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Tuesday, June 22, 2010


So is what your sayin'...the prospects that we gave up for Lee have played about as well as the prospects we got for Lee ???

I think jettisoning some payroll nad getting Cliff back might be a good idea !

Storms currently ripping through Chester County are headed towards Philly. Looks to be moving pretty quickly, so if it affects the game, it shouldn't be for too long...

Tornado warning for Philadelphia county. Wonder if the game will be played in Oz tonight.

There's thunder up here by the art museum and the sky is turning dark. As yet, no rain.

Really a warning for Philadelphia? I've always assumed there wasn't enough clear space for a tornado to happen in the city. Even the northeast and fairmount park have enoughg things to obstruct tornados, right?

Carrasco has stalled, but he's 23 years old and still throws 95 mph, so he's still a prospect. If he were 25 or 26, then he'd be a suspect, not a prospect.

Ground Crew just put the tarp on the field, & it's thundering ominously. Looks/sounds like we're in for a delay.

And a 27 year old who topped out at 101(kph) two years ago whould be...?

gobaystart - No it is severe thunderstorm warning only. Actually believe my over anxious coworker. NOAA verified. Still wouldn't want to be headed down to CBP tonight.

Clout: Didn't realize he was throwing that hard. I always thought he was around 93.

JRoll back . . . 20 games until the ASB and with the somewhat easier schedule I expect the Phils to start to look a bit better and go 12-8 & actually start winning some series again. Teams that go to the playoffs win more than 2 or 3 series over a 2 month stretch (Phils only have won 2 of their last 11 series).

Tarp now coming off of the field. Looks like the worst of it just missed the Ballpark. Good deal. I didn't love the thought of Jimmy returning on a wet night.

the sun is out up here. I don't think it ever really rained on my block. Game on!

Carrasco may hit 95 but he sure as hell doesn't sit there. He's always been more of a 92-93 mph guy.

****Wonder if the game will be played in Oz tonight.****

As long as we don't drop the soap, we should be fine either way.

MG: 12-8 between now and the ASG is not good enough; it's only .600 agv. If Atlanta continues to play .600 ball, they'll end up with 97 wins. For the Phillies to win 98, they have to win at a .663 rate, starting tonight.
It looks grim to me.

There is a tornado warning. I just say T-Mac fly by and he said "I'm Goooooooone!"

ATL won't play .600 ball the rest of the way.

This is the moment we've been waiting for. I can feel the electricity. Jimmy seriously adds something to the game regardless of what he puts in the box score.

He's a bum.
You're not a power hitter Jimmy! Hit the ball on the ground!! Willie Mays Hayes!! Be more like Bowa!

Ryan, with your speed you should be hitting them on the ground and legging them out.

Who is this Rollins guy you speak of?

RR looking down at Jamie right now as he tied the record.

I just started watching. Does Jamie hold the record for most HR's now?

Jamie is now tied with Robin at 505 a piece.

7 of the top 10 guys on the list are HoF pitchers...the three that aren't:

Randy Johnson
Burt Blyleven
Jamie Moyer.

Thanks NEPP, my question was sandwiched in between the answer

Jimmy's definitely not pushing it down the line...probably smart not to do that on a routine grounder.

Dammit, Jimmy! Don't hit it on the ground, like Exxon! Hit it in the air, like Dobbs! ...

No, wait ... :-S

46 pitches through 4 for Jamie? Looks like he's on pace for another CG.

Pops is dealing, but it would be nice for the Phils offense to give their 48 year old pitcher a bigger cushion.

James in SF, if there's an over under on ATL playing .600 the rest of the way, i'll take the under.

I'm here @ the game. JRoll looks about 90%.

definitely interference there by Raul

I hear FIFA is looking for refs.

Well, I was about to note how disoriented I was feeling, watching the Phillies bring home runs from 3rd base with less than 2 outs. What team is this that I'm watching, I wondered?

And then they called interference on Ibanez and took away Werth's run, and I felt at home again.

phillyblunt beat me to the joke.

Why would Charlie argue that to the point of ejection? That was ridiculously blatant. And not even close to the first time Ibanez has done it.

Here's your periodic reminder:

Cliff Lee

Enjoy the game, awh!

you argue because it is a bogus thing to call because umps randomly pick and choose when to enforce the rule and raul's slide had no impact on the play.

Thanks Nate. Its interesting that you would bring up Cliff Lee on a night where Moyer is absolutely dealing. Idiot.

gobaystars: The rule on interference is pretty clear and that play was a textbook example of it.

thanks gbrett

Welcome back, Jimmy.

Don't be a front runner.

Yeah the rule is clear but it isn't called all of the time so umpires have made it into a bogus rule that they call when they feel like it. Watch a game.

Talbot has been struggling all night long and they have scored 2 runs through 5 IP. Offense needs to pick it up. No excuses tonight with JRoll back.

When it is as blatantly obvious as that though you have to call it.

Only a person who is a silly homer would try to say what you are saying

Our offense really is average at best this year. 3 hits of Talbot? Come on guys!

At least Young Jamie showed up ready to play.

