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Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Any chance Ruiz hits higher in the line-up, like 2nd, when he comes back? Probably not but I think they should at least try it.

Missing Utley for a couple of months? That's an unpleasant thought.

"J.A. Happ made his fifth rehab start since going on the DL with a left forearm strain in late April and went 4+ innings, allowing two runs on six hits and four walks while fanning four. After the game, Happ said he felt the best he has in any of his rehab starts and that he’s ready to get back to Philadelphia and help the Phillies. "

I heard Hank Blalock is looking for work!

You think Utley's got problems?

"What's big, green and facing a civil suit? The Phillie Phanatic.

A Pennsylvania woman is suing the Phillies and the man behind the portly mascot over injuries she says were caused by the furry critter climbing on top of her at a minor league game in 2008.

Attorney John Speicher says Grace Crass was injured when the Phanatic climbed on top of her during a Reading Phillies game. Crass claims the bumbling bird exacerbated her arthritis, ultimately forcing her into knee replacement surgery.

Speicher acknowledges that suing the Phanatic seems "like suing Santa Claus," but his client experienced a real injury because of the mascot's shenanigans."


old phan - disagree. obviously tmac isn't harry but that is not the 'worst' thing.

most posters have pointed out all of the reason why he is awful. His call on jroll's walkoff a week ago sums it up perfectly, he ruins the actual moment on the field. His stupid little jokes, segues between ads and play-calling, and just general attitude to always remember to never speak his own mind (if he even has an opinion about baseball) are what makes him dreadful.

I am so against everything that TMac represents and stands for that I am disgusted that some people even think for a moment to defend him in anyway, even if its to just say "he's not THAT bad". Yes, he is.

Hugh, that is a riot! I'd like to be in the courtroom for that.

i am very down on the utley injury, i think its going to be surgery.

Interesting from Larry Shenk on Valdez:

"Valdez certainly has stepped up from being a non-roster spring training invitee. Had one homer in 342 major league at bats before this season. The guy's played in 20 different cities in the states plus the Dominican, Korea and Japan. That's a lot of different uniforms. He, too, can be called resilient."

I knew he had been around but had no idea he'd made that many stops along the way.

I wonder if I'd tolerate McCarthy a little more if he didn't feel the need to make awkward transitions between every topic that comes up.

We're in the nonlinear, remote control, ADD age, Tom, we can handle going from the "Buy Tickets" promo to the stats of the new bullpen pitcher without you feeling the need to ease us from one to the other.

Old Phan - it's pretty funny. That fat green phreak decked my 3 year old once. I should sue, too.

I doubt there'll be a trial - it will settle. Interesting lawyer's question - does the disclaimer / release language on teh back of your ticket bar this lawsuit? Every ticket has language saying something like "holder assumes all riska nd danger incidental to the game of baseball, whether occurring prior to, during or after the game, including but not limited to thrown or batted balls, flying bats and objects thrown into the stands and agrees that the team is not liable for injuries resulting therefrom." I never saw one disclaim liability for being forced to give a piggy-back ride to a fat green furry thing with an anteater's tongue.

BTW - Those releases / exculpatory contracts of adhesion are generally enforceable in PA.

BTW - Those releases / exculpatory contracts of adhesion are generally enforceable in PA.

I have to admit that I like Valdez as a utility guy. Sure, he's a punch and judy hitter to an extreme (3 homers notwithstanding - Steve Jeltz hit two in a game once). But, he plays within his skills. He's a fine defender, a heads up baserunner and he has some obvious baseball sense about him. If he weren't in hte lineup everyday, I'd love him.

Hugh: She probably had it coming. I'd like to see the Phanatic in the witness stand pantomiming his testimony, that'd be hilarious.

And he has a decent arm. Haven't seen him botch too many throws.


Seeing the Phanatic on the witness stand would be funnier than the Three Stooges short when Curly is on the stand.

We were going to call in my moms birthday for a shoutout during the Phillies game but she was afraid T-Mac would spend ten minutes talking about her during the game and embarrass her.


Reminds me of this gem...

That was a tough call on JRoll low.

Was a strike according to Gameday. Just went and checked.

Bubba - resilient? yes. scrappy? remains to be seen.

Werth's hitting only .188 with runners on, or was it RISP? I'm not impressed.

@ Kay

I can see it now:

TMac: "...and that's why they had to put Ugueth Urbina in jail. And speaking of gasoline and machetes, a very happy birthday to Marilyn Feinman, who's 79 today. You know Charlie was saying just the other day about David Bell-"

Sarge: "-79 of course, sorry to interrupt you there Tom, but 79 is of course an odd number, not being evenly divisible by-"

Wheels: "-and Jamie, well, you know, what he's doing at his age is really phenomenal, and that isn't something you see everyday, really phenomenal. What you expect to see from him is a slow decent into alcoholism and depression brought on by eventually leaving the game he loves, Tom."

