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Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Assuming Werth walks, would the Phils be content with a Francisco/Gload RF platoon to start 2011? This is if they don't non-tender Francisco, which I'm beginning to think is a definite possibility. If I had to guess, they will sign a vet to a one-year deal to play RF.

I would bet that the Phils do NOT take the Heyward approach with Brown; that is, he will not make the team out of spring training. More likely they will keep him in the minors late enough to prevent him from becoming a Super Two.

I am beginning to think, however, that Brown really is good enough to start 2011 with the big club. It ought to be interesting to see how this plays out.

All this news is great, but how is Chooch?

Having to choose between a Kyle Kendrick who is pitching well (and hopefully tonight) and a J.A. Happ who is pitching well is a good problem to have.

While Moyer has been pitching extremely well, if KK continues to pitch the way he has the last 9 games, one wonders whether KK's return to respectability will bring about the end of the Moyer era in Philadelphia - particularly for financial reasons.

Not that Moyer isn't earning his money this season, but Moyer is likely to make more than his $6.5 MM base this season. He'll want the same amount even on a one-year deal. So, this difference betwenn Moyer and KK in the rotation next season is likely to be at least $7 million.

Next year's rotation?:

Kentucky Joe

awh: I would guess that they would keep Kendrick in a 6th-starter role. As the last two years have shown, you really need to have more than 5 viable starting pitchers, because one or two are almost always hurt. I wouldn't be surprised to see Moyer back, and if not, I really doubt they go into next year without bringing in a similar veteran back-of-the-rotation starter.

DH Phils, but 7MM is a lot of dough, especially if they think they have a shot to re-sign Werth.

BTW, to what number what did last night's sellout extend the streak? Has to be 70-something?

If the Phillies let Werth walk, then Brown should be the starter, unless he completely flops for the rest of the season at AAA (where he will be promoted soon).

I'm with Krukker--Brown is convincing me that he's pretty close to MLB-ready. He might hit some rough patches, but he's also got a good chance to be a real star.

Just took a look at Moyer's BABIP and LOB%

Conclusion: Moyer is pitching over his head.

BaySlugga: Moyer is pitching over his head a bit but his xFIP is 4.63 - right around his career average and more than acceptable for a 4th-5th starter.

awh: $7 MM is a lot, but the Phillies don't really have a good potential 6th starter in the minor leagues. If they go without another starter there's a very high probability of needing a Rodrigo Lopez-type pitcher (or a younger AAAA guy like Drew Carpenter) to start 10+ games.

Based on the tattered Scouting Report Jamie still carries from when he was drafted, one could argue that he's been pitching "over his head" for his entire career. All 25 seasons of it...

Uh Oh

heckuva start KK

Time for Dubes too geet in KK's face...oh, here he comes.

This is the sort of night (hot weather, KK on the mound, opposing pitcher is a middling righty) where the old Phils would score 11 runs. We'll see how these bizarro Phils do. I'm predicting a 4-1 loss.

KK needs to trust his dtuff and just pound the zone, He's trying to be way too fine.

So the Phillies don't need starting pitching right???

Dan, I think EVERY team that gives up a 2 run HR to Shin-Soo Choo needs starting pitching! STAT!

Apparently the o's want a young shortstop for Wiggington. That seems totally unrealistic.

Time to go dumpster diving for a starter. I'm still saying it's Ben Sheets.

How about after Carmona's start tomorrow we just keep him?

So far, KK only gave up two runs and thre 25 pitches. He can come back from this with a few nice innings.

Re: Dan

I say we just trade for him now and start him tomorrow!

Dan, I think we need a new shortstop too since Jimmy made an out. What do you think?

Yea, you're probably right. Lets compare a former MVP, all-star, clutch performer, gold glove caliber, leader of the team to Kyle Kendrick.

