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Sunday, June 27, 2010


Paging Jayson Werth... paging Jayson Werth... contract year is upon you... contract year is now... need you to carry team... need you to carry team... "Golden sombrero" probably not in your best interest... paging Jayson Werth....

Pardon the sarcasm of my last post, but dang, where was Jayson yesterday? In 2009, didn't he somehow find a way to put the ball in play with 2 strikes?

I'd love him to catch fire and fuel a 15 out of 20 streak. Every loss when the Braves win really hurts.

For June, Werth's hitting 290/398/536 for a 934 OPS. In the last week he's at 421/480/737 for a 1217 OPS.

He is currently on fire.

Chris beat me to the punch, but I took the time to find this, so I'm gonna post it anyway:

Werth Over The Past 14 Games

Fact of the Day
The Chicago White Sox have won 11 in a row and 15 of their last 16.

Old pal Gavin Floyd has allowed 3 runs in his last 4 starts (29 IP) and Freddy Garcia is 8-3, 4.66 as the Sox 5th starter.

Chris -- I know; I've recently posted that his 2010 numbers guarantee that he's gone via a huge (>>> Jason Bay) contract. However, I'd like to see a lot more Phillies heroics before he splits.

No one showed up at the plate yesterday. I'd have loved to see a 4 hit day from Mr. Werth just to make it interesting. The bigger Werth’s numbers get, the more he wins, and the more the Phils win.

clout - I root against Freddy Garcia more than anyone in baseball. I know it's not at all his fault that he was dealt as damaged goods, that's on Phillies management, but damn if I don't want him to get shelled every single outing. His resurgence this year is killing me.

clout: Yeah, but on the other side of town Carlos Silva has 2 losses & a no-decision in his last 3 starts, that on the heels of winning 6 straight. He's 8-2, 3.01ERA on the season, & the Cubs are 10-4 in games Carlos has started. Ed Wade rules!

myno: It is particularly galling when numerous Beerleaguer posters say Pat Gillick was the best GM in history because of all his great trades.

Not a bad lineup against a lefty for the Phils. Utley sees a power drop against lefties but still gets on base, while Werth historically crushes them. So it makes sense to put Werth right behind Utley and ahead of Howard, who we know sees a marked decline against lefties. Victorino also hits better righty, so I'm ok with him at #5. And Ibanez has obviously struggled against lefties this year, which is why he's dropped down to 7.

Maybe Jimmy Rollins' presence in the lineup shakes things up today. This is old, old, news but heck, a shot at a 100 – geesh, a 92 win season -- looks more tenuous by the day. I can't get used to being 3.5 back from the friggin' Atlanta Braves.

Daulton needs to lay off of the bronzer. He looks like a bearded Oompa Loompa.

Clout: Most people think Gillick was a good GM because he took a team that was close and put them over the top, through acquistions like Werth, Blanton, and of course So Taguchi. Small deals like the Tad Iguchi and Kyle Lohse trades also put us in position to make the playoffs in 2007 for the first time in 14 years, without giving up anything of note--unless you miss the great Matt Maloney? The trade for Lidge looks like a classic win-win deal for both sides--we got a stud closer to help us win a WS, while the Astros got a good young CF. The Lidge contract extension? Bad deal in my mind.

Interestingly, the Phillies farm system also took a big step forward under Gillick. He drafted all of the top guys in the system right now (Brown, Cosart, Gose, etc), as well as guys like D'Arnaud, Drabek, Knapp, and Donald, who allowed us to get guys like Lee and Halladay.

No one looks at his deal for Garcia, the Abreu dump, and the Eaton signing and say he was infallible, however. He certainly had a lot of misses, those being the notable ones (along with the Lidge signing, I would argue). He also was obviously given more payroll flexibility than Wade was, which helped him. But he did win a WS with the team, and he also put them in a surprisingly good position going forward. What your boy Amaro, who you are on record as regarding as the best GM in baseball, does with that, we'll see.

