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Monday, June 28, 2010


I don't like the Phillies tonight. They are going to need about 8 runs to win this opener.

I've seen Cueto pitch lights out and Cueto implode. Same thing with Kendrick. Tuning in tonight hoping we get bad Cueto and good Kendrick.

BS: That seems like the obvious thought, and that's exactly why this will be one of those 2-1 games.

Lots of dugout tirades and blowups lately - a reminder that the Phillies, for all their success and megastars, remain a tight unit. Credit Manuel.

Reading a funny thread over at Metsblog. They're all now ready to trade Mejia for Cliff Lee when a couple months ago Mejia was a future #1 starter with multiple Cy Youngs ahead of him who can't be dealt at any cost.

It's amazing what some early season success will do to a fan base's opinions!

Another thought for a short-term Polanco replacement: Akinori Iwamura. He was terrible with Pittsburgh this year by any measure, but the definition of terrible shifts when we're comparing him to Juan Castro. Iwamura's .182/.292/.267 line this year is good for an extra 60 points of OPS over Castro.

Only problem: he hasn't played third base since 2007 and is a poor defensive second baseman, although Castro's third base is nothing to write home about either.

CJ: It is amazing what some early season disappointments will do to a fan base's opinions - we are just as guiltily. I highly doubt JW has his best traffic days when the Phillies are playing .400 baseball.

JW: Something that gets lost in the shuffle on here is really how good a job Manuel does of keeping the clubhouse in check.

The problem with Iwamura is that from all reports he's still injured and that's the big cause of his downturn from last year.

Looks like the young Mr. Kendrick is keeping the ball down tonight. Too bad he'll never be a Major League pitcher...

Bay Slugga: Never suggested Phils fans were any different. You need only look at the insane suggestions about dumping half our roster just a few weeks ago.

Cabrera got thrown out at the plate. Braves get 2 hits but no runs.

Strong 1st inning for KK. Nice to see the two groundouts, but loved seeing him strike out a very tough lefty!

Crazy stat: Mo Rivera, at age 40, is posting an ERA+ of 446 so far this season.

Is he the best closer in the history of the game by a significant margin or do you give guys like Gossage more credit for having so many 3 inning saves.

I would say Rivera is the best ever hands down.

Chooch, come back soon, please.

Some good D from the Reds that inning. Cueto is looking very hittable. All outs have been hard hit, starting with Rollins deep fly to start the game.

Nice job, non major league pitcher.

Great AB by Valdez. Fought off tough pitches to get that walk.

3 inning saves vs the modern closers role is a valid argument when comparing closers of different eras, but if there was a single modern closer who'd be an exception to that rule it would be Rivera. He comes in the eighth as much as anyone, and you know he could throw three without breaking a sweat.

That last thing I want to do is heap more praise on the Yankees but Mariano is clearly the all time number one.

Valdez' second BB in about 130 AB.

The Fox Sports Ohio broadcast crew were disappointed in that walk because "you don't walk the eight hitter".

If they had any idea how impatient Exxon is their heads would explode.

Marlins 'home' game today is in Puerto Rico. Stadium is 3x smaller but attendance is 10x more.

Tons of foul room, looks like a football field.

I would imagine that when the Marlins start playing in a real ballpark, their attendance will improve.

The Mets are playing in Puerto Rico instead of Florida?!? Three fewer road games? That's just bullshit. That's really not fair. That's just not fair. That's ridiculous... absolutely crazy.

LA on WPHT: "Some nights when things aren't going well for KK, he just looks like a deer in the headlights."

I didn't realize LA was a Beerleaguer.

Maybe for the first year or two...if they decide to actually put some money into it...otherwise, I dont think the ballpark will be a cure-all for them.

Nine pitch inning. Nice

It looks like it's going to be a nice ballpark with a retractable roof. Sounds a lot more comfortable than what they have to deal with now.

Los Marlins up 3-1.

Utley was safe. Should be 1-0 now.

I just don't really think Miami is a big baseball town to be honest. Even when they were winning (in 03, 97) they didn't draw well. I think the stadium will help but if Loria doesn't spend, it wont last more than a couple years.

Chase was safe on the replay.

Chase was clearly safe...not even close. Terrible call.

Judging by the crowd, I think its a home game for Los Mets.

****Los Marlins up 3-1.****

Ahem, Los 'Abanicos'

At least per babelfish. Not a spanish speaker by any means.

Wow. Close play at 1st.

And another awful call.

What is this, the World Cup?

Strasburg's peripherals aren't quite as solid against his first MLB lineup. Only 1 K through 3 IP despite the shutout. Maybe he's pitching to contact now.

Note: Not bashing him...he's still shutting them down.

Gonna be one of those ump nights...

Did they blow two calls that inning? I have the TV on mute for understandable reasons. Looked like Utley and Ibanez were both safe.