Jack and Krukker - If Brown replaces Werth then our lineup is extremely unbalanced with lefties. We'd need Francisco/Mayberry or a free agent/trade to step up and be a legit 4th OF or platoon. Kinda funny how all our top position prospects (Brown, Gose, Singleton, Gillies etc) are lefties as well as the team's core sans Werth.

RBI Howard, just how Charlie drew it up.

Our only run of the night right there.

I'm watching on gamecast. Can someone explain how a run scored on a double play?

Spitz, Hard hit ball to first, touched the bag and by the time they tagged Utley, Polanco had crossed home.

For all you'er/Seinfeld fans. I think Jerry will be in the booth in the third inning of the mets game. On the downside so will Keith Hernandez.

Dan: Kendrick has been solid over 13 starts this year. He then gave up a HR to a very good hitter. Don't you think your overreaction warranted a sarcastic response?

Love the Sein.

Only 2 runs of the game!

DH Phils,
Kyle Kendrick is a nice kid and I route hard for him every time out. My only point was people laugh at the notion that we need starting pitching. I just think you can never have to many starters. In all honestly would you feel confident with him in a big spot?

Dan, "you can never have too many starters" is such a trite statement. Of course you can't have too many starters. But given that the Phillies (like any team) has limited resources, do you really think they should be focusing on starting pitching versus other areas of need?

Also Dan, how many "big spots" is Kyle Kendrick going to be in?

Dan: Kendrick pitched well in a big spot last week against the Yankees. Of course, the Phillies could use starting pitching, but I don't think there are many available pitchers that would be a marked improvement over Kendrick. I also don't think one HR by the other team's best hitter proves anything.

I understand what you're saying about needing starting pitching, but would a Jake Westbrook type really be much of an improvement over Kendrick? I would hate to see the Phillies bring in a mediocre veteran arm just because "we need pitching".

Haha are you guys related to Kyle Kendrick, jeez. Truce?

Seinfeld is the color man for the mets this inning, sounds good.

Can someone who's watching the game tell me what they're seeing from KK? From Gameday and radio, it sounds like he's missing the zone and getting the ball up where guys can hit it. What say you?

philwynk: Yes, & yes. Although he's done better since the first inning. Dubee had some choice words (most of the beginning w/ the letter "F") for Kyle during their meeting on the mound in that same frame.

Werewolves of Philly out tonight.

Raul is making his case for why he is definitely still a valuable asset for the Phillies.

I thought it was comical last inning seeing Kendrick strike out Westbrook twice before actually striking him out on strike 5. He didn't even mouth off at the ump, just kept trying to pound the zone. Definitely battling tonight.

And say what you will about Ibanez being finished, but the guy is really trying hard out there. He really pushed the action by taking 2nd on his hit and 3rd on the wild pitch. With limited options, it's all you can ask for. And I think he's looked a lot better in the past 2-3 weeks.

Someone was saying earlier that he's OPS'n over .850 over the last 10 days.

Choo-Choo Pain.

Indians stacked a bunch of lefties at the top of the order, and like most lefties they're seeing KK well.

A bunch of LH batters, a Home start, lacking the ability to locate w/ any consistency ... that's a perfect storm for Kendrick.

Not Kyle's night. This is supposed to be a weak offense, right? Maybe they're getting hot.

Curious to see how Herndon does. I'm not brimming with confidence in him yet, but he can get the DP. Or all his grounders can find holes.

Oh, good start!

Ibanez is a DH pretending to be a left fielder. Heather said so.

Well if "Ibanez is a DH pretending to be a left fielder," what does that make Ben Fran? Whenever Ibanez and Ben Fran were in the game, Ibanez was playing left & Ben Fran was DHing.

JJ's radio voice gets excited whether the play benefits the opponent or the Philles =

Kinda makes me ill

philwynk, yeah, Heather's right. Raul can't field or throw.

Actually, he's looked pretty good on the base paths the last couple of weeks.

I wonder if he's finally over his suregery?

....and Dickey is knuckling the Tigers and toward another Mets victory.