Howard doesn't hit lefties well? I hadn't heard that!

Clout: Gillick also has a track record of winning multiple WS with the Blue Jays, building a multiple-division winner in Baltimore, presiding over the winningest team in baseball history in the 2001 Mariners, and then a WS in 2008 with the Phillies.

So when people praise Gillick, it's probably with that in the back of their heads--it's tough to think of his job with Phillies as a fluke considering his track record of success. For better or worse, that record influences how people think of Gillick's time here.

Reposting this link to a National Public Radio piece on Jamie Moyer, in honor of his start today...

GBrettfan: Saw that yesterday. Good stuff. Thanks for the link!

MG - I know yesterday's game was depressing, but drinking is never the answer. From yesterday's game thread.

Day Hamels is a just a below average starter. Don't know what exactly it is but he is much easier to hit, Ks less guys, and gives up more HRs. Now has a career ERA during the day that is close superfriendsto 5. Odds are you will see an L if you catch Hamels during the day.

Lineup didn't do him any favors either. JRoll still looks like he is getting his timing back at the plate, Vic continues to look brutal at the plate, Werth just had one of those days, and I still waiting for Ibanez to "turn around it around.". It was crazy though how many fastballs though Marcum through to Howard. Dared him to put one out and he did.

Polanco now has a shoulder injury and is day-to-day. Never thought I would love to see No-Hit Nunez at 3B but he would be a likely upgrade over arguably the worst player on MLB roster right now. Just can't a break On the injury front all year.

Hopefully they can get a stron start from Moyer to take 2 of 3 and keep their recent momentum.

I can't remember ever giving anyone a cortisone shot for a bruise. In fact, it is not the treatment for anything other than inflammation.

And Utley really looked awful in that first at bat.

Time for Moyer to pitch a shutout and hit a homer.

Oh wait . . .

Safe to say playing as the away team in an "AL" park just saved us a double there.

RE: Gillick
It's pretty simple if you ask me, a MLB GM's job is to win. Gillick won everywhere he went. He was a good GM. I love details as much as the next guy but don't forget the big picture.

Werth had heated up this month and really been on a tear the past week until yesterday. Still waiting for Ibanez to do the same (.174/.208/.216 in the last week and .229/.295/.354 in June). Any day now.

Jack: I guess I missed the part where Howard, Rollins, Hamels, Burrell et al were brought in by Gillick. But I do agree he gets credit for the minor tweaks that helped the team win the WS in 2010.

Way too early to say Amaro is the best GM in baseball, but based on his trades and FA signings, compared to Gillick's, his record so far is better than Gillick's. If this team wins a WS I have no doubt you'll have an excuse for why that doesn't count similar to your excuses for why Moyer, Howard and Kendrick aren't as bad as you expected.

aksmith - Listening on the radio while driving up to State College and doing lots of repair work including fun involving a deck (power washing, spot sanding, staining) and some general plumbing. No drinking involved unfortunately.

Dane Sardinha is no Pete LaForest . . .

Actually been getting run production lately by stringing together some hits. Nice to see them get out to an early lead for Grandpa so that he can pitch with a lead.

Clout: My guess is Amaro's reputation will suffer significantly over the next few years. His insistence on overpaying older players rarely results in long-term success. And I think it's funny how little context you give to judging FA signings. You think signing Ibanez for 3/30 is a similar success to picking up Werth for next to nothing? Picking up Werth off the scrap heap is probably the single best signing the Phillies made in the last 10 years, considering the value he provided for his salary over the last 3 years.

Who knows though; I'd love to be wrong about Amaro, and we certainly have a shot at winning the WS this year, which would obviously burnish his credentials.

And I never claimed Gillick brought the core guys in. My point was that he took a team that was close and put them over the top.

It's really a lot more fun when everyone hits! Sardinha, Valdez, BenFran...And that makes having a DH fun, too!

GTown, glad you saw the story. What a year for Jamie!

