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Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Just like the Phils to steal thunder from the Flyers on a day when some of their members might make the HHOF ... :)


"Lunch with Charlie" was on the radio today with the 610 afternoon team - who i think do a good job. Amazing how he will bumble through the most simple questions and sound like he can't speak english...and then they asked him about hitting and he strung together about 3-4 sentences of the purest uninterupted english i've heard on sports talk radio.

He said that Raul is a "worrier" and that he has been hitting the ball better and better as of late and once he strings together a few good games, he'll be going on a tear.

He had some anaylsis of Chase too, said he was having trouble getting comfortable with his footing in the batters box that helped compound the slump into a much worse drought than it should have.

Couple of interesting things looking at the Phils list:

- No surprise Schmidt dominates the list with 4 of the top 10 Phils' seasons of all-time;

- Utley has 4 seasons in the Top 50; Howard doesn't have a single one in Top 50 nor does any other current Phils' player.

MG: whatever top50 list doesnt include Howard's 2006 is a bad list.

He's no Juan Samuel.

I'm kinda surprised Von Hayes didn't make it.

I love Roids?:

- Much of a coicidence that Daulton was injury-plagued in his earlier years and all of a sudden had his best years in '92 & '93? I would bet good money that he was one of a dozen dopers on the 'Macho Row' Phils.

Personally, I never liked Daulton that much as a fan. He was a drunk, a Mimbo (Seinfeld reference), and generally had a reputation of being difficult to approach or about singing autographs. Don't get much out of him listening to him when he is on 950 either.

I have some really fond memories of watching Dutch and the Phils at the Vet in the late 80s - mid 90s.

Dykstra was still the most valuable Phil from that era, however.

And they had some great "vitamins."

phaithful - I would agree but it just goes to show how great Schmidt was defensively while just how limited Howard is. His 2006 season though should be the top 10-15 single season all-time by a Phils' player.

I know the Alumni weekend has become an annual thing, and it's fun to see the old players, but I don't think it's necessary to elect someone to the Wall Of Fame every year. Granted, it doesn't need to be taken as seriously as the Hall of Fame, but having Juan Samuel and Daulton hanging on the wall seems to be cheapen some of the great players who are already up there.

You talk about a random list of activities?

My favorite is how he is trying (like so many) to get a piece of the natural gas bonanza that is set to take place with more drilling in the Marcellus Shale across PA.

Douche Dalton is one of the most overrated Phillies ever IMO. Only really had 2.5 good seasons with the bat. Never seemed to get much heat for framing every pitch ever thrown to him even if it was right down the middle. I think he cost his pitchers a lot more strikes than he ever got them. And dumb as a stump too. I can't believe someone is willing to pay him to talk for a living. The only time he's interesting is when he's talking about doomsday scenarios. And that's just for comedic value.

I was surprised at how good Daulton is on 950. It seems like he wasted a lot of years when he could have been involved with the team.

Howard's 06 or 07 seasons are not in the top 50 of all time??? Maybe if he hit 80 homeruns and 190 RBI's WAR would let him sneak in the top 50 one year.

Yo, where's the yo new thread guy?

Phils have played Indians 6 times in interleague (2002, 2007). In four of those games, the starting pitchers were Sabathia (twice), Lee and Colon. (Danys Baez started one of hte other two). It must suck being an Indians fan nowadays.

It is pretty amazing that Howard's 2006 season isn't on the top 50 list of Phillies seasons, but it has to do with his defense and position. His defense was below-average then, and the replacement bar at 1B is very high. A slightly lesser season by Utley at 2B is far more valuable than Howard's season at 1B, simply because, in the abstract, it's much easier to find a 1B to hit like that then a 2B, which intuitively makes sense

That said, it's not a perfect stat at all--Howard's 2006 season should be up there.

The stat does, however, generally highlight that Utley has been the most valuable Phillies player of the recent era.

from previous thread

Do the Mutts have the bullets needed to trade for a pitching stud like Lee? If they do, count on Lee signing longterm with them (IMHO)

Does a trio like Lee, along with Pelfry & Santana (even with Santana's 'off yr') worry anyone, & do you think that trio would spell the end of the Phils' success in the NL east?

Posted by: holy mackerel | Tuesday, June 22, 2010 at 01:38 PM

They probably have enough to get Lee, and they probably have the money to sign him long-term as well. They don't have much left in their farm system, though, so they'd have to be willing to completely empty it out to get him.

And yes, a Lee-Santana-Pelfrey rotation for the Mets scares me.

holy: The Mets probably could trade for Lee, but they'd have to give up at least Meija, who pitched well out of the bullpen for them as a 20-year old and is now being transitioned into a starter, and pretty much any other prospect of note they have.

In order for them to do that, you'd think they would have to be really confident they could sign him long-term, and I'm not sure that's going to happen considering Lee to the Yankees seems a match made in "heaven". If I were Lee, I wouldn't give the Mets first crack at a long-term deal without getting the Yankees into the bidding. And without that advantage for the Mets, I doubt they do the deal.