The interference was the correct call...not even close to being a borderline call.

NEPP: Maybe baystars will tell you to watch a game too

I am...guess I'm a bit more objective. It was blatant.

I would be really curious to see what Moyer's overall record is against team that have seen him for the 1st time in a Phils' uniform (especially NL teams).

Still odd how he has so thoroughly denominated the Fish/Nats and been ~.500 pitcher against everyone else.

Please score some runs off this tomato can, who has thrown as many balls as strikes up to this point

Howard is having a solid, but not spectacular year.

Howard is a hot week or two from his best season since '06. Or he could just get warmer over the next few months. Would be surprised if he finishes the year on this SLG pct..

I'll call it right now...Rube will give Jamie a 1 year extension this winter.

To Sophist: I agree. He's not having a bad year at all. He really hasn't had his hot streak yet and he's batting .294. Its a bit of a hollow .294 but its not bad by any means. I would expect his SLG to end up in the .550-.575 range by the end of it.

Jamie Moyer continues to amaze me. Wow.

NEPP: do you think Jamie would agree to that, or would he want a two-year deal? I'm being serious!

Was Rube posting to BL there?

Scott: In all honesty, he'd probably at least want a club or vesting option.

You're right. I didn't even see the play. The internet is lame. I quit.
Also, "Tomato Can" ha I like that.

Two runs in one small-ball inning off the Indians is completely unacceptable. The offense is mediocre. With this lineup, even on JR's first night back, this is without excuse.

we need a screengrab of that close-up of Rube on the laptop.

When T-Mac gives an update on Yankees-Diamondbacks to fill time, I miss Harry the K.

The Indians are one of the worst teams in the Majors and we have 4 ridiculous is this?

on gameday -- what was the injury delay after raul's at bat?

Bad feeling on this.

If we win I could really give a damn if we had one hit.

Wins are the name of the game. You don't get anything for style points.

We're letting them stay in this way too long is the issue TTI.

Howard needs to make that play...tough play though.

Dom Brown: 3 for 4, 2 HRs

5 HRs in his last 7 games.

How many runs or hits you get in a game only matter in relation to what your opponent gets.
Would you rather your offense score 2 runs and win or score 10 runs and lose?

Jamie Moyer is just unreal.

Young Jamie is quite the competitor.

Old Phan...I agree completely. I just worry too much in close games like this.

Domo and Tagg are pounding the ball.

If Jamie keeps pitching like this, I would like to see a three year deal this winter.

Hats off to another gem

Old Phan and TTI are completely missing the point.

Yes, the win is the most important item in the night's performance. Moyer's performance has been stellar, and IF the bullpen produces a scoreless 9th, we win.

No, the offense that scores only 2 runs on 4 hits off this rookie is not likely to win most of their games going forward.

How hard is that to grasp?

NEPP: Then the issue is how much you worry

Romero's still up?

Lidge not going in the 9th? I mean, I saw him standing up too but Romero's staying warm.

philwynk: I'm not even going to begin to try and tell you what is wrong with your statement. You figure out the logical fallacy there.

Sorry i don't share your propensity to complain about a game we may win 2-1

"No, the offense that scores only 2 runs on 4 hits off this rookie is not likely to win most of their games going forward."

Are you certain about that?
It's not hard to grasp (especially since I'm wearing my special theoretical gloves), I just don't agree with it.

I agree that winning is what's important whether it be 2-1 or 32-1 it doesnt matter. Still, I hate watching our bullpen in 1-run games this year.

Anybody want to see Lidge in a 1-run save situation especially when he can't hold a runner on 1st?

Honest question: Will Dom Brown be the #1 prospect going into 2011? At his current rate of production and the graduation to the Majors of almost all the guys ahead of him, I think its a possibility.

He's really dominating at AA.

TTI, my logic is better than yours in my sleep, you insufferable horse's ass, and if you're trying to pretend there's some logical fallacy in "if your team doesn't hit well you're not going to win games," well, good luck with that.

F'ing idiot.

Can someone explain why Romero is up against a RG hitter?

Strange, indeed.

Sorry, RH hitter.

You talk about a fairly damning assessment of Lidge's role as the closer - Lidge isn't out here in a 1-run game in the 9th?

I guess UC didn't want to see Lidge in a 1 run game either.

So, it didn't seem like we gave the rookie pitcher much of a run for his money. Are we done slumping or not?

Jamie Moyer - Wow!

Jimmy, even at 3/4 speed is still head and shoulders above Castro/Valdez when it come to range. He needs a bit more work to knock the rust off on his throws but its good to see him back.

Is Lidge not pitching b/c he pitched 2 days in a row, although they had the day off yesterday, or b/c Charlie isn't feeling it with him right now?

I'm guessing that UC isn't feeling Lidge in a 1 run game at this point...not with his issues with holding guys on.

Maybe Lidge is re-injured? But what about Contreras?

I will say this for Romero - at least he keeps the runner somewhat closer to 1B and gives Schneider a catch to throw him out if he runs.

It is ridiculous you are paying a guy $12.5M this year and you don't use him in the exact spot where you should be.

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