Bad news about a potential corisone shot for Polly. I thought there were only so many times one can get a cortisone shot, that it breaks down tissue. Do athletes do it b/c they don't want to wait for inflammation to go down on its own, or is it b/c the inflammation will not go away otherwise? Is it a solution or a bandaid treatment?

Howard's average to below-average defense can basically come down to his horrible throwing. He's actually got nice hands and quite good footwork, and can make some surprisingly athletic plays with range at times. If he could make throws consistently, he'd probably be considered an above-average defender

But his throwing to second base is just consistently terrible. It costs us a bunch of DPs a season.

Very strange that the radio is AHEAD of the TV today, not behind!

Having a DH is never fun. It's like watching an NFL game where they use the two-hand-touch rule.

What I don't get is if you're gonna stop playing baseball and start playing the bumper bowling equivalent where every player who takes the field no longer has to step to the plate... why stop at just the pitcher? Why not replace position players who can't hit with someone who can? Just start fielding teams of 18 starters, your 9 best hitters, your 8 best fielders, and a pitcher. That's the logical end result of drawing an arbitrary line around the pitcher.

Or you just play real baseball... but that's just my opinion.

Congratz Moythuselah on the HR allowed record.

Well said, Lincoln.

I prefer the DH, too, Lincoln, but I was happy to have the "extra out" by not having the pitcher come up to bat on the way to those 4 runs!

Congratulations, Jamie! I kinda thought the fans would give him a standing O. But maybe they're recalling how cheering Thome's HR came back to bite them.

3-0 Tigers and they have them loaded with nobody out in the 4th against Tommy Hanson

As if we needed more proof that Jimmy is the key to this offense!

Braves down 6-0 now in the 4th. Austin Jackson with a two out two run double.

This guy looks like he's tough on lefthanders. Good job by Howard and Utley to hit the ball hard against him.

Nice D by Jayson today.

Jamie really has it this year.

>This guy looks like he's tough on
>lefthanders. Good job by Howard and Utley to
>hit the ball hard against him.

This guy was tough on the bleachers and the fences. The phils had his mark starting in the second.

When I watch Gramps doing this, it makes me wonder why Halladay ever gives up a run.

Did Sarge just say that looking at the replay, Howard was dead out?? Did he misspeak or mis-see? B/c he was clearly safe!

Pretty funny, aksmith. Jamie certainly has had some terrific starts this year! He's been better than expected. My hat's off to him.

GBrettfan - Temporary band-aid. There are several reasons/side effects you don't want to give repeated cortisone shots to a specific joint/area. If you keep getting reoccurent inflammation, you either need a prolonged period of rest to see if it improves or possible surgery down the road.

Surprised the cleavage police haven't arrested the brunette behind the plate yet.

Some ugly baseball today from the Jays. 2 misthrow this inning.

The epitome of an implosion...

You'd think Toronto would play better defense at home.

Thanks for the info, MG.

If I were a Jays fan, I'd be really PO'd at my defense!

Doubt if I've ever seen a ML team muff 3 infield grounders by the same guy in the same game. And hard to believe that Valdez can hit grounders to the middle infielders without fail. Pretty clear why he's never stuck in the majors.

JW = enigma.

Didn't Furcal have three in the NLCS?

Yeah, Valdez sure does have that knack. But his defense is very good and his offense is world's better than Babe Nunez. If Nunez was able to stick in the majors for years, I don't see why the human double play machine can't.

kruk - same fielder in that case, not same hitter.

Ahh, I see now.

Nunez as least took his share of BBs. Castro has just 4 BBs in 112 ABs. Valdez is even worse - 1 BBs in 123 Abs. That is an astounding lack of patience.

Through 25 innings of this series the Phillies have scored 21 runs, & the Blue Jays have scored 7 runs. For Philadelphia, 2 of those 21 runs have come via the long ball (2 solo HR). For Toronto, all 7 of their runs have come via the long ball (3 2-run HR & a solo HR). Considering this is about the hittin'est damn weather there is, I believe the above totals say more about the opposing offenses than they do about the ballpark they've been playing in. Think anyone in the rest of MLB & sports media outside of the Delaware Valley will notice, or do you think they'll see the Phils averaging 7 runs per game & start going on about "Band Box" & "moving the series from Toronto was so unfair"? Yeah, me, too.