But yes, if they did, it would seriously worry any realistic Phillies fan, though I don't think it would "end" the season. A lot can happen.

Still bet that Lee doesn't wind up with either NY team especially the Yanks.

Minnesota or Texas for Lee. Lee would make Minnesota a legit contender.

I have heard reports saying that Lee will not sign an extension during this year, even if (when) he gets traded. This reinforces an earlier comment that Lee probably wants the Yanks involved in the bidding process, either to sign him or drive his price up.

It seems obvious that Lee felt betrayed by the Phillies. He's as sure a bet as any to test free agency. Who could blame him? He'll only be a rental. Would the renter have a leg up on the competition when it comes to an FA deal? Doubtful.

Lee would make Minny a legit contender, but would they be willing to give up Baker or Slowey to get him (in addition to Wilson Ramos)? Especially when they know it's only for 1/2 a season? I'm not so sure.

If I was running the Rangers, I'd forget about Oswalt and do everything possible to get Lee.

Twins should package Carlos Gomez, Phil Humber, Deolis Guerra, and Kevin Mulvey in a trade for Cliff Lee.

I understand Daulton will be on the Phillies Wall of Fame more for his clubhouse presence than anything else, but I'm still underwhelmed by the selection (& that's putting it kindly). Of course I remember being a frustrated kid watching him fail his way through season after season before finally discovering the Power of 'Roids post-1991. Personally, I'd much rather Kruk be the first represent that particular group. He's one of the very few that can make a claim his numbers were earned, not swallowed/snorted/injected, etc.

"Amazing how he will bumble through the most simple questions and sound like he can't speak english...and then they asked him about hitting and he strung together about 3-4 sentences of the purest uninterupted english i've heard on sports talk radio."

I've noticed the same. Charlie on hitting is Shakespeare. Charlie on everything else is Cletus the Slackjawed Yokel. "Some folks'll never throw a slurve, but then again some folks'll ..."

gomez: traded for JJ Hardy
humber: signed by Royals
guerra: 6.84 ERA in AAA
Mulvey: traded for Jon Ruach

I never met Douche but did meet Kruk once. I was a big fan of the player and the guy. What a disappointment. A complete ass. Rude. Crude. Im only here for a free round of golf and all the free beer and food I can put away. Made no bones about it. Didn't want to talk to anyone. Least of all about baseball. It didn't take long to figure out he was doing us all a favor by being surly. He was not pleasant to be around. I know people who played golf with Nails too. He was every bit the animal you would expect. Nobody cared for him too much either.

donc: I haven't heard or read a pleasant word about the personality of anyone on that team. It's disappointing (to say the least), but I've tried to move on from semi-youthful hero worship & judge them on baseball only.

If Lee were signed to a LT deal by the Mets (Santana, Lee, Pelfrey), would that put a tremendous amount of pressure on the Phils to re-sign Werth?

With two lefties like that in their rotation I just don't see the Phils competing against them without a RH bat like Werths.

Apparently the Phillies are interested in Oswalt and the Astros are interested in Victorino. By putting Victorino in a potential deal would that be Brown and Singleton would be safe? Remember it is Ed Wade.

Gtown: Absolutely. I am well past the hero worship thing. In fact I was never a hero worshipper. I root for the team first and foremost. It just sucks when you find out these people that ARE being worshipped are such rats. In a situation like I described, Krukker was just saying FU to the fans. He doesn't have to be a great guy, but that crap really cheeses me.

I ran into Mitch Williams at kids' soccer pictures (where everyone was gathered awaiting their team's turn for pictures) last fall. He was pretty nice. I just told him I loved his radio show and had called in a few times. (He probably lied when he said he remembered, although my name is not very common and not many women call, but still, I bet he just said that to seem polite.) Then I congratulated him on getting the gig with the MLB Network and said he must be busy. He thanked me.

I can't see Dutch now without thinking of the BL comment I read (Sorry, don't remember who made it) that he looks like an overcooked rotisserie chicken. To whoever made that comment, thank you, because I laugh every time I see Dutch on Comcast Sportsnet!

Is saturdays game 1PM or 4PM? I have 3 listings of different times.

Why is Daulton interested in investing? He should be partying for the next 2-1/2 years.

Just saw on Zolecki's Twitter that Howard and Utley are appearing on "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia!" Here's a link to a photo:

Don't know when that episode will air. Anyone?

Dan: Are you kidding me? Victorino for Oswalt? Where did you hear this?

Mitch Williams, Mickey Morandini, Kevin Stocker and Milt Thompson were OK to talk to from the 93 team.

As a counterpoint to my Krukker rant, there is Ryan Howard. I live about 2 miles from him. Ive yet to see him out around town, but know lots of people who have. Everybody says the same thing about him. He's not very comfortable with all the attention but he is unfailingly polite. He always signs an autograph or poses for a picture. That's gotta be tough when all you want to do is pay for your groceries or eat your hoagie. The point is though, he would never think of being rude. The guy was raised right.

Twins getting Lee makes a lot of sense. They'd rent him for half a year, make a run, then collect the draft picks when he signs with the Yankees.