NEPP: Did you just try and a use 9 outs as a sample size?

Was the buckner at first? That man has no business being an umpire.

That was just terrible at 1B...wasn't even close.

****NEPP: Did you just try and a use 9 outs as a sample size?****

Like I said, just joking around.

Nationals are doing all they can to keep this game close.

Pudge got caught stealing by about 20 steps and Morgans been picked off too.

Kendrick inducing tons of bad contact tonight until that last hit. Lots of dinks.

I hope CB Bucknor gets the clap.

5-1 Fish.

There goes the Perfect Game. "Year of the Pitcher", my ass.

The Reds ran with one of the best lefty hitters in the game hitting against a guy who can't get out lefties?

Amazing. Dusty Baker I guess. What a terrible decision.

Honestly, how do CB Bucknor and Joe West still have jobs? They are both so'd think the rest of the Umps would get rid of them if only to cut down on the criticism/push for expanded replay.


Hung that one a bit to Rolen.

My god that was an awful pitch.

And then that happens. Kendrick had been pitching well too before the last 3 batters.

KK doesnt look as good out of the stretch.

Its tough when you keep working Cueto and now this.

CB Buckner has never made a good call.

Kendrick was determined to keep throwing that pitch until someone hit it out. Mission accomplished. Well done, Kyle.

Valdez was itching to swing that bat after the walk.

As long as KK keeps it close and goes 6-7, he's done his job as the 5th starter. He's probably one of the best 5th starters in the NL.

Just me or did Jimmy come up lame there?

Even their ball men are good with the glove

MLB leader in UZR/150 at 2B Chase Utley...hell of a time, Chase.

Of course...there goes the wheels all after the Utley error. Damnit.

Chase should have made that play. Ugh.

KK needs to do some fast tap dancing here!

This one has felt like a loss long before this inning...

he really needs a DP here

Kendrick looks bad when pitching out of the stretch.

KK looks bad when his defense craps out behind him on routine grounders from the opposing pitcher.

If Kendrick continues to throw that f*cking Cutter Dubee should come out & slit his throat. Enough already.

Give Kyle credit for getting out of it after a couple hits there.

Not pretty but not an implosion.

GTown, can I infer from your comment that you aren't happy with KK's cutter?

Gotta say, KK's cutter doesn't cut all that much. Its kinda ust flat.

Way to crush it, Ryno

Old Phan: I'm not esp. thrilled w/ it, no.

You have to get at least one run here. This could be disappointing.

Well, they got at least one run. Very uninspiring ABs by Schneider and Exxon.

Does Howard lead all 1B in triples the last couple years?

Cueto hasn't exactly been overwhelming tonight. Phils just haven't been able to get that timely hit and haven't played flawless defense tonight like the Reds.

Why was KK brought back out for the 7th anyway. Yeah, his pitch-count was low but he was clearly getting hit in the 6th.

When is happ coming back?

NEPP: Stephen Strasburg holds the MLB record for Triples by a 1B, despite being a Pitcher. He's that freakin' good.

I believe Strasburg also leads the league in inside the park home runs.

I still clearly remember Strasburg's Perfect Game in the Game 5 of the '56 World Series.

Two bad outings in a row by KK. If all goes well for Happ tomorrow, he will be pitching for the Phillies this weekend.

I remember the game when Strasburg had two unassisted triple plays in one inning.

Honestly, its a good thing that Jason Heyward is out for tonight's game...otherwise, the Heyward/Strasburg confrontation may very well have destroyed the world as we know it.

Fish 6-3 in the 7th

Rire Fube:

"He's not coming back!"

Speaking of rookies, why hasn't everyone jumped on the Brennan Boesch bandwagon yet? He's been utterly ridiculous for the Tigers so far.

An inning to far with KK.

If his name isn't Strasburg, he doesn't count.

Coming this Summer...

"An Inning Too Far"

Kyle Kendrick

NEPP - Tonight was classic Cholly managing the pen. Didn't have anybody to go even though KK had got hit the previous inning and he knew he was pushing him by trying to get through the 7th.

By the time he did manage to make a move, this game was 6-1 and it was over.

"Speaking of rookies, why hasn't everyone jumped on the Brennan Boesch bandwagon yet?"

Because his name sounds more like that of a regional brand of sausage than that of a professional ballplayer?

Be that as it may, I wish we had a guy like that in our system ready to come up. Ridiculous stats in his first 200 PAs...29 XBH in 198 AB so far. I'm sure he'll cool down once pitchers find some holes but wow.

Dubee: I've just spoke to Cholly. He's very proud and pleased.
Amaro: Pleased?
Dubee: Of course. He thinks KK was 90% successful.
Amaro: But what do you think?
Dubee: Well, as you know, I always felt we tried to go a inning too far.

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