Well, here's my Zags prediction.

Something tells me he'll pitch well.

holy mack, the Phils passing the Mets adn Braves this season will, IMHO, boils down to one thing: beating them head to head.

Zagurski.. huh - s/be interesting

Bronco Zagurski

Zagurski appears to have been on the patented Sabathia/Fielder Fitness Plan.

93 MPH from Zags?


Zagurski is bringing the heat! Did he always throw low 90s before his injury?

Zags - dealing.

Nepp: Zagtastic?


( he sounds like a Ford truck)

All of the BL love Mathieson got when he was down on the farm and not one word for Zag.

Nice job, rookie.

holy: JJ has a voice made for sign language.

Tough DP there by Raul.

One thing I'd like to see, offensively, is a little input from the manager to help out with all the double-plays we hit into. Would it be criminal to, once in a while, call for a hit and run? We need to do something to marginalize the GIDP. HAve we called for a hit and run this year?

Fvcking bonehead play there Shane.

Uh, but not with two outs...

Nice to see Matthew Clemmens on the mound.

Actually, I recall him throwing mid to upper 90's during his initial tour of duty with us...

Posted by: goody | Wednesday, June 23, 2010 at 09:03 PM

holy: JJ has a voice made for sign language.

kinda like garrett morris from SNL

The most disappointing thing about Vic getting picked off is that it robbed me of a chance to call Schneider absolutely useless when he struck out (inevitable).

Nice to see Zag making an effort to hold the optional activity where Phillie pitchers are concerned

I want credit for the reverse jinx right there. I actually insult a player and he A) guns a dude out, B) hits a game tying HR within 10 minutes.

Say you're sorry, Iceman.

The most disappointing thing about Vic getting picked off is that it robbed me of a chance to call Schneider absolutely useless when he struck out (inevitable).

Posted by: Iceman | Wednesday, June 23, 2010 at 09:21 PM
so much for that inevitability!!

Iceman with a classic BL reverse jinx!

Alternate Universe Warning: Brian Schneider hits a home run for the Phillies to tie the game. We now return to the Real Universe...

LOL @ Iceman. Schneider comes through! FINALLY

Ice, you are definitely the man. Well done.

Iceman, you couldn't have disparaged Gload to get a back to back??

Did Cholly say why Jimmy returned to the leadoff slot this time, and not further down in the order like last time?

If the pen gets spent tonite, and Joe has to pitch a CG in tomorrow afternoon's heat, what's the o/u on Joe's weight loss? I think it will help him.

Why didn't Chuck bring in Durbin in the 7th? He's a guy that can go a couple of innings. Why burn Baez there?

I say "Why not burn Baez even earlier?" Like, w/ actual fire.

Baez should never ever ever see anything resembling a pressure situation.

Great job by Chase there.

Death, taxes and a poor at bat against left-handed pitching by Raul Ibanez.

Good one, dumb bell, Perez is a righty. Well, just change it to "against any kind of pitching."

Durbin looks hurt...hamstring probalby.

Oh great! Durbin just injured himself!

Zagurski appears to have been on the patented Sabathia/Fielder Fitness Plan.

Posted by: GTown_Dave | Wednesday, June 23, 2010 at 08:58 PM
I think Blanton is a spokesman as well

Watching on Gameday, is Durbin hurt?

Welcome back Scott Mathieson.

One of those years.

It would be easy to take heart in the competitive nature of this game, if not for the fact that the Phillies have played sloppy baseball vs. a very bad team.

And now Durbin's hurt. Great.

To timr...yup, definitely hurt. He came up lame trying to field a bunt. Looks like a hamstring or calf maybe.

looks like the DL is filling up again. W/ Durbin - probably means Baez gets the ball more...


should read w/ Durbin out

Really crushed that one...give me a damn break.

Jimmy made a good effort there but there was no chance with that throw.

Jimmy also looks a bit shaky getting up as its pretty evident he's not 100%

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