TMac isn't the worst announcer out there. The Phils broadcast sjust wouldn't miss a beat if they replaced him next season and I still would have prefered Scott Graham over TMac for the longer-term.

It's a sample size thing, that's all. Should correct with more PA w RISP.

Inning should be over here . . .

dlhunter - thats some funny stuff !

Eddings appears to have learned the strike zone from Bucknor.

scrappy? remains to be seen.

Matt- I think with Placido & Chase out for a while we will see plenty.

So...the Phanatic's a bird? Good to know.

i'm hearing surgery and 2 months out for uts. i hope resilient and hopefully scrappy valdez continues his ruthian ways. can you be both ruthian and scrappy?

btw, valdez has out homered utley 3 to 1 over the past month.

Conshy - How about a source for what you're hearing?

Halladay isn't sharp here again in the early going . . .

Can anyone reasonably explain Dobbs hitting 2nd?

I understand he got a hit in his first AB, but the guy has been a corpse for a year and a half now and Cholly is obviously insistent that when he starts he'll be batting 2nd. Is there anyone that can explain why the hell Manuel would do this?

"Utley will visit hand specialist Randall Culp in Philadelphia for a second opinion on Wednesday. Surgery could be a possibility depending on the severity of the sprain. The average recovery time from surgery on a thumb ligament is generally 6 to 10 weeks. Utley owners will hold their breath until word comes later on Wednesday."

from Rotowire.

other reports were saying that he received a diagnosis indicating surgery, which is why he's seeking alternate opinions. i'm putting 2 and 2 together, i guess.

Anyone see the news on our boy J.Cossart? Arm problems == trip to the DL...

He's missed a few times over the plate, but his out pitches have been pretty precise. He also has thrown almost no breaking pitches. The second time through the line-up should be interesting.

"Is there anyone that can explain why the hell Manuel would do this?"

Cocaine is a helluva drug...

Wow. That first "ball" to Halladay from Harang looked to clearly be a strike. Eddings stinks as bad as Bucknor. I think these guys all learned the strike zone from Greg Golson.

Im taking a poll. Does Harang look more like a character from Night of the living dead or Thriller?

living dead

ANDY: I think these guys all learned the strike zone from Greg Golson.

Water just shot out my nose onto my keyboard, Thanks

good eye by dobbs-

harang over 50 pitches

I think Manuel is trying to split the LHB (Howard and Ibanez in particular) and there simply isn't anyone else to bat 2nd, assuming Rollins and Vic are where they are. Who else would bat 2nd assuming those two things? Valdez?

Dangit, J-Roll. Take an effin pitch. Harang is all over the effin place. Just. Take. A. Pitch.

Nah. Harang just looks like an insomniac who hasn't selpt well or a meth addict who has been on a bender & hasn't slept in 36 hours . . .

Of course Cossart got hurt. You try and fit another S inside your throwing arm. Something's gonna give.

Cue Jimmy's first pitch swing statistics...

Harang looks like Zombie Elvis.

I am sure Harang's lunch consists of brains

I think he looks like a zombie made up for a Michael Jackson video who hasn't slept for 36 hours because of his meth habit.

But that's just me.

NEPP - Zombie Elvis? Haha. Give me a fried peanut butter, banana, and brain sandwich.

NEPP, exactly right. Along with the argument that a guy is missing the zone (although Harang doesn't miss by much) is the argument that a pitcher feels pressured to throw first pitch strikes after a walk.

Rollins is a career .341/.343/.533 hitter when he puts the first pitch into play.

Would also love to know what Halladay looks like when he's sharp. I guess some expect perfect games every time out.

Fastballs the first time through the lineup and now more breaking stuff mixed in. Always fascinating to watch Hallday approach an opposing lineup

Halladay when sharp: 72 pitches, 27 Ks

Actually, that means he's working too hard:

27 pitches, 27 GOs,

Sometimes I just can't undertand Uncle Cholly. The first 2 guys get on in the first and he doesn't sac bunt with Jimmy to move them up. With Howard's GO , they're probably up 1-0. Now I didn't see 'cause I'm at work, but what game is UC watching? Doesn't he believe in small ball. 'Specially if Doc isn't sharp. I just don't get it I guess.

Six weeks is August 11, at which point there will be 7.5 weeks left in the regular season. If you need the surgery, get it already Chase!!

Sac bunt early in any game by anyone other than the pitcher is always a dumb move.

34 pitches (25 strikes) 3 H, 3 IP, 2 K, 0 BB, 0 R.

