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Saturday, June 26, 2010


Saturdays always seem to be light postings on BL.

Reposting from end of last thread:

Jamie Moyer was featured on National Public Radio's Weekend Edition this morning! Best part - the speaker, Joe Queenan, went to St. Joe's, too and likes to brag on Moyer to his Ivy League friends.
Actually, the best was just to hear Jamie get a bit of national attention in a non-baseball venue.

Here's the link; it's a 5-minute audio story:

I have the second half of the US-Ghana game/match? on. I lack killer instinct. My natural patriotism makes me root for the US, but my natural affinity for the underdog makes me think, what else does Ghana have? The US has the WS, Superbowl, lots of riches, liberty, but what has a little country like Ghana got?

And those horns! It sounds like a horde of giant mosquitoes! Ugh.

GBrettfan - i totally agree. if ghana (or uruguay, or slovakia, etc) were to win this tournament, there would be people weeping and celebrating in the streets. if the US were to win, we'd all go: that was pretty cool.

When I see Castro's name in the lineup, I think Bruntlett. And then I throw up in my mouth a little. What happened? Did Valdez sleep with Charlie's girlfriend?

this isn't a Fox game?

Nope...MLB Network.

Burt, that's the exact same reason I was fine with Canada winning the men's hockey gold in Vancouver. It's also why I'll never forgive Toronto for '93.

Keep fouling them off, guys. Wear him down and get to their bullpen.

game is on ESPN

Anyone have any idea why MLB network is airing the Braves game, and not the Phillies?

The Twins' Pavano blanked the Mets today...

Sorry for the error, about ESPN broadcast. Don't understand why I'm not watching the Tigers/Braves since I'm in Michigan.

Good to see Cole settle in.

It is regional on MLB network. Phillies are on in NYC.

Good thing they moved the series. Big riot in downtown TO with police cruisers set on fire.

Looks like so far, everything the Jays have hit has been an off-speed pitch. Are they laying back and sitting on Cole's change-up?

Honestly, Cole has been pitching great after the 1st two batters he walked. Buck just got lucky.

Just one of those things. Hamels looks great. 91-95 mph fastball with good movement/location and his change is working too.

Nice hit and run there.

Jimmy looks like he's maybe 80%. He just doesn't have that extra gear that he has when healthy. Probably the best we're gonna get this year.

Who's the replacement color announcer for WPHT tonight? He's bloody awful.

Because he's a Phillies champ and WS winner. He is forgiven for being a bit crap on TV and radio

Just hung that changeup...damn.

Hamels has pitched well besides the two pitches he's grooved. The pitch to Buck was middle, just above the knees.

Another home run on another change-up. I'm telling you, they're waiting on change-ups.

Hamels is just missing on his pitches here. Granted, its a tight strikezone but he's just missing the glove every time.

It must be frustrating as hell for him.

To philwynk: Yeah, seems like it.

75 pitches through 3 for Cole:

56 Fastballs
10 Changeups
7 Curves
2 Cutters

Gload has some impressive warning track power so far this series.

Nice double there.

Gload needs to make that play...For Howard, that's a routine scoop.

Double Ugh.

Cole Hamels simply has to stop giving up so many home runs. Someone needs to tell him.

I just yelled at the TV. Consider him told.

And it's Figgy once again. Damn if that Curt Schilling trade isn't looking better by the day.

Is this a Beerleaguer game chat with a 50 min gap in posting?

I'm sure my internet service is gapping.

Not much to say, and Summer+Day Game=Fewer Posters.

And in other news, Larry has put the Braves up 3-1...

So instead of making up ground, we'll be losing it.

Good thing is, this team has played well when chasing, and they're certainly in the race.

This game demonstrates why I would have flipped Cole and Doc in the rotation. I know Cole has been a bit better in day games this season so far, but there is clearly something different about him in daylight. Either he is not physically able to pitch as well during the day, or his ball is less deceptive in daylight than under artificial light. I think it's the latter, because he really did have good stuff today. A lot of night games, he seems to get away with a few location mistakes that left the park today.

After a Cabrera homer Tigers draw 3 walks to load 'em with 2 out in the 9th. Excellent 13 pitch AB from Inge. Down to their last strike 3 times they have stayed alived. 4 walks in a row now makes it 4-3.

Braves held.

40-odd posts, maybe half of which dealt w/ the Phillies game. "Light posting today this weekend", indeed. Enjoy your evening, everyone.

I went to the game today, Hamels really looked off his game and the fans let him have it but good

The Phils look like they were sleep walking... I know Polanco was given a day off but Castro is just an offensive zero

Also - any reason given why Schneider was replaced by Sardinha

Schneider was replaced for righty/lefty reasons which I hated. Let's face it, both those guys are pretty much automatic outs who only perform when the rest of the team does.

Juan Castro is living proof that Amaro had no interest in serious bench help during the off season and it is definately showing on a day like today.

The only bright spot of this game was Nelson Figueroa and Mike Zagurski. Oh yeah, Baez threw a scorless inning for once, as well. Yay.

Day Hamels is a just a below average starter. Don't know what exactly it is but he is much easier to hit, Ks less guys, and gives up more HRs. Now has a career ERA during the day that is close superfriendsto 5. Odds are you will see an L if you catch Hamels during the day.

Lineup didn't do him any favors either. JRoll still looks like he is getting his timing back at the plate, Vic continues to look brutal at the plate, Werth just had one of those days, and I still waiting for Ibanez to "turn around it around.". It was crazy though how many fastballs though Marcum through to Howard. Dared him to put one out and he did.

Polanco now has a shoulder injury and is day-to-day. Never thought I would love to see No-Hit Nunez at 3B but he would be a likely upgrade over arguably the worst player on MLB roster right now. Just can't a break On the injury front all year.

Hopefully they can get a stron start from Moyer to take 2 of 3 and keep their recent momentum.

What's the record for fewest posts in a game chat thread?

Besides the Saturday day game, it was another depressing start for Hamels where he got stomped pretty early. Better to just ignore it and enjoy something outside (with your smart phone safely in your pocket).

I thought Polanco's elbow was bothering him again? I hope he isn't having shoulder issues on top of that. If so, we're in trouble...

Found this on

NOTES: Manuel held 3B Placido Polanco out of the lineup as a precaution after Polanco's left elbow was sore following a dive in Friday night's game. Polanco missed six games from May 28 to June 3 with a bruised left elbow and inflammation.

Read more:
Watch sports videos you won't find anywhere else

It was Polanco's elbow that has bothered him ever since he was hit way back in early May. Not his shoulder. Doubt he ends to the DL but he might will miss tomorrow's game & a few more games.

Lol I dunno why I find this funni :-P

Go Cole! You the Man!

Hamels looked great, except for all those 2-0 and 3-0 counts. And, those 3 homers.

My theory on the three homers:

When they heard that Toronto was going to be the home team, the bullpen guys went to check out the away pen, in case they got moved. Mick left his binocs behind by accident.

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