Ben Francisco, show us your golden gait!

Another impressive outing from Moyer. Besides the Boston debacle, he has had a very impressive June:

6/5 SD - 9 IP, 2 ER
6/11 @ BOS - 1 IP, 9 ER
6/16 @ NYY - 8 IP, 2 ER
6/22 CLE - 8 IP, 1 ER
6/27 TOR - 7 IP, 2 ER

4-1, 4.36 ERA, 1.02 WHIP

Take those 9 runs and 1 inning off his totals and he'd have to be seriously involved in All Star discussions. Of course, that inning and those nine runs did happen. Oh well.

I'd rather have a guy who implodes once in a blue moon rather than a guy who consistently gives up 4-5 runs, which is what Joe Blanton has been up until recently.

So, if you need a lefty to pitch one game next month, do you call on the young WS hero, or the Geezer with 500+ HRs allowed? Strange game.

Pitch f/x data for Moyer:

Sinker - 16/12/0
Changeup - 19/9/7
Slider - 12/8/3
Curveball - 17/12/2
Cutter - 40/29/3

15 swing & misses today on 104 pitches. That really impressive even against a free-swinging team like the Blue Jays.

More changeups than his last 2 starters and alot more cutters than he normally throws. Have to look over the numbers but it seems like Moyer either goes predominantly with a sinker or cutter lately and then mixes in a combination of changeups/sliders/curveball depending upon the start.

After today, you could make a pretty convincing argument right now that Moyer had pretty better than Hamels has.

Is it a night game? If yes, Cole. If not, Jamie.

And now that Blowout Herndon is in the game, I'm reminded that Fabio Castro was called up the the Bosox yesterday.

I like Herndon's stuff and he sure doesn't seem to get rattled for a young kid. That was a nice pickup by Rube Jr. I had to say that because I've been very hard on him for his bad moves.

A couple of Phillies pitching lines of note:

Dunedin vs. Clearwater, 6/27/10

Say hello to your new setup man, Jesus Sanchez

aksmith - Moyer has pitched well-enough for real AS consideration given how many NL starters who are having great years but his ERA in his other 14 starts is 3.49.

Phils are about to win their 9th game in their last 13 games (all while playing Interleague opponents). Pretty impressive given how this team usually folds like oragami.

All winning series again. Went through a brutal stretch where they only won 2 of their last 11 and now are about to win their 3 of their last 4 series.

Jose Molina caught in a time warp there. Or, was he race-walking?

GTown - What I want to know is why didn't Clapton relieve Page and Beck?

This is EXACTLY the type of situation wherein Baez should be used.

Per Zolecki: Take out that awful Boston start, and Moyer's ERA since May 2 is 2.48.


krukker: He was distraught after England's loss. Not available to pitch.

DFA Castro. He is hitting below .150 since May 1st and just isn't a good defender anymore. Bring up Ransom and at least you have a guy who gives you a little pop off the bench instead of a dink hacker.

Great series for the Phillies. All things considered (injuries, the weather, a history of Interleague ignominy) I don't think we can be anything but thrilled w/ taking 2 of 3 from the Jays, & clinching a winning record vs. the AL for the first time since '07.

In light of Polly's health, I think they're not doing anything with Castro.

I don't see why Polly's health has any bearing on what they do with Castro. His offense is awful. His defense is dreadful. And his baserunning is only called baserunning because the word basejogging(tm) doesn't exist.

I agree that Ransom is a guy who can field poorly, run acceptably, and hit for little average with some pop. Sounds like a major improvement over Doodles Castro to me.