It was reported on ESPN radio in Philadelphia. It wouldn't be straight up Vic for Oswalt. I just meant did you think we could keep Dom if we were giving up a everyday player from our team.

Zolecki just Tweeted: "Greg Dobbs designated for assignment."


Where would Vic even play for the Astros? They have good young players in center and right. Don't buy it.

Zolecki (via Twitter): "Jimmy Rollins activated, Carlos Ruiz on the DL, Mike Zagurski recalled, Greg Dobbs DFA'd. Mathieson optioned to Triple-A."

Such a mix of good & bad, surprising & not-at-all surprising news ...

"Jimmy Rollins activated, Carlos Ruiz on the DL, Mike Zagurski recalled, Greg Dobbs DFA'd. Mathieson optioned to Triple-A."

Busy day!

I like Dobbs, but he sure played his way into this.

Maybe a change of scenery will help Dobbs. Obviously he wasn't doing anything here. The DFA was long overdue.

Daulton made it first because he was the homegrown guy, and he played a lot longer in Philly than any of the other '93 guys. His legacy should hardly be considered a beacon of pride by the organization, however, considering the likelihood of steroid use and the nosedive he took after baseball. That Macho Row team was a total joy at the time, but in my mind, that team is totally tainted in retrospect by a seediness that went far beyond the realm of endearment. The team I hated most when I was growing up (and probably still) was the '86 Mets, and it's galling to realize in these more adult stages of objectivity that the '93 Phils didn't fall all that far from that apple.

Incidentally, doesn't Lieberthal have to get consideration for being a better franchise catcher than either Boone or Daulton? If not, he wasn't far off.

Mathieson apparently had the world's shortest leash...

'Twins getting Lee makes a lot of sense. They'd rent him for half a year, make a run, then collect the draft picks when he signs with the Yankees.

Posted by: Jack | Tuesday, June 22, 2010 at 02:49 PM '

Jack - makes sense - sounds vaguely familar to what the Phils could have done.. (obviously the anount of time is different}

KNOW WHAT - I just can't.. Can't go there anymore... waste of energy... can't undo that fateful December 2009 day - all the bitchin will do is probably raise my blood pressure, & it just isn’t worth it.

I've been saying Gload made Dobbs redundant since spring training. As poor as Gload has been, he has still done significantly more for the team than Dobbs this year. Phils should have traded Dobbs for a marginal reliever while he still had some value.

Thank god, I was hoping for this for weeks

Mike Zagurski...groan. Four years later, we're stilling calling this guy up out of desperation.

Dobbs dfa'd? Who's gonna do his job now? Wait there goes my cell phone. Probably Rube. See. He had a plan all along.( I am a left handed hitter.)

I wonder if Zagurski gets used before the end of the month. I would bet against it.

On the other hand, I'm thrilled - and cautiously optimistic - to have Rollins back! Ruiz, he's taken some knocks, and it's best he go on the DL after that head whacking he took.

Would we want to give up Vic? I know, I know, you have to give to get. Now if it were for Lee, I'd consider it, I think. But isn't the simple fact of looking for starting pitching in the first place (if indeed RAJ is looking for starting pitching) tantamount to saying we shoulda kept Lee in the first place? Sorry, don't like to stir that up, it takes forever to simmer down again. I was more or less accepting of the Lee trade, although saddened. But I don't see how we can engineer a trade at all if we want the farm stocked, unless we do trade someone like Victorino.

Whoever came up with the idea of making a permanent Lee thread was on to something. Somehow this guy makes his way into every thread and he's not even on the team.

Here's a suggestion for the title: "GET OVER IT- Cliff Lee trade discussion."

Reuben must have heard me about Dobbs...
Zagurski is all we've got?
I talked to Jim Eisenreich a few times and he was a super nice person.

Oswalt is making 14 mill a year. Never happen. Even if it did make sense.

Donc I met Daulton once and Kruk a few times and they were both really nice and talkative. Kruk I met in line at the bank and then in the super market while shopping with his kid, and both times he chatted and was nice.
I also know a few other people who have had similar experiences. Now maybe we caught them on good days I don't know

@GBrettfan I said something along those lines a few days ago. But I won't take credit for being the first, nor will I be the last to make that observation.

It's good to see he's been readying himself to be enshrined in bronze. He must have known about the induction for months.

Wow Ed Delahenty was a monster.

RAJ nearly got all right.

DFA Dobbs - check

Activate Rollins – double check

DL Ruiz - triple check (better he should rest, heal up, and not occupy a space on the roster)

Only question –

I understand they needed a spot to bring up a catcher from LV, so Mathieson was DFA-ed [sort of --] once the rosier situation was resolved today, couldn't we bring up Mathieson right back up instead of Zagurski?

Does Zagurski give anybody here a feeling of confidence?

Rev:Good to hear. My experience was dreadful. No kids were around and he sure spoke like it. But thanks for sharing that. We do need to recognize the good if we're going to slam them for the bad.

Yo, new thread

Cliff Lee

Duesch Daulton,
Roid USER. NO comment.

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