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Thursday, June 24, 2010


if you take out the 'yo new thread guy', I remain firmly in first place in the number of last posts on BL threads.

Looking forward to watching Fausto Carmona, who is easily top 3 in coolest names in baseball. I hope Blanton likes the heat. If he gets the ball up, it's going to be a long day.

Hugh, after reading your post I went and checked at stubhub to see what the prices are like in Pittsburg for the Phils' series.


Looks like some tix are going for below face value.

$7 in some places.

JRoll's walkoff best phillies' interleaguer game ever? Possibly, but I submit the following as my favorite:

Todd Pratt's FallDown Walkoff

the image of pratt jumping for joy second before stumbling to ground is forever entrenched in my mind when I hear the word back up catcher.

Looking at the box score from the link thephaithful posted... I chuckled as i read Ricky Ledee in CF.

I was listening to that game on the radio while driving home (from where, I do not remember). Almost wrecked into the Penna. Turnpike toll booths at Valley Forge celebrating when Pratt hit it out. I also loved that Timlin sucked in that game. He was such a prick in the brief time he was w/ the Phillies.

Also, looking back at the Box Score I'm seeing the name "Abreu" ... wasn't he a pretty good player? Whatever happened to that guy, anyway?

Feels like a loss.

cipper: Nick Punto got the biggest chuckle out of me.

Actually, Polanco batting leadoff with Rollins batting 2nd had me kind of smiling too - i can imagine that beerleaguer convo if we were around.

I read something somewhere about that Abreu guy and a trade he was involved in, but it's vague. No one seems to talk about it anymore.

Jimmy getting the day off? We've lost our Mojo!!!

awh - I got tickets that were 3B line about 10 rows up for the Phils-Pirates game on Sunday afternoon that were $1.50 cheaper than face. Needless to say they were $4 cheaper than the 400 level seats I sat in last weekend at CBP.

Wonder what version of Blanton shows up

NEPP- We do have somebody off the bench that can hit- That's a nice change.

****NEPP- We do have somebody off the bench that can hit- That's a nice change****

But we've always had Ben Fran...

~busts out laughing~

Yeah, I can't even type that with a serious expression on my face.

I acutally have some faith that Utley/Howard/Ibanez with do some damage today against Carmona. Carmona generally eats up righty bats with his slider.

Question is what version of Blanton shows up today? I say is it is more of the mediocrity who tires early, struggles by the time he is throught the lineup 2 times, and is gone by the 6th inning.

Phils haven't been as bad in interleague play as many expected.

Joe Blanton - Perfect game, June 24, 2010. Heard it here first.

Old Phna - Nope. They also will catch a break by playing Toronto at CBP even with AL-rules. 6-5 so far and even if they finish 8-7 it should be considered good enough.

Carmona's 2010 splits:

vs. LHB: .623 OPS
vs. RHB: .654 OPS

He's posting reverse splits this year despite his career splits showing the exact opposite.

IMHO, the Phils winning the division this year will be determined by their remaining games in the NL East, particulary vs. Braves and Mets.

So far:

Braves: 4 - 5, 9 games left.

Mets: 2 - 4, 12 games left.

Total: 6 - 9, 21 games left.

I think Contreras is injured in some way. He didn't look right on Saturday and now he hasn't pitched in three close games.

Wonder what version of Blanton shows up

Posted by: MG | Thursday, June 24, 2010 at 12:28 PM

the rotund one.

NEPP: I dont see much of a split there. 620-650 OPS against is good in both aspects.

Don't like sitting Rollins. He just had a month and a half off.

Striking out Shin-Su Choo is a good start!

I spend an inordinate percentage of my life listening to Chris Wheeler spout nonsense

"I think Contreras is injured in some way. He didn't look right on Saturday and now he hasn't pitched in three close games."

That is an unpleasant, but astute, observation.

Good at-bat by Howard. Carmona threw 20 pitches in the first inning.

This week, the Phillies are leading the league in balls smoked to center field tracked down by Trevor Crowe.

Exxon has a 6 game hitting streak. Not too shabby.

Who likes Sardines on their Salami?

Man on first, no out, 2 singles to RF and no runs.

Feels like a loss.

Bases loaded for Phils. Thus far, Blanton looks good. Good feel to this one so far. Hittin season with this weather?

Nice to see a base hit here to really crack this game open.

WTF Cholly. Why would you get ejected there? Vic ran out of the baseline and was clearly out.

vic safe at 1b?

Guess Cholly was too hot to manage today.

Nice job by the Phils here to take advantage of some shaky pitching/defense from the Indians.

what happened to UC there?

Old Phan - I would. They did mention it was Cholly's 4 ejection already this year and his 3rd when Blanton starts.

Charlie will manage from the cave.

Do the Phils have a winning record in games in which the skipper gets ejected?
Seems like it.

Indians look like the Bad News Bears this inning. Hitting a weak-hitting pitcher, forgetting how many outs there were and not throwing home, etc.