Here's the test of whether a guy should be on the two time defending NL champ's roster: If you DFA him, does anyone else pick him up? I can't imagine any team picking up Castro. At this point, I could see a team picking up Exxon. But never Castro. (Jon Heyman) is Tweeting that Bobby Valentine as no longer a candidate for the Marlins job. If true, I find that quite intriguing. I wonder if Bobby V. discussed hypothetical disciplinary situations RE: players (say, Hanley) w/ his buddy Loria, & didn't like what he was hearing. The tightfisted nature of the organization & almost total lack of fan support might also have been turnoffs.

Great catch in the gap by Werth today. I can only imagine the tippy-toeing and head ducking if it would've been Abreu in RF.

Great day for the Phils -- Jayson "Slumpin'" Werth left it all out on the field today (I heard about his awesome outfield play on the radio) despite taking the collar. Jimmy Rolins gets 3 hits and holds up. And, those stinkin' Atlanta Braves get smoked by the Tigers.

Last but not least we have the first 47-year old All Star (I betcha) in captivity. I really wish Jamie's durability was contagious.

Okay, its time.
Its time now to put Raul into a strict platoon.

Not that anything specific happened today. Its just that we've seen enough now. Ibanez is what he is. And its not quite good enough for a corner OF on a team with WS aspirations. Raul would still start most of the time. I'm pretty sure (but not certain) that Ben Fran is up to the task.
But, regardless, its time.

BP's postseason odds were up to 29 percent before today's win.

Cholly trotted out the 'hittin' season' remarks after the game.

Ace Moyer is all class. The Italian hoagies he gets after each start must be tasting better and better every time

After today's 11-run outburst, the Phils will up to 6th in the NL in runs and possibly 5th depending upon how many runs the Dodgers score. Steadily been moving up since they bottomed out at 11th in the NL a few weeks ago.

Phils have also been moving up a bit on HRs total too (74 with is good for t-4th in the NL).

Phils have scored 83 runs the past 13 games (6.38 R/G). Guess hittin' season has returned. Game on!

Moyer ties Wiley Platt for 38th on the all-time Phils victory list.

Next up: Ron Reed

Not a huge beer fan, but I know many on here are. BL favorite Troegs is moving from Harrisburg to Hershey to expand.

Just realized we are in the middle of a 20 game stretch w/o an off day. Cholly should not pick anyone on this team for the ASG, they all need rest. Or he could take Castro along for a big FU to Selig for making this game count.

I said before the Yankees/Twins/Indians/Blue Jays slate that the Phillies would finish 7-5. they went 8-4. Not too shabby.

However, this may have to get chalked up to being an undeserved win since the Blue Jays should've been playing at their home. I'll have to wait until Iceman weighs in for confirmation. He's the stat keeper on these things.

MG - Agreed, hitting season appears to be back.

Anyone who thought this team could win 100 games (myself included) has had to curb their enthusiasm, but there's no reason they can't win the NL East and compete for the title again. Braves and Mets are as flawed, if not more so.

Another completely meaningless win by Moyer.

TTI: unfortunately I spoke with the official scorer and he said even if it had been a legit home game, it would not have been a deserved win because Toronto made four errors. So this again has to go down as an UNDESERVED WIN, the 40th on the season.

I also took a look at the team's DBE ('denny b's eyes') which already told us earlier in the season that Jayson Werth is overrated in the field and in fact the entire offense has been overrated for five years. The DBE is not encouraged by the recent hot streak because of the lack of quality pitchers we have seen, plus most of the runs today were a result of luck. The DBE currently projects that we SHOULD lose every game for the rest of the year, unless we bring up savior Scott Mathieson again and DFA Ibanez and Moyer.

The Yankees defense are currently doing their best Toronto Blue Jays impression on ESPN. I think we've found the Achilles' Heel of AL teams, & it is an utter failure to field bunts correctly.

When do the Phils sign Garrett Atkins and DFA Juan Castro?

By the weekend?

How about them Rangers. Just smoked Oswalts tits for 8 runs and are poised to win their 13th of 14.

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