to 3B by the time it was fielded.

Damn that knee injury!

I was actually looking up when Utley's last HR was when he hit that...sweet!

I heard Chase is hurt.

Hittin Season !!

If Chase is injured, Jobu is one hell of a doctor.

Big two out hits.

I can't even imagine the smug look on RAJ's face right now.

If Chase wasn't injured, that would have been a grand slam.

"Stupid Mike Krzyzewski and his stupid championships! I can't wait till he's out of there."

-- Duke alumni RK

Slump = over? Please?

The injured guy and the singles hitter go back to back.

hmmm, perhaps Utley's voodoo is the real thing....and apparently rubbing off on Howard

Back to Back blasts!


Slump = Over?

Should we still fire Milt as a way to shake up the team?

What in the bloody hell is going on here?? Guys with bum knees knocking 4 RBI, overpaid, overestimated 1B are a doulbe and single away from a cycle...


They converted to Voodoo instead...that's just as good as a firing.

I think we're back now :)

Jimmy &
Polly &
Chase &
The Big Piece &
Jayson &
Rauuuuul &
Shane &

The boys are back!

We should fire Milt and Cholly and bring up Brown.

and, jimmy is just about to come back too! let's hope this is no mirage and we can get back to business

"We should fire Milt and Cholly and bring up Brown."

And then trade Greg Dobbs.

TTI - the last month is the essential reality. 2005 to the present is passing thing.

Get rid of Dobbs now!

Maybe it's a bad outing for Blackburn, but this team couldn't hit off 12-yr. old pitching as recently as a week ago.

I think the aliens have departed and returned the real Phillies to their place.

How much more fun is it to watch them when they hit?

Oh, and Chase's knee is REALLY hampering him tonight.

Let's see if Kentucky/Tennessee/Country/InningsEater/Donut Eater Joe can hold this lead.

Yeah, I still think we need to get rid of Dobbs. Happ can hit, I'm sure.

Like I've been saying, a slump is a slump is a slump. Binoculars had nothing to do with anything.

When individual slumps started to end, the team slump would end. The odd thing about this season wasn't this slump, it was the hot start preceding it. When this team gets hot, and it will get hot, it will be obvious the red hegemony in the NL east has a few seasons left in it.

It would be nice if Ibanez's knee would start ailing him soon....

This is your 2010 Philadelphia Phillies.

Seeing as the rum is working, which is better?

Pedro Utley or Chase Cerrano? The High Priest needs a name.

"Utley wants to sacrifice a live chicken"

Sophist: Who was the person again who posted that this week about the team being frauds and overrated offensively over the past 3 years?

NEPP (and guys like NEPP): Here is a quote I want you guys to print out and tape above your computers for the next time we invariably go through this:

"There are 162 games in a baseball season. It does not end in June and even though teams struggle that does not mean they will never come out of it."

And on cue, as Wheels is saying to pitch this guy away, Blanton K's him on an inside fastball. Thanks, Wheels.

Damn that knee injury!

Nice job, Uts.

Methinks Mr. Utley is trying to prove something tonight.

Phillies baseball is fun again. Life is good.

Alright, from now on, we must viciously spread rumors before EVERY GAME that Chase Utley is injured and is not being up front about it. Christ, if we start at game 1, he'll have 90 HRs and 200 RBI. May even break the Gold Glove slump he's in right now...

That was Utley's first HR since May 20th BTW...insanity. Hopefully he's feeling better, eh?

NEPP, the easiest way to find a players annual slumps is to look up homerless streaks. Utley's latest one wasn't the longest of his career.

In the bad news dept: Happ is getting tagged again in Reading.

3 IP, 4 ER, 3 H, 2 BB, 1 HR

The Phillies haven't scored in 1 inning. Uh oh, here we go again...

****NEPP, the easiest way to find a players annual slumps is to look up homerless streaks. Utley's latest one wasn't the longest of his career.****

Didnt he have a longer one last year to end the year or was it 08?

They're slumping again.

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