Hahah, I love when OFs forget how many outs there are!

That's the second dumb ejection by Charlie this week.

Twins are a good team but man they really benefit from playing teams like the Indians and Royals a ton. Indians are the worst team the Phils have seen this year although the current version of the youth-heavy Pirates in 2 weeks might be close.

Sardinha's roller to 3B proves nothing, but does show that putting the ball in play is usually better than a K.

Perfect spot for Blanton now. Huge lead, can rear back without being afraid of missing location on his fastball, and a team with limited power.

Werth appears to be heating up and makeing better contact.

It would be a very nice thing if somehow the Phils' 3 - 6 hitter could all get hot at the same time, especially with teh bullpen a little dinged up.

I'm calling an Exxon dinger.

Never mind.

MG, Carmona has thrown 57 pitches in 3 IP - on a hot, miserable day.

Hopefully, they can put some pressure on him and get to the bullpen.

Looking at Blanton reminds Charlie of all of the delicious foods his new diet deems untersagt. I guess the "veterinarian chili" just ain't cuttin' it anymore.

I wonder how many pitches/ innings Joe B can go in this heat?
Innings eater or not, it's HOT today.

I know it's the Indians and all, but Blanton looks good today. Perhaps we're beginning to see the 2009 post-May Blanton?

I think we're seeing the "Blanton vs. a defeated team that got its heart ripped out last night with its bags packed ready to get out of town" Blanton.

For Kentucky/Tennessee/Country/Donut Eater/Innings Eater Joe, Cleveland is a light snack, but he doe's look decent today. Good to see.

Gavin Floyd going for CWS against ATL today. Hopefully we get a little help from the ex-Phillie this afternoon.

Only took the Indians until the top of the 5th to get a base hit out of the INF.

Sloppy by Valdez there.

Hopefully it doesn't cost the Phils.

Sloppy Polly.

Blanton is pitching well, but in this heat one long inning could easily wipe him out. Can't afford to be making Joe throw unnecessary pitches like this.

RPhils released Jason Fogg yesterday and no Beerleaguer post?


Sloppy and costly

MG. saw that too. Fogg must really have nothing left in the tank. At one time he was a decent 5th starter.


Crappy defense this year continues to haunt the Phils this year.

(Insert Blanton and meatball joke here).

Is anyone even surprised that it was Donald with the HR?

I guess Carmona has no desire to be traded to the Phillies.

Spitz: He was polishing up his Freddy Garcia impression.

cliff lee strikes again.

No kidding GTown.

Phaithful, what do you mean?

Bad AB by Howard tuen out OK because Branyan is such a defensive whiz.

More fielding blunders from the Indians.

Fredi Gonzalez just called and wants to bench Carmona.

Spits, you don't get phaithful's joke?

Maybe the Indians should try reciting Playboy Playmates' interests before throwing Home, like "Betsy loves surfing".

Carmona was far from great today but talk about teammates letting you down. At least 4 notable defensive blunders today cost him a few runs.

The mutts look like the front runner for Lee...

D*** pharm replenishment!

Go Gavin Floyd.

Hagen better watch Raul closer. 2 GIDP. We should start calling him Wilson Valdez.

awh, I do. I was just being a little slow.

Did Wilson Valdez's spirit take over Raul's body?

What do the Mets have to offer for Lee? Do they have any decent prospects that they could unload?

Honest question. I have no idea?

I posted yesterday about the fact that the Phils are getting killed by GIDPs, and that perhaps the manager should talk strategy with the team to avoid doing so, and help them out by running a few hit and run plays. ANd then Ibanez has two more today. Anyone know why they don't utilize that strategy?

Jenrry Mejia and Angel Paga?

That's all it would take?

I was SHOCKED that Ibanez hit into a DP there...SHOCKED.

He's so predictable this year.

Pagan, obviously.

Why are teams so quick to unload Lee?

Ibanez has been cooling off recently, he's 0 for his last 2 (.000/.000/.000). Something to watch.

Perhaps that is Castro in Ibanez' uniform?

Old Phan: I get why the Indians did it and why the Mariners will. That other team? Good question.

the post and the Seattle link above outline possible scenarios

The Twins have a top catching prospect in their system that the M's want & w/ Joe Mauer the catcher for a long time- this Minnesota catching prospect is expendable

Hoping it's the Twins - and not the Mutts.

Really something when you had the talent like that in your hands, and you give it away -

Old Phan: because Cliff Lee has unrealistic expectations of what he deserves in the open market. Otherwise, there is no reason that two big market teams (PHI, SEA) would get rid of him within a year. Simple as that.

Compuslive Cliff Lee post:

86 2/3 innings pitched, 4 walks, 76 strikeouts.

Indians team looks like they have mentally checked out. Just going up there hacking away since the 4th.

I'm not trying to be a BAP, but where is the power?

The catcher discussed above was hurt- so who knows...

I guess it probably will be the Mutts.

Great Dane!

Another HR from the backup's backup.

Who says we have no catching depth?!

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