Seems mildly sharp to me.

Explanation of how Valdez has 19 RBI:

.897 OPS with RISP.

Dane Sardinha...YOU ARE THE MAN!

3-run bombs for all your replacement-level players

Great DANE!

Wow...that was a KK special there to Sardinha.

Looked just like the Rolen HR.

Best damn 4th catcher in the Majors!

He was missing his spots a bit with his fastball the first 2 innings and leaving some hittable pitches.

Nobody said he was horrible. Just not locating as well as we have seen Halladay typically with his fastball.

backup catchers outhomering chooch 4 to 2!

SARDINE CAN! (borrowed from a fellow BL blogger)

Homerun for Stinkyfish! YAY STINKYFISH!

Old Phan - don't say "Sardinha Can!" again - last time the cola came out my nostrils. :-) half the at bats! quick question - who knows sardinha's first name? i didn't until just now.

Beat me to it, Nate.

Sophist- Halladay had 25 pitches through 2 innings when MG said he didn't look sharp. Gave up some weak base hits and that's it. I dunno.

Everyone here is looking for a reason to get on Manuel for running up Roy's pitch counts, saying he's out of gas already in June. Against the Twins he got ripped because he didn't throw a shutout, now he's getting ripped because he's averaging over 10 pitches per inning.

My guess on what it comes down to: until he brings the team some postseason success, some commenters on here won't love him because he's not C*iff L**.

Amazing how the Phils just always seem to play well in this park . . .

"Seeing the Phanatic on the witness stand would be funnier than the Three Stooges short when Curly is on the stand."

That would be "Disorder in the Court".

Judge, indignantly: Kindly drop the vernacular.
Curley, very disgruntled (with hat in hand): It's a doiby. (Drops hat)

Would the Phanatic bring his hotdog gun into the court room and shoot Phillies Franks into the Jury Box?

Shaky defense behind Halladay continues. That must drive him nuts.

Even if you didn't know Dane Sardinha's name from following the minor league teams, how could you miss it when he was called up? In virtually every article and story on Ruiz getting hurt he was mentioned.

You respect Hans Christian Stinkyfish, YOU RESPECT HIM GODDAMMIT!

Not Sharp.

Cosart goes on the disabled list.

"Shaky defense behind Halladay continues. That must drive him nuts." If he didn't want people to loaf in the field behind him, he should pitch so well. Roy Halladay's perfect games are actively hurting the defense of this team.

Sardinha is batting .214 and slugging .714

There is no such thing as a pitching prospect.

Sardinha is quickly assuring himself another decade of employment as a backup catcher.

Plus defense? Check
Occasional Power? Check
Questionable Average? Check
Gritty Name? Check

the Keith Law jinx. He does hate the Phillies.

STFU Iceman. He wasn't locating his fastball as well as he usually and he gave up a few hits. That's all. Man.

Anytime is not 'rah rah' you jump all over them.

By the way, BP's Postseason odds are up to 35.7 percent.

Second time throw the lineup Halladay has been very sharp including doing a nice job there of shutting down the Reds after Howard's miscue.

"Very sharp", MG? Not strong enough!!

Just not sharp.

Wow... surprised to see that Doc still leads all NL pitchers in WAR at 3.8. Josh Johnson is at 3.6 and Ubaldo Jimenez is at 3.3.

The leader in the AL is also at 3.8 (Liriano) just ahead of... um... we'll call him Biff Gee (3.5).

To put Jamie's 4000+ IP into perspective...Cy Young pitched 7356 innings in his career.

EFF, not to be a negative nelly, but I assume BP's playoff odds does not factor in Chase's impending surgery!

Fangraphs said it would take Polanco missing 40 games before Dobbs as a replacement would cost the Phils a win. The downgrade from Utley to Valdez would cost the Phils a win in about 20 games, so says Fangraphs.

Lies... damned lies... and statistics.

btw, are 3 run hr's as contagious as being blanked? i hope so. anyone know how to find the number of solo shots vs. 2 run hr's, 3 run hr's, or grand slams for the year? i was looking but unable to find.

Summary of that fangraphs article: The Phillies with Valdez and Dobbs starting are worse than if they had Utley and Polanco.

Groundbreaking insight there.

First time thorugh the lineup:

5 first-ball counts (4 fastballs), 3 hits

Second time through the lineup:

3 first-ball counts (4 fastballs), 2 hits, 4 Ks


Wilson Valdez: 73
Houston Astros: 72

Not counting today's 2 hits.

Anyone else think these DL stinks for a couple of the fellas was designed in order to allow them to rest up during the All-Star break instead of having the possibility of aggrevating injuries if required to participate (e.g. Utley, Polanco) and not receiving any time off?

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